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On an unusually mild evening for this part of Texas, my sister Sarah and I sat on her driveway, drinking beer and just talking. Because of the mild weather, Sarah wore a very light and loose fitting long sun dress. Sarah never wears dresses, so this took me by surprise. It was clear that she wore no bra underneath, because she kept having to adjust the top of the dress to keep her tits from spilling out. It was just dusk, so she feigned not wanting to get caught that way outside. I wore a pair of white basketball shorts, with nothing underneath, and a t-shirt.

Sarah has been acting restless for some time, continually moving around, and just being anxious. I let it go as her just enjoying the weather. We chatted about our respective exes, work, and basic boring shit, while sipping the beers. Eventually, our talk gradually became flirtatious, then to sexual, and finally to fantasy.

“If you could do anything to me, what would you do?” Sarah asked.

“I would do anything you would let me do.”

“Ok, so let me rephrase that. What you do to my body that you haven’t done already?” she asked with a mischievous grin.

“That’s a tough question, Sarah. I don’t want you to think I’m sick or something.”

“J, there isn’t much I won’t let you do to me. Now come on! If you could do anything to me right here and now, what would it be?”

“Anything, here and now? Hmmm… Ok, here goes. I would fuck your ass.”

“Right here out in the open?”


She pondered that for a bit, then turned and lay her head in my lap. I stroked her hair as she stared past me into the sky at the barely visible stars. The conversation had already given me a substantial erection, but she paid it no mind, and let it rest against her cheek.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked her as my other hand crept towards the top of her dress. I caressed her hair, while gradually pushing the top of her dress down. She made no move to stop me, so I continued.


“No way! I just told you I would fuck your ass. You have to tell me now!”

I kept pushing her dress lower on her breasts, her nipples just barely coming into view. The streetlights had come on, and made her beauty flow in the fading daylight.

“Fine. I’m thinking about what I want to do to you. Happy now?”

“Well no. What is that you want to do?”

“Go inside and get more beer,” she said as she jumped up. When she did, one of her tits became fully exposed, as her dress gave way with her movement.

“Sarah!” I laughed. Her predicament made me chuckle. Leaving her breast out, she picked up the empties, and started towards the house.

“What about the neighbors?” I asked as I watched her ass sway.

“So what? It’s just my boobs.”

“Then show me,” I challenged.

Sarah turned to face me, breast exposed, hands full of empty beer bottles. She lifted her bare foot under the length of her dress, grabbed the fabric between her toes, and pulled down. The top of her dress gave way, and slipped all the way down to her narrow waist. It caught on her hips, and stayed there. Satisfied, she went on to get the beer.

When she returned, her dress was the same way. I took a quick glance around to make sure no one was out and about, but Sarah proudly strode back to me, her breasts lightly bouncing in the evening brazzers porno air with every step. She had brought a towel with her, and spread it out on the ground before sitting next to me again. Seeing her tits out like that had me at full wood now. I popped open our beers, and handed one to her. As she took a long pull, I asked her my question again.

“So…what is it that you want to do to me?”

My sister set her beer down beside the outspread towel, and began moving to lie down. She still said nothing, and I just watched her nakedness as she finally lay face down on the towel. She raised up on her elbows, letting her breasts hang free, her nipples just grazing the towel, and said,

“This.” With that, she reached for the elastic waistband of my shorts, pulled my rock hard dick out, and immediately put it in her mouth. I just leaned back, and watched her beautiful lips wrapped around my cock. She applied gentle suction, and used her tongue to work magic on my member. Deeper and deeper she went, but could never get all of me in her mouth. Regardless, it was the most amazing blowjob I’ve ever received. Here we are. Outside in the open, my half naked sister sucking my fat cock. She sucked me like a baby on a pacifier.

“Oh god, Sarah. Suck me. Oh yes, use your tongue.”


Then she started humming a tune. I don’t for the life of me remember the song. But the vibrations drove me wild.

“Sarah… Oh my God, Sarah.”


“Keep humming, Sarah. It feels so good when you do.”

Her song resumed as she devoured my aching penis.

“Sarah! Sarah! I’m going to cum.”

She continued her steady movement on my cock, and never stopped humming. That is until it happened. I came. Like every time I fuck my sister, I came a lot. She never stopped sucking and gulping as I emptied my balls into her mouth. Blast after blast of hot, sticky cum jetted into her mouth, so much that it ran out of the corners, and onto my balls. She swallowed all of the cum she could handle, and kept sucking me until I was completely clean. She then licked up everything she couldn’t handle, and swallowed that as well.

“Holy shit, Sarah!”

“I know, right? You taste great, by the way. A girl could get used to that.”

“You can have more anytime you want it.”

“I’m going to hold you to that,” she replied, grinning at me. “Now I want a back rub.”

Sarah repositioned herself to be straight on the towel. She pulled the bottom of her dress up just below her ass. I took a peak, and saw that she did have panties on. Once she was settled, I climbed over to straddle her legs. I started massaging her thighs, paying careful attention to give her a true massage. Upwards towards her ass I moved. I used my thumbs to spread her cheeks, and knead the flesh. I worked towards her inner thighs, and grazed lightly against her pussy lips. She moaned as I touched her.

“Mmmm. Take them off.”


“My panties. Take them off. And lose your shorts, too.”

