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Sweat was oozing from all her pores and the combat had lasted more than she thought ,Venkat had the energy, this was not new to her – she had seen lot of middle aged men having the stamina to fuck for long hours and multiple times, she knew it was time to clean up, they had been fucking for more than 14 hours now – without any letup, Venkat drilled her in all holes including her ears at times where he deposited lot of his cum, along with shoving some into her armpits and even hair, boobs and of course cleavage, navel and last on the buttocks and in the crevice between her ass cheeks, Shanti was looking and behaving the whore she had become now more or less, what with a driver back home piston his cock in and out and now with a man who was just one meeting old where he had taken her in the silk saree she wore that day, cream green tinge with a green blouse over her ripe and succulent breasts, and now, he had flown down only to fuck her again in all her holes – he had spent a fortune of his time both in terms of money and of course his absence from work which was millions worth every day back in the US.

She quickly took a bath and wearing the bathrobe kept in the bathroom stand was about to return to the room, she took a swipe of her cheeks on her shoulder to wipe an itch, and noticed grime and murk smell on her armpit, she pushed her nose into the cavity only to find that the muck deposited was still intact and she had not washed it away, smell and lick did the trick but she enthused with the adventure of her nose and tongue in the armpit cavity and started to think what and how pleasurable it would be if her lover in the room was to sink his teeth into her armpit cavity.

She would make him do that and there was little chance for him to escape – she knew he will love her armpits and she will seduce him to do her wish, like Urmilla in the movie Rangila. She dropped the robe and tied the long towel around her, white on her dusky skin looked alluring and extremely erotic, she could see herself in the mirror to come around that conclusion, coyly she entered the room, she let her hair down, and decided not to tie it into any kind, no ponytail or whatever, Venkat was lying on the bed, legs sprawled and his shorts were on his side, he had managed to pull up the underwear and was in a state of bliss. She neared the bed and slowly parting the hair in the middle let the water hit the man on his face along with the tresses, he slowly moved from one side to the other – that was not enough.

She slowly pushed her hair and shoulder onto his face – and the water started to drip, drop by drop onto his face and slowly he woke up, woke up like as if he was reliving his dream, a dream which had been fondly building and cherishing for ages now since the last time he had met her and ravished her at the marriage hall in Chennai, it did not take him more than a few seconds to be fully awake to the fully bodied Shanti in front of him on the bed. Slowly the slut started to remove the towel, starting with the head, and slowly untied it unwrapping it around, and reached the bosom and before she could lay it bare she used her left hand to hold it there and at the same time raised the left shoulder to an appropriate level, and tweaked her nose around the bare shoulder, and rubbed it slowly pushed into the crevice of her armpits, and using her tongue she licked her shoulder and left saliva traces all over the flesh, and let her armpit partly shaved with some hair trying to re-grow, she had not shaved for some days now, the sight was extremely unbearable for the love -sex lore Venkat, he grabbed the towel and dragged it off- and catching her only to bring her on top his torso, he draped her hand around his neck and nestled his mouth in the pit, the sexy armpit and started to lick and lick the sexy cavern.

Just when he thought he was enjoying – she got up and using the room phone called the kitchen and asked them to get her white butter cream and strawberry jam, and when it came, she got up in the towel and took it from the bearer – behind the door and soon later, she turned around and removed the towel completely and sat at the edge of the bed and started to rub the cream into her armpits slowly and surely, later with the same hand picked up the jam, with her left hands forefinger and slowly rubbed it deeply into her armpits, Venkat rushed to the edge and dashed her to foot board of the bed and jammed his mouth on the laved armpits, licked the crevice off the cream and jam and slowly added the two – to the boobs and the cleavage and licked it off from the applied flesh, and slowly moved to the other armpit and repeated the same application of the butter cream and jam, and licked it off slowly and surely and carried the cream and jam onto her navel and pussy and asshole and licked it off completely Rize Escort and pushed it into her asshole – his fingers both – the thumb and the forefinger at the same time in both the holes, pussy and the ass, and slowly replaced the same with the tongue and fucked her with his tongue.

