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“Wow, you really do like this place, huh?”

Auntie Kathleen’s visit came as a surprise. Between the loud music, my thoughts and my spreading thick enamel paint over the tower’s interior walls with a roller, I never even knew she’d entered until she spoke. I wasn’t really startled, probably more freaked out that it was her. I’d been wondering over the last two days why she followed Gina to the gatehouse and if that was some indication that she was responsible for Gina having slipped her leash but, in the end, I couldn’t believe that she’d ever turn on me like that. Further, the look on her face as she stood there casting her impressed eyes around herself and her surroundings convinced me.

Besides that, I was feeling pretty low after what I’d done to my poor Gina in the corridor, and vulnerable for thinking that Auntie probably knew all about it. I don’t remember her being there, but she must have showed up at some point in order to follow Gina down to the gatehouse, and I imagine she and Stevie must have spoken of it since I knew he was definitely there.

“Um, I… I like a different kind of place for my room,” I stammered, barely making sense in my effort to sound casual.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been by, but I thought you might want to be alone for a little while. I know how close you and Gina were, and I’m so sorry for what happened.”

“It’s okay, Auntie.”

“I hate to ask the stupid, obvious question of how you’ve been…”

Her smile, along with her words, was meant to cheer me. They didn’t really, but they did make me feel a bit more comfortable with her. I gave her a little smile in return and went back to running the super fluffy roller over the wall.

“Sooo…” Auntie tentatively went on from behind, “you mean you’re moving in… here?”

“My apartment is nice, and I’m going to keep it for the sake of convenience, but yeah, I’m going to live here.”

“So, you’ve decided to stay?”

“Yes,” I answered simply, thinking of how it was really Gina who’d finally decided that for me.

“Forgive me, sweetie pie, but you don’t sound quite convinced.”

“I’m convinced,” I reinforced with a flat tone. “Auntie, can we…? Can we please talk about something else?”

“Yes, I’m sorry,” she quickly and sincerely expressed. “I didn’t mean… You know. So, uh… what’s your vision here?”

“Secret laboratory.”

“Ahhh. And what will be happening in this secret laboratory?” she asked while her heels began moving across the concrete floor.


“Anything that could get me off?”

I couldn’t help a sincere smile as a couple of mental images passed through my perverted imagination, but answered, “Well… once I get up and running, maybe I’ll look into that, Auntie.”

“I’ll hold you to it. So, you’re actually going to make a house out of an old garage?”

“Sure,” I defended, feeling yet a little more comfortable. “Near as I can tell, it was built in the twenties, but it’s got nice design, character… It’s solid and its been maintained really well.”

“Yeah, but it’s still a garage.”

“It won’t be once I’m finished. Well, the other part, yeah, but this will be home. This paint is only to create a cold barrier on these cement blocks; I’m gonna put up proper two by four frames and insulate before the drywall, but first our electrician has to change out the fuse box to handle the new demands I’ll be putting on it. Plus, I gotta get a couple of bathrooms in here, so that’ll mean digging up one of those big flower beds to the right of the building for a septic field, which Auntie Ashleigh may or may not have realized…”

“Uh, did you tell her about any of this?”

“She gave me the garage and the old car in there. It was like you said, she’s pretty cool about the money and stuff, but she’s really into her flowers and she told me that as long as the grounds weren’t disturbed, she didn’t care what I did here, so…”

“Heh! Well, a lady has to have at least two bathrooms. The best way is to wait until you’re sure her back is turned for a while and then just start digging those posies up.”


“Are you at this all by yourself?”

“No, there’s a bunch of staff helping, but I sent them all on break for two hours to eat and get each other off.”

A short pause preceded her soft laughter, to which I explained with a short laugh of my own, “Well, they’re all really cool and they’re working hard and doing such a great job, so I thought they deserved it.”

“You’re unbelievable.”


“Excuse me?” she asked with a wide smile in her tone.

“Superkitten. That’s me, but I’m more a supervillain than a superhero,” I joked in explanation. “That’s why I need the secret laboratory.”

“Oh, I see. Like Steven.”

“How’s that?”

“I’ve referred to him as a supervillain.”

“How come?”

“Because of all his crazy stunts and schemes in school. My god, the faculty hated him. Just… hated him, and I gnawed my fingers to the bone almost every day, worried he was going to get himself expelled before he could amatör porno even graduate.”

