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Sometimes… when you think you’ve got it all figured out… some little thing, a little something so inane that you’d never think it would mean anything… pops up, and then…

What does a woman do when she has nothing else to do…?

The Mall.

But first… she needed her car to start… what with Kim having to get to Junior High cheerleading practice, which took place even during vacation week.

After numerous attempts, she called her husband.

“What am I going to do?” he asked, his annoyance obvious, “Call Eddie and have him check it out.”

“Why didn’t I think of that?” she scolded herself, as she made the call.

Eddie had been her family’s mechanic forever, as his father had before him. Because of that and because she considered him to be the best mechanic in town, no matter how busy he was… he made himself available to her and would always go out of his way to get whichever of her vehicles needed fixing, done right and done quickly.

As I later learned… much later, there was also some history here, something I knew nothing about.

But it wasn’t what you’d expect.

Eddie was a, “Junior,” his father wanting to pass the business on to a son… while saving money on the advertising. (Eddie’s Auto Repair was, after all, “… an institution in town,” Elle declared) Eddie Jr had no such compunctions. If he had a son, and the kid wanted to join the business, he’d just add, “… and Son,” onto the sign.

His son Jason was born with oil in his veins and cam shafts for bones… but Eddie knew, when his son was delivered… there wouldn’t be a, “… the Third.”

Jason’s mother would see to that.

All of that had gone for naught because, by the time he was in 7th grade, Jason’s attachment to his father’s side had earned him the nickname “Trey” by his father’s friends and customers.

Even Mom thought it was “cute.”

Two years older than her daughter Kim, Elle had always found Trey to be polite, helpful and very knowledgeable about whatever car problems she might have been having at the time of her visits to the garage. Since they lived on adjacent streets, she’d also noticed that he had grown quite handsome as he entered his teen years. That was never more evident than that Friday morning when her car wouldn’t start.

Ten minutes later Trey showed up driving the shop’s wrecker.

A minute after that he’d jump started her car, but cautioned Elle that she needed to drive straight to the garage. “The battery is just about dead,” he told her, “so I’ll drop Kim off at the school and then meet you there. Dad should have a new battery installed by then.”

Kim hadn’t said a word, her mouth hanging open, her eyes as big as saucers.

Elle drove to Eddie’s where Eddie was waiting. A quick battery change and she was ready to go. As she started to get into her car, Eddie stopped her and asked, “Hey… could you drop Jason off at the high school? He has basketball practice.”

“Doesn’t he have a car?” she inquired with a giggle, which was meant as a tease about the car shop owners’ kid… not having his own car.

“Not yet,” his father answered with a smile, “he’s only fifteen.”

Before she could reply to that, Trey returned with the wrecker, jumped out, handed the keys to his dad and after a quick shake of his head, walked over to her car. “Thanks son,” Eddie called out, which earned a, “It was nothing,” wave from Trey.

While they drove the short distance to the high school, Trey sat next to her, his eyes straight ahead, not saying a word. Finally, Elle asked, “Your dad lets you drive the truck… but you’re only fifteen. If the police see you, won’t you get in trouble?”

Still not looking at her, he answered, “Nah, they know dad is busy and know I won’t do anything stupid.”

Dropping him off, she thanked him for his help, which caused him to finally turn and look at her. “You’re welcome… but it was my pleasure,” with a great smile.

As she watched him walk into the building… she wondered what he’d meant by that? Was it her…? Nah…, It had to have been something he’d seen in Kim, even though she’d only recently turned fourteen. She’d ask her daughter what, if anything, Trey had said to her. Maybe that would answer her question.

She didn’t need to ask Kim because, her cell phone “dinged” as she was driving up to the house, Kim leaving a voice mail that breathlessly asked, “Gawd is he gorgeous or what! Did he say anything about me?”

Kim was very disappointed when she got home later… that Trey had barely said anything to either of them.

With Trey still around some of the time, his athletic abilities in constant demand at the high school, Eddie instituted a policy at the garage that he would give his customers an appointment and they would drop their vehicle off… but then they would have to leave. This way he didn’t have people hanging around talking to him, interfering in his work. Those in need of a ride after dropping the car off, were given an early morning time, leaving Trey to drop them back off at their home, before he went to school.

