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My older sister has always been attractive to me, ever since we were young i”ve been curious about her body. She is 21 years old, has long curly black hair, 38D breasts, and an ass that you could hide a face in. one day she came home from college for the weekend, my parents were on a business trip and she was in the shower. I walked into her bedroom, and began sniffing her thong.

The smell was so good, it made me want inside her more than anything. I heard her shut the water off so i quickly replaced the thong and went back to my room. Later that night i decided to try to seduce her. i took a shower, and began thinking about her pussy, and how badly I wanted it. before long i was stroking my dick, and it was hard as a rock. I shut the water off, and called her to bring me the towel, i purposely forgot to bring with me. i was standing in front of the bathroom door soaking wet and naked, when she brought it for me. She cracked open the door and i pulled it further.

She saw my 8″ rock hard dick and turned her head quickly. I said “I don”t care if you see me naked” and she replied ” You”re my brother and I don”t want to see you”re hard cock” I began to move closer and I said ” just look at it once, what could it hurt?” she slowly looked at it and said ” I had no idea how big you were.” I replied ” you can feel it if you”d like” she reached out and grabbed my dick. she began to stroke it, and i said ” don”t you want it?” she said ” I do, but you are my brother” at this point I knew I had her. I reached up and started rubbing her tit, it felt so good. ” take your clothes off” i suggested. she reluctantly took off her shirt and pants standing in front of me in a black bra and the same thong I had pressed to my face earlier.

I removed her underwear and bent her over. I asked if I could taste her pussy, and she agreed. she has a fat wet pussy and i was eating all I could. She began moaning and I laid down on the floor and said ” sit on my face” she did so with no objection. her beautiful ass covered my mouth and she leaned and sucked my dick. this went on for 10 minutes. we stood up and began fucking in the shower.

My hard cock, was in her tight virgin asshole. She was screaming with pleasure. after 45 minutes of straight ass fucking I blew a load into her throat. she swallowed all of it. now every time she comes home from school, we fuck in the shower.
ch 2 2 years later

it all happened one day when i stayed the night at my cousin lindseys and i got up the next morning and headed to the bathroom once i got to the door i could hear that the shower was on and she left the door open so i can see in the bathroom once i looked in i seen lindsey naked in the shower soaking her hair rubbing soap on her body i started to feel my cock grow as i watched lindsey shower rubbing soap on her nice size tits and big nipples water dripping all over her body linsdey is chunky but she looks good she has nice tits and a big butt and she shaves her pussy after watching karabağlar escort for a few minutes i decided i would try to see if i can use the bathroom while she was showering to get a better look.

I knocked on the door and lindsey said hello i said its me brandon can i use the bathroom for a second lindsey said it was ok so i walked in and pulled my 8 inch cock out and stroked it slowly as i looked at her up close threw the part of the curtain she left open a little bit i kept thinking of her and how i wanted to eat that shaved clit of hers and fuck that fat ass she then turned the shower off and asked if i would give her a towel so i grabbed it and gave it to her as i started to put my cock in my boxers she said i thought you were getting that big thing ready for me i looked at her in shock what do you mean i said linsdey walked over to me and reached in my pants and pulled out my cock and said i seen you watching me shower as you stroked your cock her hand felt so good as she rubbed my cock and played with my balls she asked what i was thinking about as i watched her i had told her i wanted to taste her warm pussy as her juices dripped in my mouth and i wanted to fuck her fat ass.

Lindsey said well its your lucky day as she dropped to her knees she rubbed my cock all over her tits she started to lick my cock all over from the tip to my balls i looked in her eyes as she slid my cock in between her lips deepthroating to my balls i grabbed her blonde hair as she sucked it felt so good i started to fuck her face as she gagged i then moved her to the sink setting her up on it i looked in her eyes again as i moved my head to her pussy i put my tung to it and started to lick her pussy was nice and warm dripping with her cum i shoved my tung deeper to get a better taste she started to moan she grabbed my head and pulled it closer moaning saying lick my pussy brandon taste my sweet juices after eating her tastie clit i bent her over the sink and she grabbed my dick guideing it in her tight warm pussy as it sunk in i started kissing her neck and ear after my dick sank in her.

So my belly pushed against her ass i started to pound her pussy hard makeing her scream and moaned oh brandon fuck me fuckmy warm clit i want to feel your cum in me after a few minute of her talking dirty i held my cock deep in her belly and let my warm load go she moaned evrey time i would squirt she asked if i still wanted to feel her tight ass on my cock i said oh yes as i pulle my cock out putting the tip to her hole she pushed back forceing it in her ass she moane Brandon fuck my tight ass i started to pump faster and faster as she moaned and screamed talking dirty i pulled out feeling the cum comeing out busting my nut on her back lindsey said was that what you thought about i said oh yeah it was lindsey can we do that again she said yes brandon any time from then on we fucked in the shower and sometimes got both my sis and cuz in the shower at the same time later we tried anal it was fantastic!!!!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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