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I sat motionless, my eyes focused on the beautiful piano player sitting no more than 20 feet in front of me. Her fingers brushed nimbly across the piano keys while her long legs, in rhythm, pumped the pedals below. She was singing with a voice like an angel and my mind was filled with only one thought.

I wanted to seduce and fuck the piano player.

There was no escaping that one conclusion. It had been part of my thoughts and erotic fantasies, off and on, for more than 20 years.

But I wanted to do more than just fuck the piano player. I wanted to feel her long, stocking-clad legs wrapped around my head while I buried my tongue as deep as possible into her hot, wet, convulsing pussy. I wanted to feel her big, beautiful ass bouncing off my face while I struggled to eat, lick and suck every inch of it. I wanted to see my dick disappear into what I could only imagine to be the best pussy on earth.

Many people refuse to admit or recognize just how much we are occupied by sexual imagination and fantasy. But I readily admit that thoughts of seducing and fucking beautiful, ripe and preferably married women occupy the majority of my thoughts on a daily basis.

I have seduced and had sexual intercourse with numerous married women over the years. The seduction is thrilling in itself but nothing compares to the absolute exhilaration I feel when the months, sometimes years of slow seduction come to fruition and I fuck the object of my fantasy for the first time.

The process involved in trying to get a sexy married woman to cheat on her husband and to commit adultery is ultimately dangerous. But with that danger comes great excitement, an excitement that is heightened even more when you anticipate that this might be the greatest fuck experience of your life, an indescribable life-altering physical, sexual experience.

My seduction efforts usually focus on married women who have two common qualities. First, the women must be attracted to me both personally and physically. Second, the women must be very sexual and absolutely love to fuck more than anything on this earth.

That brings me back to Jan, the piano player at my church (of all places). I had known Jan for more than 20 years and she was always one of the women on my seduction radar screen.

I’ve always believed that I have a sixth sense — the ability to read certain things about people. These instincts are not evident all the time. Maybe these feelings surface only when there is some sort of connection between certain people and me. I don’t know. But I do know that my ability to read people was reaffirmed with Jan.

Jan and I had always been acquaintances because of church but we were never what you would call friends. She and my wife Melissa had worked on several church projects together and I knew and liked her husband Eddie. But Melissa and I had more in common with Jan and Eddie than just belonging to the same church. They had three boys and we had three girls and the children were all close in age and had grown up together. All of our children were almost grown, either just out of college or currently in college. Jan and Eddie were just the stereotypical hard working, church-going, community-involved family that is common in small communities.

The phrase “prim and proper” comes to mind when I think of Jan. She is a tall woman, probably about 5-foot-8, who is always very well dressed. When she plays the piano, she wears eyeglasses that make her look like the stereotypical old maid schoolteacher. But she is one of these women who always seem to have everything in the right place, like she has spent a lot of time dressing and grooming herself. She is very quiet, unassuming and not overly expressive.

Jan is what I would describe as a good-looking woman, not overly beautiful, but definitely an eyeful. She has long beautiful legs that you see a lot of times on tall women. When she is playing the piano, her skirt has a tendency to rise up a little on her thighs and I can see the small gap between her slightly parted legs. When I see this, my imagination runs wild and I try to picture what it looks like in that heavenly area deep between her legs. I kind of had a running joke with myself about this. When I noticed those beautiful legs parted and giving way to the slightly open area, I would tell myself, “the promised land, the promised land.” That’s what I started calling Jan’s pussy: “the promised land”.

Jan also has very pretty blue-gray eyes, the kind that are often described as “smoky”, and high cheekbones. Her titties are not huge but they are big. One of the great things about Jan is the way she dresses, always very stylish and classy. I love it when she wears sweaters because she usually wears them a little too tight, making it look like her tits are struggling to burst out of her clothes.