So Van Escort why would this change of policy have any effect on my and Elle’s relationship?

A little more than five months later… Todd walked back into the kitchen, two minutes after he’s left for work, and said, “I’m taking your car… now mine won’t start.”

Snatching the keys off the hook where they hung, he disappeared out the door… and didn’t return. Kim and TJ stood looking at their mother, all three thinking, “How do we get to school?”

But this time Elle didn’t hesitate, calling Eddie and explaining the problem.

“Be there in seven minutes,” he promised.

And again, it was Trey who showed up driving the wrecker. And this time… the car wouldn’t start.

TJ had to be at school first… so Trey put him in the truck and drove him to school… after first showing Elle his new driver’s license. Then he drove Elle to school, before driving back to the house, where he put Todd’s car on the hook and driving Kim with him back to the garage, before trading the wrecker for his Chevy Camaro.

Kim’s phone didn’t stop for a week, as all her friends wanted to know how she ended up walking into school late… with Trey carrying her book bag.

All of this was happening while Elle was transforming into the newly emancipated, “Exhibitionist Goddess,” now unafraid to expose herself anywhere and anytime she felt the urge.

However, without the safely net of prior experience… she was playing a very dangerous game.

Now, with school out, but Summer School starting the following Monday, Elle having been chosen by Leo, the then, outgoing Principal, to teach one of the coveted classes, given that it paid very good money for twelve hours of teaching a week, for five weeks. Since the students were released on Wednesday, she had four days of late June to relax.

That night, Todd told her he’d made an appointment to have the oil changed in her car for Thursday morning.

“But…” she started to say.

“But nothing,” he continues, “your car is overdue for the oil change, brake check, tire rotation… whatever. It needs to be done.”

She called her friend Kathy and told her she might be late getting to the beach… and then explained. Kathy promised to wait for her.

Later, sitting and watching TV, she realized that, despite summer vacation, Trey would probably still be giving her a ride home after she dropped off the car… and that got her mind working.

With a 7:30 appointment already booked, Todd off to work, TJ at his friend Kyle’s house and Kim probably sleeping until noon, Elle carefully dressed herself… but not because she was worried about who else might be at the garage at that time, but rather to see how Trey would react.

Like I said, “Without the safety net of past experience…”

When she drove up, Trey was standing in the open doorway, hands in his pockets, looking like a young Heath Ledger. Getting out of the car, she threw him the keys, his one-handed stab probably saving her from having to replace the office window. Shaking his head, he disappeared into the garage, reappearing a moment later and led her to his Camaro, where he opened and held the door for her.

Once in the driver’s seat, he looked at her and said, “Good morning.” But when he looked at her, she couldn’t help but notice that his eyes lingered… for a longer moment than all the other times she’d been in his presence combined.

She’d chosen her clothing well.

An oversized, pink, Red Sox tank top that I’d “customized” for her, cutting off all of the sewn edges, opening the arm holes so they were cut almost to the, now, raw edges of the bottom hem and cutting an 8″ slash right down the middle of the front. She’d accessorized the top with tiny, white, running shorts and her white, Nike, running shoes.

She’d decided to wear nothing else.

With his eyes still on her, she smiled back and said, “Good morning to you too… and thank you.”

Cocking his head, he asked, “For what?”

Rolling her eyes, she giggled and said, “For keeping my keys from breaking your father’s window.”

He just smiled… while continuing to examine…

No…, as she told Kathy, his consideration of her had gone so far beyond that… he was now, “… licking me with his eyes.”

A moment later he started the car and she was home in five minutes… with him never saying another word.

“Thank you,” she said with her best smile, as she got out of the car. As she walked a few steps away, she heard his window come down and then, “Your car should be done in an hour. Will you be ready for me to pick you up then?”

Turning, she walked to the open window, leaned in so her face was inches from his… and said, “I’m ready now.”

Turning, she stood up and walked away, positive that Trey was watching her ass.

He called forty-five minutes later to tell her the car was ready. “Can you give me ten minutes?” she asked.

“See you in fifteen,” he answered.

She then called Kathy and asked her to pick her up at Eddie’s in twenty Van Escort Bayan minutes.

