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As I gulped down the last stream of my brother’s creamy jism, I wished there was more. Dickie had just returned from college the previous day, and I had already blown him four times since. He was only able to shoot two or three meager gobs, and I knew I was tiring him out.

I’d been sucking Dickie’s cock since shortly after my eighteenth birthday, and I was now addicted. I just couldn’t have it often enough. I love his smooth, firm penis, the way it throbbed in my mouth, and the tangy flavor of his hot cum. I suck him off every time he comes home from college, and look forward to every time I can get his fabulous cock back in my mouth.

Dickie and I had always been close. He’s only a year older than me, so since we were near each other in age we did lots of things together. I love him and look up to him. It was only a matter of time before our horse-play turned into something naughty. And I’m glad it did.

“God, Elizabeth. You’re going to suck my balls dry,” Dickie gasped.

I smiled impishly up at my brother as I licked the rivulets of sperm from his softening tool. I played with his slack meat and teased, “Then you shouldn’t have forced me to suck your cock that first time.”

“You dared me to make you do it, you little slut,” he laughed.

“I know, and I’m sorry I’ve become so demanding on you,” I twinkled. “I’ll stop if you want me to.” I knew neither of us wanted to put an end to our lusty fun.

“No way,” Dickie grinned. “You give better head than any of those college girls. It’s just that I don’t think I can get it up as often as you want it. I don’t think any mortal man can.”

My brother is virile, with a nice thick, seven inch cock. But what he said got me to thinking. Maybe I do need more than one boy to feed my constant craving for cum.

“Dickie, I love sucking your cock. You know that. But maybe you’re right. It must be tough for just one guy. Maybe if you brought some of your college friends home …” I offered sheepishly.

Dickie looked at me with amazement. “You mean, you want me to bring some friends over for you to blow?”

I nodded eagerly, “It would be nice of you, and so much fun. It would take some of the strain off of you. And you know yours will always be my favorite.”

Dickie didn’t say anything for a minute, then asked, “Are you sure?”

“Oh, yes. You’d be such a neat big brother,” I beamed.

He shrugged and laughed, “Well, OK.”

“Goodie! I’m sure you’ve seen other guys in the dorm showers. Maybe you could bring home some of the ones with nice big cocks,” I said.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Dickie grinned.

My heart fluttered with excitement the next time Dickie came home from college. My loving brother had brought with him two college studs.

I gazed with open lust as the boys chatted with my mother in the kitchen and drank lemonade. I wasn’t sure what my brother had told them earlier, but they all did seem a bit eager to get rid of my mother.

Finally ankara escort my mother left the house to run some errands. I was in my room, pretending to study but really thinking about three big college cocks, when there was a knock on my door. Dickie came in with his friends, and they stood there staring at me nervously.

“Elizabeth, these are some friends of mine, Nick and Mike. Guys, this is my kid sister Elizabeth,” Dickie said.

“Hello, boys,” I cooed. “It’s nice of you to take some time out to play with your friend’s little sister.”

“Uh, I thought you were going to play with us,” Nick grinned.

“I’d like to,” I smiled sweetly. “What will you let me play with?”

“Well, your brother here said that you’re kinda, well, kinky,” Mike stammered. “Hey, Dickie, you sure about this?”

“I wouldn’t lie to you guys,” my brother replied as he winked at me. “Come on, pull ’em out. Elizabeth loves cock, don’t you sis.” He then unzipped his pants and out sprang his penis, hard and throbbing and ready for my mouth.

“Mmmm, mmmm,” I twinkled as I stroked his erection. I watched eagerly as Nick and Mike unbuckled their pants. My eyes opened in amazement when their cocks finally flopped out in the open. They were both huge.

“You like them, Elizabeth?” Dickie smiled.

My gaze fixed on the two massive poles before me, I nodded my head. Dickie’s cock was the only one I had seen before now, and I was excited to see two new ones. Nick’s cock was about as long as my brother’s, but it was a bit thicker. Mike’s cock was absolutely enormous though. It must have been nine inches long and as thick as a log. These guys sure were studs, and I was happy that they would pay attention to a dumb little high school senior like me.

His swollen organ pulsating in his hand, Mike said, “Come and get ’em, girlie.”

I slipped off my bed and knelt before the three boys. One by one I stroked and squeezed their meaty erections, thrilled to have three big cocks to play with. My cunt was juicing wildly and my mouth salivated at the sight of so much fuckmeat. Their balls were huge, too, and I knew they would feed me a healthy load of delicious cum.

“Hurry up, sis. Suck us off. Mom’s not going to be gone long,” Dickie groaned as his prick jumped in my hand.

I hated being rushed, as I love to give a long, sensual blowjob. Especially now that I had three studs to suck on. But I knew I had to make the most of this opportunity, and I was hungry to feast on the manly offerings.

The guys moved into a little circle around me, their cocks projecting toward me invitingly. I opened my mouth wide and wrapped my lips around Nick’s thick shaft while I jerked on Mike’s and Dickie’s cocks. My head bobbed back and forth as I slurped happily on the boy’s hot, throbbing lovestick. I sucked his cock for a little while, then turned for Mike’s.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Mike groaned as my lips slid as far down his massive shaft as escort ankara they could. I could fit barely half of his giant prong in my mouth, and my jaws were stretched wide to accept him. But, God, was I turned on having such a huge slab of cockmeat in my mouth.

