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When I had finished my shower, I blow-dried my hair; brushing it until it was nice and shiny. I carefully applied some fragrance behind each ear, along my neck, under my breasts, and just above shaved mound. I rubbed some moisturizing lotion over my arms and all over my legs, including my tight ass and pussy. My smooth, warm skin quickly drank up the creamy lotion, leaving it soft to the touch. I was going to be impossible to resist to anyone this evening.

In the bedroom, I pulled the covers back from the bed and lit more candles on the nightstand and dresser. I took my new bra and pulled it over my shoulders, fastening the small hook between my breasts. It was so sheer that my small brown nipples were clearly visible through the cups. Then I slipped into the tiny thong panties, adjusting the triangular piece of fabric on front to conceal the treat behind it. I completed my outfit with a sheer little camisole I had in my lingerie drawer. The satiny fabric was cool and sexy on my skin. Everything was just right for a night of seduction and uninhibited sex.

I was downstairs sipping another glass of wine when I heard Donny’s car pull into the drive. With the lights and television off, I could clearly see him as he opened the front door and stepped inside. When he clicked on the table lamp closest to the entrance, he was surprised to see me on the sofa, stretched out and dressed so naughtily.

“Mom; wow, you look incredible!” I drained the remaining wine from my glass and sat it on the floor. “What are you doing up so late?”

“I was waiting on you, of course. Do you like my outfit? I bought it this afternoon. I hope you don’t think it’s too skimpy on me.” I stood and met Donny half way. I pressed my body against him and looked up into his gorgeous eyes while I tugged his shirt up from the waistband of his jeans.

“You look sexier than I’ve ever imagined.” Donny lowered his head and we kissed deep and long. His hands found their way under the camisole and cupped my breasts, causing my nipples to stiffen against his fingers.

“Why don’t we go upstairs where we can be more comfortable?” Donny followed me to my room. His hands were all over me as soon as I had closed the door, fondling my breasts and nipples, squeezing my ass. “Mmmm,” I murmured in his ear as he lifted the camisole over my head. “Yes, undress me.” Donny paused for a second at my bra, not finding the hook in the back, but then releasing my heavy globes to his eager sucking lips. My hands were pulling his shirt up to his shoulders. He stepped away long enough to finish removing it, his lean muscled chest glowing in the candlelight. “Mmmm, sexy. Take off the rest of your clothes.” Donny kicked off his sneakers, and then pushed his jeans and shorts down with one motion. His cock was fully erect and the large head was already shiny and wet. “I see you’re as anxious as I am,” I said as I pushed the tiny panties off my hips and let the drop to the floor. I heard Donny moan when he saw my cleanly shaved pussy, the labia swollen and wet with excitement. I reached out and took hold of his erection and pulled him over to the edge of the bed.

We both lay down on the soft sheets and began kissing. Donny was reaching down between us and fingering my pussy. I lay back and parted my legs and thighs, giving him full reign of my body. “Mmmm, your pussy looks so good, so sert porno sexy. You want me to lick it for you? You want me to eat it?” He didn’t wait for my reply, taking my left leg in his hand and lifting it up, licking down the calf and then up the thigh until I could feel his hot breath on my mound. Then he did the same with the right leg, stopping just short of my sopping hole.

“Oh yes, yes, please eat me. Put your tongue in my pussy and lick me. I want you to make me cum.” I had barely finished my words when I felt the wet hotness of his tongue against my aching flesh. With each flick of his tongue I could feel my juices flooding my hole. He held my legs open with his hands while licking and fucking my pussy with his mouth. My ass and hips did everything possible to keep the pressure and contact between my pussy and his face constant. I reached down with my hands and held his head against my bucking cunt. Each time I would grind my slit against his face I could feel his tongue burrowing deep between the folds. “Don’t stop…please don’t stop… yes, yes, yes…” I blurted out in gasps and groans as my orgasm raced through my body and down between my legs. In an instant, Donny spun his body over mine and lowered his cock down toward my open mouth. “Mmmm… yes, give me your cock. Put it in my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth, Donny.”

