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I was just 18 when my cousin Sandy went through a temporary separation from her husband Ted. She was 24. Maybe because I was a sex-obsessed virgin but for the life of me I couldn’t understand why anyone would go off and leave such a specimen unattended. She was slim and shapely, tan with good muscle tone, and blonde–as I would soon confirm–by nature.

Afraid Ted would come back to harass her, Sandy stayed at our house in the country. Mama worked during the day, leaving us alone. There were no close neighbors or stores so Sandy spent most of her time on the phone, watching soaps or sunbathing. I snuck around with porn mags and peeped at her bikini-clad figure stretched out on a blanket in the back yard. She took full advantage of the isolation, loosening her top to maximize the tan on her back, and rolling her bottoms down to the hairline when she turned over. It drove me crazy to see her flat stomach and the raised area under her bikini bottoms.

We didn’t talk much at first; we didn’t know what to say to each other. Then one day, about three weeks into her separation, she called me into the kitchen. I found her wearing nothing visible but a man’s shirt and flip-flops. She was mixing a blender full of frozen margaritas. She smiled at me in a way she never had. “You are going to help me drink this, aren’t you hon?”


When she reached in the cabinet to get margarita glasses, the shirt hiked up in back and I saw part of her firm ass cheeks. I wondered if she had anything on underneath.

We sat on the couch, had two stiff drinks and chitchatted. She had her legs crossed but covered her pubic area with a fleece throw. Still, I could see the side of her ass pressed against the lucky leather sofa.

A long, slow drink gave her the nerve she needed. “I was wondering if you’d do me a favor, hon. You don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable.”

I youporn porno was afraid she wanted me to shoot Ted, or something like that. Instead, she dug in a pink and yellow striped bag and held up a bottle of suntan lotion. “I need to put this on before I lay out and I don’t want to get it on my hands because it’s hard to get off and I have to cook tonight. Will you be a sweetheart and put it on me?”

“Uh…sure.” I took the bottle and put some in my hand.

“Not here, silly. Outside.”

We went through the sliding back door and out onto a blanket she had spread in the grass. She kicked out of the flip-flops and let the shirt fall to the ground, revealing a new, red bikini that barely covered the essentials. Being that close to a scantily clad beauty made my dick spring up and test the seams of my baggy shorts. She tried to act like she didn’t notice but I detected a devilish smile on those juicy lips.

She lay on her stomach. I nervously began smearing the tropical lotion on her soft back and shoulders, unable to pry my eyes from her ill-covered ass.

“You nervous, hon?”

I lied.

“Don’t be shy. Rub it all over me. Feet, legs, butt–everywhere. You wouldn’t want me to burn, would you? I’m gonna need it in front, too.”

I rubbed some on her muscular calves, then let my hand slide up her inner thigh to her warm pubic area. I thought my virgin heart would jump out of my chest. She responded by moaning and spreading her legs. I knew then she wanted to fuck as much as I did; I just wasn’t sure how to make a move. She took care of that.

“I really like to lay out naked, but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

When I finally assured her I wouldn’t be, she got to her knees and pulled the top off, then rolled over on her back and wiggled out of the bottoms. Her firm tits and strawberry zenci porno blonde pussy were more beautiful than anything I’d seen in a silly magazine.

“Finish rubbing me down. And take your clothes off so I don’t feel weird.”

I undressed, releasing my aching hardness from its confines. She moaned and groaned erotically while I polished her thighs, stomach and tits with the cocoanut-smelling concoction. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I put my face to her stomach and ran my nose and lips along the tiny yellow hairs that led to her pussy, then thrust my tongue into that hot sweetness. I sucked wildly as she locked her fingers behind my head and pressed so hard I thought my nose would break on her pelvic bone.

My tongue flickered across her clit and licked at the coarseness of hair on either side of her well-lubed lips. The closest neighbors were a half-mile away but I worried they could hear her screaming: “Ohhh yes! Suck it, cuz! Suck it hard!”

After a couple of minutes she pushed me over on my back, went down and swallowed my dick in one gulp. She held it there a long time, then bobbed up and down, putting blonde tendrils behind her ear and fluttering her eyelashes rapidly as her eyes rolled in back of her head.

It felt great, but I knew I wouldn’t come like that so I was happy when she scooted up and straddled my thighs, stroking my rock hardness with her pretty hands.

“Ever fucked before, hon?”

Embarrassed, I admitted I had not.

“Can I fuck you now?”

I couldn’t believe this beautiful woman was asking me this. I whispered consent. She rose up and with an ultra-loud moan, sat down on my dick. So wet was her pussy that I hardly felt anything but heat as she slid back and forth on me. “Oooh yeah! Fuck me cuz…FUCK ME!”

I rubbed her slippery tits until she leaned forward and ordered xhamster porno me to suck. I managed to get both of her hard, oily nipples in my mouth at once, which made her come immediately, shouting to the top of her lungs, “Oh god that fuckin’ feels good!”

She came two more times like that before moving off me and getting on her hands and knees. “Get me from the back, hon.”

I obliged, fucking her hard and steady like a mad dog, getting more turned on by her screams. “Oh hon, your dick is so big and hard. It feels awesome!”

I lost track of her orgasms when I began using the over-applied tanning oil to massage her tiny asshole with my thumb. She must have liked that feeling, because just as her pussy was getting dry–and I was about to wet it again with molten pearl–she reached back between her legs, grabbed my dick and guided it to her ass. I was all too happy to push my way into that fleshy firmness. When I did, she put her feet together and lowered her rear so that when I moved in and out my balls dragged against the tops of her cool heels.

She groaned, “Mmmm yes. Butt-fuck me cuz. Push that big cock all the way up my ass.”

I enjoyed watching the tight squeeze look of the ass-fuck, but completed less than ten strokes before an unprecedented sense of euphoria overtook me. With my entire body quivering violently, I pumped a pound of sperm up my cousin Sandy’s ass. She emitted a sexy moan, either in response to mine, or because she liked the feel of the pulsating meat and squirting hot cum.

I stayed inside her until I started to soften, then, with an effort, pulled out. A thick white strand connected my dick head with her asshole. I couldn’t bring myself to sever it.

At last she stretched out flat and I collapsed on top of her.

“I’m sorry, hon. I didn’t mean to take advantage of you but I’ve been all alone since Ted left.”

“It’s okay, I–“

“No! No one can ever know about this. The next time you get laid, you’ll have to consider that your first time.”

“I’ll never tell.”

Ol’ Ted came crawling back the next week and I kept my word.

Until now.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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