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Female Ejaculation

Dianne is the boss’s wife and also a partner in her husband’s company where I work. She is a tiny, little lady about 4’10” tall with a fantastic little figure.

I’ve worked for them for fifteen years or so and I’ve always found Di to be a very sexy woman. Many a time I’ve thought, how good it would be fucking her because I just knew she would be a dirty whore and great shag.

A few weeks ago on a Friday afternoon, the boss and his cronies had finished early to play golf. It was left to me to get everybody out and lock up the offices.

Everyone had vanished before I went into my office to clear-up my laptop and lock up when I got the fright of my life!

Di was sat at my desk, looking at what I’d mistakenly left on my laptop screen. Earlier I had been on one of my favourite porn sites which was full of amateur porn Stars, couples, etc… The image of a big, busty woman sucking a hard cock was large on display! “So this is what you do when you shut the door to your office, is it?” Di asked coyly.

She sounded as though she was going to give me a right rollicking but began to smile mischievously instead.

I wasn’t sure how to play it so I began apologizing.

“Sorry Di, sometimes I just can’t help it. I think I’m addicted to porn. I know I shouldn’t do it at work and usually I don’t but I’m feeling so horny at present I keep going back to it.”

“You know I should discipline you for this, don’t you?” she said, concealing a smirk, “So, I need more evidence, sit down and show me what else is on this web site.”

Not knowing what was going to happen I sat beside her and began opening pages. She was commenting on my preferences, as many of the so-called stars were little with big tits, (just like Di)

As our viewing continued my dick was stirring in my pants. The way I was sitting it was getting uncomfortable unless I rearranged myself. I desperately wanted to put my hand down my pants to release my strained position.

The atmosphere between us was moving to an excited state as I continued showing Dianne more.

I took a risk and asked, “So does any of this turn you on Di or am I the only one here enjoying myself?”

“Well I can see your getting hard down there so I know you’re enjoying it, but yes it does turn me on seeing all these sexy pictures, especially the blow-job photos.”

This was now becoming a situation which was very dangerous but so charged and exciting I proceeded with my questioning.

“Have you ever posed nude Di?”

“Well I did once, a long time ago but I don’t think I’d do it now.”

“Why not?” I stammered. “With your figure, I’d love to see you naked at any opportunity. You’d be great on camera!”

Saying this I turned to face Di and noticed her nipples were erect and pushing out the thin material of the little, black dress she was wearing. Her buds were enormous and not concealed by her thin bra in any way. This woman was fucking hot!

My eyes looked up only to find her glaring straight into them. She had caught me admiring her tits!

“As you can see my nips are as hard as your cock so I guess I must be enjoying myself.”

There was a pause that seemed to last for hours until she broke the silence.

“Your punishment will be dealt with in a moment” and with that she got up leaving my office.

“Oh shit!” I thought. “She’s gone to ring her hubby and I’ll get sacked.”

Clunk! That was the sound of the front door being locked before Dianne returned to my office.

“Undress for me right now!” she ordered, standing there in front of me with her legs slightly parted and her arms crossed. “If your going you use our time and money to get yourself off then I’m going to get my monies worth, so undress!”

I didn’t actually need much encouragement because my hard on was getting more uncomfortable and needed release! I stripped to my pants then paused to look over at Di.

She was smiling and the way she had her arms folded, her tits Van Escort were pushed up and almost out of her bra and dress. This made my cock twitch even more and she knew it!

“Pants and all, I want to see you in your chair with that stiffy in your hand.”

I pushed my pants down kicking them off. My erection stood out and up like a flagpole!

“I’m impressed… All these years and you’ve been hiding this from me?”

She smiled and instructed me to sit in my chair.

“So, what would you like to see next on your porn site?” she questioned, “What is it that really gets you off … tits, blowjobs or are you an ass man?”

“Well Di, what really gets me going are tit wanks. I love to see a hard cock coming between or over a nice pair of tits with hard nipples.”

I added the last bit because all I could think of was Di’s nipples and how I wanted them out! I guess you could say it was an invitation to her for what I wanted to do! There I was sat in my chair stake bollock naked with my boss not more than six feet away. I began to relax, sitting back in my chair, allowing Di a better view of my hard cock. , The computer was becoming secondary to what was going on because we were looking at each other and not the screen.

“So, do you like my dick then Di?” I questioned as I sensually wrapped my left hand around its shaft.

