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After completion of sex adventure in our home Fiza returned to her house. It was a lovely weekend for all of us. Kalim also returned to his place.

One Monday evening, when I gave my usual visit to Fiza’s house to give her a pussy fuck she told me that she would like to appoint a servant for her household jobs.

I asked, “May I send Rubina?”

She said, “I need a servant who can protect me if any hazard comes.”

At that time in her area theft was a daily incident. I could understand that she wanted to appoint a servant as well as a security.

I replied, “I will send Ballu tomorrow. He will serve your purpose”. Ballu is a very strong and young man who used to work in a company as a security guard. But during recession he lost his job. He was looking for a job.

Next morning, I sent Ballu to her house. Fiza liked him and appointed him as her servant. Ballu called me in the afternoon and informed me that he had started his work.

He said, “Boss! Thank you for the job. Your mother-in-law is a great lady. “I could understand that Ballu had already attracted by Fiza.

I got another call from my mother-in-law. Fiza appreciated Ballu for his responsibility and hard work.

At 4.30pm, I went to my mother-in-law’s house to check the new arrangement. As I entered the house I could see that Fiza was standing into the balcony from her bedroom.

She had a pained expression and her eyes were closed. I came up to the door to my sexy mother-in-law’s room. The balcony was on the other side of the room. I was stunned!! What she was doing?

Fiza was standing as usual looking out from the balcony. Her newly appointed servant Ballu was kneeling down behind her.

He had picked up my mother-in-law’s housecoat and pulled down her panties which were lying bunched up at her feet.

Fiza had her legs spread and Ballu had his hands on her ass cheeks and his face was buried in her ass crack.

The housecoat was resting on his hands where he was holding on to her ass cheeks. He was pressing her ass as he licked her ass and cunt running his tongue all over her crack.

He would pull up the housecoat time and again as it fell on to Fiza’s ass. Ballu was busy licking my mother-in-law’s cunt.

From where I was standing I could see my mother-in-law gripping the balcony wall very tight. Her legs were spread and Ballu’s saliva dribbled down from her milky tight thighs.

Ballu bahis firmaları moved back a bit and shoved his finger into her cunt hole. He was finger fucking her. He would take out his wet finger and insert it into her fat ass hole.

He did this a few times till he had his whole finger buried into her ass which he made wet with her cunt juice and his saliva.

While all this was going on, it wasn’t as if Fiza wasn’t participating in the action. She would push her ass out more so he had more access to her cunt.

I guess he was also missing squeezing her big tits but then that would be too dangerous. Now the time had come for her to get fucked.

Ballu moved back and unzipped his pants and pulled out his big cock. His cock was big and black, he was having a hard time as he had to bend down so as not to be seen and then he had to reach Fiza’s cunt too.

I think he had a lot of practice as after a short struggle he came up behind her. Fiza jutted out her ass and with one had held her housecoat to her waist.

Ballu got a good position and started rubbing his cock into the wet slit. When he had got his cock head wet, he slipped into her waiting cunt.

Now I couldn’t see my mother-in-law fully as he covered her butt. She was wide enough for me to see that Ballu was holding her fleshy waist as he thrust his black cock into her wet cunt.

I was so shocked to realize that as I saw Fiza standing in the balcony and was fucked by her newly appointed servant.

No one would even suspect that she was getting a cock into her cunt while out in the open. Ballu meanwhile was going slow with his thrusts as they didn’t want to have too much shaking and grinding I guessed.

After a while of fucking her cunt, Ballu pulled out his sticky wet cock from her dripping pussy. He then shoved his cock into Fiza’s ass.

I couldn’t see it but she let out a painful groan as he shoved it up her ass. He now started fucking her wildly, holding on to her waist for support.

After a few minutes I saw Ballu’s ass clenching. It was time for him to shoot his load. He did his job.

He rammed his cock into Fiza for the last time and just held it there till all his cum was into her ass. He had come into my mother-in-law’s ass.

He bucked and shook as he emptied his balls into her. He waited there till his limp cock plopped out of her ass.

He then sat down kaçak iddaa to dress himself up. Fiza was still holding her housecoat up. She didn’t want to soil it with his cum. I saw the cum dripping down from her ass, there was a lot of it.

