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Craning her neck in the direction of the pool, Diamond saw her cap bobbing gently on the water. It couldn’t have gone further if she had grabbed hold of it and flung it as far as she possibly could. She was, to put it mildly, shocked.

In her world of porn movies, the john and studs that serviced her might talk big and toss her insanely proportioned, massive bootied, stacked teenage hardbody around when they fucked her, but even the ones known for sporting monstercocks couldn’t summon the kind of superhuman sexual machinery that the man in front of her was packing. Once again her gaze returned to the hulking flesh piston that was pointed straight at her. The thing was almost ballooning outwards as it pulsed and throbbed, another oozing rope of clear precum now disgorging from the cumslit, the residue of the long plume that had just jetted so forcefully out of it. Her knees felt weak.

Diamond’s cap had landed to one side of the pool, not far from where a stunning, statuesque blonde babe of about twenty five or six, wearing shades and clad in a shiny slingshot bikini, was luxuriating on an air mattress. In the bright sunlight the blonde’s pronounced stomach muscles looked glazed and her pair of tits gleamed as she reclined. Diamond dragged her gaze from Mr White’s hulking member and looked out.

As Diamond watched, the blonde placed her left arm in the water and pushed herself towards the cap, which she then fished out of the water. After waving up at the balcony with her left hand as if to say thanks for providing her with some protection from the sun, the blonde put the cap on her head.

Diamond now turned her gaze back towards Mr White, glanced at his handsome face for a moment, then had her eyes turn downwards until the sight of his cock once again filled her view. It was pointing directly ah her, sticking out horizontally and only a matter of a few short inches from her midriff. The translucent, gluey fluid had now stopped easing from the tip, and gelatinous ropes of precum were now simply dangling down below the rounded, fist-sized crown and the massively thick, vein-ridged trunk, three or four of them situated at different points along the underside of the prodigious length, one from the crest of the smooth, gleaming tip, one underneath the glans, and one from around the middle which itself had another looping strand attached to it that connected to the flesh of the teacher’s dangling ballsack. Seeing the flesh behemoth caused a tremor to spread through her body as the blonde teen pornslut once again found it almost impossible to wrap her head around the fact that the drooling, slowly throbbing monstercock before her was real and not some creation of her slutty imagination.

As her lust for Mr. White was rapidly getting out of control, Diamond did what came most naturally to her, sending him her best sultry pornstar scowl and dropped down onto her knees on the balcony, her right hand slipping in down the front of her tiny PVC thong to brush against her juicing pussy. Diamond was a consummate master of certain aesthetic poses in the porn profession, and a particular favourite was the one where she kneeled in front of the stud (whichever one, two or three it happened to be on that day), curled her hand all the way around the tumescent member right at the base, squeezing it hard to ensure that the stiff meatstick in her hand became all the more engorged making the veins pop, and then directed her gaze at the camera.

There were a variety of expressions that could then be employed, of course. Perhaps the most common was the stock ‘cock-shock’ look, where she would allow her mouth to gape and her eyes to pop out in a picture of astonishment (sometimes she would slap her hand against her cheek to augment the effect). Another on a similar theme to this would see her modify her expression, although still making her mouth to gape slightly, and just stare dumfounded at the penis in her hand itself, an expression of blank amazement. The other mainstay of the trade, the wicked, knowing, sidelong look to camera as she held a cock up to her mouth or eyeline, her eyes seductively alive and her mouth slightly open in a pout, had earned her the nickname ‘Supergirl’, having been described in accompanying promo literature to the DVD box of the film, her face emblazoned next to the prodigious length protruding horizontally from the side, as being ‘a look that could melt through steel’. Diamond, a born exhibitionist and somewhat frustrated actor, loved pulling all sorts of faces in this position.

