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Big Tits

One bright sunny afternoon, a little tow truck drove into a farm, carrying a vehicle with it. The farm in question belonged to Mr. Murphy, and the vehicle in question was a blue car driven by Ian Johnson, a handsome college sophomore who was driving to his family reunion when his car broke down near the Murphy farm. This did not bode well for him as he told his girlfriend that he would meet him at the reunion as soon as he can.

As a result of the mess, Ian had to wait until the car is fixed, and as the tow truck drove away to the nearest mechanic with his car, he had until then to think of a suitable excuse for his tardiness. That’s when he ran into Daisy Sue, the beautiful daughter of Farmer Murphy.

One thing that Ian noticed about Daisy when he first saw her was that she was very beautiful. She stood at 5’5″ with emerald green eyes, with long wild blonde hair that went halfway down her back, and she wore an outfit which consisted of a red and white checkered cutoff shirt and tight blue cutoff jean shorts. Apparently, her choice of clothing was a great fit for her shapely body.

“Hi there, visitor! Welcome to the Murphy farm. I’m Daisy Sue, but my friends call me Daisy. How may I make your acquaintance?” Daisy Sue said in a bubbly, perky tone.

“Um, well, I was hoping that I could use your phone because I need to call my girlfriend. She’s at my family reunion and I was on my way there when my car decided to get stubborn on me. I’m stuck here until my car is fixed,” Ian explained to Daisy.

“I’m afraid that we don’t have a phone here, stranger,” was her answer.

“Oh no,” said Ian, “I don’t believe this at all!”

“Don’t worry, sir! Until your car is fixed, my home is your home! Let me show you around!” she said.

“Okay, whatever you say,” responded Ian.

“By the way, I never asked you your name, boy.”

“My name’s Ian. Nice to meet you, Daisy Sue.”

With that, Daisy took Ian on a quick whirlwind tour of her father’s farm. She first showed him everything in the house, from the living room to the kitchen to her bedroom. Then she took him to the backyard where she showed him the outhouse and the tire swing and the tree that she loved to climb when she was little.

“And this,” said Daisy, “is the barn.” the girl opened the barn doors and showed Ian the interior of the spacious barn.

As they walked in, Daisy Sue showed Ian around the place as she said, “This is where my daddy keeps the livestock and the farming equipment. I’m really proud of this place.”

“Why’s that?” asked Ian.

“Because being with the livestock means I have a more private audience.”

“Audience? For what, Daisy Sue?”

“For my performances, Ian.”

“Are you saying that you like to sing and dance for the animals?” asked Ian.

“Actually, I was talking about my other performances, Ian.”

Daisy then approached Ian and gave him a big hard kiss on the lips, which shocked Ian.

The college boy broke the kiss and asked, “Excuse me, but what was that about?”

“Silly boy, haven’t you figured it out? You and me, all alone in the barn except for the animals, me provocatively dressed?”

At that point, Ian realized what was going on. She wanted to have a fling with him!

“Whoa! Hold on a minute, Daisy Sue…”

“Please, call me Daisy.”

“I’m not sure your father would approve of my taking advantage of you like that…” was all Ian had time to say before Daisy gave him another kiss. She broke it so that she could say, “So what? It’s not like he’ll ever know! Besides, we have plenty of time before Daddy comes back!”

“But really, I’m not sure about..”

“Oh come on, Ian! When are you ever going to have a chance like this? A beautiful farmer’s daughter offering herself up to you, willing to please you however you wish? How can you pass that up?” said Daisy as she seductively circled her prey.

“By saying that I have a girlfriend, of course!” Ian answered.

“Well, she’s not here…and I, on the other hand, am,” Daisy answered back.

“But, Daisy Sue…”

“Ian, I told you to call me Daisy, ‘kay?”

“But, I can’t cheat on my girl!”

“Who’s cheating? If both of us want it, it doesn’t count as cheating, right?” Daisy told Ian, “It’ll be just a friendly little tryst, nothing more.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not really interested in…” Ian blathered, his resistance crumbling.

“Oh come now, handsome! Don’t you think I’m beautiful?” asked the country lass, who was still circling Ian.

“Well, yeah, I guess.”

“Don’t you find me attractive?”

“Uh, of course.”

“Well then,” said Daisy as she leaned very close to Ian, “do you think that she’d mind if I did this?” And then, Daisy gave Ian a long, deep, breathtaking kiss, her arms wrapping around him, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth and exploring every part of it, her clothed breasts pressing against his equally clothed chest, her nipples poking through her shirt, her clothed pussy grinding against his clothed crotch. Daisy and Ian both pulled their mouths Ordu Escort apart, gasping for air.

“Hee hee hee,” the girl giggled, “that was fun!”

