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People really should be more careful with their property. Take Amanda, for instance, a young woman I know. I won’t say she’s a close friend of mine, more like a casual acquaintance. She’s a lovely young woman, but a bit of a scatterbrain at times. She always seems to be mislaying things.

If she’s in any group you’re with you can be sure that if you find the odd object that has wandered astray, it’s Amanda’s.

That’s why I wasn’t too surprised when I found a handbag on the ground next to my car at the local mall and it turned out to be Amanda’s. I wandered into the mall and had the central office page her but she didn’t turn up. I assumed that she’d left her purse behind when departing. So I headed on home myself, purse in hand.

Now I didn’t know where Amanda lived and I didn’t know who, among our mutual friends, would know how to contact her. So the only sensible thing to do was go through her bag to find what contact details were there.

I struck it lucky as her license and her phone were there. If I had to I could go to her address and leave the bag, but I didn’t like the idea. If she wasn’t home and I left it, someone might pinch it. So I checked the phone.

It was locked, of course, but by tilting the screen and looking at finger-marks it seemed to me that the area over the two was rather scruffy. I took the chance and tapped the two several times and bingo, the phone was activated.

I hopped onto the contacts list, starting with her mother, and it didn’t take long to track her down. She was at a friend’s place, bewailing the loss of her bag and all her credit cards, etc. etc.

I broke the happy news and gave her my address and she said she’d be around right away.

As a matter of curiosity (and because I’m a natural born snoop) I checked out her taste in music (abysmal) and looked to see what sort of pictures she took. Now that turned out to be interesting. As soon as I realised what I’d found I connected via Bluetooth and transferred all her pictures to my phone and saved them to my micro SD card.

Now why would I do that? Well, ninety percent of the photos were totally innocuous, along the lines of this is me and Chloe looking like idiots at a café. The other ten percent were selfies of a totally different nature.

I’d always noted that Amanda was nicely stacked, but I hadn’t really noticed how nicely. There was an interesting line of photos showing her in different bras, together with a line that showed she didn’t need one.

It also seemed that she liked to experiment with matching panties and bras. I also liked the ones where she showed off all her tan lines without extraneous items like clothes blocking the view.

Adventurous little Amanda also shaved a certain area, trying out different little patterns, each pattern being slightly smaller than the one before. You can guess what the final ones showed.

Would you believe that these naughty photos were quite innocent compared to some of the others. Close ups of dildo’s and how they fit. There was quite a number of very naughty selfies there.

It was beyond belief that someone with that sort of dynamite on their phone would be so careless at to lose it. And to have such a crappy pin number. I was going to have a little fun with Amanda when she came around.

When was right. I’d expected bahçeşehir escort her to come rushing right around to collect her purse, especially as it contained phone, money, license and credit cards. But no. Would you believe it was four hours before she eventually rocked up to collect it? And I was effectively stuck at home until she arrived. If I’d wanted to go out I’d have been a little pissed off at being forced to wait for Amanda to swing past.

I was watching the game on TV when Amanda finally fronted. The front door was open, so when the bell rang I just tilted my chair back to see who it was and yelled at her to come in.

She came bustling in, already looking around for her bag.

“In the kitchen,” I said, getting up and heading that way, with Amanda almost treading on my heels as she came.

Amanda pounced on the bag, opened it to check the contents and then opened her purse and counted her money. That irritated me. Then she stuffed the purse bag in her bag, hung the bag over her shoulder, grunted thanks and was heading out.

“You’re welcome,” I called after her. “Nice set of pictures you have.”

She came to a screeching halt and spun to face me, face a lovely red.

“Were you snooping through my phone?” she yelled.

“I used it to call you, remember?” I said. “Or to call your friends while looking for you. I guess I must have pressed the wrong button and your photos popped up. After seeing the first one I couldn’t resist seeing the rest.”

Amanda was red from both embarrassment and fury. The fact that not only had I seen the photos but was laughing at her about them was driving her wild.

“If you mention them to anyone,” she started, “I’ll, I’ll. . .”

It seemed she couldn’t decide what she’d do. I added some fuel to the fire.

“Some of those pictures are really nice. You won’t really mind if I show a couple around, will you. I’ll say that I took them and won’t tell them it’s you.”

“Show them round? What do you mean, show them round?” she shrieked.

“Well, while I was filling in time waiting for you to come and collect your things, I sort of copied the nicest photos to my own phone,” I said, smiling innocently. “I figured you wouldn’t mind as you’ve probably been texting them anyway.”

“You didn’t,” she whispered, staring at me, absolutely appalled at the idea. “They’re private. I’ve never shown any of them to anyone.”

“You really should download the Keepsafe app,” I told her. “Then no-one can see photos you want to keep private. Too late now.”

Amanda just stood there, glaring at me.

“Those are my photos,” she said, fury seething in her voice. “I want you to delete them from your phone right now.”

“Or else what?” I asked, laughing. “You’ll tell your mother what sort of photos I copied and ask her to get them back? Call the cops and have them examine the photos on your phone and then check my phone to see which ones match?”

Amanda was almost dancing on the spot in her fury, but it was obvious she didn’t know what to do. I did. I explained my idea to her.

“I’ll tell you what I’ll do,” I said. “It seems to me you have some fairly explicit photos of yourself on the phone, and might I say that you appear to have a sensational body. However, bakırköy escort there is one type of photo missing. If you let me help you correct that oversight I’ll pass you my phone and you can personally delete all your photos so that you know they’re gone.”

