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Foreword: Well, Marie did indeed write her story and it will be the next one I post. She actually completed it about a month ago, but I had to complete this story first so I could continue everything chronologically. Anyway, please enjoy and feel free to critique and/or comment. Thanks again for reading! Here we go….

Seven Months With Marie- Part Three

Summer 2004

Six days had passed since my girlfriend Marie had persuaded her friend Michelle to have sex with me while she watched. We’d only been together for three weeks total. She was the wildest girl I had ever met and certainly ever dated. She had told me before that night that she liked to imagine me having sex with her friends when she masturbated. Six nights ago, she brought that particular fantasy to life. I would normally keep a story like that to myself, but Marie really didn’t care who I talked about our sex life with. She was completely free spirited and a complete freak when it came to anything sexual. I was definitely in love.

It was ‘guys night’ and I was out playing cards with Allen, Sam and Nick. They were my three best friends at the time and they were all intrigued by the stories I would recount about my sexual adventures with Marie. I had just told them about the whole thing with Michelle. I chose to leave her name out of it because Nick actually knew her and I didn’t think she’d be too pleased about me going around telling everyone that she fucked me while Marie watched us and got herself off.

“You lucky bastard!” Allen shouted as he punched me in the arm.

“You don’t know the half of it dude.” I said.

“So, she just wants sex all the time?” he pressed.

“It seems that way.” I smiled.

Like always, they wanted to hear more, so I ran down each “eventful” day of the week for them. “On Sunday, she came over after we got off of work. Once we were back at my house, I put on a movie, and during the movie, she stripped me down and jacked me off right there on the living room floor.” I smiled. “Then, Tuesday night, I took her to Applebee’s for dinner. Just for the record, I fucking hate Applebee’s, but even I enjoyed it that night! She waited until our waiter was gone for a while and no one was looking our direction and then slid off of her seat and under the table. She starts giving me a blowjob in the middle of the restaurant. She didn’t even stop when our waiter came back with our dinners. It took all of my will to maintain my composure when he asked me if I needed anything else before he left. A couple of minutes later, I had to bite my lip when I blew my load. Then she closed up my pants and popped back up on her side of the table and ate dinner. Fucking amazing!”

“Bullshit.” Nick interrupted.

“I swear dude!” I defended myself.

“So then what?” he asked.

“Okay. Friday night after work, we went to the beach. We brought two bottles of wine with us and climbed out to the end of the jetty. We drank both bottles and then went skinny dipping. Then we made love in the gulf. It’s like, every single night with her tops the one before.” I got a lot of pats on the back and was told numerous times how lucky I was. I knew I was lucky.

The next day, I went to work. Marie was working too and I was super excited to see her. She asked me how guys night went. I told her it was fine and I mentioned how jealous they all were of me. I could tell she got a kick out of that. She then told me that she was going out with the girls after work. I was only bummed for a second because immediately after telling me, she invited me to come along. I grew up with sisters, so I’m no stranger to keeping company with a group of girls. I happily accepted.

Now, I love to party as much as the next guy, but these girls put me to shame. We got out of work and went immediately to the bar next door. It was me, Marie, Michelle (YAY!) and their other friend who was kind of new to the restaurant. Her name was Becky. As soon as we arrived we ordered three pitchers of beer and a round of shots.

Becky was a little younger than the rest of us. She had recently turned 21. She had moved down to the beach right after deciding to leave college. She was in one of those transitional stages in her life where she needed room to breathe. She had a baby face with big blue eyes. She was thin with dirty blonde hair and small breasts. Her ass was small, but round and perky. All in all, I found her quite attractive.

After we finished our drinks, we headed over to the Tiki Hut. Alexis was tending bar again and she recognized me and Marie. We enjoyed several more rounds and even got a discount from Alexis. After having sex with Michelle, I definitely noticed her demeanor around me change. She laughed freely and leaned in very close when she spoke to me. There was never any ‘personal space’ awkwardness. I wondered how much of that had to do with Marie. She seemed to have a strange way of relaxing the people around her. Whenever Marie was around, people just tended to go with the flow.

We were all laughing and telling jokes. Marie made an obscure reference to the beach outside where we had had sex in front of a handful of people a few weeks earlier. Michelle laughed but Becky clearly hadn’t heard about that yet. After a while, Marie and Michelle were both being very openly flirtatious with me. I was enjoying all of the attention I was getting from both Michelle and Marie. Becky was a different story. Becky was young and somewhat shy. Her demeanor was a stark contrast to Marie and Michelle’s. They had both seen and done it all. Becky was reserved. She was quiet. The more time I spent around her, the more I just wanted to do whatever I could to corrupt her. We were all laughing our asses off and having a great time when we closed the place down.

Michelle invited us over to her place to wrap up the evening. The last time Marie and I had gone over to Michelle’s things got pretty wild. I wasn’t sure what kind of effect Becky’s presence might have on my chances of having a repeat performance of our last visit, but I was willing to take my chances.