“Wait, please, Daisy Sue, I don’t…”

“Ian, I already told you,” reminded Daisy, “Call me Daisy!” And with that, she gave Ian an even longer, deeper, and hotter kiss that broke down his resistance. They both pulled their mouths apart again and Ian gasped for air while Daisy said, “Well, what did you think?”

“Oh…oh my God…” panted Ian, “That…was…hot!”

“You liked it, I know. That’s because I liked it too,” was Daisy’s response.

“I guess she’d be okay with us just kissing,” admitted the boy.

“Well, I’m glad we agree on this issue,” stated the girl, “but unfortunately, I have one big problem.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m horny and I need you to fuck me with your beautiful cock!”

“But my girlfriend is…”

“Oh will you cut the crap! I thought we talked about this! I’m okay with it if you are!” she said, “Trust me. Your girlfriend would.”

“Well, in that case, what would you like me to do, Daisy?”

“I thought I explained it to you, Ian. My father’s not here and until he comes back, I’m all yours. So what are you waiting for?”

“I’m waiting for you to take off your clothes, Daisy.”

“Well, why didn’t you say so?” said Daisy. With that, she took off her shirt and revealed her big D cup breasts. Ian gasped and drooled at the sight of this barnyard siren as she threw her shirt to the ground. He said, “My God, you’re beautiful!”

“Like the view, boy?”

“Yeah, but Daisy, you’re not wearing a bra,” noticed Ian.

“I found that a bra would just get in the way.”

“You have nice breasts.”

“I know. So, are you going to just stare at my titties, or are you going to play with them?”

“What do you think, Daisy?” answered Ian. Ian gave Daisy a hot and lustful kiss that caused her to moan into his mouth. Then he kissed her cheeks, then he kissed all the way down to her neck while he placed his hands on her breasts and lightly squeezed them gently, causing her to moan lightly at his touch.

Leaning in, Ian then moved to her tits, kissing, licking, and suckling her luscious boobs, using his tounge to play with her nipples, causing her to whimper and giggle at the same time. While Ian was working on her breasts, one of Daisy’s hands went in between her legs and began fingering herself. Daisy gasped at both Ian’s actions and her own.

“Oh, Ian, I feel so naughty doing this, and it feels great!” uttered Daisy as she masturbated herself while Ian played with her rack, “Oh Ian, I wish my fingers were your fingers! I wish my fingers were your cock! I want to feel you inside me!”

Ian, encouraged by Daisy, then pressed the country maiden’s breasts together, licking and sucking both at the same time, while Daisy fingered her pussy faster causing her to moan louder. Both their actions caused so much stimulation that her climax was imminent. Ian gave her breasts one more suck and within seconds, Daisy moaned his name as she soon orgasmed while she furiously jacked her fingers in and out.

Her orgasmic pussy juices coated her fingers as well as her shorts. Daisy brought her soaked fingers to her mouth and slowly sucked them into her mouth, licking her own juices off of them.

“Mmmmmmmmm, I taste so good,” Daisy said.

“How would you know? I haven’t tasted your cunt,” said Ian.

“Well, Ian, you’re about to now,” said Daisy as she offered him one of her pussy drenched fingers. Ian smelled her fingers and said, “You smell so sweet!”

“But, how do I taste? Don’t you wanna find out?”

In response to the question, Ian took her fingers and licked every inch of them, tasting her juices, and then he took them into his mouth and sucked the leftover juices from her fingers, after which he said, “Wow, you tasted so yummy!”

“I guess this means that you want more from the source!” said Daisy. She unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down to the ground, revealing that she also wore no panties.

Ian got a look at the newly naked Daisy and realized how sexy she was, from her full head of hair, to her cute face, to her big boobs, to her narrow waist, to her hips, to her beautiful shaven pussy, to her luscious legs. Ian again drooled at the sight of this unclothed beauty, who was just standing there like a living nude statue.

“Damn! You’re so hot, I just want to eat you up!” admitted Ian lustfully.

“Then what’s stopping you?” purred Daisy, “What are you waiting for? I’m all yours for the taking!”

Overcome by his lust and egged on by Daisy, Ian got down on his knees, put his head between her legs, and started licking her dripping wet pussy, causing Daisy to gasp in pleasure at this action. Ian took her gasp as a sign to continue licking her wet hole.

“Oh God!” Daisy moaned, “Oh, this feels so good! I love when you’re licking me like that!” While she was writhing at the attentions that Ian was giving her, he took his hand and spread her Ordu Escort Bayan pussy lips in order to have better access. He licked up and down her pussy and lapped up her juices as they came out of her.

