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I suppose we were both kids in one sense of the word. I’d just turned 18 and today was his 18th Birthday.

We’d known each other our entire lives. I went to the same church as Danny and had done so since Kindergarten. Life is strange sometimes. Danny and I sat with each other in church. We played together on the playground. We were both shepherds in the Sunday School Christmas Program.

As we entered High School we remained friends but school activities and jobs kept us apart, except of course for church and youth group. That’s why it seemed strange for us to be talking alone after church one night. It was then that I first realized that Danny was more than just a kid I grew up with. He was a boy, a man to be more specific.

“Yeah,” I heard him saying, “I’ll be glad when we are finally out of here. Not that I don’t like the town, but I’ve never even gone on a date around here. The good looking girls are too stuck up and I’m not interested in the ugly ones…”

Danny stopped short, suddenly realizing what he’d just said to me, “I…I’m sorry Sal, I didn’t mean you. You’re awesome, but the other girls…”

I laughed out loud and put my fingers on his lips. “Stop! You are just going to dig yourself in deeper.” I giggled. Even in the dark I could see his face glowing red.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. Sorry. I really blew this.”

About that time my parents told me they were leaving. Danny offered to give me a ride home and I accepted. As we walked towards the car I made my confession.

“First of all, Danny, we’ve been together since Mrs. Smith’s Kindergarten class and I have to admit I’ve never thought of you as anything more than a great friend, a brother even since I don’t have any of my own. So, tonight as we were talking I realized you are much more. You are great looking and face it, we aren’t children anymore.”

As Danny started the car I could see him looking at my chest. He smiled and said, “That’s for sure!” We giggled again. The next couple days, Danny and I hung out at school more than usual. Not as boyfriend/girlfriend so much as two friends who had suddenly rediscovered each other. I felt comfortable and safe with him and I could tell he felt the same towards me.

Friday at lunch Danny was quiet. I could tell he had something to say so I pressed for information. He was so shy. So insecure. So…well…cute. Finally it came out.

“My parents are going to be gone tonight to Manavgat escort some workshop. Want to come over and watch a movie? I’ll be all alone. It’s not a date. Just a movie and…”

I put my finger on his lips again. “Stop. Even if it was a date I’d come. I’ll be over about 7? I’ll hit dad up for some pizza money.”

‘Great! I’ll get the movie.” We agreed on which movie we wanted to watch. It was a fairly new release and I warned Danny that it was one I wanted to see, but it was more of a romance than adventure.

When I got to Danny’s house we settled in for pizza and movie. I’d been to this house a thousand times but it seemed different in this role. The large screen TV sat in the corner in front of a leather sectional couch. The movie was good, but not as good as I’d hoped so our attention turned to each other and talking about school, church and the opposite sex.

“So are you still convinced all the good looking girls are snobs?” I giggled.

Danny’s face turned red again and he shook his head. “Nope, At least not you,” He smiled, it probably doesn’t matter though. I don’t know what I’d do on a date anyway. Other than you I get really nervous around girls and don’t know if I’d do the right things. Especially if she wanted to…well, you know, mess around.”

“You mean about touching them and stuff?”

“Yeah. I sit in the locker room and hear the guys talking about this girl or that girl or about magazines and porn sites and I’ve never seen anything like that. I feel like a real idiot. Besides, you know what my parents would think if they caught me looking at anything.”

I knew exactly what he meant. We were all taught to stay pure, to keep ourselves clean. Some even tried to tell us kissing was bad. I’d been on a few dates and let a couple of the boys feel my breasts through my clothes, but that’s as far as I’d let it go.

“I know what you mean Danny,” I admitted, “I’ve been on a few dates but never let anyone go very far because I was afraid of next steps and if I could trust them. I didn’t want to be one of those girls you heard about in the locker room. I think you are the only boy I really trust that way.”

We sat and watched the movie but my mind was racing. Then I heard myself talk.

“So Danny, what if I let you see me…you know…naked. Could I really trust you?”

Danny’s mouth dropped open. “You really mean it? If we got caught…”

Finger to Manavgat escort bayan lips again. “We won’t get caught. The only rule we need to keep is no touching and you stay clothed.”

