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She was asleep in my bed.

This was not the first sleep-over we’d had, but it was the first where I’d finally gotten what I wanted… gotten a taste.

She was wearing my clothes. A grey tank top and blue shorts. I was a curvy size Large, she a svelte Small; my clothes fit loosely on her tiny frame, revealing her silky black bra. I couldn’t help but focus on her plump, smooth breasts sloping into that bra, imagining down to her luscious pink nipples. I’ve always longed to taste them. Feel them hardening at the prodding of my tongue, perhaps lightly scraping them with my teeth sending shivers down her spine…

I debated whether or not to wake her up. To tell her I needed her sweet juices in my mouth. I chose to lean down and begin kissing her neck, slowly waking her up to my lips. She made a sweet, low mixture of moan and yawn. She was slightly confused, and asked me what I was doing. I didn’t answer, grabbed her wrists, pinned her to my bed, and continued to kiss her neck. My lips brushed her bronzed skin, over her collar bones. The feeling of the bones under my tongue and lips sent warm jolts down my spine, causing my cunt to begin dripping antalya escort for her.

She was about to quietly protest, as I moved both of her wrists into one hand, and used the other to pull her bra down to expose her beautiful breasts. I teased my tongue around her nipple, not quite letting it touch as she started to let little moans slip. I rolled her other nipple between my thumb and index finger, feeling it erect to my touch. I allowed my tongue to touch her nipple, which caused her body to begin to sway. I knew she was about to completely be under my control.

I lead her up from my bed and made her stand with her arms above her head. At a tortuously slow pace, I pulled the shirt over and off of her. Then, unhooked her bra, allowing it to fall at her feet, exposing her bright pink, erect nipples. I removed the shorts, leaving her nearly naked. There she stood, in my room, only in white panties, with a rapidly growing wet spot between her slender thighs.

I took a small piece of rope, laid her down, and tied her hands to my bed frame. I stood in front of her, making sure she watched my every move as I undressed. Once I was lara escort down to just my panties, I turned around. I slowly bent down while pulling them off, so that she would get a full view of my ass and dripping cunt. I straddled her face with my thick thighs, my peach colored pussy just above her mouth, and said, “Lick”. I felt her tongue swirl around my lips, covering her mouth with my wetness. As her tongue began to find its way to my clit, I felt my body begin to head towards climax. I got off of her face before it happened, deciding to save it until we could cum together.

I kissed her, tasting my own delicious cunt on her mouth. I kissed down her neck, chest, stomach, until I was right above the line of her panties. I was making extra sure to torture her, to make her beg for me. I grabbed scissors, in order to cut her panties off of her. I grazed the blade up her outer right thigh, up to where the panties met her hip. I carefully began cutting them, making sure the blade weighed heavy on her skin, reminding her that I could cut her if I wanted to. I cut the left side as well. Now they were only attached around manavgat escort her hot, wet cunt. I grabbed the cloth at her cunt, and pulled the tattered remains of the panties away. She was so beyond ready that every touch of mine sent her shaking and moaning, her body begging me to fuck her.

I easily slipped my fingers into her, feeling her wetness gush out onto my hand. She gasped as I fingered up to her g-spot. I used my other hand to finger myself, moaning in tandem with her. I then licked her outer lips, moving closer and closer to her clit, nearly sending her over the edge. I got her as close to climax as possible, until she could barely take it any longer… and then I stopped. She moaned and moaned, begging me to continue.

I slid my legs between hers, and let our cunts kiss. I started grinding against her, rubbing my clit against hers. We were both moaning, both of our bodies ready to cum. I rode her hard and fast, then sweet and slowly, pacing it so that we could last longer.

Finally, wetness dripping down our thighs, we both came, moaning loudly for each other. Her hands strained against the ropes that bound her to my bed frame, as she longed to rub her own nipples, like I did to myself. After cumming, I untied her, and we kissed for a good 15 minutes, completely soaking each other’s naked bodies in. We shared smiles and I told her,

“You will be rewarded again for being such a good girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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