By the time we got there, we were all fairly tipsy. We had gotten Alexis to sell us an 18 pack of beer before we left the bar. We each cracked open a fresh one and sat in a circle on the floor in the living room. Just as we sat, Michelle started laughing hysterically.

“What?” Marie asked.

“Ha-heh. Nothing, nothing. I just remembered what you looked like the last time you were sitting on the floor in here.. Hahaheh!” Marie and I joined Michelle as she laughed. She was referring to the fact that the last time Marie had sat on her living room floor, she had been naked and fingering herself while she watched me and Michelle have sex.

“Right?” Marie sighed.

“We should do that again.” I smiled.

“Do what again?” Becky asked.

“Oh, nothing.” Marie coyly smiled as she sipped her beer.

“Seriously, what are you guys talking about?” Becky pressed.

Marie looked over to me and then to Michelle. We were all smiling at each other. “Should we tell her?” Marie asked.

“I don’t care.” I said.

Michelle looked a little more cautious. She was clearly reluctant, but we were also all really drunk. “Okay, but only if she swears she won’t tell a soul!”

“I promise! I promise! What?!?” Becky smiled with her eyes wide open.

Marie leaned toward Becky and put her hand on her knee. She took a breath and looked Becky in the eye and said “Last weekend John and I came over here. We got drunk and the three of us ended up having sex.”

“What?!?” Becky shouted in disbelief. “Are you fucking with me?”

“No, I am not fucking with you.” Marie smiled as she leaned back and took another sip of beer.

Becky sat quietly for a moment, allowing it to sink in. She collected herself and then looked back up at Marie. “How?”

“You mean how did it happen?” Marie asked. Becky nodded with her eyes still wide. “Well, I told Michelle that I think John has a nice looking dick…”

“Your exact words were ‘beautiful cock’.” Michelle corrected her.

“Sorry.” Marie paused. “A beautiful cock. Anyway, she said that cocks can’t be beautiful, so when Johnny got here I asked him to show it to her.”

“But I didn’t.” I chimed in. “Not right when I got here anyway.”

“That doesn’t matter.” Marie continued. “Anyway, eventually he did show her and then one thing just kinda led to another…”

“What!?!” Becky interjected. “So he just pulls out his penis and that’s it? You can’t just go from ‘he pulls his thing out’ to ‘we all had sex together.’ What happened in between?”

Michelle leaned forward and said “Well, he didn’t just pull it out.” Then she looked at me. “You pretty much just got completely naked, right?” I smiled. “So we were looking at it for a while and Marie said that I had to see it when it was hard to get the full effect.”

“Right.” Marie nodded. “So I started talking all dirty so he’d get excited and then we all just kinda got into it and then it just happened.”

Becky was sitting with her jaw hanging open. She was clearly blown away by what we had admitted to her. Finally, she looked over to Michelle. “So is it?”

“Is what?” Michelle smiled back.

“Is it… Is it…” Becky wrestled with the question as she motioned toward me.

Michelle cut in. “Beautiful? Yes, it’s very nice. Very nice.”

“Thanks Michelle.” I said, clinking my bottle into hers.”

It was clear that this was all very foreign territory to Becky. Her face looked like she was trying to grasp quantum physics. There were going to be a lot of questions. “So, you both had sex with him?”

“Yeah.” Marie smiled.

“And you’re okay with that?” Becky asked Marie.

“Yeah.” Marie answered. I loved that she just left it at that. She felt no need to offer an explanation.

Becky went quiet again. After some more thought another question bubbled to the surface of her mind. “So what happened?”

“Well…” Michelle began but didn’t really know where to go. Marie took over.

“First, we all went down on each other. Then I asked John and Michelle to fuck each other so I could watch. They did and I watched. Then he fucked me and Michelle watched. Then Me and Michelle messed around while he watched.”

“Oh my god…” Becky murmured.

Marie smiled at her. “You’ve never done anything like that?”

“No!” Becky shouted in protest. “Jesus, I’ve only had sex with two guys and I’ve never even kissed a girl!” It became clear to me that there was a battle raging in Becky’s mind. There was the part of her that needed to cling to her demure purity and it was fighting for dear life against the side of her that was fascinated and excited by what she was hearing.

“You’ve never kissed a girl?” Marie asked. It was amazing to her that a creature like Becky could have survived for 21 years without some other girl planting the flag.

“No!” Becky shouted.

“Oh my God, I’m totally kissing you!” Marie smiled her cool smile.

“What, here?!?” Becky stammered.

“Yeah.” Marie smiled. “It’s not a big deal.” Marie coaxed. “Look.” She said as she turned toward Michelle and leaned into her. Michelle turned to meet Marie’s lips and they shared a brief peck on the lips. “See?”

Becky’s brow furrowed.

“Come on.” Marie continued. “I’m sure it’ll happen eventually so you might as well get it over with, right?”

