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AUTHOR’S NOTES: Serendipity — 47 — A day with Maria

Many thanks go to Muledriver for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Acup

A word of warning, I write good stories, I hope, with some decent sex in them. If you’re looking for a stroker look somewhere else.

For all my faithful readers, thank you for sticking with me. As previously promised in the epilog, here is a ‘day in the life’ chapter.

And now for my disclaimers which I have mostly plagiarized but didn’t realize I hadn’t copied the authors’ name. My apologies and thanks for these profound words to who ever you are.

Yes, I never met a comma or ellipse I didn’t like.

Yes, it jumps around too much.

Yes, it’s in the wrong category.

Yes, it’s too long.

Yes, it’s too short.

Yes, this is stupid shit.

Eys, I need an editor, are you volunteering?

If you want a perfect story go find one written by Mr. Data.

And, yes, I suck.

And you have yourself a warm and fuzzy day.



47 — A day with Maria


I woke to a wonderful sight, the girls getting ready to go flying and Maria nursing Maya.

Watching them move and twist and jiggle getting those itty bitty scraps of cloth to cover, followed by quite a production of putting on fresh collars and getting them juuuuust right, then getting a quick kiss and out the door they went.

I rolled back over to see Maria smiling at me. Looking down at her engorged tit almost ready to burst. Maya sucking down her breakfast on the other one like she had been starved.

I was getting firm watching her suck on that lovely nipple and heard Maria snicker. I looked up to see her grin, then pull Maya away, momentarily screaming out before Maria put her to her other nipple.

Maria knew what I was thinking, sliding down a bit with a grin probably as bad as mine. I LOVED suckling her milky nipples, and she protested with a grin when ever I drew her to me to do it. The wonderful sigh as I took my first sip of her milk, the little squeak when I lightly nipped at her nipple.

But as wonderful as this is, I just can’t help myself. Laying beside a beautiful naked Mexican woman, her aromatic pussy calling my nose like I had a hook in it. Wanting to replace my wet fingers with my tongue.

“Naughty Master,” she snickered as I let her nipple go and began kissing my way down her belly, snickering again as I put a hand inside her thigh to get her to open up for me.

I licked and nibbled a bit, just enjoying a lazy morning between her thighs. Sliding up to suck on her clit a bit when her flow slowed down, maybe dip a finger in to her g-spot.

I was just getting her flow going again and had pulled my finger from her pussy to lick it clean.

“AAARGGGHHH!!!” Maria put Maya on the bed beside her, sat up and forcefully rolled me to my back. “TEASE!” she said as she swung a leg over me and impaled herself on my hard cock, followed by a satisfied moan as she bottomed out against me.

That was a momentarily pause, then the wild woman took over. Leaning forward to put her hands on my chest and trap her tits between her forearms Maria leaned forward enough to bring herself almost completely off me before dropping down hard again with a satisfied grunt.

Over and over again, only increasing speed when I reached up and cupped one of the tits sticking between her arms. Her pussy running so much it was becoming a wet thigh slapping fuck even with her on top. All of this interspersed with a soft running dialog of Spanish, albeit with a few nice grunts and sighs thrown in when she bottomed out on me.

I was getting close, and reached up to take her nipples between my fingers. Maria looked down at me, her eyes wide, then her head kicked back and a string of Spanish, or possibly gibberish, came out in one long scream as she began cumming on top of me.

Her pussy spasming around me set me off and I some how managed to stay conscious enough to enjoy her riding it out, finally collapsing on top of me.

Maria rolled to one side as I softened too much to stay in her, giggling at the slurp of her pussy as I did. I looked to the other side at Maya and grinned. Little Maya sound asleep beside us fucking our brains out. I still wonder to this day if mornings like this were what made her ask…

We managed to get out of bed and stagger to the shower, Maria taking pure delight in teasing me, soaping me and then herself. Letting the lather run down her body. Grinning and smiling as she stepped to the wand by the stool to rinse herself out, then clamping down enough to trap the water, making her belly swell a bit like she was pregnant, and wagging her finger at me for thinking the Niğde Escort same thing.