Daisy shouted, “Oh Ian, you’re so good!” She then grabbed the back of his head, pushed it into her crotch and shouted, “Suck me! Suck my cunt right now!” With that, Ian got more aggressive and stuck his tounge into her pussy, licking and tasting its sweetness, only to go from licking to sucking her pussy, which made her give a series of loud moans.

“Oh my God! It’s so good! So good! So good! Don’t stop! Lick me! Eat me!” Daisy said between the moans that escalated as Ian continued to suck on her pussy. Daisy squealed and squirmed as his tongue probed her cunt. Her breathing sped up into short, staggered yelps and the deeper his tongue got, the louder she got, and the more shaky in her legs she was while she was standing. Then Ian gave her cunt a very hard suck and that was what set Daisy off.

Daisy screamed, her orgasm pounding through her body, her hips bucking, her pussy spurting wave after wave of her love juice into Ian’s hungry mouth while she rubbed her womanhood all over it. Not being done yet, Ian shoved his fingers into her pussy and fingered her to another loud climax, relenting when she begged him to stop. Exhausted, she pulled his head away, fell to the ground and gave Ian a view of her naked body, dripping pussy and all. Seeing Daisy in all her unclothed glory made Ian very horny.

Daisy said, “Wow! That was amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that in a while. But I’m gonna need to take a breather.”

But Ian, getting into the moment, said, “Are you kidding? You’re gonna leave me hanging just like that? You’re acting like a bad, naughty girl.”

“Oh, really?” purred Daisy, realizing what her guest was up to.

“Yeah, really,” Ian purred back as he got to his feet, revealing a big bulge in his pants, the telltale sign of a hard cock that was ready to fuck. “And do you wanna know what happens to girls like you?”

Ian pulled down his blue jeans and his underwear and his 7.5 inch long cock sprang forward in its 6 inch wide glory. Daisy gasped at the size of his fleshy tool.

“Oh me, oh my, your cock is so big,” she said playfully as she played with her tits, “Are you really gonna stick that big hard thing into little old me?”

“Hell yeah, I’m gonna stick my big thing into little old you, sweetie,” he responded lustfully as he played along with her while he licked his lips in anticipation of what was to come.

“Oh please, please, don’t hurt me! I’ll be good!” she cooed.

“Nuh-uh!” said Ian in a lecherous tone, “You’ve been behaving like a total slut, so I’m gonna reward you as a slut deserves, you naughty, naughty girl!”

“Please, please, pleeeeease fuck me!” Daisy said, rubbing her pussy with one of her hands while she played with one of her breasts with the other, “I wanna be a bad girl. I want you to turn me into a naughty farmer’s daughter. Please, turn me into a nasty girl!”

Ian got down on his knees between her legs which were spread apart and mounted her, holding her tightly in place and placing his cock at her entrance. Daisy said, “Why are you stalling? Why aren’t you fucking?”

Ian slid his cock up and down her wet pussy lips, coating it with her pussy juices, teasing her as he answered, “Come on. I don’t really believe you want it. I don’t think you’re that naughty!”

“Damn it, you fucking bastard! Give me your cock before I go crazy! I need you inside me! Put your cock in me, quick!” screamed Daisy. Urged on by Daisy, Ian forcefully shoved his entire cock into her pussy in one mighty thrust. Ian let out a moan and Daisy gasped in delight at the intrusion. Her green eyes glinted with lust as she stared hungrily into his eyes.

“Oh fuck,” groaned Ian, “your pussy feels so good!”

“Oh Ian,” she gasped, “your dick feels even better! It’s so big and hard!”

“Man alive! I can’t believe that I’m actually having sex with you: a real virgin farmer’s daughter!”

“Oh Ian, I said I wanted you to fuck me, but I never said I was a virgin!”

“You’re not a virgin?”

“Nope! I’m exactly what you said I was, a total slut! Now, come on! Make a whore out of me!”

Having been turned on by Daisy’s dirty talk, he moved his hips and began to pound away at her. Ian thumped his hips against hers, her cunt stretching around his rod every time their hips came together. Daisy lifted herself up to take his dick as he pounded her back to the ground with each thrust.

She was moaning loadly, practically yelling her pleasure. Ian, who was as loud as his partner, groaned and grunted with the ecstasy of their sex. Ian enjoyed the way that Daisy shrieked and writhed with every thrust of his hips. She looked amazing with her hair messy beneath her head and her boobs bouncing on her chest.

This event was indeed witnessed by the many sheep, pigs, chickens, horses, and cattle that occupied the barn. As they Escort Ordu watched the action with their voyeuristic eyes, the animals bleated, grunted, clucked, neighed and mooed in approval of this free sex show that the daughter of their benefactor gave them.

