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At first she didn’t know what to think. The implications were many. Cheryl had just returned home from doing the week’s grocery shopping. When she had opened the refrigerator, she had found an envelope with her name on it. She was certain it had not been there when she ate breakfast. The note inside only heightened the mystery.

It stated simply, “Great pleasure awaits. Go to the location below. A package is waiting for you. Follow the instructions exactly. I will be watching.” The only other markings on the note were a set of GPS coordinates.

Cheryl finished putting away the groceries while she considered the cryptic message. Eventually, the thrill seeker in her won out. She picked up her keys and went out to her car. It was her birthday, after all, and what better way to start another year than with a little adventure.

Following the coordinates she soon found herself at a package shipping store. She walked warily into the store, unsure of what to do next.

“Can I help you?” the clerk asked.

“Do you have a package for Cheryl Gerardi?” she said while secretly hoping the answer would be no.

“Yes, ma’am,” the clerk replied. He reached below the counter to produce a small package wrapped in brown paper.

At once both excited and nervous, Cheryl returned quickly to her car and wasted no time ripping open the package. Rather than sating her curiosity, the contents only heightened the mystery. The box contained another note, a small battery powered shaver, and a miniature bottle of lotion. Cheryl felt herself flush as she opened the note, already suspecting what her next task entailed.

As she suspected, she was to go to the next set of coordinates, find a public restroom, and “use the shaver until there is no more to be shaved.” A tension swept through her as she entered the numbers into the GPS and immediately recognized the location to be that of the city’s largest shopping mall. For a moment she felt a slight trepidation. She knew she was free to stop the game, but curiosity was again the stronger emotion. Cheryl started the car now resolved to see the game through to the end.

At the mall, she tucked the shaver and lotion into her purse and hurried into the upscale department store that anchored one end of the complex. She made a direct line to the nearest restroom, her body tingling with rebellious excitement over what she was about to do.

Inside, she was relieved to find herself alone for the moment. She entered the farthest stall and locked the door behind her. Taking a deep breath for courage, Cheryl slid her jeans over her hips and down her shapely legs, stepping out of them and hanging them on the coat hook where they were joined by her now damp panties.

She took the shaver from her purse then, spreading her legs as wide as the narrow confines of the stall would allow, straddled the toilet and began. With detached amazement, as though it were happening to someone else, she watched as her dark curls dropped into the water below. As she pulled her lips aside to finish the job she was only partially surprised at how wet she had become. The shaver’s vibrations, at first soothing, became increasingly stimulating as she carefully maneuvered around her clit.

Her task completed, Cheryl switched off the shaver and surveyed her handiwork. Gone was the thick mass she had become so accustomed to seeing, in its place, her every curve and contour were visible in exquisitely erotic detail. Her pubic bone, rising from between her hips. In its shadow, her moistened lips peeked from their once hidden cleft. Admiring herself as though for the first time, she gently traced their edges as they joined to form the hood of her swollen button.

In an epic feat of self control, she tried to force her attention back to the practicalities of the present. The delicate skin had become reddened from the heat of the shaver’s friction. Her tormentor had, however, thoughtfully included a small tube of lotion. She squirted a generous amount onto her hand and began massaging it into the angry pores. The cool slipperiness of the lotion brought a sensual pleasure as it soothed. A soft tension began to form deep within her. She soon found her hands gliding along the length of her inner thighs, starting midway to her knees then working their way ever higher as they followed the bulging outline of her taut pelvic muscles, then drifting scandalously over the round globes of her bottom before meeting once more to dance lightly along the length of her crevasse. There she found her own copious fluids had mingled with the lotion to produce a slippery trail, which her fingers now followed, leading directly to her jutting clit.

Cheryl felt as though she were watching someone else’s hand upon another body as her fingers began stroking the length of her pussy. Seemingly of their own accord, first two then three fingers plunged into her opening. Slowly at first, she worked them in and out, her palm kneading the kernel beneath it on every stroke. She could feel her climax building as her Niğde Escort hand maintained an agonizingly steady pace. Every muscle in her body tensed in anticipation. She could feel her vagina tightening around her fingers like a belt, trying to pull them deeper inside.

