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Beautiful Face

Mary Giles told you all about our first meeting in her last story. She was so young and sweet. I was captivated. Especially after I had virtually ignored her through most of high school. She just seemed like a freshman girl with a crush. Now she was 18 and I was home on leave from the Marines. Life had definitely changed. She completely rocked my world that day I picked up from school. She was now the object of all my attention and affection. The next day I made sure I was at her school when she came nearly bounding out to greet me. She kissed me hard on the mouth in front of all her class and opened the door to my car without waiting and jumped in. Usually I’m a door opener, but she didn’t give me a chance this time as she just hopped right in, and closed the door herself. I could hear lewd whistles and comments from her friends on the bus.

“Hi, baby!” I said. I leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth. Our tongues explored each other’s young mouths. I was completely enthralled by this dark haired beauty. Her brown eyes were electric and her touch was high voltage to my young heart. She put on her safety belt then reached into her purse for a Marlboro. She lit up.

“Want one?” she asked. I loved to watch her drag on the cigarette. She looked too young to smoke; still it had a sensual quality. Everything this girl did had a sensual quality. Of course I took one. She flipped off her open toed shoes and put her bare feet on my dashboard. I looked over at her long bare legs up high. Damn, she was so sexy. I noticed every trucker checking out her long smooth body and cute painted toes on my dash. I could not blame them. She was making me so horny as well. Mary was wearing a pair of white shorts and a blue New York Yankees shirt, cut around Van Escort the neck to show off her cleavage. I hate the Yankees, I am a die-hard Indians fan, but what are you going to say, right? She leaned back in the front seat of my Chevelle, took a drag on her smoke and smiled at me. She flicked the ash out the window.

“Where to, baby?” I asked. I thought she might be hungry after school I wanted to buy her a burger or something that she might want.

“Lets go to my house. My mom won’t be home till five! I know what I want!” Ok, Mary, I replied. Your house it is. We pulled into the driveway; she grabbed her book bag and this time waited for me. She was moving fast. She took me by the hand, intentionally letting everyone in the neighborhood watch. She was showing me off. She was also putting on such a young feminine aire. Her hips practically swayed as if some unheard music was playing in the background. I think she was intentionally driving all the 40 year old men insane for blocks around. I really dug that. She carried her shoes and books. She opened the door with her keys, and I followed inside. Nice place, I thought. I lived in an open squad bay back in California, and I could smell the results of her moms cleaning that morning. The hose smelled fresh and kind of lemony. Mary threw her books and shoes down onto the floor, and told me to wait in the living room. She seemed very excited, so I just sat down and waited. Looked at the family pictures on the wall and thought, man! The guys back in the barracks would love this girl! She would not last a minute around them. I was pretty nice, and I know some of my buds would not even be so friendly. At last, she came bouncing out, literally, in the tiniest lime green string bikini I think I Van Escort Bayan ever saw.

“I just bought it! Do you like it?” she spun around for my inspection.

“I love it! Mary Giles, that is so hot!”

She leapt onto my lap.

“I was thinking of you when I bought it!”

Mary kissed me. Kissed me hard. Her hands went to the back of my head, pulling my tongue deeper into her mouth. My hands felt her smooth firm belly. Up and down her thighs. Back up to her full but hard ass. She crawled up off me now. Mary extended her hand and I followed her into her bedroom. Posters of various rock bands papered her walls. Her room was painted in pastels and a large picture of Lou Gehrig was on the nightstand. She just jumped onto her bed. She landed on all fours and raised her rear end high, exposing her beautiful crotch captured by the lime green bikini. Tightly and only so very barely covered. I could see her pussy outlined and only covered by the barest of cotton material. I knelt down behind this long legged brunette teen angel. I kissed her crotch. I tugged at he bikini bottoms, which slid easily down her thighs. I inserted my tongue deep into her velvet gash. I licked up and down. I penetrated her anus with my tongue. She started to moan and rock backwards to meet every kiss. I spread her wider with my hands and licked even deeper. She started to squirm, and shake. Suddenly she came in my mouth. Or should say she began to cum all over my face. She was squirting liquid from her teen pussy in amounts I only had read about. She was simply on fire. My cock was throbbing with anticipation. I undid the string that held her top on. It fell to the bed and she rolled onto her back, her gorgeous young breasts heaving with anticipation of the Escort Van coming coupling. I had just come in her the day before and I knew she was not using protection, but I wanted her.

“I love you, Mary…I have never loved any girl like this before!”

“Make love to me, Leigh. I want your baby!”

Damn, that set off fire alarms whistles bells skyrockets you name it! I was beyond hot. My cock was heavy and hard. First push, I rammed it up her young slit to the hilt. Her legs wrapped around me. I could feel her nails ripping deep into my back. This woman child wanted a baby and I was going to give it to her. Take her back to California and make a home. I was so sure. Surer of this than anything I had ever been in my life before. I thrust deep into her warm, velvet womb. Her legs long and thin, climbed higher up my back. I penetrated her near virgin wetness. She had been a virgin until yesterday. I ended that. I grabbed her soft and smooth ass. With all the strength I could muster, I forced myself to the deepest recesses of her young body. I exploded. Several times. Just came so very hard. Depositing all my seed deep within her young womb. I collapsed onto her. She gasped for air but knew instinctively what to do. She licked me clean with her tongue. Tasting and swallowing our mixed cum off my semi hard cock. She did not let up. In minutes she had me hard again. Though her mouth felt so amazing and warm, she rolled over on all fours.

“Make sure I am pregnant, Leigh!” she nearly hissed this command. I mounted her from behind again. Forcing my way into the already wet and cum filled hole, I penetrated Mary yet again. Her tits were heaving from the pounding I was giving to her. Her long brown hair danced in the sun. Her eyes closed and she gnashed her teeth. And for the third time in two days I exploded into her warm tight hole. She had now effectively drained me of all my seed. I had no strength. I was completely exhausted. I was completely Mary’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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