Michelle’s eyes were darting back and forth between the two of them. She was grinning ear to ear. Becky’s face finally softened and she surrendered to the pressure. “Okay, fine.” She sat up on her haunches and looked at Marie. I watched as Marie rose to her knees and scooted toward Becky.

Marie was the most disarming person I had ever known. It was like she had some kind of psychic power over people. She could make almost anyone just drop their inhibitions at the drop of a hat. It was breathtaking to behold. She was on her knees, face to face with Becky. She smiled her slow smile and Becky’s face untangled and suddenly she looked relaxed and beautiful. Marie’s lips were inches from Becky’s. Becky took a deep breath. “This is so weird.”

“Are you ready?” Marie asked as she placed a reassuring hand on Becky’s shoulder. Becky answered by closing her eyes and taking another deep breath. Marie leaned in and slowly pressed her lips to Becky’s. Becky froze momentarily and then gently cocked her head. Marie made small biting motions with her lips and Becky soon followed her lead. Marie then reached up and cupped Becky’s face in her hands and pressed her lips harder against Becky’s. She opened her mouth a hair and gently slid the tip of her tongue across Becky’s upper lip. Becky responded by parting her lips just enough to allow Marie’s tongue entry. Becky was taking jagged shallow breaths as she surrendered more and more territory to Marie’s ever exploring tongue. Soon after, Becky began to prod Marie’s mouth with her own tongue. All total, the kiss only lasted about twenty seconds, but it was enough to get me really hot.

I was lying on my back against the couch at the time and as I watched the kiss unfold, I became immediately aroused. The crotch of my jeans bulged upward as they broke apart. They were both smiling and staring into each other’s eyes. Then I heard Michelle whisper “Hey Marie.”

Marie turned to look at Michelle. Michelle gestured toward me and popped her eyes open wide. She had motioned toward my crotch. Marie’s eyes drifted down to the bulge in the front of my jeans and she smiled at me. The mood was perfect and Marie had guided us there with expert precision. I smiled back my approval and she turned to face Becky again. “Hey Becky?”

“Yes?” Becky answered following Marie’s gaze back to me.

“Do you wanna watch Johnny jack off?”

“Are you serious?” Becky asked, clearly conflicted.

Michelle was smiling like the Cheshire Cat. “You know you do.” She pushed.

Becky’s face tightened up again as she looked around the room, first to Michelle, then Marie before finally resting her eyes on me. I gave her a reassuring smile. Her face loosened up a bit and she looked back up at Marie. “Jesus… Okay, but you guys can’t talk to anybody about any of this!”

As I rose to my feet, Marie stood and pulled Becky up to stand beside her. She led Becky over to the couch and sat her down next to Michelle. They all looked up at me as I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. I wasn’t wearing underwear that day, so when I pulled my jeans open my fully engorged cock just flopped out. Becky’s eyes went wide as I reached up and firmly gripped my shaft. I took a step closer to them and started stroking myself for them. Becky was transfixed on my movements. Marie quietly leaned over to Michelle and began to kiss her.

Becky finally pulled her eyes away from me long enough to see Marie and Michelle kissing passionately on the couch next to her. Marie noticed her watching them and pulled away from Michelle. She then leaned over toward Becky and surprised her by kissing her again. Michelle was watching me jack off and I was watching Marie making out with Becky. Becky’s reluctance was still showing but she was much less rigid at that point. I took a step closer to them as they kissed and stroked my cock just inches from their faces. I got to see Becky’s eyes go wide one more time as Marie pulled away from her lips and turned toward me. She eagerly wrapped her lips around my cock and pulled me deep into her wet mouth.

Michelle sat on one side of Marie and Becky sat on the other. Becky was still a bit in shock, but Michelle watched Marie suck my cock and smiled as she placed her hand on the back of Marie’s head. “Suck that cock girl!” Michelle goaded in a pretty decent ghetto accent. Marie slid off the couch and dropped to her knees in front of me. She kept sucking me off as Michelle slid toward Becky and leaned in to kiss her. The last bit of Becky’s reluctance melted away as she boldly kissed Michelle with her mouth open. I watched their tongues dancing as Marie reached down to her own waist and began to unbutton and unzip her pants.

Marie slid her thumbs into her waistband and pushed her pants down to her knees as she slid her mouth over my cock again. Becky saw her doing it and between kisses with Michelle she muttered “Oh my god.” She then began moaning softly into Michelle’s mouth as Marie slid her middle finger between her own legs and began fingering herself.

Michelle began to realize how turned on Becky was getting by watching Marie suck my cock while fingering herself. As they continued kissing, Michelle slowly slipped her hand between Becky’s thighs. Becky reluctantly responded to Michelle’s advance by easing her legs apart. Once she had gotten the go-ahead, Michelle began to apply pressure and Becky began to moan louder. By that time, Michelle was getting pretty horny herself. She decided to take it one step further and reached for the button on the waist of Becky’s shorts.