My tongue swirled along the meaty underside of Mike’s shaft as I sucked wetly on his magnificent manhood. I continued to pump the other two as I puffed away on Mike’s immense penis. I then released his elongated tool from my mouth with a popping sound and took Dickie’s cock in my mouth.

“Elizabeth, take your clothes off too,” Nick breathed hotly.

I thought for a minute, as I was so horny that I would have let all three boys do everything to me. But I kept my cool and decided to take off only my shirt. I was a virgin, and I wanted to remain that way until I was married.

“Come on. Show us your little pussy,” Mike persisted.

I pulled my mouth off of his pulsating organ and said, “No, only my titties. What kind of girl do you think I am?”

“A cocksucker,” my brother laughed.

“That’s right,” I smiled, then took his hard prick back in my mouth.

The guys were obviously turned on getting blown by a horny high school girl, but I think I was even hornier than them. I love giving head, and it felt so wild to be surrounded by three big cocks.

I moaned constantly and my pussy trickled with arousal as my little hands pumped two stiff penises and my mouth sucked on a third. There was so much cock, and it was all for me.

The boys thrust their swollen organs through my hands and suckling lips as I rotated around between them. I moaned again when the guys started to stroke and pinch my throbbing nipples. My firm titflesh tingled as three sets of hands roamed over my swelling chest.

“She’s got great little titties,” Nick groaned as he took one of my spiking nubs between his fingers and plucked it lightly, his shaft sliding in my fist on a film of pre-cum.

“Not only that, but a hot little bod,” Mike laughed. “I’d love to fuck her, but her mouth sure is fine. Such a beautiful and sweet face; who would have thought she’d be such a slut to suck cock.”

I loved the way the handsome boys talked about me. Three horny college boys lusting after a high school senior. It made me feel sexy and naughty. I was a slut, hot for cock. And they were giving me what I wanted. They pumped their bloated organs more urgently, and I knew they would soon feed me the hot cum that I loved so much.

Nick was the first to erupt. My fists continued to whack away on Dickie and Mike as I gulped down Nick’s creamy jism. I nursed hungrily on his discharging tool, trying to draw every precious drop of his seed from his balls. I swallowed each of his ejaculations until he had no more to fire.

“Hurry up, sis. I can’t hold it much longer,” Dickie gasped a I cleaned off all the sperm from Nick’s softening member.

I turned for my brother’s cock, and as soon ankara escort bayan as it was in my mouth I was gulping down another creamy load of hot cum. Dickie came more than ever before, and I was sure he was turned on seeing his little sister gorge herself on his friends’ cocks. That was fine by me, because like I said, I love cum. I sucked and swallowed, savoring the tangy flavor of my brother’s semen. He then pulled his spent organ from my lips.

“Elizabeth, you are without a doubt the best sister in the world,” he grinned.

“I can’t believe how hot she is for cum,” Nick said. “I have to practically beg my girlfriend to let me cum in her mouth, and even then she spits it out.”

I flashed the two boys an impish grin, then gazed with awe at Mike’s huge pole. It wobbled before me like a snake, and I knew his tennis ball-sized eggs would spew as much as the other two combined.

Just then I heard my mother’s car. “Shit, Mom’s home. Elizabeth, get dressed.”

“No,” I whined as I moved for Mike’s enormous schlong. “He hasn’t cum yet. Please, Mike, cum in my mouth.” I slid my lips over his bloated cockhead and began to suck fervently.

“Mike, hurry up and cum,” Dickie said urgently as he looked out the window.

“I’ll try,” the hung stud replied. He held onto the sides of my face and began to fuck my mouth. My tongue swished against the meaty underside of his shaft as I sucked on the thick column of cockflesh that was sliding between my wide-ovalled lips.

“She’s unloading the car … she’s walking toward the house,” Dickie warned.

“Almost there, just a few more strokes. God, here it comes,” Mike groaned as he thrust his distended penis toward the back of my mouth.

“Mmmmph! Mmmmph!” I gurgled as his humungous shaft ballooned even larger between my lips and went off like a volcano. My mouth was filled with his gooey jism as he wildly ejaculated.

My cheeks puffed out as fountains of cum gushed out of Mike’s flexing organ. His dick was so big and he came so much that rivulets of sperm trickled from the corners of my cockstuffed mouth. Each time I gulped down a mouthful of his sticky cum he spewed another load. I kept my lips clamped down around his throbbing shaft, though, and happily drank down as much as I could of his viscous seed. It was like I was sucking on a fire hose, my tummy being pumped full with hot, delicious cum.

Mike shot one last wad of spunk into my mouth as I heard the front door open. He pried his magnificent manhood from my suckling lips and pulled his pants back up. My stomach swimming with sperm, I put my shirt back on.

“Elizabeth, wipe your mouth,” Dickie said as he and his friends left my room. I then heard them pass my mother in the hallway.

I scooped up the rivulets of sperm from my lips and a thick rope of cum that hung from my chin. I then licked my fingers clean and went outside my room. My face flushed as I saw my mother.

“Now I hope the boys didn’t give you a hard time,” she smiled.

I shook my head sweetly. I couldn’t speak because my mouth was still gooey with the boys’ sticky cum. I looked forward to the next time my brother and his well hung friends would come home and feed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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