We dried off, with Maria making sure everything was properly dried off, while I in turn, made sure she was not completely dry. Snickering at my squeezing her butt and running a finger between her moist lips as she put her collar on, I was probably grinning at her lovely tan line from it. Carrying Maya down stairs, then grinning at me when she handed her to me instead of putting her in the carrier.

The strange quietness of the house with just the two of us in it, seeing her grin and shake her butt when she knew I was looking. Making breakfast for us, no cereal since I ‘already had my milk’.

“So what’s on your agenda today?”

“Not much, I have a few things I’m working on Master, but nothing pressing if you want to do something else.”

I smiled in spite of myself, even with just the two of us Maria still called me Master, and smiled doing it. “Well I was thinking about scrounging up some hot Mexican babe and showing her off wandering around the mall. Just kinda make a day of it.”

“I can be ready in a few minutes Master, what should I wear?”

I looked down at her chest, then traveled down to her crotch, Maria opening her thighs to let me look at her pussy. “Well my vote is always for your birthday suit,” licking my lips.

“Oh Master…” she responded, half giggle half desire.

“I was just going to put on jeans and a shirt, so what ever.”

Maria grinned, “One of your dress shirts?”

“Would you like that?”

A bigger grin, “Yes please.”

I just smiled and shook my head.

“Thank you Master, I’ll be ready in a little bit.”

I headed up to our closet room next to our room, finding a clean pair of jeans, and one of only two dress shirts still on hangars. I slipped on my loafers and headed back down, grinning at Maria singing to herself in Spanish behind the closed door of the front bedroom.

I heard her coming down the steps and just had to stare. HOW THE HELL DO WOMEN DO THAT? A simple outfit, and yet I wanted to bend her over and ravage her on the spot.

A little lace thong and shelf bra with pink trim under a thin tank top and shorts. Now the top and shorts weren’t flagrantly thin, but thin enough that the outline of the white bra and thong were visible against her tan to more than just a quick glance. And the nice nipple lump and slightly darker circle of aureola just made my mouth water.

Mom and daughter in similar outfits, and Maria even adding a thin white band to keep her hair back matching the one Maya was wearing, the one I put on her back in The City.

We climbed into the van with me wishing for something with a bench seat again, or at least having the cooler in here so she could slide over next to me.

Wandering around the mall, mostly with her holding my hand like we were a couple, but with hers around my bicep when I carried Maya. Most of the time with her pressed beside me feeling the lace bra edge against me, occasionally she would turn enough to press her nipple into my arm and grinning up at me when I looked at her doing it. Ducking into a few shops to look at various tops and dresses with Maria sizing up what was good and bad about all of them.

Maria grinning at me while looking at a strapless corset top on the mannequin, then holding one against her body using it to lift and jiggle her tits at me.

The sales girl coming up behind me, “Oh that would look so hot on you, almost like a second skin but sooo much hotter!”

A snort from Maria and the flabbergasted look on the sales girl’s face when Maria winked at me then turned back to her asking, “Well how’s he supposed to get his hands in there to grope me?” as she dropped the top and cupped her tits, she’s been around Brittany too much.

Lunch in the food court was a ball, especially when Maya wanted her lunch as well. Maria looked around a bit worried, then at me as I tried to make like I was trying to look down her top. She pulled her top off her shoulder enough to let Maya get to her nipple. I think I saw her grin as I watched that top bare her tit above Mayas head, my eyes glued to that wonder of nature.

Even more funny was the expression on the two couples just over her shoulder when they realized what Maria was doing. Even though they could only see her shoulder with the thin bra strap and the top of Maya’s head beyond her arm, the guys were bug eyed, imagining what I could see in front of me. Their girlfriends didn’t quite see it that way.

“You know if you let your bra strap fall a little and turn a bit those two guys over your right shoulder are going to cum in their pants,” I said softly.

“Over me?!”

I looked down again at Maya latched to her nipple, “Over a hot babe nursing her daughter.”

Maria got this grin on her face, “Should I let my top down further Master?” she asked in a bit louder voice.

There were female gasps and male groans behind her making her snicker.

“You’ve been learning Brittany’s bad habits.”

Maria Niğde Escort Bayan smiled, “No Master, if it was Brittany she’d be sitting here topless whether she was breast feeding or not.” Again loud enough to be overheard near by. There was scuffling chairs and the couples were leaving, or should I say the ladies were dragging their men off before they got any wild ideas. Too late girls.