Going for a full-on supernova pout, Diamond looked up at Mr. White Yalova Escort from her knees to send him the sort of pouty, sultry look that had him grunt and quickly grasp his dick halfway down the shaft in his right hand, twisting his cock to the right before the whole trunk of hard flesh throbbed convulsively, unleashing another mammoth, inhuman release of gluey fluid that was expelled from the tip with a swift sound, arcing over Diamond’s shoulder, though she felt the intensity of the sensation of the whooshing fluid next to her skin. This time Diamond turned her head to observe the bolt of clear fluid cut across the pool and ended up hitting the right side of the parasol that was standing a few feet behind from the two lounging women, causing the large umbrella to spin around furiously, precum spewing down it in gouts.

Peering down the length of tubesteak that was pointing directly at her face, sticking out from Mr White’s groin, Diamond was transfixed by the pronounced pulsing of the organ, the thickness and girth of the length, corded with almost muscular tissue and wreathed interconnecting branches of veins. The surface of the rod was gleaming in the sunlight.

“And no, I didn’t miss what I was aiming for,” Mr. White helpfully informed Diamond, again addressing her in a friendly and casual manner as she looked at the two women on the sunloungers who first looked behind them, then at each other before meeting in a spirited kiss, then turning her head to offer Mr. White another awed look.

The look that Diamond gave the man who was interviewing her for a place in the prestigious school, an institution about which she still knew precious little (though she had already uncovered one BIG piece of information), had nothing to do with the manufactured way that she usually posed for porn photos. It was a world away from the insouciant way she usually affected to be while kneeling on the floor in front of studs whose dicks she knew she could conquer easily. Something altogether more urgent and disquieting had seized her when she had got the measure of Mr White, and it had thrown her usual casual and confident exterior into total disarray. It was something that the top-ranking teen pornstar hadn’t experienced before, and the mixture of simple astonishment, nerves, rapidly mounting recognition at the monstrous proportions of the single barrelled cum cannon pointed directly at her face, and pure, unadulterated lust for cock all figured in her facial expression of horny perplexity.

This was a true monstercock, nothing to do with the cocksmiths she regularly duelled with in the biz, with their supposedly monstrous lengths propped up by euphemistic ‘porn inches’ designed to add to their star billing. The sight of it made her legs into jelly and her stomach flutter, a wholly new feeling when encountering a new partner’s piece of sexual equipment.

Of course Diamond had never exactly been crippled with self-doubt as evidenced by the situation surrounding her entrance into the porn business.

On her 18th birthday at 9.00am, Diamond had nervelessly strutted into the reception area of the biggest porn movie company in LA wearing a long trenchcoat. In the middle of the entrance hall she had stopped, clasped her coat in both hands and suddenly dramatically flung it open, revealing her stupefying, megaboobed golden tanned body, her huge cans sticking out in front of her. Posing on stacked transparent six inch stripper heels and wearing a shining silver slingshot bikini and a gold choker that proclaimed SLUT, she hadn’t had to wait too long until they were begging her to sign a contract. 9.01am to be exact.

A teenage life of pretty brazen exhibitionism had supplied her with the mental steel to pull off a stunt like that, but it was what had occurred the following weekend that had seen Diamond put a marker down as a megastar-in-waiting.

The studio understandably wanted to make sure that their investment was worth it, and it was decided that Diamond’s raw youth, undeniably an asset, though perhaps nowhere near the size of the assets she sported that stuck out of her chest like tanned bowling balls of flesh, might need tempering with some experience. Quite simply, it was fine that an eighteen year old teen pornstar be a pornstar, provided of course that she actually fucked like one. With the expressed intention of bringing Diamond ‘up to speed’, ‘smoothing off any rough edges’, and ‘taking her for a test drive’, the blonde superslut was to spent the following weekend at an ‘audition to judge her potential’. The stress test might have sent a few flutters of anxiety into Yalova Escort Bayan even the most experienced of porn queens, had they known who was to conduct the audition, but Diamond had no such feelings of apprehension.