I began wanking off as she stood there in her knee-length, black, summer dress. She certainly seemed aroused with her folded arms looking more as if they were holding each of her tits as her eyes fixated on my left hand.

I knew now I could take control of the situation if I played my cards right. Relaxing back even farther into my chair I continued rubbing my cock very slowly, Di looked so fucking sexy, standing in front of me. I would have stayed hard even without my hand rubbing my dick! She was glaring at my engorged cock now getting quite aroused.

Di was still standing but her posture was loose as her hands dropped down to her sides.

“I’m going to need some attention soon,” she sighed, brushing a hand across the outside of her dress over a pert breast.

Her eyes closed slowly as she enjoyed the caress of her hand over her erect nipple.

Dianne regained her composure telling me to take my hand off my dick and to not touch it until she said so. I did touch myself she threatened to slap me!

To my surprise Di began to move her hips, gyrating in front of me. She was putting on a show for my pleasure, as well as getting herself pretty worked up but I was certainly not complaining!

The sight was wonderful! Di was still fully clothed in her little black summer dress and high heels but I knew they would soon be on the floor with my clothing.

“Do you like what you see then?” she questioned, as both hands caressed up from her stomach over both tits squeezing them firmly together,

Her breathing was getting heavier and her touch was getting more erotic as she continued the show. After a few minutes Di didn’t squeeze her tits but reached in and released her left breast.

I got my first sight of her lovely nipple, dark in colour and very, very firm. It protruded out ¾ of an inch and looked almost too long for her tits.

She cupped her breast with her right hand and began to roll her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She obviously enjoyed this pastime because she seemed in a world all by herself. I was beginning to feel the urge to continue with my wanking but didn’t want to stop Di from giving me the wonderful show I was enjoying.

All the time she was playing with her tits her hips were gyrating and I could have staked my life on the fact that her knickers were soaked with pussy juice.

She slipped her dress off her shoulders and released the other breast. Not stopping there she pushed the dress over her hips and down to the floor. She was standing there in a black, lacy bra and a skimpy g-string you could see through knickers and still Van Escort Bayan had on her high heels. I could see a damp patch forming in the crotch of her knickers and knew one way or another I was going to have my wicked way with this hot woman. My dick was pulsating by this time and I needed some relief.

“Di for fuck sake, do something with my dick before I scream!”

She tucked her boobs back into her bra and moved forward to stand right between my thighs.

“Now that is a hard one, isn’t it, what shall we do with that?”

I was thinking she was about to play with me, but no, she felt round her back and released the clasp on her bra. As it fell to the floor I continued to look at her lovely pert tits, they were well tanned and a little droopy but still in fantastic shape for her age, nice neat cups that met in the middle to form a good cleavage. I just sat back, smiling and admiring this diminutive woman stripping for me, while my rod pointed skywards ready for any future handling.

Once again Di moved to her tits for entertainment and cupped a hand on each breast, lifting and pushing then together, her nipples seemed cradled in the palm of her hand as she lifted them higher, and then lowered her head to lick one then the other in turn. She then pushed one into her mouth and gave out a little sigh of pleasure as she suckled on her own teats.

“You’re a fucking wonderful sight Di, you wouldn’t begin to imagine how many times I’ve wanked thinking of you. I’ve always wanted to fuck you and put my dick in your mouth!”

“Well,” see replied. “I’ve often thought of sucking your cock whilst I’m sticking a couple of fingers in my pussy, so I guess we both need to fulfill some fantasies then.”

And with that she leaned forwards, boobs hanging and licked the pre cum from my dick.

I nearly came there and then but knew control was the order of the day if I wanted her to keep coming back for more of the same. She stood back up, right between my thighs so I reached out to caress her tits.

“Oh no, that’s also not allowed, I’m in control here so you won’t touch anything unless I tell you1!”

“OK but my dick is going to explode soon.”

She just smiled and told me she would take care of that soon.

My focus had been all on Di’s tits and justifiably so but as she stood there I scanned up and down taking in this sexy women standing in front of me, her narrow hips were tiny and the g-string knickers only accentuated their shape even more. The front of Di’s knickers were a shear black material that was plainly designed to hide nothing. She had virtually no pubic hair and quite prominent pussy lips. I was correct in thinking her pants were wet because a large wet patch had formed in her gusset and looking extremely wet to me. I could see her outer lips had parted and were swollen and I could just make out her clitoris erect between the folds of her pussy.