Marie was still giving me an amazing blow job as I watched Michelle unzip Becky’s shorts to reveal pink cotton panties. She then pressed her palm against Becky’s stomach and gently slid her fingertips into Becky’s panties, easing them down inside. As Michelle’s fingers disappeared, Becky released a deep moan of pleasure.

Michelle was pushing Becky into a whole new place and she was lost in the pleasure she was experiencing. I wanted to go to that place too. I reached down and pulled my shirt up and dropped it to the floor. I then pushed my pants down around my ankles. I looked down at Marie and commanded her “Take off your clothes.”

She stood up and immediately took off her shirt as I stepped out of my jeans. I stood in front of Michelle and Becky as Marie unclasped her bra and flung it across the sofa. Michelle looked up at me as she continued to finger Becky and I stepped closer to her, practically pushing my cock into her face. She smiled and opened her mouth as I pushed my cock between her lips. I let Michelle suck my cock as Marie wriggled out of her jeans and then peeled off her panties. Marie then sat next to Michelle and took my cock back into her own mouth.

Michelle took that as her cue to slip off of the couch and grab hold of the waistband of Becky’s shorts. Becky looked over at Marie sucking my cock as she lifted her ass off the couch so Michelle could slide her shorts and panties off. Becky then sat back down next to her and pulled her shirt up over her head. Finally, she unclasped her bra and let it slide off of her shoulders. I stared at Becky’s firm young body as Marie sucked my cock and continued to fervently finger her wet pussy. I watched Becky accept Michelle’s tongue back into her mouth. I watched as she eagerly spread her legs to give Michelle’s nimble fingers full access. Somehow, Marie had taken us there again.

Becky was leaning back into the arm of the couch. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning with each insertion of Michelle’s fingers. Marie saw her and looked up at me. She pulled her lips away from my cock and motioned her head toward Becky. I had to make sure I understood her, so I raised my eyebrows in question. Marie smiled and nodded. Without another thought, I stepped over to the side of the couch and looked down at Becky as she delicately moaned. Michelle was looking up at me and smiling her approval too. I waited until Becky turned her head and I leaned forward and pushed the tip of my cock against her lips.

Her eyes popped open and her head jerked away. She looked up at me and then over to Marie. I’ll never forget this… Marie smiled at her and then made a ‘kiss’ sound at her. It was so hot! Anyway, Becky leaned back again and slowly turned her head toward me. She looked up and made eye contact with me as she opened her mouth and slid her tongue out to rest on her lower lip. I leaned forward again and placed my cock on her tongue.

It became clear to me pretty quickly that Becky hadn’t given a lot of blow jobs. I soon found that it didn’t matter much and almost made it hotter. Knowing that I was on a very short list of guys that had fed Becky a cock gave me a sharp little thrill. I was fascinated with this ability Marie seemed to have to get people to do the most taboo things without thinking twice. Becky carefully sucked me and I enjoyed every clumsy moment of it.

Marie turned her attention to the only person in the room still clothed. She stood in front of Michelle and reached down to help Michelle get her top off. Michelle, as usual, wasn’t wearing a bra. Marie pulled her up by the hand and pushed her shorts down to the floor. Finally, all four of us were naked. Michelle and Marie sat back down on the couch. I pulled my cock away from Becky’s lips and walked back over to the front of the couch. Marie had already spread her legs and began fingering herself. I stood in front of her and slid my hand up and down my spittle drenched cock. Michelle spread her legs and began rubbing her slit as well. Soon after, Becky spread her thighs wide and joined them. I stepped up to Marie and she leaned forward and pulled me into her mouth again. I then stepped over to Michelle and she took her turn. Then I went back to Becky and offered her another taste which she eagerly accepted.

Marie watched Becky suck me in deeper and more vigorously. It was driving her wild and she was getting that strange little itch that she tended to get. Finally, she leaned across Michelle and said “Becky?”

“Mmm-hmm?” Becky moaned onto my cock.

“Do you want to fuck Johnny in front of us?” she almost whispered to her. I pulled my cock away to give her some room to answer.

She wiped her mouth with the back of her forearm and blushed a little. “Seriously?”

Marie leaned into Becky’s face and got inches from her lips. “Seriously.” She said in a whisper. She leaned forward further and pressed her lips against Becky’s. As she pulled away she lightly hissed “I want to watch you fuck my boyfriend.” Becky smiled.

I sat down next to Becky on the couch and then pulled her leg across my lap. Becky straddled me and slightly arched her back as I drew her left nipple into my mouth. I could feel her warm pussy lips brushing over the tip of my cock.

Marie stood up and pulled Michelle with her. They embraced passionately and went back to their heated kissing as I grabbed hold of Becky’s hips and gently eased her down onto my cock. She moaned aloud as I slid into her. Her pussy was tight and soaking wet and felt incredible. It became immediately clear to me that it had been a while for her. I was very excited that she had decided to bornova escort take me as her third lover.