“Oh…oh…oh god…Ian! This is so good! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!” Leaning forward, he kissed her deeply and squeezed her breasts, allowing her legs to wrap around his waist, causing his penetration to be much deeper. As he pounded her cunt continuously, he felt her gorgeous body tensing and shuddering, and he heard her breath getting ragged.

“Oh Ian, I’m gonna cum! Make me cum! Make me cum now!” shouted Daisy. Ian picked up the pace, and pounded her harder and faster as he moaned, “Yes Daisy, cum for me! Cum for me right now, you horny slut!” That bit of dirty talk from Ian was what set her off. Daisy opened her eyes wide, arched her back and ecstatically shrieked, “Oh my God! I’m cumming! I’m cumming for you!”

Daisy screamed out her orgasm as her cunt grabbed his cock, spasming along its length as her juices completely drenched his dick, and she flailed beneath him in lust. Somehow, Ian managed not to climax through it all. Even though he was almost ready to come, he maintained control because he had a feeling that there was more.

“Oh God,” said Daisy after her orgasm subsided, “That was amazing,”

“Tell me about it, babe,” said Ian.

Ian began to pull out only to be pulled back in by Daisy, who wrapped her arms around his back, took a deep breath and said, “Not so fast, stud! I never said that we were done yet!” The two rolled over until Ian was on his back and Daisy was on top with his shaft still in her wet hole. Her tits wobbled erotically in front of his face.

“What the hell?” asked a confused Ian, “I thought that I was gonna do most of the work!”

“And now, handsome, it’s my turn! Besides, it feels so good for me to be on top! To feel your dick inside me while I’m sitting on it, to bounce on your body, to ride you like a horse! Oh, it’s so wonderful!”

“Well, in that case, giddyap, Daisy!”

Having been given the go-ahead from Ian, Daisy rode him hard and fast, bouncing up and down on his dick, moaning with abandon. With each and every thrust, she made sure that he was impaling her. Ian reached up to caress one of her big wildly gyrating breasts with his left hand and rubbed her clit with his right, causing her to moan in response.

She leaned down to kiss him, and he responded in kind before lowering his lips to her neck, making sure not to leave any marks by licking and sucking the area. One of Daisy’s hands took the place of Ian’s left hand so she could play with her breasts, leaving Ian to move to her buttocks and slap them, causing her to yelp in delight.

“Oh god, you were right,” moaned Ian, “it does feel good! From here, I can see your pretty slutty face, I can see your breasts as they jiggle, I can see your wet, tight pussy bounce on my big, hard dick and…”

Ian’s dirty talk made Daisy squeal in rapture and that told Ian that Daisy’s climax was near, so he grabbed her hips and said, “I think I’ll take it from here, babe!” As he thrusted his hips against Daisy’s, her moan grew very loud. Due to her rising climax, she rode him faster and harder and Ian had to move his hips faster to match the speed of her hips.

Finally, Daisy soon gasped, “Oh my gosh! Here it comes again!” as she came again with a loud cry of pleasure and soaked his shaft with more of her juices. But this didn’t mean that they were done by a longshot. Daisy got off Ian’s cock so that they could switch to reverse cowgirl. When she remounted him, Daisy gasped in ecstasy at this sensation of her new position. Ian grunted in delight as he got to see Daisy’s ass while she was riding him. Not to be outdone, Ian matched her thrusts.

Ian pumped into Daisy harder than before, earning more intense moans from her. One of his hands moved to her butt and took the chance to playfully spank her bare butt while his other hand moved to her tits and gave them a squeeze as he pumped into her.

Daisy gave a loud yelp and purred, “Oh, Ian, you naughty boy! Do that again!” Ian then spanked her again, making her yelp. “Ah! Spank me, Ian. Spank me like a horny naughty bitch!”

Drooling in delight, Ian slapped her butt hard while he fucked her hard. Daisy shouted, “Yes! It’s so amazing! I feel so hot inside! I feel so…so…so…” Just then, Ian grabbed her hips, pulled her in towards him, and thrust hard.

“AAAAAHHHHH! FUCK!” shouted Daisy, “This is incredible! You’re amazing! I can feel your cock inside of me!”

“Oh, God,” groaned Ian, “You’re so wild!”

“Aw yes! I’m…uhh…a wild bitch!” moaned Daisy, as she looked at him lustfully, “And…ahh…I’m all yours! Take me!”

Daisy’s dirty talk got Ian really horny, so as a result of this, Ian pumped into Daisy with all his vigor, not only causing her body to shake, but also causing her to moan in abject delight as both Daisy and Ian fucked each other really hard and really fast. Daisy was riding Ian good and hard and she loved it. Ian was fucking the country girl like an animal, and he loved it. As the minutes passed, his pace began to quicken and her moans got more intense and that caused his climax to gradually rise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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