She as instructed to go to a particular house the Saturday morning after she had registered with the company and to be prepared for practically anything. It was an intriguing proposal. Indeed, she had felt no nerves as she walked up the path then towards the gorgeous house, where three of the most expert, experienced and distinguished cocksmiths in the biz were waiting for her to spend the weekend with them to put her through her paces. What Diamond hadn’t guessed, was that while the ostensible reason was for her to spend a weekend getting filled with cock to assess her potential for longevity and marketability as a contract star, in fact the ulterior motive was that she was being offered up as a seasonal treat, a kind of early Christmas bonus, to the three most decorated and celebrated male pornstars in the business for years of their ‘hard work’, and that the eighteen year old blonde porn-virgin with knockers that stuck out of her chest like nuclear warheads and sculpted abdominal muscles to match was there to be spit-roasted by a trio of expert cocksmiths.

In the house, waiting for her that day, were three porn colossi, each of which had no particular expectations for the weekend other than kicking back and indulging in fucking a newcummer to the industry. Between them the trio had a number of impressive accomplishments. One, Lance Tenderloin, a thirty eight year-old, was responsible for the most cumshots caught on video, rightly famous for his impressive and voluminous loads. The second, John Longfellow, was blessed with having the largest penis in porn, a fucking huge tower of vein-wreathed cock that could just push the 11 ¾ mark when he was particularly aroused. And the third, Dick Maxxx, was the fifty year-old head of the company Diamond had approached and the man that held the record for appearing in the largest number of porn films.

Diamond had no notion of who was waiting for her in the house as she walked up the drive in clear six-inch stripper sandals with platform soles, a black see-through microskirt that barely covered her pussy and a nothing else but a pair of X’s made from black masking tape over her nipples.

Lance Tenderloin, the six-foot six and ruggedly handsome, took his sunglasses off as she approached, leaning casually against the front door. Tenderloin, famous for a cast-iron schlong that hit ten solid inches, was famous for being able to reach a full erection in a mere ten seconds.

By the time Diamond reached him in the doorway, instantly sunk to her haunches in front of him, opened his trousers and made him void his ballsack in spectacular fashion all over her face, before rising and strutting into the hallway as Tenderloin collapsed onto his knees behind her, only six second had elapsed.

The rest of the weekend continued in much the same vein.

The first incident of note occurred on the first afternoon, when paramedics had to be summoned to the house in order to defibrillate Dick Maxxx, who had lapsed into weird, arrhythmic heart palpitations after he first penetrated Diamond’s tight little asshole. Diamond was too busy getting jackhammered by Tenderloin from behind to allow her to do anything other than observe the resuscitation out of the corner of her eye, but she did have enough presence of mind to suggest that both paramedics shot their loads over her tits after Maxxx had been successfully revived, which one did manage, the other blowing his load in his trousers the instant she had extended the invitation.

Maxxx sat out the next session, but later that evening Longfellow was the next to succumb to sexual exhaustion, passing out with dehydration, a fact not unrelated to the fact he had treated Diamond to her twenty-first facial of the day, a particularly copious horseload of glutinous viscosity that hung off her chin for quite a while, despite her acrobatic exploits. Returning to the fray, Maxxx and Tenderloin double-teamed the insatiable teenage porno-slut until Longfellow recovered, the four fucking into the next day.

By then each of the veteran porn-studs were in a hybrid state of delirium and fatigue, the trio having fallen into a syncopated rhythmic mass of heaving, sweat-dappled bulging muscles, relentlessly pistoning three immense, tumescent flesh-columns into the hot-bodied blonde. The end came when Diamond was on a chair, splayed out on her back as Maxxx fucked her pussy Escort Yalova with his fat cock, his hands gripping her wide-spread ankles, with Longfellow and Tenderloin on either side of her, the eighteen year old treating both studs to a furious handjob.

Longfellow displayed his explosive potential in style, shooting a wad of cum that actually impacted against the ceiling, and Tenderloin succumbed at the same time, shooting a dozen ropes of cum that stretched in viscous, interconnected webs all over her massive knockers. Both men collapsed onto the floor, their humongous dicks finally softening, too weak to participate further.