As Becky gently began rocking her hips, her moans grew in both volume and frequency. I peered past her small bouncing breasts and saw Marie pull Michelle down on to the floor. Marie lay on her back and pulled Michelle down on top of her. They immediately began kissing again and Marie groped at Michelle’s firm breasts. I really loved watching Marie. She was so passionate and involved that it was difficult to look away from her. I didn’t want Becky to feel like I was taking what she had given me for granted, so I tore my eyes away from the two writhing women on the floor and focused back to fondling Becky’s little tits.

I rolled her hardening nipples with my finger tips and she moaned her approval. She had quickened her pace and was bouncing on my cock at a rapid clip. I figured it would make her cum faster which I was completely happy with. I was going to need all the stamina I could muster if I was going to survive the night.

I noticed some more movement from the corner of my eye and decided to steal another glance at Marie and Michelle. I’m glad I did. Marie had swiveled underneath Michelle and had positioned her head between Michelle’s thighs. They were in the 69 position. I immediately got so turned on that I had to close my eyes. Just seeing the two of them biting and slurping at each other’s cunts was enough to bring an extremely premature load and I couldn’t afford that. I leaned my head back against the couch and moaned into the night. I then felt Becky’s lips press against mine. I wasn’t expecting a kiss, but I wasn’t opposed to it either, so I leaned into her and was happily surprised to find that Becky was an amazing kisser. We kissed furiously and wild as her moaning began to escalate. I could tell by the erratic movements of her hips that she was on the verge of climax. I was secretly thankful because despite her inexperience, little Becky had gotten incredibly close to making me cum. Finally she howled into the night and I felt the muscles in her back tighten and contort as a tidal wave of ecstasy washed her away to some forgotten island. She finally stopped shaking and slumped over with me still deep inside her. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were blank and distant. I could only make out the traces of a smile in them. She leaned into me and kissed me deeply a final time before shakily climbing off of me.

As she fell aside, my eyes were immediately greeted with Marie and Michelle still furiously locked into their 69. I immediately knew what to do next. I had really enjoyed fucking Michelle the last time Marie and I came over and I knew how much Marie loved to watch me fuck her friends. Becky was really the only surprise of the evening. This was old territory for the rest of us.

After catching my breath, I stood up and walked over to where Marie and Michelle were lying in the center of the room. I stood behind Michelle and dropped to my knees. As Marie furiously lapped at her cunt I leaned forward and slid the tip of my cock down the crack of her ass. Michelle’s head raised up and turned toward me. She flashed me a smile as she raised her ass a bit higher into the air. As she did, Marie saw me kneeling above her head and she smiled at me. She looked beautiful. Her face was glowing with a mixture of sweat and Michelle’s juices. My cock was still wet with Becky’s. Before I could slip inside Michelle, Marie tilted her head up and licked my shaft. I leaned forward to oblige her and she took my cock into her mouth and slurped Becky’s cunt cream off of my shaft. When she pulled away, I eased forward and slipped into Michelle’s warm wet pussy.

I peered over and saw Becky sitting on the couch. She was just sitting there, breathing heavily and watching us. After thrusting in and out of Michelle for a while, I pulled out and fed my cock to Marie again. She licked off all of Michelle’s juices and then guided me back into Michelle’s pussy.

For a while, I enjoyed going back and forth between Michelle’s pussy and Marie’s mouth, but I knew I wasn’t going to make either of them cum that way and my mission had become to bring all three of them to orgasm. I pushed into Michelle and fell into a steady rhythm. She felt incredible and she occasionally stole moments between lapping at Marie to moan for me. The sensation was heightened by Marie sucking one of my balls into her mouth and humming. I then felt her slide up some and I felt her tongue slide up my ass crack. I quivered at the feeling. It felt amazing, but I had to get her to stop. I felt her hands grip my cheeks and pull them apart. Then her warm wet tongue slid up the back of my sack, across my taint and then swirled with slight pressure around my asshole.

I was dangerously close to blowing my wad right then. I reached back behind myself and pushed Marie back downward. I felt her tongue flick at my nuts twice and then slip down my shaft and then it was gone. I can only assume that she had focused her attention to Michelle’s clit, because Michelle moaned with extra enthusiasm and pushed back against me hard.

I reached up and grabbed Michelle’s pony tail by its base and tugged on it hard enough to get her to arch her back and cry out lightly. I bore into her hard and pounded deep as Marie tongued her clit. We could both tell she was going to cum soon. I pounded even harder and Marie pushed her entire face into Michelle’s cunt as a burst of growls and screeches erupted from Michelle. Her body shook and she shouted “Fuck you! Fuck you!” which I found slightly odd.

From between my legs I heard Marie laughing “Holy shit!”

“Awwweee.. Fuck you!” Michelle shouted again.