But probably Jan’s greatest feature, and believe me when I tell you that I’m an expert in this area, is that she has a big, beautiful, well-shaped, tight ass. It is the kind of great ass that you see many times on tall, long-legged women. Van Escort She also has those great wide hips that just add to her spectacular lower body. With those hips, ass, thighs and legs all together in one package, Jan has the most sexual lower body I have ever seen on a woman. When I would see those wide hips and big ass spread across that piano bench, I couldn’t help but dream of what it would be like to have this woman sitting on my face, my hands gripping her huge ass while my mouth and tongue explore her hot pussy.

Jan was now 43-years-old but I honestly believe that her body was more spectacular at age 43 than it ever was at age 23. That happens a lot of times with women when they get into middle age. Society tries to sell us on the notion that women are more beautiful at age 25 than at age 35 or 45. I’m afraid not. Women get sexier and better looking with age. Their bodies ripen and they definitely become more sexual. It’s like anything else in life. The more experience you have, the better you are. And it’s the same with women. As they mature, they get confident, they know how to dress better, and they really, really become experts at fucking. I know that from experience. In fact, the best fuck I’ve ever had was 52-years-old the first time I fucked her.

I was only 26 at the time and single and Bobbie was a married policewoman I met while I was living in a small town. She was amazing. At age 52, she had bleached blond hair and wore skirts at least two inches above her knees (but this was not so unusual for the early 1970s). She was a real earthy woman who had a real filthy mouth on her. She was always teasing me about my sex life, or lack of it, when I would see her at City Hall. To make a long story short, Bobbie’s husband had to go out of town one weekend and she asked me if I wanted to come over to her house for a drink. That woman fucked me from Friday afternoon to Sunday night. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that the only time we stopped fucking and sucking was to get something to drink or to make a sandwich. We screwed each other all weekend in every room of that house. It was one of the few times in my life when I was the one seduced instead of the one doing the seducing.

For some reason, I guess it is my sixth sense again, I always had the feeling that my piano-playing Jan loved men — I mean really loved men, or I should say sex. Now let me qualify that by saying I had no outward evidence of this. She never gave any hint that she had such a notion. But there were certain little things that I picked up on over the years that led me to believe that this woman loved to fuck — and loved to fuck often.

Maybe it was just a leering smile I noticed here and there, or a lingering glance, or maybe body language. I don’t know. But I just felt strongly that this woman, underneath the surface, was a smoldering sexual volcano ready for eruption at all times. Something kept telling me that Jan’s idea of a good time was getting fucked by a good dick.

I am short in stature and I often fantasized about what it would be like to fuck a tall, good-looking woman like Jan. I would think often of her wrapping those long legs around me while I pounded away at her hot pussy. One of my favorite visions was imagining her lying on her stomach while I devoured her neck, back, ass, thighs and legs with my mouth. Jan had a long beautiful neck that she liked to show off by wearing her hair up. It was the kind of neck you could spend days kissing and licking.

With both of us belonging to the same church and being involved in church activities, Jan and I saw each other quite often. But in the 20 years I knew her, we had never had a conversation that lasted more than a minute or two. When we did, it was pleasant and I enjoyed looking into her beautiful eyes. Even though I wanted so much for it to be so, I never considered Jan a prime candidate for my seduction efforts. We traveled in different circles at church and I could never figure out how I could develop a relationship with her that would lead me to “the promised land.”

It was purely by accident that a situation arose that would allow me to get to know Jan on a personal basis. One of my hobbies is reading. I love to read and I had always wanted to belong to a book discussion group. Now that my kids were close to fully grown and out of the house, I had more time on my hands and decided to pursue joining a reading club.

I looked into a few of the reading clubs in town and finally found one that I thought I would like. But I soon learned that I would have to drive 25 miles to the group’s meeting place. That certainly wasn’t worth it.

I then got the idea to form my own group and decided to put the word out at church. It seemed perfect. I would have something in common with all the group members and no one would have to drive far for the meetings.

I put a notice in the church bulletin asking for anyone interested to call or send me an e-mail. I received several calls and e-mails during the next few days and I was excited that it looked like my Van Escort Bayan idea might come to fruition. I wanted eight members in the group and it didn’t take long to fill the slots. By Tuesday night, I had finalized the list of members and started making plans for the meetings.

