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This is a true story; it is the third story that I written about my sexual experiences as a boy, if you want some background, you may want to read my two previous stories.

Again, about me. I was born in Europe, when I was 3 years old my parents moved to a Latin American country where I was raised. Must of the population are dark skinned, not black, more like light to dark brown, I am white…. like milk.

That afternoon as I was walking out of school I saw them, there they were, the two shoeshine boys that have fucked me the previous week in the janitor’s room at the school, they were standing just outside the main gate looking at me with a grin on their faces, I felt embarrassed and I am sure I was blushing, I felt like hiding but it was too late, they have seen me and as soon as I walked out the main gate they approached me, again with a grin on their faces, I hated that.

“Hi” one of them said, I responded looking at the ground “Hi”, and then he said, “How about a game of marbles?” I raised my head and looked at him and said, “I don’t have any”, and as I was going to start walking away he grabbed my arm and said, “That’s ok, we have some, come on”. At first I didn’t respond and with out letting go of my arm he said, “Oh, come on” Being 12 and smaller than they, who were about 15 or 16 felt a bit intimidated and when he started to walk still grabbing my arm I just walked with him without resisting.

We walked to the same place as the week before and kneeled down and the other boy opened his shoeshine box and produced a bag of marbles, the same beautiful marbles with those beautiful solid colors and the ones that were transparent with flower petals inside, the same marbles that I had bet my body for the week before and lost.

With his finger he drew a circle, placed some marbles inside the circle and we started to try to hit them out of the circle. That went on for about ten minutes, by then I was feeling comfortable and having a good time.
One of them was right next to me as we played and the other was on the other side of the circle in front of me. And then is when the one next to me said, almost whispering, “Would you let us?” I knew what he was asking and since it was my turn to hit the marbles I just continued with out responding, a minute went by and he ask again, “Hey, what do you say, would you let us?” I was silent and he continued, “Come on, I know that you liked it” and “What do you say?” I still was silent but he kept the pressure on, “Look, you liked it last time and you are going to like it again”. I must admit that I was warming up to the idea, and besides, he was insisting so when he asked one more time, “What do you say?” I nodded, “Yes”. He looked at the boy in front of us a nodded, ”Yes” to him. They knew they had me.

Immediately they picked up the marbles and the shoeshine boxes and we started walking into the school grounds and in the direction of the janitor’s room. I felt horny and nervous as we walked and as soon as we arrived they closed the door and without saying a word I started to undo my pants, dropped them to my ankles and out of them, the boy that have asked was behind me and he pulled my briefs down and I stepped out of them, I bent over the working bench and with his right feet he pushed my right feet to open my legs even more. And then I felt his cock between my buns, he had applied saliva and he started to work it inside me, it hurt and I moved, he applied more saliva and continued trying to get in me, and alsancak escort after a minute or so he was, he started to fuck me slowly and at one point a turned my head and saw the other boy watching. I started to enjoy it, just last the previous week, but even more this time. A couple of minutes went by and then he took it out and his friend took his place, I knew they were going to take turns again and I didn’t mind that at all. The other boy was in me and I was fucking me a bit harder, The first boy had a longer cock, maybe as thick as his friend’s but definitely longer maybe and inch and a half longer, at the time I didn’t rationalized it but I knew I liked the longer cock. They changed places again and this time he was taking his time and I realized that I was truly enjoying it, I liked his cock, it filed me and then he stopped pumping me and while grabbing me by my hips he said, “You do it” I didn’t understand at first but then he moved my hips and I understood, he wanted me to push my hips in and out of his cock, he was standing still with his hands grabbing my hips while I worked his cock, I was giving him my buns freely for his cock to enjoy them that went on for a couple of minutes and then he grabbed my hips, went deeper into me till I felt his pubic hair and then he moved my hips from side to side and said, “You do it” and now I was pressing my buns while he had his cock deep in me and I was, as instructed, moving me buns from side to side, and I was enjoying it, at that time they could have done anything they wanted with me. He started to pump me again and again and after a while with one solid push he went deeper than before hold me tight and he came. I was waiting for his friend to do the same but he had placed a chair behind me a sat on it and grabbing my hips said, “Come” I looked and he was sitting with his erect cock waiting for me to sit on him. He was in me right away and he said, “Do it like this” he grabbed my hips and showed me what he wanted and now I was going up and down on his cock, that went on for a while, I have never been fucked like that and I looked down and my little cock was hard, in the open, giving me away for them to know that I was enjoying the fuck they were giving me and then he pressed me down and grabbing my hips with his cock deep in me he started to move my hips from side to side, just like his friend did while I was bending over and he said, “You do it” and I started to do it, at the time that was for me the ultimate act of submission, he was grabbing me by my hips with his cock deep in me and I with out his help I was moving my hips from side to side rubbing my buns on him and he made me do that for a good three minutes and then he started to move me up and down hard and then he sat me on him holding me tight and then he came.

I started to get dressed and they waited for me by the door, as we walked out the room and into the school grounds on of them said, “Tell me, did you liked it?” I was not embarrassed by the question, he had asked an a way that I felt like we were friends and I felt comfortable saying, “Yes” and we all smiled at each other and he said, “You see, I told you”.

We arrived at the front gate and we said, “Bye” and as I was starting to walk away from them I heard, “See you next week!”

As I was walking home, still feeling them, I realized that I liked the fucking they gave me more than the first time, and even although I was not ready to accept it as a done deal, inside me I knew they were going to fuck me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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