Maria did sit there a bit nursing Maya, bringing her other tit out and transferring Maya to it before pulling the other side up. Oh and running her finger around and around the unoccupied nipple trying to poke through her top grinning at me while we sat there, Maya’s saliva and Maria’s milk making it almost transparent over her nipple.

Once Maya had finished her lunch we got ready to leave, Maria dropping a finger to her crotch and bringing it up over the table to my lips. “If we were home Master,” she whispered, “I’d be under the table sucking you until you blasted all over my boobs.”

I reached down as we stood from the table and got a nice grip on her ass making her sigh, “Not if I got you bent over it first,” letting my fingertips graze the bottom edge of her butt under that short skirt.

We strolled and talked for about an hour, cuddling against each other. Sometimes with her hand in my back pocket squeezing my ass, other times with my hand on her waist under her tank top with my thumb caressing the skin just below her bra band.

Sometimes letting my hand slip up to cup her tit and caress her lace bra as we faced a store window. Riding the escalator two steps below her and my hand on her hip under her skirt. Maria giggling when she would turn sideways and let my hand slip between her thighs momentarily.

We decided to call it a day for the mall even though it was only about two o’clock. I figured we’d teased the boys long enough, Maria never once realizing what her body was doing to the guys following at a distance.

We were headed back to the house when I saw it. I made a quick turn and pulled up in front of the dealership. Now ‘dealership’ I guess was a stretch. It was the second chance lot for the dealership across the lot, but that wasn’t what interested me.

Sitting there under the awning was a lovely Mustang with the Cobra logo on it. I had been looking at Mustangs off and on for a while, depending on my finances, hoping to come across a nice one at a decent price. I had found a few here and there, but most of them had been in pretty rough shape or the ones with the ‘detail package’ on them and not a ‘real’ Cobra. Hell I even came across one somebody had the nerve to stick the emblems on a four cylinder… REALLY!

This one looked promising, blue with the wide white stripes, Keystone rims. It looked like it was speeding just sitting still.

Maria snickered, ‘boys and their toys’ probably running through her head.

I got out hoping for a possible find. First good sign was it was a stick shift and a full set of analog gauges.

“Pretty sweet ride, huh?”

I turned to see the typical used car salesman, slick and smiling, young and a bit overweight. “She is nice.”

“Something you’re interested in?”

“Depends on what’s in it.”

He opened the door and looked for the hood release. I shook my head and went to the front to pop the hood.

I almost let out a ‘WOW!’ it was packed under the hood. I was looking at the beauty of mechanical engineering in front of me.

“It’s got the big V8 in it. Somebody added the blower to it so it has quite the git up and go.”

I just looked at this clueless salesman, a ‘blower’? I saw what looked like a four twenty eight, and under the hoses I saw the valve covers. Cobra Le Mans. “How many miles on it?”

He stuck his head in the car to look at the speedometer and I took the time to wipe a little dust from the supercharger bracket. A Paxton supercharger, and a stamped Ford logo on the brackets. Added a blower my ass. A1967 Shelby GT500KR with a 428 police interceptor, “Cobra Le Mans” valve covers, single carburetor, and a Paxton Supercharger.

“Hundred forty thousand.”

“Hmmm, so how much you asking?”

He rattled off a price that was a bit low even for what he thought he had, but then he PISSED ME OFF! He put out a monthly payment that even with my bad math in my head I knew he roughly tripled the price of the car.

“Oh really?” like he had my interest. I stepped to Maria, keeping myself between her and the salesman. “Start giving me a pissy look like I’m wasting money,” I whispered to her.

“Master?” she looked at me with surprise and whispered back.

I winked and made a slight nod toward the salesman.

Maria gave a fleeting grin, “How are we going to afford it?” she said in one of the whiniest voices I had ever heard. I almost lost it looking back at her.

“We can make payments.”

“And then there’s the insurance, and we still have doctors bills to pay,” turning Maya on her hip towards me.

“We might be able to work on the payments,” the Escort Niğde salesman said.

“See, we might be able to afford it. We can at least look at the numbers, it doesn’t hurt to look.” I gave her a wink.