After a while Ballu took a beep breath and really gently started to put one finger in her anus again. Fiza did not resist him.

She moved herself nearer to him and pushed his finger inside her. I was surprised. Then with more lube and again very slowly Ballu pushed two fingers in.

She started to move herself forward and back on his fingers. So he moved them in and out as if he was fucking her.

At this point she became super aroused and was moving faster banging her cheeks on his hand. Ballu used his other hand to rub and finger her pussy.

Fiza just went wild, pulling her housecoat she shouted, “Yes yessss”. I could not explain that how amazed I was. This continued until she had an orgasm.

My mother-in-law while holding her housecoat moved back a bit from the balcony and went straight to the bathroom. Ballu was also followed her to the bathroom.

In the bathroom Ballu took some shampoo and stood behind her and washed her hair. He stood so his hard cock rested in the cleft of her buttocks.

Ballu let his hands slide down to her breasts as he kissed and nibbled at her neck and ears. Fiza began to moan. She asked him to put a condom on and get inside her.

He said, “No, I have other plans”. They rinsed off and then he let her take the towel and dry him off. Ballu repeated the favour.

But he licked her clit as he dried her legs and let his moist tongue slide over the cleft of her buns. They moved into her bedroom. She had candles and romantic music ready to set the atmosphere.

Ballu asked her, “Is there anything you don’t like to do?”She responded, “Tell me what you like and I’ll let you know.”

He wanted to use massage oil to give her a nice body massage. Then Ballu plan on licking and sucking every body part of Fiza.

“When you want me in you and when you can’t take it anymore I want to put a condom on my pulsating cock and have you sit on it with your back against mine and just at the right time I’m going to put your vibrator in your wet pussy and you’re going to explode”, Ballu said.

“I’m wet already to do it”, Fiza said. She was face down on the bed. Ballu took some massage oil-strawberry flavor-and kaçak bahis warmed it in his hands.

He rubbed her shoulders and back. Worked his way down her backside and all the way down to her toes. Then he let his body rest on her backside.

His throbbing cock was between the mounds of her ass. He licked her neck and took each ear in his mouth. She began to moan and he noticed her buttocks began to move so as to mirror intercourse.

He licked his way down to her asshole where he took a latex covering and placed it between her two cheeks. He let his tongue dart in and out as he rubbed her clit and massaged her breasts.

Ballu slowly moved down to her inner thighs and then to her feet. Kneeling he carefully sucked all her toes while massaging her vagina. He licked his way back up to her neck-making sure he licked the sides of her body.

Fiza moaned louder and her body moved as if demanding that. Ballu put his hard cock in her. He carefully turned her over and licked her inner thighs and breasts.

Their bodies were sliding back and forth due to the oil. Their tongues were joined in a pleasurable dance. Ballu asked her to wait.

He carefully put a condom on his cock and then had her kneel as if she was going to get it doggy style. He then slowly inserted two fingers with lots of lube in her asshole.

He waited to sense the contractions in her asshole and then went deeper. He coated his cock with lots of lube.

“Now sit facing away from me and slowly lower yourself on my cock and you take control”, Ballu said. Slowly she lowered herself.

He felt instant pleasure. The condom prevented him from losing his wad. When she had his entire cock in her asshole Ballu told her, “Don’t move up and down.”

He licked her neck and took each earlobe in his mouth. He could taste the salt from all the foreplay.

Fiza softly said, “Can I bounce up and down on your cock? I can’t wait much longer?”

“One second”, Ballu said. He reached down and took her vibrator and put it into her pussy. She immediately began to moan out loud and say, “Oh Fuck yes…. Oh fucks don’t stop.”

The vibrator in her pussy sent pleasurable sensations through the vaginal wall to his stiff penis in her asshole. They started to pump.

“Oh yes! I’m cumin… Don’t stop”, she said. He heard her scream and then the sounds of being sexually satisfied. She fell face first into the bed.

He fell on top of her and held her. After a few minutes of enjoying the afterglow of sexual fulfillment they cleaned themselves.

I moved back still wanting to see more but it would be bad to get caught.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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