“Why, what was he doing?”

“I’m thinking you’ve heard of construction glue?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied, feeling much more comfortable now as I ran my roller in the paint tray again. “That’s stuff is something else, believe me. They don’t call it ‘liquid nails’ for nothing, Auntie.”

“Yeah, well your cousin calls it ‘havoc in a tube’. The little brat got loose during class and glued every bathroom door in the building shut with the stuff. It was the beginning of the longest period and, by the time it was over, the glue had set. Some students actually wet themselves while standing in line for the faculty washrooms, and- Kitten, it’s really not funny.”

Auntie was laughing a little when she said it, but probably more because I was doubled over, fearing I’d be the next one wetting herself over Stevie’s genius.

“They had to rip the doorframes out of the wall along with the doors, and I had to pay for every one of them straight out of his father’s pocket!”

That was the real funny bit and she herself lost control as I dropped my roller in the tray to grab miffy before I peed myself laughing.

We finally stopped, regarding one another in the dusty, reddish twilight coming in through the old windows with a love that made us partners, sisters, mother/daughter, best friends and lovers all at once.

“Hey, Kitten…”

“Yes, Auntie?”

She didn’t answer right away and I watched her take her time swaggering sexily up to me, placing light hands on my waist. I liked this and closed my eyes while I smelled the scent she lent to her perfume and listened to the whispery, secretive voice that loved me.

“Uh… I think I need to get out for a while, and… Well, I was wondering if you’d care to accompany-“

“Yeah,” I answered with a giddy, nervous smile. “I’d love to, Auntie.”



“C’mon in, kid,” Sheila invited, standing aside for me with a pleased smile that said everything was alright in the world.

I entered, closing the door behind me while she went through the foyer and into her living room in a tight red skirt that ended just above her knees, a sleeveless white blouse that buttoned up to the neck. With her heels, she seemed taller, helping the outfit to make her appear more businesslike. Even her hair was pulled back and I couldn’t help smirking a little.

“You look nice.” I complimented.

“Thank you,” she replied with her usual vigour for such compliments.

“I bet Mum would love that on you.”

She turned right around, her pleased smile admitting to her attire’s motivations before resuming her trip to the kitchenette. I smiled too, watching her trim little figure move with an invigourated bounce as she loosely gestured to her living room furniture.

“Have a seat, I’ll fix us a drink.”

“Thanks. So, what’s my slutty little aunt up to tonight?”

“Nothing until you showed up. I thought Kathy and I could get together and talk some things out, but I can’t find her.”

“Me neither,” I related. “I was talking to her earlier, but I haven’t got a clue where she is now, and the staff is totally fuckin’ useless.”

“It makes things so hard.”

“I’m hoping Ashleigh will lighten up on that soon, now that we’re all getting along a bit better. Speaking of, how are things with you and Mum?”

“Good. I mean, not good, but compared to what they were, things are good. Actually, after all these years without her, I’d even rather she still treat me badly as long as she’s around.”

“Careful what you wish for.”


“She’s really something else, isn’t she?”

“Always was. I may have been the slutty sister, but just as many guys wanted down her panties, believe me. Even after she got those stupid brass knuckles, if you can believe it. Why are guys so stupid like that, anyway?”


“Oh, present company excluded, I’m sure,” she mocked. “Being her son, I’m sure you’re exempt from those feelings and desires for her. Huh? (Giggle)”

“Hilarious,” I told her with a smile.

“No, I’m totally serious,” she teased as she made her way back to where I sat with a tall glass of amber liquid.

It turned out to be my overall preference, whiskey and water, the putrid taste of the hard liquor twisting my mouth a little after I swallowed, watching Sheila’s ass again as she returned to her kitchenette.

“You never really did share anything about that,” she noted with expectation.”

“It’s not easy to just start blurting out stories about sex with a parent, you know. Most people have a problem talking about their sex lives at all, let alone an illegal one.”

“Is incest illegal?”

“Yes it is. I assume. Actually, I don’t know for sure.”

“I’m pretty sure it is in the states.”

“Doesn’t really matter, since we won’t be spreading it around in any event.”

“Not if we have any sense,” she laughed.