Donny’s hips lowered his hard pole downward as I closed my lips around it. He lifted up slightly and then pushed back down, pushing the head toward the back of my throat. “Mmmmm…” I moaned around his hot cock as he started to fuck up and down in my mouth. I couldn’t reach his head as he continued his oral assault on my quivering pussy, so I held onto his hips and ass. He was steadily pumping into the back of my mouth and it was all I could do to hold on and keep from gagging. I loved having my mouth filled with his hot, hard cock, feeling it stretch and grow with each push downward between my lips. My pussy was flooded with a continuous flow of honey, licked up with his lapping tongue.

“Ahhh,” Donny growled into my pussy as he shoved his swelling cock as deep as it could reach. At first there was just a spurt of his heated cream, but then a huge burst of hot cum exploded directly down my throat.

“Mmmm…” I held onto his hips as gush after gush of hot cum shot into my mouth. For a second I thought I would pass out from the intensity of swallowing such a large load. Donny’s hips fucked up and down, my tongue pressed up against the firm flesh as more and more of his cum filled my mouth; until, with one final gush, it spilled over my lower lip and trickled onto my chin. Donny lifted up and his cock was pulled from my lips. I actually trembled as I swallowed the mouthful of delicious cum that was sitting on my tongue. Then I used my fingers to catch what had spilled onto my chin and sucked it all off. I lay there for a minute, not even aware that Donny was gently petting my overheated pussy, stroking it slowly up and down while I struggled to catch my breath.

“Oh, Donny, that was wonderful. That was better than anything I’ve experienced in a long time. But I hope you’re not done yet, because I still want to feel that cock of yours in my pussy. Think you’ve still got some more cum left?” Donny turned back around and continued his petting.

“Believe me, there’s more sex mex porno where that came from if you want it bad enough.” His attitude was slightly cocky now, but I loved it. It made me feel like the lucky cheerleader in high school that was screwing the star quarterback. Rising up, I pushed him down on his back, sliding my body down until my face was next to his softening cock. I took the shaft in my fingers and lifted it to my lips, kissing and licking, tasting the drops that hung onto the gaping slit on the head. With my fingers and lips working to keep him hard, it only took a couple of minutes to have him fully erect once again.

I moved up over his hips, holding his rock-hard cock in my hand. Lifting one leg slightly I slowly eased my pussy down, guiding the head between the folds of my slit, watching as it disappeared an inch at a time, until his full length was buried inside me. I watched the look on my son’s face while he adjusted to having his cock inside his mother’s pussy. The only reaction I could detect was pure satisfaction. There was a smile on his face while he gyrated his hips beneath me, stirring my passion and wetness. Steadying myself, I started to lift up and down, feeling the firm shaft of his cock as it slipped deep into and then just to the entrance to my opening. I loved riding cowgirl style; I could control the depth and speed at which we fucked, and at the same time see the look of pleasure on my lover’s face. Every once in a while, Donny would buck-up, shoving his cock up to his balls inside me. Each time he would do this I would gasp at the sensation of having a pussy full of cock, and feel my cunt honey spread all over the invading appendage.

“Your big cock feels so good, Donny. I love having it in my pussy. Mmmm… yes, you want to fuck my hot pussy, don’t you?” I lifted up and for a moment there was an empty feeling as his cock slipped from my velvet grasp.

We repositioned ourselves into the classic missionary position. Donny climbed between my thighs while I lifted my knees back to my chest. He guided the large head to my slit and leaned forward, my wetness giving plenty of lubrication to allow his cock to find its way into my channel. He buried himself on the first thrust and I allowed him to spread my legs, holding them until my ankles were hooked over his shoulders.