Who was I to deny my gorgeous sister? I hooked my fingers under the waist of her panties. She raised her hips as I slid them down her legs, and tossed them on the driveway. Still apprehensive about being caught, I stood and dropped my shorts. I kicked them to the side near where Sarah’s panties had landed, castingcouch-x porno them resumed my position on her legs. I continued working her ass, but pushed her dress up her back to expose it fully to me. This was the first time I had seen my sister’s bare ass, and I was in awe. I again spread her cheeks, and let my thumbs graze her delicate hole. Again, she moaned beneath me, cheering me on to proceed farther. I pressed my thumb against her hole, and continued to knead her soft flesh with my other hand. By now, I’m full wood again, and Sarah can feel it in her legs. Already, in leaking precum, and when aroused, I generate a lot of it. My thumb pressed inside her ass just a bit. She raised her hips slightly, encouraging me to go deeper. I switched to my middle finger. I put it fully in my mouth to wet it, then pressed it against her hole. I felt it relax as my finger made it’s way up her puckered ass. She had her face buried in the towel, and she yelped with pleasure when I started withdrawing my finger. I had almost pulled all the way out, but I switched, and jammed my finger as far up my sisters sweet asshole as it would go. Her head came up, and she screamed again as I wiggled my finger inside her. I only finger-fucked Sarah’s asshole for a short time before stopping to resume my massage. I started up her lower back, working magic as I worked the tension from her body.


I moved up her back slightly, and continued.


I had to shift myself to get higher on her back. When I did, my cock came to rest just at her ass.


Again, I shifted to reach higher, up to her shoulders now. In this position, my cock came to rest between the soft flesh of her tender ass cheeks.

“Better?” I asked her.

“Yes, much.”

I started rubbing her shoulders and upper back. She squirmed slightly under me, which caused my penis to slip between her cheeks. I continued massaging, but started gently humping her ass, working myself deeper towards her hole. I stopped briefly to take a sip of my beer, and when I did, it went down the wrong pipe. I coughed three times pretty hard, which caused me to literally squirt there big bursts of precum between her cheeks, and all over her asshole.

Feeling the new wetness, Sarah raised up on her elbows, and looked over her shoulder at me.

“Did you just pee on me?” she asked, almost laughing.

“Nope, sorry. Just squirted some precum on you.”


I was taken aback by her reply. It was almost as if she was upset that I hadn’t peed on her.

After I had composed myself, I got back to work. Kneading her shoulders, and rubbing my now extremely well lubricated dick between her cheeks. I finally felt my head rubbing her hole, so my focus became that. She raised up more. I pushed a little harder. She raised up on her elbows again, no longer thinking about a massage. She looked over her shoulder again, and nodded.

“Push a little harder, J.”

I pushed a bit harder, and started humping her ass. Each thrust caught my head on her hole, but I never pushed beyond that.

“Slow down.” I slowed, and gently pushed forward. My dick stopped right at her hole.

“Right there!” Sarah raised her hips to square us up. “Push a little harder now.”

I pushed, and felt her asshole clips4sale porno give way. With the amount of precum I had spilled on her tush, it wasn’t hard for me to force my way in. I looked down, and watched as my penis was slowly devoured by my sister’s lovely asshole. I pushed and pushed until I was all the way in, my balls forced between her cheeks.

“Ohmygodyes…Ohmygodyes… Fuck me, J.”

I started rhythmically humping my sister’s ass, really getting into it. She was so tight, every time I pulled back, it was like she was sucking me back in. I reached around and grabbed her breasts, while I pistoned my penis in her ass.

“Unh…unh…unh…” she grunted as I pounded her ass.

“Hey J?”

“Yea, sweetheart, what is it?” I asked her, stopping with my dick completely buried inside of her.

“Your dick is in my butt. Isn’t that weird?”

I chuckled briefly, then went back to groping her tits, and slowly fucking her ass.

“Hey J?” she beckoned again.

“Yea, baby. What’s up?” This time I kept fucking her butt, but slowed to a very decreased pace.

“I really like it when you call me sweetheart and baby.”

“Well you’re both to me, and more,” I assured her while still jamming my penis up her butt. I leaned down, and kissed her back. I nibbled on her shoulder, and started pumping harder as I felt I was about to cum. Faster and faster I went. I reached under, and felt that Sarah’s pussy was flowing into the towel. I rubber her clit, which brought us over the edge at the same time. She actually squirted a little, and screamed out as I came hard deep in her bowels. Finally, I sat back in her legs, leaving my dick up her ass.

“Hey J?”

I chuckled. “Yea, baby?”

Her breathing was still uncontrolled. “That was amazing!”

“It sure was, love. It sure was.” I leaned down and kissed her back again while she came back down from her orgasmic high.

“Piss!” Sarah said.

“You have to piss? Ok, I’ll get off.”

“NO!” she yelled, just as I started to withdraw from her right butthole. “You piss.”

“Well I do need to after all that beer, but why did you stop me?”

“In me. I want you to pee in me.”

“Really? You want me to piss inside your ass?”


I sat motionless, pondering the thought. I really did need to piss. But could I do this? Fuck it. Without leaving her ass, I got my legs behind me, so I was laying full on her back. In this position, I started breathing in her ear, and whispering to her.

“I just fucked my sisters ass in the driveway, out in public. Now she wants me to piss inside her ass.”

“Yes, J. please pee in my ass.”

“But you’re so tight, baby.”


I pushed and pushed, willing myself to piss. Finally I started to squirt a little, but soon, I was able to piss full stream right into Sarah’s tight asshole. Her head came back, and I kissed her neck as I emptied my bladder inside her. I was able to start humping her again as I pissed inside her. Piss squirted out between us as I piss fucked her. This was new to me, but felt incredible. She came again. I dumped so much piss in her ass that she could no longer hold anymore, and it squirted out onto the ground. I finally finished, but kept pumping into my sister’s piss filled ass. I finally came again, though not nearly as much. My piss and cum mixed together inside her ass, some leaking out as I finally pulled my exhausted cock from her well fucked ass.

“I think we need a shower,” Sarah said. She took off her piss soaked dress, and left it on the driveway. We walked naked into the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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