Without waiting, Shanti thrust one hand into her slit, pressing two fingers up her pussy. She sighed as she rubbed her tits with the other hand and he watched, suddenly fascinated. Within seconds of seeing her masturbate, his cock was standing at full attention.

But Shanti was having fun teasing him. Now she had him where she wanted him–aching to fuck him–and she knew she’d let me soon. But first she wanted to make him squirm with arousal. Shanti lifted her tit again and pressed the nipple into her mouth.

She sucked on her own erect nipple as she thrust her other hand up and down in the wetness of her juiced and buttered asshole, armpits and cunt slit. She took her time about it, sliding her fingers up to her clit and playing with the bud, then moving down and easing one finger into her pussy, soon matching it with a second.

Finally, she spread her legs further so that she could tuck her hand under her ass and penetrate her asshole. She let her breast go and slid one hand behind her back, frigging herself up the butt while she slid two fingers into her slit. Moaning, she looked at him, panting extremely turned on. Shanti leaned forward and touched the tip of her tongue to the head of his cock. She licked around the thick, engorged knob and sucked off the pre-cum. Then she moved her way up his body, pulling the sheet off the bed all the way.

He looked deeply into her and said, “Yes- evening flight to Mumbai and from there back home. Will miss you but let us make the best of the time left in the morning, we will leave by 10 – ok?”

“I don’t suppose you have any objections to a morning fuck?” she said. “I got to be at Coimbatore at work at one … I’d love to get some ass before that … or maybe that should be getting some cock in his ass. Let us make a memorable fuck; you will be leaving today – right?”

Shanti was breathing hard, her face flushed and her breasts getting very firm. She turned on faster than any woman he’d ever fucked–with the possible exception of Julie -his secretary in US. Shanti took her tits in her hands as she lay between his legs. Positioning his cock, she began to slide it into the hollow between her breasts.

“I’ve been dying to do this to you,” she breathed. “Ever since I saw how you were eyeing my tits.”

He groaned as she wedged her tits firmly together with his cock in the middle. Shanti was built like a porn star–only with bigger boobs than most of them. It felt great having his cock sandwiched between them, especially when she began sliding up and down, pressing his cock into her cleavage.

“That feel good?” she asked, her eyes wide as she rubbed him between her tits.

He was speechless his cock felt like it was going to burst. He lifted his hips to meet Shanti’s horny thrust as she lifted her ass to give herself better leverage. He could see the curvaceous shape of her buttocks through those panties and he wanted to get his cock between them. But right then he was intent on Cumming on Shanti’s tits the same way he had on her earlier.

Shanti was moaning loudly in pleasure. She milked a drop of cum out of his cock and paused in her tit-fucking long enough to bend down and suck it into her mouth. Then she returned to her lustful stroking, pressing his cock harder than ever against the flesh of her breasts. She kept her body firmly moving, grunting with exertion as she worked up a sweat. The film of moisture that formed on her tits and armpits only served to lube his cock and make it move better. Pleasure throbbed through his body as she rammed his cock into her cleavage and armpits with perfect rhythm.

He ran his fingers through Shanti’s dark hair, stroking her face from time to time as I got worked up. I thrust his hips rapidly so that the swollen head of his rod pressed up into Shanti’s face. She rubbed it against her cheek, licking it briefly before shoving her tits back over it. Each time it disappeared into the fleshy curves of her tits, Shanti would groan in pleasure. Shanti was getting plenty loud, and her whole body seemed to be undulating as she held her tits around his prick.

She panted, “That feels good–cum on his tits! Cum, Venkat!”

He groaned as he felt the orgasm starting deep in his balls. It exploded and a steady stream of jizz shot all over Shanti’s tits, splashing over her face and neck. She kept pumping her tits up and down as he spurted, and then, with a final shudder of pleasure, he finished.

Shanti slid her cum-covered tits up his stomach. She kissed his lips and Rize Escort Bayan thrust her tongue into his mouth.

“I bet Saranya would have done also for you, too,” she said. “But my tits are bigger.”

“Bigger ain’t necessarily better,” he mentioned to tease her.

She smiled. “That’s right,” she said. “But if you can get it up again, I want to get fucked. Think you can fuck me again?”