I wasn’t sure what else to do, so I just played along. “Yeah, fuck me!” I shouted. I pulled harder on her ponytail and thrust my cock as deeply into her as I could. Michelle howled in pleasure as she arched her back and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she squirted her juices onto my cock.

I had managed to bring Becky and Michelle to climax without blowing my nuts all over the room and I was honestly amazed. I can only thank the liquor. My cock slid from Michelle’s glistening cunt and she fell softly off of Marie. Marie rose to her feet and looked down at Michelle. Michelle was smiling back up at her. Then Marie spoke. “Michelle… remember what I asked you about the other night?” I had no idea what she was talking about.

Michelle sat up and cocked her head to the side “Right now?” she asked.

“You still up for it?” Marie smiled back at her and then turned to step toward the couch.

“What’s going on?” Becky asked leaning forward. Marie looked over at Becky as she positioned herself in front of the arm of the couch and then leaned forward resting her body on it. She smiled at Becky and then glanced back at me and shot me a smile as she placed her hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart revealing her asshole to us all.

“Okay, let’s do it.” Michelle smiled as she rose to her knees and clambered over to Marie. She remained on her knees behind Marie and looked up at me. I had no idea what they had planned but I was putting the pieces together. “Come here Johnny.” Michelle said.

I walked over and stood by Michelle. She smiled up at me and then turned her head toward Marie’s spread ass cheeks. I watched in complete amazement as Michelle leaned forward and stuck her tongue out. She slowly pressed her tongue against Marie’s asshole and Marie moaned into the night air. Michelle reached up and placed her hands on Marie’s ass cheeks and pushed her tongue and lips harder against Marie’s asshole.

“What the fuck is going on?” Becky chimed in wide eyed from the other end of the couch.

Michelle continued lapping at Marie’s asshole as Marie looked over to Becky and between moans asked her “Have you ever watched someone get fucked in the ass Becky?”

“What?!?” Becky almost shouted. “No!”

Marie only smiled. “You should try it sometime. It’s the most intense feeling ever.” She moaned.

Becky looked disgusted but couldn’t take her eyes off of them. “So, why is she licking your… Why is she licking you THERE?”

Marie moaned again before replying. “To get it wet. Johnny’s cock is pretty big and my ass is pretty tight.” She was speaking in her most sultry drawl to entice me more. I didn’t need it, but I appreciated the effort. “They both need to be really wet so it won’t hurt too much.”

“Oh my God, you’re serious? You want him to stick that thing up your…?” Becky was shocked.

“Just watch. You’ll see why.” Marie trailed off. Becky’s eyes were glued to Michelle as she lapped and spat on Marie’s asshole. Michelle then slipped a finger into her mouth and coated it with saliva before gently sliding it into Marie’s asshole as Marie shuddered. Then Marie opened her eyes and looked back over at Becky. “They both need to be really wet.” She said as she looked back toward me. I was standing next to Michelle still in shock. Apparently Marie and Michelle had planned for Michelle to watch me fuck Marie in the ass. For a moment I considered proposing marriage then and there. I looked up at Becky who had followed Marie’s gaze to me. Marie then continued. “Becky, do you think you can get John’s cock nice and wet for me?”

Becky sat still for a moment and her eyes rolled up into her head. They rolled from side to side as she processed everything. I realized that Marie and Michelle had planned this, but they had planned to do it together. Becky wasn’t part of the plan, but they both wanted to do it so they were improvising. Finally Becky’s face cleared and she had reached a conclusion. I suppose she figured that she had already come this far. Why not go all the way. She slid off of the couch and dropped to her knees next to Michelle. She reached up and took my throbbing cock in her small hands and opened her mouth wide.

Becky wrapped her mouth around my pole and began to slurp up and down on me. As I watched Becky suck my cock and watched Michelle tongue Marie’s asshole, I was overcome with anticipation. I always thought that two girls at the same time would be the pinnacle of my sexual experiences. Now three women were sharing my cock and two of them were prepping the third and myself for the grand finale. I was actually going to fuck Marie up the ass while two of her friends watched completely naked.

Michelle pulled away from Marie’s asshole and it glistened with her spit. Then she pulled Becky’s shoulder and my cock slid out of her tight lips. Michelle then reached up and grabbed my cock by the base and pulled me toward Marie’s tight glistening asshole. Becky’s eyes were open wide and Marie pulled her cheeks further apart as Michelle rubbed the tip of my cock on Marie’s asshole. I then felt Michelle’s other hand rest across my ass cheeks as she placed the tip at the tight entrance to Marie’s anus. “Oh, fuck yeah.” I heard Marie moan.

Becky’s eyes widened even more as Michelle pushed my ass forward and my cock gently eased into Marie’s tight ass. Marie bellowed a low growl as the head of my shaft popped into her ass. She pulled her cheeks open even harder as I slowly slid every inch of my cock into her. “Oh fuck. Yeah, fuck. Put that whole fat cock in my ass!” she moaned.