She was suspicious, which was not unreasonable. I could see her mind was racing, trying to work out what sort of photo was missing. She gave up and asked.

“What sort of photo do you have in mind? I assume it has something to do with me naked and you get to perv on me while the photo is done.”

“Oh, better than that,” I assured her. “You’ll be naked, alright, but you get to take some photos as my cock slowly sinks into you. You can even record it as a film if you like.”

For a moment I thought she was going to hit the roof and throw a screaming tantrum, but she managed to control herself.

“So you’re saying I have to get undressed and then take a photo of you putting your cock in me. And then I can delete all the photos on your camera.”

“I don’t want to be accused of tricking you,” I told her. “After my cock is in you, I fully intend to use it to fuck you good and hard. I don’t expect you’ll be able to take photos once that has started as you’ll be too busy trying to keep up with me.”

“You have got to be kidding,” she protested, just standing and staring at me.

“Not really,” I said. “Observe.”

I leaned down a little and lifted her dress. Then I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and drew them down. Amanda just stood and watched, mouth open.

With her panties around her ankles she looked at me.

“Why did you do that?” she asked.

“Because it shortcuts all the discussion and get to the main point,” I explained. “If you hadn’t already admitted to yourself that you’ll do what I want you’d never have permitted me to take them down.”

With that I slipped the shoulder straps of her dress off her shoulders. I’d already spotted the side zip that helped it stay on, and it didn’t take long to unzip and her dress floated down to join her panties. Reaching around her, her bra was unhooked and then Amanda was standing there naked. Still carrying her bag, but that only seemed to emphasise her nudity.

“Shall we adjourn to the bedroom?” I asked and Amanda meekly stepped clear of her panties and dress and went with me.

She must love her photos. She settled on the bed and took several of me while I stripped, including what I was quite sure was a close-up of my wedding tackle. When I was naked Amanda lay back looking at me. If she was reluctant about what was about to happen she certainly didn’t show it.

I settled down next to her, and my hands started roving. Her nipples hardened under my touch and her breathing deepened. Then I was playing with her pussy, stroking her smooth mons, pressing hard enough that she was squirming slightly under me.

Fingers dipped into her, testing the waters, as it were, and the waters were hot and wet. Amanda was already pushing herself up against me, her pussy rubbing firmly against my hand.

“Now?” I asked, and she nodded so I lined myself up and started smoothly forward.

I assumed that she wouldn’t want hands in the way, so just my cock approached her. It butted başakşehir escort up against her lips and they slowly parted, letting me in. Moving very slowly I pressed forward, sinking myself in her tight passage, enjoying her heat and slippery wetness.

How that I was in her I reached for her breasts. It always seems more fun if you can hold a girl’s naked breasts while you take her, and in my experience the girls certainly enjoy it.

“Are you ready?” I asked, looking at her while my hands gently squeezed and my cock pressed firmly against her.

Instead of saying anything she just smirked at me and pressed hard up against me. I got the point. I pulled back and drove in hard, while she pushed up to meet me. At the same time her legs rose and wrapped around me, giving her that little extra oomph when she pulled me into her.

Any thought of treating Amanda gently while I took her very quickly went by the board. I had considered it, because some people might say that there was an element of coercion in the way I enticed her into my bed. But it was immediately obvious that if I tried to take things slowly and gently I’d be trampled in the rush.

The initial entry had been one thing. A nice slow drive into her set the stage for the action. Now that the action had commenced Amanda was off and running and she was proving a very demanding lover.

We came together vigorously, both of us driving hard against the other. Amanda was practically bouncing free of the bed as she pushed up against me, demanding I take her harder, damn it, harder.

I did my best, driving in hard and often, hands mauling her breasts as I took her, both of us rushing wildly towards our respective climaxes. We bounced and clung and bounced some more, our excitement rising with every movement. Then all of a sudden my mouth was covering hers as I ravished her lips and started driving towards a serious climax.

Amanda wasn’t being left behind. Her tongue duelled with mine and I could hear her whimpering slightly as her own climax gather force.

Then I was coming into her and she was exploding under me, shrieking into my mouth.

I finished up collapsed on top of her, feeling boneless. She lay totally relaxed under me, looking boneless. We lay like that for a while until I eventually felt Amanda start to stir.

I reached for my shirt and extracted my phone and passed it to her.

“Feel free to delete anything you want,” I said.

Perhaps I should have phrased that differently. She held the phone in both hands, looking at it, then turned and brought it down hard on the corner of the bedside table.

You know, I hadn’t known you could snap a phone in half that way. You learn something new every day.

Amanda just smiled at me and handed me the two halves.

“Done,” she said.

I’m damned glad that I was out of contract and due to get a new phone anyway. This little incident would speed up that process. I tossed the remains into the drawer of the bedside table. I wanted to look at the micro SD card later. I suspected that it had got off scot free and all my info would still be on it.

Hey, it’s not my fault if Amanda was careless in her deletions. I did give her the chance.

I didn’t say anything, just lay back on the bed while Amanda smirked and looked at her own phone. I was a bit taken aback when she suddenly snarled a rude word. I lifted an eyebrow, a quizzical expression on my face.

“The pictures didn’t come out properly,” she explained. “You’re going to have to try it again.”

Not a problem, really. I was young and healthy, but I couldn’t help wondering how many times she’d want me to try before she was satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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