That was when I received a pleasant surprise. On Wednesday morning, I got a telephone call from Jan, the piano player. It was surprising because, for some reason, I didn’t think she would be the type to want to join a reading club. I just assumed that music was her only passion.

“Hello Joseph, this is Jan,” she said. “Hey, I saw your notice about the book discussion club and I want to join in. I hope I’m not too late.”

I started to tell her that all the spots were filled but quickly caught myself. Suddenly, I had these images in my mind of being in the discussion group and being able to look across at her long beautiful legs, her beautiful eyes. I also realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to get to know her better. Thus, I made an executive decision. I would expand the group to nine.

“Jan, that’s great,” I said. “No, you’re not too late. I wanted to limit the group to nine and I have one spot left. It’s yours if you want it.”

“Well, what night would we meet?” she asked.

“I was thinking Thursday nights. Would that work for you?”

“Perfect,” she said. “That’s one of the few nights I do have open.”

“Well great,” I said. “I’ll put you on the list.”

We then talked for several minutes and actually had a nice conversation. We talked about our families, books and work. It was probably the longest conversation I had ever had with her and I really enjoyed it. She actually had an engaging personality and I looked forward to getting to know her. I also looked forward to seeing her awesome body as often as possible.

I began making plans for the first meeting but I have to admit that I started to think more about Jan than the book club. Could there actually be the slightest chance that I could seduce this woman? Was it actually possible that I could get this unbelievable piece of ass into bed? The thought of such a possibility, even if the chance might be ever so slight, made me shake all over. I decided that I had to give it my best shot. I would use the book discussion group to make an effort to become friends with Jan, to get to know her on a real personal basis.

Hopefully, during the process of getting to know her, I would know one way or the other whether it would be possible to actually fuck her. I planned to use all my charms, experience, whatever you want to call it, to try to get to this woman’s ass. Thoughts of fucking her started to consume my fantasies. Whenever I started to fantasize about women, it would always be Jan. I thought about eating her, sucking her titties and fucking the living shit out of her.

I chose “A Prayer For Owen Meany” by John Irving as the first book for our discussion club. It was one of my favorite books and I thought the group would really love it. Plus, I had a lot of preparation to do for the meeting and I thought it would help me if I didn’t have to read a new book.

The preparation for the book club meeting required a lot more work that I thought it would. My wife Melissa had warned me about that. With her working at nights, she would be unable to help me and she warned me that I didn’t know how much work it would require. I had to do research, accumulate and then print out discussion questions. I had to call everybody and make sure they had directions to my house. I also had to arrange for refreshments.

Needless to say, I was pretty harried on the night of the first meeting. I was excited about the meeting but I was more excited about having Jan actually in my house and close to me. I wondered what she would be wearing. She looked great in pants but I was really hoping that she would wear a skirt. Jan just looked so hot in a skirt. Her legs are long, muscular and hard and a skirt really shows them off.

Jan was the second person to arrive and my first wish came true when I opened the door. She had on a white top and a black skirt that ended just above her knees. She had on black stockings and high heels. Her hair was pulled back and she looked immaculate, as always. “I’m sorry I’m so dressed up Joseph,” she said. “I came straight from work and didn’t have time to go home and change.”

“You look fine,” I said, trying to hide my excitement. “Come on in. I’m still trying to get set up.”

I asked her how Eddie and the kids were doing and she asked me about my family. We started talking about work but it soon struck me that I had a lot to do before we could start the meeting. “I apologize Jan,” I said, “but I’ve got to cut this conversation short. I’ve got to finish getting ready for this meeting.”

“Can you use some help?” Jan asked. “I was wondering how you were going to do all this with Melissa working nights.”

Oh, well, sure, I would really appreciate it,” I said.

I sorted all the materials while Jan made the Escort Van coffee and got everything ready for the refreshments. What surprised me was that she kind of took charge and was really helping me. I had to greet everyone at the door and I had to make small talk for a little while with each one. So Jan ended up doing most of the setup for the meeting.

