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For the next week, everything was pretty busy. My sister was busy making plaster body parts from all the molds that we had made. I was busy with a biology test, and mother had bought a new hook and latch kit to make a rug with. The nice part about it was that there were no weird feeling between me and my sister. We only saw each other at dinner and sometimes breakfast, but there always seemed to be this “we share a secret” sort of closeness. I doubt that mom picked up on it. She was so busy staying busy.

Like I said, I was so busy with my Bio test that the time was flying by. By the time that Friday rolled around and the test was over, I was completely wiped out. I came home that afternoon, dropped my backpack by the door and went straight to my room. There was no way that I was going to pick up a text book this weekend. My brain was spent and I needed to take some time off. It would be great to spend the whole weekend playing computer games and hanging out. Hmm, it might also be nice to do some art work…I wonder if I could convince my sister to do anything…Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

It was my mother and she was wearing a pink pastel jumper. It had to be Friday.

“Am I bothering you?”

“Not at all, come in.”

“So, how did your test go?”

“It went OK. I figure we’re graded on a curve, so as long as it was just as hard for everyone else, I’ll be OK. I got at least a B.”

“Glad to hear it.” She kept looking at me with something just on the edge of her tongue. She wanted to say it, but it was hanging up in her head. “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Uh oh, what did I do?”

“Oh, it’s nothing like that. I just wanted you to know that I have been giving a lot of thought to our conversation last week.”


“You and your sister’s relationship.” I expected any moment for her to tell me how it was wrong and how we need to stay away from that sort of thing. She took a deep breath and continued. “I have to say, at first I thought that what you said was wrong. I didn’t agree with what you were sharing with your sister. Having thought about it a lot more, I think that I just felt a little left out. You two are sharing so much with each other now and I want to be part of it too. Just tell me what I need to do.”

“Well, to start with, when I tell you that you have nice breasts, you don’t have to get mad. It’s just a compliment, and that’s all.”

“OK, thank you, but I really don’t see what you like about them.”

“What’s not to like about them. They are grand to say the least. I love the way your nipples stick out. I love the size of your areola, and the color. Their size is perfect, and I think that if sis is in luck, later in life hers will look like yours.” I eyed them as if I were a critic in an art house. “

My mother started to blush, but I had a feeling she liked it. She looked me in the eye and said, “So if I let you look at them, would that be part of our new understanding?”

“It would. You should feel comfortable with me appreciating your breasts.”

She unzipped her top and peeled it away revealing her magnificent mounds.

“They czech gangbang porno are beautiful mom. The best I have ever seen.”

“Thank you.” She sighed deeply as if a weight had been taken off her shoulders. “It’s very nice to hear that from time to time.” She paused and then spoke again. “So, you saw your sister’s breasts and she made you cum? Did you do anything else?”

I felt a little guilty telling her this, but I thought she was ready to hear it. “I saw her vagina too.”

“Did you like it?”

“It was great. I don’t remember a nicer one.”

“Have you ever seen mine?”

“No, mom, I haven’t.”

“I’d like to know what you think about it. If I show it to you, will you tell me?”

“Of course. I would be very happy to look at your clit and perhaps even lick if for you.”

“That might be a bit too far. My pussy does need to be licked. But for now, I think I will take care of that myself.”

“Wait a minute, you can’t lick your own pussy…”

“I meant fingering myself.”

“Would you feel comfortable doing that in front of me? I would like to see it, and I never have before.”

“I think that if you were to start stroking that massive man pole that you have now, I would feel all right joining in.

I pulled out my cock and started rubbing it looking at her massive tits. “So, you feel all right rubbing your clit in front of me, but you won’t let me lick it?”

She shoved her hand down her shorts. “I won’t let you lick it yet. Maybe after I get used to our new understanding, I will loosen up a bit. Did you do that with your sister, did you lick her clit?”

I evaded the question. “Can I at least watch you finger yourself?”

As I watched her, I could tell that she was pulling back a bit, starting to lose her momentum.

“Look mom, if you want to do this, you can’t fear change. If you want to do this, maybe it would help to talk through it a bit.”

“OK, what do I talk about?”

“Tell me what you are feeling?”

“Well, I really like the way that you look at my tits…oohhhh…” a wave of pleasure passed through her. “I want to let you lick my pussy, but I feel a little weird like I’m a bad mother or something.”

“Let me help you with that. Were you a woman before you were a mother?”


“Then you are a woman first. That means that you have to satisfy your pussy before you worry about the rules that were written by other people. You need to follow what feels good. If the thought of having your pussy licked makes you excited, then you need to let it happen.”

“I’m trying to let this happen, but I don’t want to have all these regrets later.”“You are too worried about what is going to happen later. The truth is that if you don’t do this now, you are going to be wondering later if you should have, and if you do let it happen you are going to wonder if you should have let it happen. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy having your pussy licked now and then wonder later if it was right or not?”

“Ohhh….Ohhhh….Just say that you want to lick my pussy again… Pl-l-l-l-lease”

I could tell that she was close to climaxing. czech harem porno “Show me your pussy. Let me see you finger it and then I’ll tell you. As quick as she could with one hand, she removed her jumpsuit and panties and even angled toward me so that I could see better.