Once I was all the way in, I slid out a little then back in until I could feel that everything was good and slippery. Then I began to gently quicken my strokes and Marie and I moaned in unison.

I had gotten pretty used to fucking Marie in the ass. She seemed to really enjoy it and would call for it pretty regularly, but I couldn’t believe she was letting me fuck her sweet little ass with both Michelle and Becky watching. I took a moment to take it all in. Michelle was still on her knees to the right of me and Becky was knelt on my left. They both watched my cock slide in and out of Marie’s asshole. Michelle was smiling but the look on Becky’s face was something different. She was biting her lip and furrowing her eyebrows. It almost looked like she was in pain. I couldn’t get a read on the expression. I wasn’t even sure she was enjoying herself until I gazed further south and saw that she was fingering herself. I suddenly had a whole new outlook on Becky. Still, it wasn’t enough to prepare me for what happened next.

Becky slowly rose to her feet, staring me in the eye as she did. She then turned away from me and faced the couch. She leaned forward and rested her head on the back of the couch next to Marie. She turned her head to Marie and looked her dead in the eye with that same awkward expression of pain fused with desire. Marie’s eyes jerked open in surprise as Becky reached down to her sides and gently pulled her own ass cheeks apart.

I was in complete amazement. There was no mistaking Becky’s gesture as anything but what it was. Michelle scrambled to her feet and went over to sit on the couch next to Becky. Becky turned her head to face Michelle and Michelle looked her in the eye. “Are you sure?” Michelle asked.

Becky’s expression hadn’t changed. “I don’t know… I just want to feel what that feels like.”

Michelle glanced across her to Marie. “Are you okay with this?” Michelle asked.

I had frozen and could see that Marie was smiling but still clearly shocked. “Are you fucking kidding me? I am SOOO okay with this.” I couldn’t wrap my mind around how nasty Marie was. She pushed me back and I slid out of her. She literally could not wait to watch me fuck another girl in the ass. Marie stood behind me and scooted me over behind Becky. She got on her tippy toes and looked over my shoulder as she took my cock in her hand and bumped me forward so she could rub the tip on Becky’s asshole. “Does that feel good?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Becky moaned. Marie pulled me back again and then crossed in front of me to push Michelle’s head towards Becky’s. Becky and Michelle began to softly kiss each other as Marie dropped down behind Becky and slid her tongue into Becky’s ass crack. Becky moaned into Michelle’s mouth as Marie licked her anus. Marie then began to wriggle her tongue inside Becky’s asshole as she reached up to jerk me off. Once Marie was satisfied that Becky’s asshole was wet enough, she leaned back and gently eased the tip of her forefinger into Becky. She gently eased past the first knuckle as Becky moaned. Then the second knuckle. Then, Marie’s entire finger was in Becky’s bum. Becky moaned a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Marie softly spoke to Becky. “Try to relax. Don’t fight it. Just let me in.” Soon after that, Marie was sliding her finger in and out and Becky was moaning louder. Then Marie inserted a second finger and Becky moaned even louder. Michelle’s hand had found its way between her legs and she was fingering herself. She kissed Becky furiously as Marie finger-fucked her asshole and sucked my cock simultaneously.

Finally, Marie stood again and resumed her position behind me. She once again guided my cock to Becky’s now glistening sphincter. She rubbed the tip up and down Becky’s asshole and softly asked her “Are you ready Becky?” Becky moaned her approval. “You want Johnny to stick his fat cock in your tight little virgin asshole?” I loved it when Marie got really dirty and tonight she was going to reset the bar. Again Becky moaned in anticipation. “Yeah? Are you a little fucking slut?” Michelle was now rapidly diddling herself.

“Yes!” Becky shouted as I applied slight pressure against her quivering anus. “Yes, I’m a fucking slut!”

Marie continued to goad her. “Yeah? Are you a little fucking cunt that wants my boyfriends big fat fucking cock shoved up her ass?”

“Yes!” Becky moaned as I thrust a bit harder and felt my tip pushing her anus open. “Yes, I’m a fucking cunt, and I want your boyfriend to put his big dick in my ass!”

With that I eased forward and slid my cock deep inside of Becky’s tight unspoiled asshole. She howled into the pillow on the couch as I did and Marie continued to goad her as I began to slowly find a rhythm. “There you go you fucking cunt! How do you like it? How do you like that fat cock going in and out of your ass?”

“Oh, fuck!” Becky shouted.

“Fuck that tight little asshole baby!” Marie shouted before biting my earlobe. “Give that little slut some cock in her ass!” Marie then sat down next to Michelle and slipped her hand under Michelle’s and started finger fucking her as she watched my cock go in and out of Becky’s asshole. Her ass was so tight and Marie was being such a dirty little cunt that I knew I couldn’t hold my load too much longer. Marie continued to throw gas on the fire. She grabbed Becky’s face with her free hand and turned it towards her own. “Open your mouth you fucking cunt!” Becky opened her mouth wide and Marie spit in it! She drew her finger from Michelle and slid it into Becky’s mouth. “Suck on that you fucking cunt!” Becky moaned as she closed her mouth around Marie’s finger. “Can you taste her pussy?” Becky moaned again and opened her mouth. “Don’t you open your mouth! I want you to suck my finger like a cock!”