“Now it’s your turn to get fucked,” he grinned as he started to rock his cock back and forth inside me. My pussy was a mass of nerve endings as it gripped the heated, smooth skinned shaft. I could feel every inch as he fed it to me, until the head pressed against my cervix. Then he would pull it back, turning my pussy inside out, until the lips could catch hold at the thick rim of the head. “Your pussy feel so good. Mmmm…. So wet, so hot.” Donny was starting to fuck faster and faster. My pussy was on fire. I could tell I was getting close to another orgasm and I moved my ankles down until I could get them around his waist.

“Fuck me harder… make me cum, honey…I want to cum all over your big cock.” Donny’s hips were moving faster and faster, his cock a blur in my slit. “Ahhh…. yes…yes…oh god…don’t stooooop.” My cunt gripped tightly around his cock as my body rocked by a warm, wonderful orgasm. The sound of his cock pounding my sopping pussy was like music to my ears. It was even better than I stranded teens porno had imagined. I tried to keep contact between my hot little clit and the hard bone inside me by lifting my ass and hips up as he was fucking back and forth. I took my breasts in my hands and squeezed my stiff little nipples between my fingers, intensifying the feelings in me.

Suddenly I felt empty again as Donny withdrew. I looked up into his eyes. “Turn around,” he said, “I want to fuck you from behind.”

Doing as he directed, I turned until my ass was towards him and my arms down on the bed. I felt him up against me and then his cock was entering my pussy once more. I leaned down and Donny started fucking me just as hard as before. From this position his cock felt even bigger and longer than before. “Oh, god yes, your cock feels so good in my pussy. I love having you fuck me. I want to feel you shoot your hot cum deep inside my pussy. Please cum inside me.”

My breasts were bouncing back and forth as my body was being rocked on his big cock. His hands gripped my ass and as he would push forward, he would simultaneously pull back, making sure that the entire length of his cock was buried in me. “Yes, yes, yes… so good, so hot… cum inside your pussy,” Donny was chanting as he neared his own climax. I felt him lean over me slightly, taking some of his weight off his knees. His tempo increased and once again I could feel my pussy wanting to cum again, to cum with him this time. He was fucking me so hard that I could feel his balls slapping against my pussy. Then he paused for just a second, and his cock stretched inside me, tightening itself in my slot. Then he rammed forward and the first shot of his hot cum sprayed all over the walls of my pussy.

“Oh god…yessssssssssss.” I cried out in pleasure as more and more of his thick cum filled my hole and burned deep inside me.

“Yes, yes, yes…arrggghhhh,” Donny growled as he kept fucking my pussy, each thrust sending more of his semen up from his balls and through his cock. I, too, was cumming; my own orgasm starting as soon as he began to shoot.

“Don’t stop… keep cum-m-m-ming,” I was panting with each thrust, each jerk of his cock inside me. I closed my eyes and saw bright colors and flashes of light as my pussy was sated with my son’s cock and sperm. There was a warmth that I could feel oozing from my pussy as Donny slowed, his climax ending and then withdrawing his cock. I was gasping for breath and I could feel the sweat from his body dripping onto my back.

I sank down onto the bed and Donny lay down beside me. I turned over and pulled him close to me as we both felt the afterglow of tremendously satisfying sex. I could feel some of his cum leaking from my swollen, tender pussy. His cock hung softly between his thighs. “That was incredible. That was the best fuck I’ve had in a long, long, time.” My fingers traced little imaginary pictures on his chest, his heart pounding. “Didn’t I tell you I would reward you for your silence about our shower together?”

“I had no idea that fucking you could be so good. I’ve never gotten off like that before. Your pussy is the best ever.”

I smiled at his boyish compliments. “Maybe you should hurry and clean up before your sister gets home. What would she think if she found us naked, in bed together?” I had lost track of the time in our passion, but it was almost eleven-thirty and Angie had said she would be home before midnight. For a minute I thought of keeping Donny there and letting her walk in and catch us fucking. But there was a time for everything, and this wasn’t the right time for that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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