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My sister-in-law, Fran, was younger to my wife Philly by five years. She was as petite as my wife, slightly shorter by an inch or two but a little plumper. At the time of writing this story she was about 38 years old, married with two children, a girl of 10 and a boy of 8. She was still pretty slim for her age with nice full tits that sloped gently downwards topped by thick brown nipples, a slightly protruding belly that looked quite sexy and a plump, pleasing ass. We were always good friends and invariably indulged in a lot of innuendo when alone or on the phone and loved to pun on words especially where sex was concerned.

My wife had taken our kids to her elder sisters for two weeks and I was let to take care of the house, as I was not able to get any leave at work. One morning I received a call from Fran and after the usual banter she asked me if she could spend a couple of days at our house as she was getting her place painted and the fumes were upsetting her kids, besides the house was full of workers and as her husband was on a business trip she did not feel safe being alone with her young daughter and stranger men in the house. Then jokingly she asked me if they would be safe at my place since I too was alone. I replied that the kids were absolutely safe with me but I couldn’t guarantee the safety of young mothers! With a laugh she said that then she would be safe as she was not young any more. “Well let me rephrase that, I can’t guarantee the safety of young-looking old mothers,” I said.

“Bastard!” she giggled.

Next evening after school she turned up with the kids and settled them into the spare bedroom and then helped me in the kitchen getting dinner, ready amidst idle chatter, while the kids watched Cartoon Network on the TV. By eight o’clock the kids had had their dinner and she got them ready for bed while I poured her and myself a drink. I went and sat in the veranda while she took the children into the bedroom to read their bedtime stories. After the kids were asleep she came out to refill her glass as I was refilling mine and told me she would be back in ten minutes after a quick shower. I stood at the railing, in the semi darkness of the veranda smoking and waited for her, the previous days conversation had slipped my mind. The bedroom lights went out and I heard the door shut softly as Fran came out The hall lights were down low and as she walked I noticed she had changed into her nightdress, a short, white almost see through one that showed off her curves as the dull light shown through from the back. Sexy, I thought.

She came and stood close to me, her bare arm touching mine and said in a husky voice, “Am I safe with you?”

Taken aback for a moment I suddenly remembered our conversation on the phone and said, “Well, I am not too sure” and laughed.

“If I am not safe, then what are you going to do to me?” she dared me.

I half jokingly put my arm around her waist and pulled her to me and held her tight while I whispered, “This,” in her ear.

Surprised at my boldness she resisted momentarily, pushing Yalova Escort me away with her hands on my chest. I gently kissed her neck and to my utter surprise I felt all resistance melt away as she moved her hands from my chest and put them around my waist letting me feel her soft, plump body. I let my hands roam around her back before cupping her buns in my palms and gently squeezing them. They were nice and soft almost like jelly. As she looked up at me I pressed my lips against hers and ran my tongue along her clenched lips a couple of times trying to stick it in. She resisted initially but finally opened them a little and I managed to get my tongue in.

That was it, she groaned as I pushed my tongue in as far as possible and pressed her to me so that she could feel my rapidly hardening tool against her belly. Our tongues played with each other as the excitement built up. I lifted her nightdress up and putting my hands into her panties ran my fingers up and down the crack in her ass, stopping occasionally to gently finger the tiny puckered hole. Each time I did that she would moan and press herself more into me, mashing her tits against my chest. I had to have this little bitch and taking her hand I lead her into the bedroom.

Once there I sat on the bed and pulled her tits into my face sucking her nipples through the soft material. She put her hands on the back of my head and moaned softly “suck my nips, suck them oh yess” as I went from one tit to the other, feeling each nipple pop up as I sucked them fervently. Pushing me back onto the bed she fell on top mashing her tits against my face. I stopped long enough to pull of her nightdress and my tee shirt and gazed up at those lovely jugs hanging down onto my face. Large for her size, but not too large they weren’t as firm as a teenagers, just soft and juicy (as expected of a mother of two kids) with small dark pink nipples that stood out a long way. My cock was sticking straight up in my shorts and she moved down so that her pussy was now pressing against it. She took one of her breasts in her hand and pushed the turgid nipple into my mouth and said “Suck it, Georgy, suck it hard, yes that’s it, harder, harder, more, more” rubbing her pussy against my cock all the time. I shifted from tit to tit sucking in as much as I could each time, as she moaned in pleasure.

I rolled her over and pulled off her panties. Her cunt was wet and emitted a sexy odour very much like her sister, my wife. I marveled at how much they were similar and yet how different. My wife’s pussy was covered with very thick, black hair that spread on to the inside of her thighs, whereas Fran’s cunt hair was also thick but neatly trimmed. Their clits, too were different, my wife’s was tiny and could only become visible when she pulled her cunt lips apart, but Fran’s had a large hood covering it that stuck out prominently. Both had puffy cunt lips when aroused and dripped copiously as Fran’s did now. I dived straight in lapping away from ass hole to clit, sucking that large hood in and out and then back Yalova Escort Bayan down to her asshole, stopping en route to stick my tongue into her cunt causing her to mouth a whole lot of obscenities. Fran was very vocal, as I found out, compared to my Philly. ” Suck my clitty, suck it good, Georgy, yes stick it in, yessss, that’s it, fuck my cunt with your tongue, yess, yyyyyyes , I am going to cum, take me in your mouth, take my cum in your mouth, God, Yesssss” she cried as she started to orgasm. I was surprised she had cum so quickly, but I just kept on lapping her cunt as her hip started lifting off the bed in time with my sucking.