I leaned back and stretched my legs, resting my arms on the back of her couch as I openly checked anal porno her out. She knew I was and a little smile constantly played at her mouth because of it as she went about something or other, every once in a while sipping from her glass. I began to see that her overall attitude was brighter, a spark from the inside that leaked out through subtle expression, gesture and tone.

“So, have you seduced my mother yet?”

She laughed, her expression showing a little embarrassment as she stepped back from the counter with a long kitchen knife in her hand, regarding me incredulously.

“Well, fuck,” I defended, laughing as well, but mostly at how she’d reacted.

“I’m gonna punch you right in the neck!” she promised, pointing the knife across the room at me.

“Well, have you?”

“Have I what!?”

“Have you seduced her? Or, has she seduced you? She does want you.”

“No, not yet!” she told me as she went back to doing whatever at the counter. “Actually, she’s teasing me.”

“Like at the meeting?”

“A lot more subtle than that. I think she’s just feeling me out- not in the way I’d really like, but I digress. Above enjoying what it does to me, I think she’s just gauging my reaction to her right now.”

“She told me that she told you to behave,” I imparted.

Though I’d said it with a smirk, I was actually quite concerned, no matter Mum’s past claims about how things always and still were between the two. My concerns were put to rest upon her reply.

“Yeah, well… with Kathy, that’s not necessarily quite as bad as it sounds. If we were still young, yes it would be, but she’s not quite the same as she was. She’s a lot hornier and a lot less inhibited. I can see her fighting it. No, all she really wants is to punish me in some way to put closure on the past. You’ve got to understand that this was the way it always was with us.”

“She mentioned that. She was trying to tell me not to worry about you.”


“Yeah. Well, I was concerned that she might start taking advantage of your willingness to patch things up to treat you like shit, and she saw that. She told me there was always a certain way between you two and not to worry.”

“Yup, she’s right. At the moment, it’s a bit of a… a tentative process, but I think things are pretty good so far. I was thinking of inviting her for dinner tomorrow night. Do you think she’d like that?”

” … Ya know… at first, she’d probably be a bit uptight, but I bet she’d loosen up once she was here. Just try to keep conversation light and-“

“Uh- thanks, but I think I know how to handle her. Probably better than you, sweetie pie.”

“Yeah… Look, I’m sure you’re right, but you might want to keep in mind that there’s a reason for that new, uninhibited attitude of Mum’s, and it doesn’t come by itself. She’s not exactly the girl you knew from all those years ago, and I know that woman better than you do.”

“You’re talking about the Jedi thing, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I answered with a sigh, adding, “And I’m starting to see why Mum and Ashleigh hate the Star Wars terminology.”

“Is she really that different?”

“She’s… potentially dangerous. Lately, since we’ve been here, she’s been mostly distracted and alright, save for the time she almost drowned me, but I seem to have the upper hand with her now and she’s been good. That doesn’t mean that potential isn’t still there, it only means that the situation in the here and now isn’t such that she feels some of her more shocking capabilities are required.”

“Sounds like the same old Kathy to me.”

“Don’t fall into that assumption. She’s smart as hell, strong, confident and very unpredictable.”

“Like when she killed Mum?”

“Yes. Yes, actually.”

“Good for her. I have a lot of little rewards in mind for her on account of that. I can’t wait to please her.”

“By the way, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about that, but… I just didn’t want to get into it at the time. There was a lot of heavy shit on my mind, still is, and that’s the kind of thing that’s not exactly easy to get into.”

“I understand. I take it Ashleigh knew?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I told her in the hopes that she’d see the serious nature of what Mum has become.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well… Mum has a way of running amok in society. I was looking for help with her, and then along comes Ashleigh who thinks Mum should stay here, so I had to let her know some stuff.”

“What do you think? Should she stay here?”

“Yes. So should you.”

She didn’t answer right away, instead seemed to concentrate on whatever it was she was doing at her counter, not looking over at me when she finally did.

“Probably. It’d be a whole lot better if she stayed too, though. (Siiigh) Then there’s Kitten.”

“Why Sheila… I didn’t think you cared.”

I couldn’t resist teasing but, sure enough, she smiled as she rolled her eyes.

“So, what about Kitten?” I asked more seriously.

“Well… she’s my daughter. There’s just no hiding from it. When we were together during anal breakers porno that first meeting, when we were in the chair and making out with each other, it was like… me. It was so weird, and I never would have expected to have someone who was so… me.”