Luckily for Elle, Kim still wasn’t awake, or her plan would have been spoiled. Leaving a note for her daughter, she walked outside and waited for Trey.

He was right on time.

But rather than getting right out… he sat in his car looking at her through the windshield, his head cocked to the right.

After a few moments, he opened his door and got out, but once again, he stood and just looked at her.

Putting a hand on her right hip, she looked back at him and asked, “What?”

Slowly shaking his head, he moved around the car and opening her door. Smiling she asked, “Do you have room for my stuff?”

“Of course,” he answered, walking over to her and picking up her beach bag and folding chair. She walked ahead of him to the car, again sure he was looking at her ass… because this time it was fully on display!

She’d gone for a run, her desire to seduce Trey so strong she knew she needed to exhaust herself in order to not make that mistake.

It had almost worked.

Then, after showering and standing naked in front of her full-length mirror, she looked at the bathing suit she’d chosen to wear to the beach with Kathy… and knew she couldn’t wear it. No matter how wrong it was… she needed to see the look of want on his face… to know that she’d captivated him.

The worst part…?

Even though she would never admit it… she was partially doing it to prove to herself that she was more alluring than Kim… or any of the other girls at the high school.

She was wearing a bikini that I had bought her online. It was one of three that I’d purchased, the company operating out of Brazil… where bikinis were a state of mind rather than a fashion statement. Elle’s state of mind was… “Make him remember this morning.”

It was what the company called a, “Slingshot” bikini. Hot Pink in color, the top was two suspenders like strips of material that were ¾ of an inch wide. The top attached to a tiny G-string bottom, which was only one inch wide in the front, a length of like color spaghetti strap connecting through her crotch and around her hips. The entire thing all one piece.

Oh… and it was made of a very sheer fishnet material.

In a moment of modesty, she’d put on a beach cover up… which had been made of an even more revealing sheer material. Altogether, the material hid nothing, every part of her body exposed.

After putting the bag and chair in his trunk, he walked back and closed her door. Getting in on his side, he looked at her… shook his head again and asked, “Going to the beach?”

Before she could answer, he started the car and drove quickly back to the garage, never giving her a chance to say anything.

Kathy was there already, parked next to Elle’s car, which was under a tree in the side yard. Before she could ask him if it was alright for her to pick the car up later… he drove over to where Kathy had parked, pulling in next to her, passenger door next to passenger door, hopped out, opened both doors and helped her out.

Kathy was wearing a horrified look on her face, as Trey leaned in and asked if she could open her tailgate. She did and he grabbed Elle’s bag and chair, putting them into the back of the minivan, before closing the tailgate. He walked back to Elle’s door and said, “The keys are in it and you can leave it here as long as you want. Dad’s already billed your credit card, so you’re all set for another thirty-five hundred miles. Thanks, and have a great time at the beach.”

Before she could thank him, he was around the front of his car and backing up across the lot.

She looked at Kathy and smiled… getting a, “What the fuck are you doing!” in return.

She started to explain…

By one in the afternoon… after lying on the beach for three hours… then going to lunch at a seaside bar… where they drank a pitcher of Sangria… Kathy had to agree with Elle… that Trey really was a hunk!

And she also couldn’t believe that he’d said nothing to her about what she’d been wearing, both times she’d driven with him that morning.

Elle had packed the original bikini she’d chosen to wear and had changed into it while driving to the beach. Kathy had thanked her for that.

It would be two more years before they needed to call Eddie for anything more than normal maintenance, which Todd had handled. By now, Elle had passed the minivan on to Kim and had gotten a small SUV. It was Kim’s car having the problem. She’d caught a ride to school with her father, who also dropped TJ off, Elle left at home to wait for Eddie, she was sure, to pick her and the car up.

She was pleasantly surprised when it was Trey that arrived in the wrecker… but disappointed that she hadn’t, at least, taken the chance it might be him… and dressed less appropriately for school.

His maturing wasn’t a surprise to her, the fact that they lived on adjoining street meant that she’d watched him drive past any number of times and the pictures of him in the Sports Escort Van section of the local newspaper more than conveyed his growth.