Maxxx stared in consternation and disbelief, his lengthy man-hammer still spearing in and out of Diamond’s tight pussy, his large hands now clasped each side of her tiny waist.

‘Looks like I was too much for them, Dick,’ Diamond suggested conversationally as the veteran pornstar smacked his pelvis against her again and again.

‘Shut up, you little whore,’ was the best Dick Maxxx could manage, ‘I’ll break you…’

It proved something of a hollow threat. Diamond laughed and flexed her delicious pussy around his pole, and Dick tried to up the pace, but to his horror his heart started fluttering once more. He gritted his teeth and pounded the stacked blonde pornslut even harder, trying to finish things, but even as he did so his heart began to hammer in his chest and his vision started to come to him in flashes.

‘Break me, stud!’ Diamond giggled, her slippery pussy convulsing against the rock-hard fuck missile that ploughed her. Dick Maxxx called out to his recumbent buddies, but they were too far gone in fatigue to hear him. His head swam, temples throbbing, as the blood that should have been circulating in his body was pumped more and more into his engorged member. Dick gagged and gasped as he still pounded Diamond’s divine, monster-jugged body, convinced he was having a heart attack but compelled to keep fucking the blonde minx rather than admit it. He had always lived quite cleanly, not seduced by the more vulgar trappings of porn business, and worked out assiduously to maintain his health and physique. For his age he was in excellent condition. And yet, here he was, his heart convulsing in his chest, his engorged fuckstick enveloped in a teenage slut’s pussy sending such divine sensations that he’d sooner expire than remove it.

Veins bulged manically in Dick Maxxx’s temples. Diamond winked at him, ‘do you think I’ve got what it takes, Mr Maxxx?’

Dick could only groan brokenly in reply. His muscular torso shuddered erratically as his heart misfired. Releasing a deranged, primal howl, Dick Maxxx released the hold he had of Diamond’s body and started to use both his huge hands to hammer against his chest, trying to kick-start his heart as it stuttered and stammered, his massive cock still jackhammering into Diamond’s shaved slit as he did so. Roaring, the fifty-year old porn kingpin pounded his fists against his chest to keep his heart going while he fucked Diamond. Beyond endurance, beyond stamina, the torpedo-titted slut had wrung him out. His pelvis was a blur as he pounded Diamond’s silky honeypot with hammering strokes even as his torso was wracked with shudders and he thumped his fists against his pectorals like King Kong.

Finally, gasping, the tortured stud pulled his enormous dick from Tanya’s snatch, every millimetre of the shaft turgidly stretched, the whole thing painfully inflated, too large and engorged with blood to even pulsate. Dick had stood over Diamond, holding his meat in two hands, suspended halfway between ecstatic pleasure and the mortal coil, between relinquishing his load and his life.

Suddenly, Dick’s heart stopped beating. The musclebound porn stud flung both hands against his chest and frantically massaged them against where his heart was located.

Diamond cocked and eyebrow and looked at him between her cum-glazed tits.

‘See you, Big Boy…’

Time stood still for a second and Dick released a strange, small squeak, before his dick convulsed and projected a dense, gluey jet at Diamond that painted her from the top of her head to her pussy. Instantly, Diamond’s hair, forehead, nose, eyes, mouth, chin, neck, tits and stomach were splattered with Dick’s hot, gooey cum. The gluey stuff pooled in the sharp definition of her ripped abs and glazed her monster knockers.

Diamond pried one of her cum-splattered eyes open and watched, her face in a cumpainted grimace, as Dick Maxxx’s cock relinquished twelve more over the course of a minute all over her gorgeous, writhing body, at which point, his heart began beating again. Dick crumpled gasping to the ground, very much alive, and Diamond looked at the three studs heaped around her that she had reduced to a pile of exhausted muscle in a mere 36 hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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