“You mentioned this the other night,” I reminded, “but you didn’t quite present it like that.”

“No. No, I didn’t. I was still wrestling with it at the time, but I’ll admit to…”

“You want her.”

“Oh, yes. Not like I want Kathy, but I want her. I want you all.”

“Have you and Ashleigh-?”

“Every which fucking way, and she’s fantastic.”


“Just wait till you see her guest room.”

“I’d love to fuck that bitch right up the ass,” I imparted mostly to myself as I swirled the contents of my glass. “Just to show her…”.”

“I’m so horny… I wonder where your mother is?”



The last time I’d been out, the time Stevie had explained the strange secret our family harboured, I’d noticed how odd it felt to be in public after being at the estate for even such a relatively short time. That was nothing compared to how I felt standing in the brightly lit frozen foods section of a supermarket, completely alienated from a world of people who were practically a different species. But while following along at Auntie Kathleen’s side with a box of blonde from the health and beauty section in my hand, I was excited enough that it was only a kind of mental sideshow. She sashayed up and down the aisles, taking items from shelves seemingly at random and tossing them into the cart she was pushing, eyes constantly taking in her surroundings while I felt like I was living out my own warped version of Shatner’s Common People.

She looked great in a burnt brown, stretchy skirt that hugged her bum and thighs all the way down to just above her knees. A deep maroon, short sleeved pullover with moderate cleavage barely covered the top of her skirt and really brought out her curves. The off-white sweater she wore over her shoulders and buttoned at the neck lent a relaxed, conservative flavour to her dark stockings, black three inch heels and otherwise sexy outfit, but that didn’t stop the men from looking.

Being as how we’d planned from the outset to pose as mummy and daughter, we chose my look accordingly, me conversing with Auntie about how she loved role play as we got me ready. She actually did my hair and makeup for me, very much enjoying the process and smiling the whole time, telling me again of how she’d often wished she’d had a daughter to do these things with.

When she was finished with me, I had to hand it to her. She did a great job, even highlighting our natural family likenesses to make our roles all the more convincing. In addition, we chose my pleated, black skirt, short enough to get attention, but not inappropriate as long as I wore it low on my hips. Above this, I donned a black, supportive cammie that showed about the same cleavage as Auntie’s top, but I had most of it covered with a short, faded blue, tailored jean jacket that I buttoned at the waist so as not to appear too slutty.

“It’s like fishing, sweetie pie,” She’d explained when she was grabbing the cart. “See, there’s all kinds of different fish swimming around out there, but our tastes are specific. So, we’ve weighted our lines, presented our lures accordingly, and now we wait for that specific fish to take an interest. It doesn’t mean other fish won’t be swimming by, some of them tempting in their own right, but we’re waiting for what we’ve prepared for, for what we really want.”

Now, after having been there for a little over twenty minutes, I noted the way she chewed at her bottom lip with a light scowl.

Catching my eye, she looked slightly down at me and imparted, “Maybe we should have gone to a hotel after all, but I wanted a different… Hel-lo.”

I followed the direction in which her remarkably hazel eyes were suddenly locked. Obviously, she wasn’t (I’d hoped) looking at the androgynous, blotchy faced, elderly wreck with the walker, busily hacking up a lung over the cheese display. It had to be the tall, somewhat thin woman with dark hair bobbed around her elegantly pretty face. She wore navy blue slacks over her modest, but noticeable curves with a long sleeved, plain white blouse that must have buttoned in back. It’s short, standup collar drew my eye, making me notice a bust line that was as modest as her hips, but not small. Overall, she seemed very classy and pretty, definitely having come from the top of somebody’s gene pool, though her expression almost made me laugh, watching how she couldn’t get away from the moaning senior fast enough.

Beside her, and suffering from much the same reaction, was who I’d assumed to be her son, a solid enough looking young man in his late teens or very early twenties. Like her, he was fine featured, especially for a male, tall and thin. In his dark green, casual dress pants and the tucked, pea green, button up shirt, he didn’t exactly look like a mamma’s boy so much as her little male counterpart. Still, with his short dark hair, he was good enough looking if a girl was in the mood for a pretty-boy. At the time, I wasn’t that fussy in any case, plus my excitement and curiosity tickled the psychological side of my sexuality and made it all but unimportant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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