He squeezed her ass-cheeks and pulled her more firmly against me. He pressed her tits against his chest and thrust his tongue between her lips, hungrily drenching her. He rubbed his cock in between her legs as she fully straddled me, closing her thighs around mine.

“Oh yes,” she breathed, her mouth open as she reached between her legs to feel his cock in full erection, ready to enter her.

He gripped her ass and guided her up, until her legs were spread directly above his cock. He felt a droplet of her pussy juice dripping down onto his cock. He reached down and took his cock in his hands, lifting he and guiding it up to Shanti’s snatch.

“Oooh yes,” she panted. “Put it in …”

But he wanted to tease this gorgeous creature and see her beg for his cock some more. he pointed the tip of his long, rock-hard shaft directly into the juicy hole of Shanti’s pussy and just rubbed it up and down in there, sliding it between Shanti’s swollen, dripping cunt lips. She let out a squeal of delight and tried to push his cock inside her, but he wanted to wait. He held her tight with his hand on her glorious ass, and Shanti let me take control of her, he rubbed his hard cock head slowly from the hole of her cunt to her clitoris, teasing her clit into full erection until it throbbed against the head of his prick. Then he jerked it up and down, touching it only with the head of his cock.

He squeezed a drop of cum out of his cock and wiped it off on his thumb, then lifted his hand to Shanti’s face and touched it to her lips. She opened her mouth eagerly, licking his thumb to get the thick drop of semen. The look on her face suddenly changed from one of lustful desire to one of absolute mania.

She whimpered and groaned loudly as I stroked his cock head against her clit, he brought the long rod slowly down her slit until it touched her pussy–then he slid in an inch, giving her a taste of his organ. Shanti’s mouth gaped and her whole body twitched in ecstasy, but then he pulled his cock back and slid it up to her clit again, pressing on that. Her body continued to shudder as she leaned forward and rubbed her tits against his chest, begging for me to fuck her.

“Please do me,” she panted. “I want you in my cunt. It felt so good all of last evening and night–I want it all now …”

He chuckled as he slid his prick around in the juices of Shanti’s fragrant cunt. Then he moved down to her pussy hole, then further–pressing his prick against her asshole!

“That feels so good,” she panted. “But I want you to do me in his cunt.” Shanti began to whimper. “Will you do me there? Fuck me in his pussy?”

The look on her face was too much to take.

Her cheeks were bright red and her tongue was hanging just a bit out of her mouth. Shanti’s eyes sparkled as she begged him for more and this time offered her armpits to take the cock and he instead sucked the remaining juice out of both the armpits like as if they were two ripe mangoes while at the same time he took firm hold of her buttocks and guided her a little back until his cock fitted into the notch of her cunt hole. Then he coaxed her forward, pulling her nude body against his as she settled down her hips. He kissed her on the lips as he penetrated her slowly.

“Oh, oh yes,” whimpered Shanti, her nipples getting even harder against his body as she pressed her thighs down, working his cock into her. She thrust her tongue into his mouth, laying down fully on top of me so she could lift her hips up and begin to fuck me.

She let out a cry of pleasure as she thrust her hips and body forward and back, massaging his cock with her tight cunt muscles and forcing it in and out of her gripping pussy.

“Now come on and fuck me,” she groaned. “Come and fuck me good! Give me your big hard cock!”

She trembled as he came to the couch. He spread her legs wide and pressed his bloated cock-head against her pussy-lips. She gasped with pleasure as she felt how thick his cock-head was. He was like a young stallion, and he was really ready to fuck her again this time.

And, Shanti was not going to disappoint him, she was going to do the whore act again, she loved men and she loved their muck and murk, “Don’t tease me with it,” she pleaded. “Give it to me hard. Put that big goddamn thing in my pussy!”

She had been holding her voice down, but now she didn’t give a damn if everyone in the building Escort Rize heard what was going on. The slight pressure of his huge prick-head just felt too good.

She reached down and wrapped her fingers around his throbbing cock. She pulled the swollen head of his cock hard against her pussy. She felt his hard cock-head pop into her cunt. It was what she wanted. She screamed in pleasure and pulled harder at his fat cock.