Then, suddenly, she arrived. A wave of pleasure swept across her consciousness, threatening to take it from her. Breaths came in short gasps. Her pussy pulsated in the throws of her orgasm, first crushing her fingers in a vice like grip, then relaxing for a moment before constricting again.

After what seemed both forever and but a fraction of a minute, her body gently returned from its zenith. She leaned back, to recover from her exertion, but was jolted into the reality of her surroundings by the commercial toilet’s valve poking into her back. All traces of afterglow vanished as she remembered where she was and realized what she had just done. Hoping no one had witnessed her escapade, she hastily dressed, noting with curiosity the clammy feel of her wet panties against the freshly bare skin.

Exiting the stall, Cheryl’s heart leaped into her throat as she saw another woman washing her hands. The woman glanced at her from the corner of her eyes and flashed a knowing smile. Cheryl felt herself blush and strode deliberately out the door, across the store and into the safe anonymity of her car. But her adventure had only begun.

On the passenger seat was a large manila envelope with the words “For My Love” written in black marker. Inside she found a bra and panties made of bright red satin. There was also another note directing her to put on the enclosed items then, without dressing, open her sunroof and drive to the given location. There, she was permitted to dress before picking up another package which would contain further instructions. The note also reminded that a reward awaited on the completion of her quest.

She glanced furtively about then, as directed, again slid out of her jeans and panties. With one more look about to secure her privacy, she removed her shirt and bra as well. She failed to notice the driver of a large SUV watching through binoculars a few rows away.

Now stark naked in the middle of a busy parking lot, Cheryl piled her clothing on the passenger seat and examined her new attire. The thong panty was nothing more than two strips of red elastic attached to a very small triangle of red satin. As she leaned forward to slip them over her feet, the leather of the seat rubbed against her exposed mound, giving her a previously unknown but embarrassingly pleasant sensation. She slid the meager garment over her knees, then arched her back to wriggle it into place.

Next was the bra, which turned out to be almost as insubstantial as the collection of thread that was now disappearing between her legs. Made of the same bright red satin, the open cup design provided only enough support to ensure that her pink nipples would be the focus of any attention. She fastened the clasp between her moderately sized breasts and adjusted the straps slightly then, as instructed, opened the sunroof and proceeded out of the lot and onto the freeway.

She quickly realized the point of the open sunroof as each tractor-trailer driver she overtook signaled his appreciation with a horn blast. However, the warmth of the sun on her bare skin and the tickle of the breeze on her exposed nipples gave Cheryl a sense of sinful pleasure that easily vanquished any thoughts of modesty.

As she operated the car’s pedals to negotiate the traffic lights leading to the collection of shops that was her destination, the actions of her legs had drew the thong deeper between her cheeks where it now tugged at her with a pleasurable irritation. The small patch in front had also burrowed deeper into her clutches, so that with every move her sensitive labia were massage by the slippery fabric. She pulled hastily into the first available parking space to readjust, although her fingers dallied in the wetness between her thighs longer than absolutely necessary, but still she failed to notice the SUV which entered moments later.

Cheryl wasted no time dressing, pulling on first her shirt then her jeans, but as she exited the car she knew the red of the bra would be easily visible through her white T-shirt as were her erect nipples. Undaunted, she pushed away any feelings of chastity and continued on. She walked from store to store, inquiring of each red faced clerk if there was a package for her. As she walked, she discovered that without the buffer of hair as insulation her every movement became a source of stimulation. Even the brush of a countertop edge against the front of her jeans caused her body to tighten involuntarily and her twin buttons to stiffen anew.

Her search ended with a jewelry store near the end of the string of shops. There she was presented with a large, flat, box wrapped in gold foil and, of course, another envelope. The note congratulated her on completing her tasks and encouraged her to Niğde Escort Bayan show her gratitude by going to the luxury hotel across the street where a room was awaiting her. The hotel was closer than her car, so Cheryl elected to simply jog across the street rather than retrieve her vehicle first. As she did so, her bouncing breasts threatened to dislodge themselves completely from the bra. A pair of appreciative bellboys eagerly opened the doors for her as she approached.