“By the state of your pants you look as though you have been thoroughly enjoying yourself Dianne.”

“Well I don’t think I’ve been this wet in a long time.”

And with that she sat on the edge of my desk, slid back and placed both feet on the edge. She now sat, legs open on the desk in front of me, resting back on her elbows so I could just bury my face into her crotch if I wanted to. Her black, sheer knickers were so wet with love juice a patch had now formed all over them and her pussy lips were glistening as her tight panties pushed up against them.

Laying on my desk legs wide and pussy dripping like an old tap, Di certainly knew how to create an image of high sexuality. I moved in closer and could smell the musky smell of her pussy.

She reached down, took a hold of the elastic of her knickers and pulled it up tight against her vulva, the g-string found its home between her pussy lips and only the pubic hair and clitoris were now covered by her wet pants. ,

This is one image that always gets me going and this woman Escort Van seemed to know exactly what pleased me. I stood up between her open legs so Di could still see my hard on. She lifted her bum and told me to remove her pants. This I did promptly and now had full view of her soaking wet snatch. The glistening folds of her pussy lips were puffy and dripping wet, a trail of juices ran from her open love hole down to her tight ass hole and covered the cheeks of her bum. Even the desk was getting a coating as she continued to lay there before me with her legs spread wide, her butt hole was going to be a future target of mine if I get the opportunity to get her in this state again and it looked as though it was capable of taking a good fucking.

I had to take action now before I wasted my sack of hot spunk! I stood and placed either hand on Dianne’s knees and pushed her legs wide open.

“Er, no hands I said.”

“I don’t care now, you need fucking and I need to fuck you right now!”

With that I took a hold of my old man and stepped closed so as to part Di’s piss flaps with my knob. Using my free hand I pulled on her pussy lips and parted them wide. They were hot and slippery with thick fanny juice and parted easily. I ran my middle finger up to her soaked clitoris and she almost jumped off the desk with a sharp intake of breath.

Di was now squeezing her tits with both hands and pinching her nipples very hard, pulling and twisting them, her head was back and eyes closed, her mouth was open as her breathing got heavier and louder.

Whilst holding her lips apart I guided my erection into her dripping love hole. Believe me she was fucking flowing with juices and I slid in easily. She lifted her head to watch as I slowly pushed deeper into her. Soon I was deep inside and feeling quite snug. I could feel my balls against her wet butt and could feel her squeezing her cunt muscles around my dick.

“God I just knew you were going to be a good fuck.” she panted out as she looked up and grinned at me.

I pulled out almost completely and again pushed deep into her, once again her head fell back and she sighed with pleasure as I began my rhythmical pussy bashing,

“Jesus that feels deep, do it harder, go on fuck me harder, fuck me hard now!”

I knew now that I was in control. Di was clawing and scratching at the desk as I possessed her, her pussy was gushing out, my balls were soaked and the desk top was swimming but that only added to our pleasure.

“Yes go on harder!” she yelled as I kept on plunging into her after almost pulling right out every time.

She was near to climaxing and it was going to be loud and earth shattering, as I pushed deep and hard up her cunt. I leaned forward, grabbed both tits, pushed her nipples together and sucked hard on them.

“Argh you bastard, you’re gonna make me cum, yes fuck me. Oh my god, yes fuck me hard, yes, yes oh shit yes fuck meee!”

With that her pussy erupted, squeezing hard around my dick. It felt as though she actually ejaculated her orgasm out and over my dick.

I stood motionless and watched as she came down from the highs of her orgasm, her pussy pulsating and still flooding the desk. She reached down to feel the wetness of our pleasure, as she slipped her fingers over her clit and down to the base of my dick she took a good hold of the base of my dick.

“I need to watch you cum!” she groaned as she reached down and began tugging away at me.

Still standing there between her thighs I was so close to shooting my load!

“I’m gonna come hard Di!”

“Yes, come on, come hard all over my cunt, come on shoot your spunk all over me!”

And that’s exactly what happened next, my dick exploded everywhere over her tits, belly and pussy. She rubbed it into her piss flaps before slipping two spunk covered fingers into her pussy and then into her mouth.

“God you’re a fantastic fuck, I can’t wait for us to do this again,” she said. “Next time I have a surprise for you big boy.”

I sat back and admired my overtime; Di looked like a complete dirty slut and entertained me for another hour before we had to leave.

Part two coming soon… “The Boardroom”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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