“Now!” she screamed. “Put it in me all the way. Don’t wait any more. Put it in me all the fucking way!”

This time he gave her what she wanted. He thrust forward and she felt his cock sliding into her cunt all the way. He really filled her even better than Steve. She could feel his throbbing cock-head all the way into her belly.

“Good,” she groaned. “That feels so good. Do it to me, baby. Fuck me good!”

Venkat began to fuck her in slow, delicious strokes. His fat cock filled her so completely that she could hardly understand how he was moving at all. She could feel his bloated cock-head savagely pushing her pussy-lips apart each time he thrust into her cunt.

“That’s the way to do it!” she cried. “That’s the way I like it. Fuck your whore! Fuck your little office whore!”

She slipped her hands down his back and felt his taut ass. She held onto him tightly as he kept thrusting his hard cock into her cunt. Venkat may have been a sensible type, but he sure knew where to put his big cock.

She felt him change his pace. He was driving deep into her and then lifting himself up when he pulled back. This made his cock rub against her aching clit. It made her crazy. She lifted her legs so that his cock thrust deep inside her pussy.

“You fuck good,” she whispered. “You fuck good. I’ve never been fucked so good on this trip with you!”

His hands moved up to her tits again. He was grabbing them like he couldn’t get enough of them. She felt his thumbs tweaking her rigid nipples.

“I’m fucking your ass off,” he moaned. “I’m fucking your sweet ass off. You bitch. You sweet fucking bitch! How does it feel, bitch? How does it feel to have my big cock inside you?”

“It feels good,” she answered. “Nothing has ever felt so good. You know how to use your prick!”

He was ramming her a little faster. She could hear the wet sounds his cock was making as his swollen cock tore into her. She could feel his hot knob ramming deep into her cunt. She could feel his jism leaking inside her. His jism was mixing with her juices and making his cock slide into her easier.

Shanti could feel the warmth growing in her pussy. She knew it was getting closer to her climax. She raised her legs higher and locked them around his back. She found his mouth and stabbed her tongue inside. She felt the first shivering-spasm shooting through her cunt.

“Oh, that’s it!” she cried. “That’s what I want. It feels good! It feels so good. You know how to make me come, Mr. Johnson! You know how to make me come! IT FEELS GOOD, SO GOOD!”

It did feel better than she expected. She felt the hot climax shooting through her body. Her juices flooded his thick cock, and he started driving it into her faster. She felt like he was going to drive her right through the couch.

“I love your cock,” she moaned. “I love your big cock. Give it to me hard! Give it to me hard. Come in my pussy!”

The couch was slamming against the wall each time he thrust. She had not expected Venkat Johnson to get so violent, but he was giving her a fucking like she’d never had before. He acted like he was trying to tear her in half with his huge cock.

“My cock’s bigger, bitch,” he moaned. “You feel it getting bigger? It’s getting ready to shoot my cum in you!”

She couldn’t answer because his mouth covered hers again. His tongue was ramming into her mouth almost as fast as his cock was stabbing her cunt. She felt more of his jism leaking into her cunt and she raised her ass off the couch.

“I’m ready for it, my Lord Venkat!” she cried. “I’m ready for it. Shoot it in me. Shoot your cum in me!”

He moved his mouth to her throat and she felt him biting her. She had never known anyone to get so turned on. She felt one of his hands playing in her thick dark hair.

“I’m coming!” he screamed. “I’m coming. I’m going to shoot my cum! I’m going to fucking come in your pussy! Feel my cum? Feel it shooting in your pussy? FEEL IT!”

He rammed into her deeply and she felt his cum shooting into her cunt. She loved nothing better than dripping cum in her cunt and onto her thighs. She moved her ass quickly to drain every drop of his precious jism.

“That’s right,” she moaned. “Shoot it all in me. Shoot every drop!”

He kept moving his cock into her pussy for what seemed like hours before his prick went soft and slipped out of her. She felt his cock rubbing against the creamy insides of her thighs.

“That felt wonderful,” she whispered. “And you don’t really have to give me a job.”

“Shanti” Venkat said. “You’re not going anywhere today, cannot afford to let a woman like you get away!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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