The cool air inside snapped her nipples to attention as she entered the lobby, and she could again feel the fabric of her shirt catch on them as she moved. Her footsteps clattered loudly on the marble floor as she made her way to the desk. Among the luxurious gold fixtures and towering greenery that filled the lobby, she felt conspicuously underdressed as she approached the black granite counter. However, unlike the store clerks or even the bellboys, the young woman on the other side maintained her decorum and made no overt indication that she had even noticed Cheryl’s licentious attire.

“May I help you?” the woman said without a trace of the condemnation Cheryl had expected.

“I believe you have a room for me. Cheryl Girardi.”

“Yes, ma’am. The Executive level, room 1516. Here is your key. Do you need any help with your luggage?”

“No, thank you. I think I have everything I’ll need right here,” Cheryl replied, indicating her purse and the still wrapped package under her arm.

She took the offered keycard and boarded the wood paneled elevator, where she inserted the card into a slot to gain access to the fifteenth floor. As the doors closed, she was able to see herself in the doors’ mirrored inner surface. Through her shirt, the bright red bra was clearly visible just below the proud bumps of her nipples. Alone in the softly lit car, and entranced by the sight of her self in the mirror, she gingerly brushed a finger across one of the fabric covered nubs. A bolt of sensual heat shot out from the point of contact to quickly dissipate within her breast. Almost as if she were watching a movie, Cheryl looked on as the figure in the reflection allowed her finger to trace gentle circles about the fleshy projection. As she did so, the rays of pleasure travelled further down her body. She noted the way the creases of her jeans pointed toward the same destination. The mirror woman pulled her shirt up, tucking the hem beneath her chin. The normally pink areolae were now drawn tight and had darkened to a deep reddish brown. Her fingers resumed their circling motion, then began gently squeezing the eraser shaped projection. Each squeeze sent another shot of pleasure toward her core. Her other hand soon followed, slipping deftly beneath the waist of her pants, over the smooth expanse of barren skin and into the heat of the wet folds beyond. Her knees buckled slightly as those fingers too found their target.

A tone sounded and the elevator stopped, jolting her from her reverie. She was scarcely able to drop her shirt and withdraw her hand before the doors opened. She hurriedly entered the hallway, and with only a moment’s disorientation, found her room. She slipped the card into the slot and opened the door.

The large room was dominated by the view of the city through the full length windows that made up one wall. In keeping with the art deco theme, a king sized platform bed rested against the opposite wall. As promised, on the sharp lined dresser sat her suitcase with another, smaller, bag beside it. A seating area of armless chairs and a low backed couch occupied one end of the large window, while a table topped with thick glass and surrounded by leather upholstered tulip chairs filled the other. One end of the table lay curiously close to the window. On the other end, a tray with silver covered plates and chilling champagne awaited.

While Cheryl was still taking it all in, the phone rang.

“Hello,” she said in a sultry tone.

“Are you having a happy birthday?” the male voice on the other end said.

“More than you know about,” she responded playfully.

“Open your gift.” Cheryl tore the paper from the package and opened the velvet covered case. Inside was a necklace of white gold. The middle third was encrusted with small, sparkling diamonds and from the center hung three more short lengths of chain that ended in pale blue sapphires.

“Thank you,” she said breathlessly, “It’s beautiful.”

“You’re welcome. There is one other thing, though. There is no clothing allowed in the room. You may only wear the necklace and the items in the small box on the table. Also, the curtains shall remain open and the lights on. Enjoy your dinner, drink some champagne. Whenever you are ready, you may open the extra bag on the dresser and follow the instructions it contains, but don’t wait too long. I might have to punish you if you aren’t ready for my arrival.” The line then clicked dead.

Preferring to keep the game on a cooperative track this time, Cheryl decided to Escort Niğde follow the caller’s directions. There would be other opportunities to flex her independence.