Becky began to slurp Marie’s finger up and down as I pounded her ass. “Suck that cock you fucking slut! You like sucking cock while you get your ass fucked?”

Becky moaned and that was all I could take. I moaned aloud and blurted out “I’m gonna cum! Fuck! Fuck!”

As I neared orgasm with each thrust, I watched Marie pull her finger out of Becky’s mouth and pull her jaw open. She then spit into Becky’s mouth again and a glob of it splashed across Becky’s cheek. “Is that what you want you fucking whore? You want some guy to cum all over your face while another one cums in your ass?”

Becky was completely awash in a sea of lust and perversions that she had never before explored. “Yes!” she shouted. “I’m a fucking slut! I want cum in my mouth and in my ass! I want your man to cum in my tight little ass!” Becky had forever crossed into a different kind of sensuality, and what an entrance! All at once, I crash landed into the most explosive orgasm of my life. I howled as I forced every inch of my shaft up Becky’s rectum and blasted stream after stream of hot jizz into her butthole.

Marie was smiling up at me as Becky panted lustfully. I finally drew my cock from its latest sheath and a river of spunk flowed out of Becky’s distended asshole and ran down her cunt. Marie leaned into Becky and kissed her hard on the mouth before pulling away and saying “Thank you baby! That was so fucking hot! I’ve been dreaming about watching Johnny fuck someone in the ass for months. I’m glad it was you baby girl.” She kissed her again and then rose to kiss me. “How was that baby? Are you happy?”

It took me a moment to remember how to speak. “Holy shit.” Was all I could muster. Marie laughed. We all four slumped down to the floor and pulled some blankets off of the couch and covered up. We kissed and fondled. Marie and Michelle both praised Becky for being so bold. I was deeply satisfied and was more deeply in love with Marie than ever before. I’m not sure who passed out first but we were all asleep before too long.

The next morning, I awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs. I found that I was alone on the floor, still naked. I looked toward the kitchen where I heard the girls talking. Marie and Becky were sitting at the table in the nude. Michelle was in the kitchen in front of the stove wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. I lay still trying to go unnoticed and get a handle on the situation. Everyone seemed cheerful and happy. Marie was laughing at something Becky said and she leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. I don’t know how she always made everyone so comfortable, but she always did. I saw no reason to get dressed, so I kicked the blanket off and stood up. “Good morning.” I said smiling.

I walked toward Marie. “Hey Baby!” she smiled. “Hungry?”

“Starved.” I answered as I stood next to where she was seated. In her typical fashion, she did something outrageous. She turned her head toward my hanging cock and wrapped her lips around it. It immediately sprung to life in her wet mouth. We were well past formalities and Becky just giggled at the sight.

Michelle was walking in from the kitchen with two plates. “Okay, knock it off.” Marie took her mouth off of me as Michelle put one plate down in front of her and placed the other in front of Becky.

Becky smiled at us. “You two are fucking crazy!”

I was horny again from the brief blowjob and decided to stretch this encounter out as far as I could. I started stroking my cock as I walked over to Becky. I stuck my cock in her face and reached down and pinched her bare nipple. She moaned and I slid my cock into her mouth. Michelle rolled her eyes. “Here we go again.”

I was really into it and no longer had all the numbing effects of alcohol. I didn’t want to just let it go, so I straddled Becky’s chair and grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face. I pinched her nipple hard and felt her teeth clench down on my cock and I shuddered at the pain. Marie then scooted her chair closer to me and grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed them apart. The feeling was amazing as she pressed her tongue into my ass.

She rimmed me as I fucked Becky’s throat and I knew I was going to cum soon. I began to moan louder and louder until I finally pulled away from Becky and turned toward the table. I grabbed my wet cock and jerked myself hard until I sprayed my cum all over Becky’s bacon and eggs.

I was panting as Marie jabbed at the eggs with a fork and took a big bite. She then scooped up some more jizzy eggs and fed it to Becky. They shared their breakfast as Michelle dropped another plate on the table. She then reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head. She reached down and squeezed my cock and pulled my head into her breasts.

The three of us proceeded to kiss, fondle and fuck each other well into the afternoon before we all finally went our separate ways. I went home with Marie. I thought about how lucky I was to be with her. I thought about how giving she was to me when it came to bringing my fantasies to life. I remembered that day she was jacking me off and telling me about all of her fantasies. How she had wanted to be fucked by more than one guy at a time. I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect, but it was only fair. Then I thought about how much I loved to watch her be a filthy slut and how much it drove me crazy… I couldn’t just take and take and never give. She had told me what she wanted. I owed it to her to try to satisfy her the way she satisfied me…


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