Suddenly the idea of taking my clothes off was exciting me. I’d never done anything like this but somehow with Danny it seemed different.

“So, what do you say? Deal?”

“Um, sure. I’d like that.”

I stood up and walked to the TV. I was nervous. What if he didn’t think my 36b size breasts were attractive? What if I couldn’t trust him? What if someone walked in on us? I sat on a chair in front of Danny and took off my socks. I watched him as I did so. I wanted to be sure that there was no disappointment. There wasn’t. His eyes were glued on me.

I stood up and slowly unbuttoned my jeans. Watching his every move. His hands moved to his lap and I could already see a slight bulge in them as I slid my jeans down my thighs and let them drop to the floor. I stood in front of my friend with my lower half of my body covered only in the pair of simple white thongs.

“Do you like this Danny?” I whispered. I could feel myself getting wet. I slipped my hands inside my thongs to feel my pubic hair and the moistness of my lips. I started to pull them down but decided to wait. Danny’s eyes were glued to me. I saw him gulp.

“I do. I like it a lot,” he whispered back.

I reached for my sweater and started to pull it over my head. I turned away for a minute to show him my back, more out of shyness than anything else. If we got caught we’d be in so much trouble. But I was getting so excited. I pulled the sweater over my head and saw my nipples poking through my bra. I touched them to feel how hard they were.

When I turned around Danny was red-faced and rubbing his crotch harder. The bulge in his pants was unmistakable and I smiled at what I was doing to my friend. “You know Danny, I’ve never seen a boy either. I like what I see in your pants.

“I like what I see too,” Danny said breathlessly.

I took a deep breath and asked a question that was as much for me as it was him.

“You ready Danny? You ready to see all of me?”

“Uh huh.” Was all he could say.

“Top or bottom Danny. You choose.”

“I want to see your breasts.” He whispered.

I reached behind my back and took a deep breath. I unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor. My breasts hung free in front of this Escort manavgat boy for the first time. I felt so free. I felt so secure.

“You like them Danny? You think they are okay?”

Danny was pressing hard on the bulge in his pants. He was groaning softly and muttered a muffled “They are great. I want so bad to touch them.

“That’s against the rules, remember?” I said that as much for me as him. I squeezed my breasts and imagined for a moment that it was Danny touching them, holding them. I fingered my erect nipples as he watched.”

“I…I know…It’s just this feeling.”

“You want to see my bottom Danny?”

“Yes. Yes I do. Please.” Danny spoke broken as he continued to massage the bulge in his pants. I’d heard girls talking about boys and their penises. I so much wanted to see his. What I saw was intriguing but I wanted more.

“I want to see what’s in your pants too Danny, but we can’t. We agreed, remember?” I asked. But I really wanted to see his penis so bad.

I reached into my thongs. I’d never felt such wetness. I slipped them down to my knees and stood up. There. I did it. I was completely naked and Danny was loving it. He rubbed harder on the bulge. I saw him pulse his hips.

“Can I see between your legs?” He asked as he rubbed harder.

I sat down on the chair in front of him and spread my legs apart so he could get a good look. I took my fingers and split the lips of my vagina apart so he could have a good look at me. Danny was rubbing harder now and let out a low moan. As he rubbed I saw a wet spot grow as he continued to rub. Danny was barely paying attention to me now. He eyes were fixed on my naked body but his attention were on whatever was going on in his pants.

Finally, Danny relaxed and fell limp in the chair. I continued to feel the wetness in my crotch. I liked the fell of my fingers on my clit. I’d never done that before. I lost track of where I was and what I was doing and focused on the feeling. Danny was watching and it was a huge turn-on.

I’d played with myself in the shower on occasion but tonight was different and I felt urges in me I’d never felt before. I rubbed my clit harder until I felt my first orgasm. I continued to rub until the feeling subsided and slumped back into the chair naked and exhausted.

After I regained my composure I asked Danny if he liked what he saw.

“I did. That’s the first time I’ve ever masturbated and I did it in front of you. Was it gross?” He asked.

“No, I liked it! I told him. I’ve never masturbated either but I liked it and I’m glad I did it in front of you. Sometime I’d like you to return the favor and show me your parts.”

We agreed that sometime we would do just that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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