Standing in front of the mirror, she shed her pants and shirt, followed by the bra and thong which was now fully saturated with her wetness. She then reached behind her neck to fasten the necklace, noticing as she did so the way her breasts transitioned from being slightly teardrop shaped to round globes punctuated by concentric nipples, and back again as she lowered her arms.

She poured herself a glass of champagne and savored the complex flavors that tingled her tongue. Beside the champagne bucket, as though competing with the tray of food for her attention, was a small gold box. Assuming it to contain more jewelry, she eagerly opened it. Inside was jewelry, after a fashion. Cheryl felt a sudden tightening between her legs as she realized the purpose of the three items.

The first was a silver, horseshoe shaped, clip about two inches long from either end of which dangled pale blue stones that matched those of her necklace. The other pair of items were large crystals, also of a pale blue color, attached by small springs to loops of thin silver wire. Another large swallow from the slender glass helped wash away her remaining inhibitions as she attached her new accessories.

Starting with the large clip, Cheryl propped one leg upon a chair and gently stroked her puffy outer lips apart, again marveling at the feel of the bare skin. A surge of pleasure roared through her being as she firmly tugged her clit further from its sheath. She then slid the hairpin-like clip over her bud, preventing it from retreating again. Instead of the expected pinching pain, she felt only a gentle pressure that continuously drew her attention back as though that swollen bit of flesh was now the only part of her body that mattered.

She drained the last of her glass and poured another before turning to the remaining items, the purpose of which was clear. With her nipples already protruding proudly from the stimulation below, she had only to slip the wire noose around herself and tighten it securely.

It was, by now, completely dark outside and she caught sight of her reflection in the large window. She stepped away from the table to observe herself more fully. As she did so, the jewels dangling from her nether parts gently stimulated her in a way she had never before felt. The lights of the room glinted off the crystalline pendants that adorned her body. She turned first one way then the other, seeing herself as he might and appreciating what she saw. With the back of one finger, she traced the line of her necklace into the valley between her breasts. Imagining it was his, she continued on, exploring the curves of her womanly attributes before descending toward the warm slit from which the sparkling blue gems dangled against her smooth thighs.

Unseen in the parking lot outside, a shadowy figure watched her explorations intently. His hand massaged his hard cock through his pants as he waited anxiously for the next phase.


Cheryl found herself uninterested in food, only nibbling at the spring rolls from the appetizer plate before yielding to her inquisitive nature and investigating the small bag on the dresser. What she found made her consider stopping the game, for inside were four nylon cuffs connected by short lengths of chain, a flog made of a wooden handle and topped by numerous strips of soft leather, and a large dildo.

Although apprehensive, the day’s activity had also made Cheryl intensely horny. She topped off her flute, then downed the entire glass in one great swallow. A relaxing glow radiated outward as the liquid traced a warm path down her body, washing away any remaining trepidation.

Following her master’s orders, she attached the suction cup base of the phallus to the surface of the table nearest the window. She then mounted the table herself, and, kneeling, cuffed her ankles together before maneuvering herself over the large plastic cock. She noted with pleasure the way the crystal pendants on her breasts bounced on their springs and tugged gently on her nipples with her every movement.

The dildo was larger by far than any she had ever used before, so it was with some doubt that she gingerly lowered herself onto it. The bulbous head stretched her to the limit, and she already felt completely filled as it slipped past the initial tightness. Still, she felt a sense of erotic accomplishment at her feat, but one task remained.

Arching her back, she strained to reach the wrist cuffs between her feet. With less fumbling than she had expected, she was able to fasten them but quickly realized that the short chains to which they were attached would not allow her to maintain this position for long. She steadily relaxed her legs, taking the shaft ever deeper into her body, feeling with intense awareness every bump of its veined surface as it pushed through her entrance until at last her round bottom rested against her ankles. In disbelief, she stared at her reflection in the window, marveling at the sight of the black monster impaling her and trying to pinpoint the spot inside her belly where the massive head rested. She also wondered if he had been watching the show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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