Having him step out of the truck to open her door did, however, grant her the opportunity to examine that maturity up close.

She couldn’t resist…

“Wow look at you, you’re all grown up. God, you’ve really matured since the last time I saw you.”

Looking at her, he smiled and said, “Thank you… and look at you… you haven’t changed a bit… still as beautiful as ever.”

Still standing at the door, she was stunned twofold by his declaration. First, by the fact that he’d responded in a mature and yet teasingly delightful way. Second, that his compliment was given when she was dressed for work, no effort given to seducing him.

She just stood there smiling at him.

He helped her into the truck and upon getting to the school, opened the door and helped her out.

That happened in front of two of the younger teachers, both of whom stopped and stood open mouthed on the sidewalk.

Both Elle and Trey noticed, both smiling and nodding at the young women.

The staff room was abuzz by the time Elle arrived, even Leo chuckling when she entered. “First it was the “Storyteller,” he said loud enough for all to hear, “and now it’s the driver of a tow truck. Your life is a front-page story for “The Enquirer” every other week Mrs. Adams.”

Everyone started to applaud, Elle laughing and then taking a bow.

Kathy gave her a ride to Eddie’s after school, Elle disappointed that Trey wasn’t there. She picked Kim up at the high school, Kim disappointed that it wasn’t Trey, although she already knew that because she’d had cheerleading practice, the girls all spending their time watching him rather than practicing.

Whatever might have happened from there was suddenly detoured by the death of Trey’s cousin in Iraq. Two years older, Joey and Trey were inseparable as youths, both interested in cars, sports and all things outdoors. Joey had graduated and enlisted in the Army. His intention was to serve his tour, gain whatever experience he could and then use the GI Bill to further his education in Engineering.

A roadside bomb and ended that.

Now Trey, with the offer of a full athletic scholarship to a local University with a great “Engineering School” reputation, as he and Joey had discussed a joint venture as soon as they’d both graduated, renounced the scholarship and against his family’s wishes, joined the Army himself.

Right after graduation, he entered Basic Training and Elle didn’t see him again for almost two years. He’d come home on leave after finishing that training, but Eddie hadn’t told anyone, Trey having spent the time with his folks and a few friends.

Not that she’d forgotten about him, her trips to his dad’s garage always included a stop into the office to inquire as to where he was and how he was doing. But she found even that a little odd, because Eddie had no pictures or newspaper clippings… or anything that pertained to Trey on display at all. Knowing how private Eddie was, she let it pass, relying on the local newspaper to provide updates on where he was. All of those indicated he’d risen quickly in rank and was working his way through, “Special Forces” school.

And it wasn’t as though she’d been pining away for him the whole time either. Our affair was in full bloom, she still had Kim and TJ to mother, and she’d taken to running to keep herself fit. She’d even entered a few local 5K and 10K road races, finishing fast enough to entertain suggestions that she train for the Boston Marathon.

Her favorite training route involved a rotating track that would see her run either east or west out of her driveway, and then a meandering path for almost five miles, that would finish with a sprint along the loop that went up the street where Eddie’s family house was located and finally to her own house. She especially like running past Eddie’s house because the house next to and diagonally across the street from Eddie’s were owned by older gentlemen, both of whom must have had some sort of “early waring” system, as both of them would unvaryingly be out in front of their homes when she would run past.

The reason…?

As you might have guessed, it was her running attire… or rather what her running attire exposed, that had garnered her their attention.

When she started this exercise program, she’d worn whatever the weather and time of day dictated. But after the men started to appear day after day… after day, she realized how much fun… and truth be told… how titillating it would be to give them a show, whenever the right climate conditions presented themselves. That pretty much included all late Spring, Summer and most of the Fall.

She’s even refined the, “Art of Exhibitionism,” to the point of wearing a, “Fanny Pack,” in which she would bring a skimpy pair of shorts and even skimpier top. Since both her and Eddie’s streets were adjoining, “Tear Drop” shaped loops, Eddie’s house at the 12:00 position, hers at 3:00, she need only to detour into a small corps of tress just before turning the corner to the side of Eddie’s house, make a quick change, and then continue past the three homes… where the two men would be out… hand watering the lawns… after a night long rain!

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