“Jan, you’re a life saver,” I said. “I was thinking that I may have gotten myself into something with this.”

“I don’t mind helping,” she said. “I just appreciate you forming this group for us. It’s a great idea.”

The first meeting went very well. Everyone seemed excited about the topic and the discussion was good. I must admit that I was very impressed with Jan. She was very intelligent and her thoughts were insightful. She had a great knack for leading and guiding a discussion without talking too much. I was glad when she talked because it gave me an opportunity to stare at her. I studied every inch of her, from the tips of her high heel shoes all the way up to her beautiful brown hair. I watched her cross and uncross her gorgeous legs, trying to get even the briefest hint of a glimpse of the “promised land” that remained hidden deep between her thighs.

After the meeting, Jan told me how much she enjoyed it and offered to help me clean up. “Oh, you don’t have to do that,” I said. “I don’t mind, really,” she said. “It will only take a few minutes.”

It was the first time we were alone together. It was a little awkward but totally thrilling at the same time. We actually got into a good conversation. We talked about the book and expanded on some of the discussion that had taken place. We then talked about other books we liked and tried to decide which books would be good for future meetings.

I couldn’t resist flirting just a little bit. “Jan, I was so impressed by your comments during the meeting,” I said. “You are really smart. Does Eddie know how lucky he is? Beauty, brains, personality, talent, you’ve got it all.”

She smiled but I could tell she was blushing. “You are so sweet to say that,” she said. She then took my right hand and patted it with her left hand. “But Melissa is the lucky one,” she said with a shy smile. “I was hanging on every word you said. I could tell that you really knew that novel and that you saw things in it that the rest of us didn’t see.”

I thanked Jan again for helping me she said she didn’t mind, that she actually enjoyed it. “If you want me to, why don’t you let me come over early next week and help you set up for the meeting?” she asked.

I tried to hide my excitement. “Jan, I would love that,” I said. “You seem to have good organizational skills and mine are definitely lacking. That would be a big help to me. Thanks for offering.”

“No problem,” she said. “I’ll get everything together for next week and bring something for refreshments. Maybe we could just alternate weeks on the refreshments.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said. I gave her a friendly, sideways hug. “That’s what I love,” I added. “A woman who takes charge.” She looked at me and laughed.

When Jan left that night, I watched her walk down the steps. Her skirt fit tight around her hips and ass. Watching her walk was one hell of a sight. Her ass was moving and shaking under that skirt and I could only imagine Jan sitting on my face, smothering me with that gorgeous behind.

Needless to say, I was elated after that first night. While I didn’t know enough about Jan yet to have any real hope that I would actually get to fuck her, I knew that I had opened the door. I definitely felt a real connection. At least now I could start developing a real friendship with her. That was always the first and most important step in my seduction efforts.

That first night also convinced me more than ever that this woman loved to get fucked. I could just sense it, feel it. There was a smoking body under those clothes and I just knew that Jan loved to put it to use. Maybe this was just wishful thinking on my part but I’ve learned over the years to trust my instincts. I have been right on this subject many more times than I have been wrong.

Visions of Jan started to consume my thoughts. I went to bed that night and started dreaming about her. I imagined her stretched out on a bed, totally naked. I’m looking down on her, examining every inch of her ripe body before using my tongue to lick her with long, hard strokes. I imagine myself sucking her pussy for hours and having my head sandwiched between her big tits. I thought over and over about what I would do with her ass if I ever had the opportunity, how I would squeeze it, eat it, lick it suck it, play with it, put my dick in it. I would fall asleep at night thinking about my face firmly pressed against Jan’s ass, using it as the most comfortable pillow that any many could ever hope to have.

With these constant thoughts of Jan overtaking me, it made sex with my wife Melissa a little different. When I fucked my wife on the Sunday night after that first reading group meeting, I was on fire. I was out of control, sucking and fucking the shit out of Melissa like some kind of wild animal. But in my mind it was Jan I was fucking. It was Jan’s face, eyes, hair, tits, thighs, legs, ass and pussy that I saw. It was her cunt that I unloaded into.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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