Climbing over her I pulled off my shorts and got into the classical 69, my cock sticking straight down into her face as I dived back into her now sopping cunt licking and sucking furiously. I felt her lips around my cock as she sucked it into her mouth. She sucked my cock; I sucked her protruding clit, harder and harder. Cock, cunt, cock, cunt, I felt my balls starting to bunch and knew I was going to cum. Pushing down hard I felt her gag as I shot load after load of my cum down her throat as she gulped furiously trying desperately to swallow it all. She went ballistic, her heels dug into the bed as she lifted her ass as high as she could, spasms wracked her body as she came, flooding my mouth with her cunt juices nearly suffocating me as I tried to suck her dry. We collapsed in a heap, spunk dribbling out of mouth, on to her cheeks, my face covered in her sweet juice. We lay like that for quite a while, till I crawled around and stuck my tongue into her mouth, tasting my cum as she tasted hers.

She pushed me onto my back and half lay on top of me, one soft tit on my chest and her thigh draped over my now limp prick. I put my arm around her and on her fleshy ass playing with the cheeks squeezing them now and then, enjoying their lovely softness. “You have such a nice dick,” she whispered, “I like the way the knob swells up when I pull the foreskin back making it ever so large. An uncircumcised one really turns me on”. I was surprised that she talked so freely as my Philly was very shy about these sort of things. She started sucking one of my nipples while she drew circles around the other with her fingernails making them stick up. I stopped squeezing her ass and started running my forefinger up and down her lush crack. She hunched her back to make it easier for me to reach her clitty button that I gently began to rub causing her to start squirming against my hand. “Oooo, that feels good, stick your finger in and see how wet your making me” she moaned, ‘I like it, I like it”. This was one horny bitch, I only hoped her moaning wouldn’t wake the kids in the other room.

” You want to fuck me, you want to fuck your hot sister in law, don’t you” she asked. I felt guilty when she said that as I had never cheated on my wife till now, and here was her own sister turning me on, making my cock harden just fifteen minutes after being sucked to an orgasm! That wasn’t something that happened Escort Yalova very often when you are 48 years old. ” God, yes I want to fuck you, I want to feel your hot wet cunt around my prick,” I said, enjoying the dirty talk. ” Then stick it in me, brother in law, stick it right up me, I want that big red knob up my cunt. Fuck me like you fucked Philly that night in the hotel. No, I wasn’t asleep; I was watching the two of fucking while I rubbed myself silly. God, I was so turned on watching you fuck my sister senseless while I lay in the next bed pretending to be asleep”. I didn’t tell her that I knew she was awake when we were at it and how exciting it was to be watched by your sister in law. No wonder Philly complained that her pussy was sore the next morning after the pounding I had given her!

I rolled her over on to her belly and pulled her on to her knees, so that her fleshy ass stuck up in the air, her head still down on the pillow. I ran my tongue up and down her soaking slit, stopping occasionally to lick her puckered little brown hole and then suck her distended clit. She kept wiggling her ass from side to side moaning “oh gosh, yessss, yesss, so good, it feels so very good”, she reached behind to pull her cheeks apart to give me more access to that hot cunt of hers. I stopped, got on my knees and slowly rubbed my throbbing cock up and down her slit before positioning it at the entrance. I wanted to see the large knob stretch the opening as it went into her juicy drenched snatch. Gently pushing in I watched the head enter her as she let out a grunt. “Push it in, stick it all the way up me, I want it in me, all the way in, ooooh please, fuck me, yess yessssss”. After the first gentle push I started to jab it into her with short sharp strokes, that made her soft ass jiggle around, then I shoved it all the way in and held her hips against me stopping for a while. I felt her reach around, cupping my balls in her palm and rub them against her clit, all the while groaning, ” Yes, yes. So good, so good”. We continued this way till we couldn’t take it any more. I felt my cock starting to twitch and that I was getting ready to cum. She felt it too and started moving around like crazy. Hair flying all over the place, tits swaying like pendulums, she started moving back to meet each thrust, harder and harder, faster and faster, ” fuck me…uh…… fuck me…uh……… fill my cunt with your cum,…… do it,……. uh…….. Oh do it to me,……… Oooooh yesssss………. Harder………..Do me harder” she cried, almost sobbed. I put one finger in my mouth, wetting it and stuck it into her little ass hole just as I started to cum, pumping streams of spunk into her. She let out a little squeal “ooooooh, God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming oh God, oh God, oh yessss, aaaaaaahhhh” and slumped down her whole body twitching uncontrollably, my cock still buried in her cunt. We lay like that till I felt my cock plop out of her. I rolled off and she rolled onto her back her tits still heaving up and down, her legs still wide apart, cunt hair glistening. She reached down with one hand scooping up the mixture of cum and juice leaking out of her and stuck it into her mouth, “this cocktail tastes good” she giggled! Stretching out on the bed languidly, she closed her eyes and murmured ” God, you fucked me real good, my cunt is still tingling”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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