“Wow mom. That is a nice pussy. I have to say. If there were a nicer pussy, I would lick it without question, but since you won’t let me… Lick…Your…Pussy…I guess I’ll have to just sit here and stroke my cock while you rub your clit without me. Just remember that I offered to suck your clit so hard….”

“Ooh God…Ohhh, I love your cock so much… please….Oh…..fuck…”

She started to climax. Her hand struck out and latched on to my hand with her thumb touching my cock. Eyes lock on to mine. In that moment I knew that the next time she came we would be together.

She came for what seemed like quite a long time while I watched her and stroked my cock. “OK, mom, now if you want to catch up on all that’s been happening, I think that you are going to have to hold my cock while I cum.”

She exhaled twice heavily and then she did what I wanted all along and bent over and wrapped her lips around my cock. She applied suction and started to devour my cock bit by bit. She slid her lips up and down the shaft of my cock, the whole time making soft slurping noises. Every now and then she would let out a little whine or moan letting me know that she was enjoying what she was doing for me. Before too long, I was blowing boiling hot loads into her mouth and she was moaning and working harder than ever to keep it all in her mouth. When it was all over, she pulled back and licked her lips.

“I hope that your sister didn’t do that for you.”

“She didn’t. In fact, that was much better than what she did for me.”

“You taste great.” Her whole manner had changed. She wasn’t looking like a docile housewife anymore. She had a look of sexual satisfaction in her eyes. There was also a look of pride. “Did that meet our new agreement?”

“Mom, that was exactly the kind of thing our agreement was meant to bring. I don’t know about you, but for me that was fantastic.”

“Good, I haven’t done that in a long time. I hope that it was up to par.”

“I have no complaints. But, however, if you ever want to practice, I’m always here to help mom.”

“How nice of you.” She beamed with half sarcasm. “Soon, I’ll even let you return the favor.”

“You mean let me bury my tongue inside you?”

“Anything you want to do, I just might let you.”

We sat there and said nothing for a while. There was an air of contentment and we both felt that we didn’t need to spoil it with chatter. I put my pecker back in and kissed her on the head on the way out of the room.


That night I spent sitting awake in bed trying to imagine if things could be any better. There wasn’t much that I could come up with. Things were going so well for me that I didn’t want to think that there was anything that could be improved.

I came down for breakfast and saw that my sister was already sitting at the table with a full plate in front of her. She was still czech sharking porno wearing her usual night attire and seemed to be totally immersed in her food.

“Hey Sis.” I said as I walked up to the table.

“Yeah, hey.” She responded.

“Hi honey. Sleep well? I know I did.” My mother entered breaking the awkward moment.

“Yeah, I slept very well, thanks.”

“Good, it’s time that you had a good breakfast.”

I pulled the chair under me and looked at the mountain of food that my sister had on her plate. My mother must have spent quite some time getting all this food together. The plate that was slid under my nose was just as full if not more. There was no way that I was going to be able to eat all this.

“What time did you get up to make all this Mom?”

“Oh, don’t you worry about that. I woke up when I wanted to and felt a rush of energy. It only seemed right to spend it on my children.”

“In that case, thanks.” I dug into the feast on my plate. My hunger was such that I wasn’t paying attention to anything else. I was moving the food into my mouth so fast that I even dropped my fork. It slid under the table and I bent down to get it. As it was laying right next to my mothers foot, I moved under the table to get it. As I looked up to see if I was going to hit my mother’s knee with my head, she moved her legs apart and gave me a straight shot looking at her pussy. I looked up through the glass top of the table and saw that she was looking at me with an approving and content look in her eye.

I was broken from my stair by my sister’s voice, “What are you doing? Let him finish eating. At this rate he’s never going to come up.” That’s when I noticed that she had spread her legs too and I could see her shaven mound as well.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” My mother responded with false shock. “I’m sure that he will have plenty to eat.” They both snickered.

I grabbed the fork which I had dropped again during all this and sat back up in my chair. “Very funny ladies. I don’t think that you understand how hard it is to be the only real man in this house.

“I think we could both see how hard it is if you would open the flap on your boxers.” They snickered again, but I did as they asked and let my cock stick out of the opening.

“Mom says that she let you cum in her mouth last night. Is that true?”

“Let him cum? I made him come!” My mother threw in.


“Well, that means that there is nothing she can say if I want to do it too.”

My mother chimed in, “now hold on missy. It’s one thing for me to do it. I’m a little bit older and I…”

“Don’t try that crap with me. There is no difference and you know it. In fact, if you want to know what I think, I think that you are jealous. I think that you just don’t want to share.”

“That’s absurd. Besides, I don’t think that you could compete with me. I have much more experience.”

“All right, why don’t we just ask him.”

“You know I’m right here, right? I don’t like this talking like I’m not even here.”

“Well, then answer the question.” My sister pressed. “Who would you rather get a blow job from?”

“Please don’t ask me to make a decision. I don’t want to be argued over like some piece of meat. And I don’t want to answer a question that, no matter how I answer, would make one of you feel bad. It just isn’t necessary.”

“Quit stalling.”

To be continued…

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