“FINE, we can LOOK.”

The salesman grinned and led us back to his cubicle. He was rattling off numbers, possible payment terms, coming down on the purchase price a little, but extending the term without really reducing the payment much to increase his back end significantly.

Maria was sitting there ‘pissed’ not saying anything. “Can you put those numbers on paper so we can talk about it?”

“Sure,” grinning like we were hooked. He printed off the paperwork and flipped it around to me.

“So the full purchase price is? Like if I was going to write a check?”

He just grinned and circled a number. “If you were going to write the check that’s the number, and here’s the monthly payment,” circling another number. He was really grinning at the payments he showed me. I wonder how many times he had sold and repossessed this beauty to someone that couldn’t really afford it? Oh well, what goes around comes around!

“Okay, we’ll be right back.” I took Maria’s elbow and the paperwork and we headed back out to the van, climbing in the side door.

I grabbed my phone from the briefcase and called Chuck and explained the situation to him and what the salesman was doing.

“So what do you need from me?”

“Well I don’t have that much in the bank until we get that down payment in. You think you could talk your brother in law into floating the check for a few days?”

Chuck chuckled, “I think I could do that.”

“And Chuck.”


“I’m probably going to need a bank check and I don’t want to leave the lot and give them an opportunity to renege on the numbers.”

Chuck just laughed. I told him where I was at and was told to sit tight.

We sat there looking out at the salesman keeping an eye on us. He looked like he was going to come out and check on us.

“Maria, want to have some fun?”

“Of course Master!” pulling her top down to reveal her delicious nipple.

I shook my head, “No not quite like that. I need you to yell and scream and call me everything but a white man in Spanish.”

“Master!” her top snapping back up to cover when she let go of it almost as fast as her jaw dropped.

“We just need to buy some time.”

“Oh,” she giggled. “Okay.”

I reached for the door and nodded to her, she grinned and then let a spiel go as I opened the door. DAMN! I’d kill me too from the sounds of that.

Evidentially it was good, the salesman got bug eyed and turned back to the office.

I just leaned against the side of the van doing my best to look pissed. I waited a bit then heard the phone ring so I stepped back inside. As Maria handed me the phone, good news, the check was on the way. Of course that news was accompanied by that top being pulled down and under and her circling her nipple with her finger tip. I almost choked when she squeezed a drop to her fingers and brought it to my mouth while I was still talking to Chuck. Definitely been around Brittany too much.

A few minutes later a car pulled up on the drivers’ side of the van. I grabbed the check as we went back inside, Maria beside me still looking like she was pissed.

He met us at the door, “So what’s the verdict?”

I grinned at him as Maria was glaring at me, “We’ll take it.”

“WONDERFUL!” taking my hand to shake it. “Let’s get you over to finance to do the final paperwork and we’ll be all set.”

He walked us over to a hole in the wall office, a lovely young lady sitting behind a small mountain of paperwork. Almost too nice a looking woman for the place, decent dress and a nice bit of cleavage on a smallish chest.

“Hey Claire, Danny here is buying the Mustang.” He dropped the paperwork in front of her, pointing out the purchase price, and then the monthly payment. A look came over her face when he said the payment, but a stern look from him stopped her from saying anything.

It didn’t, however, stop me from saying anything. “I’m sorry, there seems to be a misunderstanding. I’m not financing. When I said I’d take it, I meant buy it, outright.”

The salesman looked like he was going to have a heart attack, but managed to recover. “You’d have to have certified funds for that, and I don’t think we can hold it while you go shopping for a loan.”

“Oh I quite understand,” standing up. I think he thought I was going to leave. When I merely reached inside my jacket for the bank envelope and pulled out the certified check he reached out and snatched up the phone.

There was a heated but quiet conversation before he turned back to me. “The manager will have to approve this.”

I merely nodded, and was going to sit back down when an equally if not more overweight older woman came through the door like a tornado. “What did you do now Junior?”

“Nothing, I just…” she cut him off with a hand to the face and looked at the woman behind the desk.

“This gentleman wishes to purchase the Mustang… outright.”

“For how much?”

She rattled off the low purchase price I had been quoted, then turned to me. “That price was based on financing, I don’t think we can still do that.”

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