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I return to the house in darkness; soundlessly, knowing you are still sleeping. The moonlight shines through the open windows casting eerie shadows within.

Crossing the floor I enter the bedroom; stopping momentarily to gaze upon your sleeping face, your long hair spread upon the pillow, framing your look of innocence.

I smile to myself knowing this is a sleep disguise and my mouth goes dry with the memory of the previous days passion. I go into the bathroom and run the water, slip out of my clothes and step under the shower.

I begin to lather the soap and run my hands over my body instantly feeling a tingling sensation between my legs at the thought of you. Running my hands down over my stomach; I smile to myself in anticipation. Quickly finishing I step out and, finding the towel, I dry myself as I walk back to the bedroom.

Quietly taking the two satin restraints from the drawer, I pause to feel their silky softness for a moment before I cross to the bed. You are still sleeping, your arms outside the silk bed sheet and above your head as if in open submission. I gently find and secure your wrist to the brass bedpost. You stir and my heart stops; I don’t want you to wake. Not yet.

You settle back in, and sigh; I wait a moment longer, watching you intently, then take your other hand and secure it to the other post.

Carefully, I slide the silk bed sheet down your body. Exposing the smoothness of your naked skin, my breath catches in my throat at the sight of your breasts. I want to plunge my mouth onto the hardening nipples, but I wait, as if teasing myself with disciplined anticipation.

Just as I bring the silk sheet completely off your naked body you stir again. Silently, I kneel at the foot of the bed, still watching. I gaze in awe at your beauty, so peaceful in sleep – I wonder what fantasies you dream this warm and sultry night.

My hand reaches out to lightly touch your ankle. My fingers barely brushing the skin, I feel the goose bumps rise as I work my way up to your thighs. Your legs, just apart, now open invitingly as if by command of my touch. Kneeling now between your legs I can smell your scent beginning to rise.

Again you stir, making soft purring sounds, in the moonlit room your eyelids flutter and you blink, trying to focus upon the ceiling; I see momentary confusion on your face. Then, Uşak Escort looking down at me you smile, and begin to murmur as if to speak; I raise my finger to my lips – ‘shhhhh’. You close your mouth and begin a long stretch, arching your back against the soft bed.

As you realise I have you restrained and tied, a wicked smile comes to your lips and into your eyes. I sense your arousal. My hands gently massage your naked legs and hips as I lean down and begin to lightly kiss and lick your belly with my lips and tongue.

Working my way up to your breasts and purposely avoiding your erect nipples, I hover over your face and quickly lower my lips to your open mouth. Kissing deeply, hungrily.

Our tongues fight for space in each other’s mouths. I pull away and suck your upper lip into my mouth, working it with my tongue. Then, kissing you again, harder, I suck your tongue into my mouth, wanting it all.

We alternately tongue-fuck each other’s mouths while my hands slowly find your breasts so full and yearning. I begin to knead and caress the warm flesh; feeling hardened nipples in my palms, I take them both between my fingers and begin gently to twirl and pinch. Your breathing quickens noticeably.

We stay like this for a long time, passionately tongue -fucking our mouths and my fingers tormenting your breasts. I feel your legs moving back and forth, and your hips begin to grind. Your wrists strain against the satin restraints, which hold them tightly above your head. My cock stiffens in eager excitement between my legs.

Breaking free of your mouth, I whisper into your ear and ask you to tell me what it is you really want. “Talk to me Princess, tell me what you need, and perhaps if I see fit, I might consent.”

You hiss through your teeth that you want me to suck your pussy hard, fuck you with my cock and make you scream.

Without a word, I begin to suck the soft, vulnerable skin beneath your ear. You struggle beneath me as I kiss and suck and nuzzle that sensitive spot lower on your neck. I move lower now, encircling each nipple in turn with my lips, gently biting and caressing them with my wet tongue. Each nipple stands harder and more erect as alternately I withdraw my mouth and move across to play in turn with the other. Your breathing quickens again.

As quickly as I began, I suddenly stop.

Pulling Uşak Escort Bayan myself away from you I get off the bed and crossing the room, I sit in a wicker armchair across from the bed. I pretend to gaze outside at the rain soaked street, waiting.

In a few moments your breathing slows and in a low whisper I ask you again to tell me what you want me to do to you.

Swallowing hard, you begin in a low tone to say that you want my cock inside you, fucking you hard; you want my mouth on your pussy, licking and gently biting it. You want me to spank your ass, because you’ve been so very naughty.

That was the word I was waiting for; I rise from the chair and approach you. Your body moves in excited anticipation. My cock stiffens again, sensing eagerly the onset of the next phase of this game.

Getting slowly back on the bed I swing my leg over your body with my ass to your face. Lifting your legs I bend down, placing my head between your open legs, my hands beneath you on the warm flesh of your ass. I knead it roughly, running my finger between the cheeks; pressing and probing gently with my index finger. I can smell the warm muskiness of your pussy; I lean in closer and flick my tongue against the tip of your now engorged and swollen clitoris.

I raise my arm and with an open palm, bring my hand down sharply on your ass. You let a muffled scream escape your lips; your hips buck against me, my open mouth savouring the taste of your pussy. My tongue probes yet deeper inside.

SLAP! My hand comes to a rest on your ass cheek again and I squeeze, digging into the flesh as my teeth close in a gentle bite around your clitoris.

Hearing your moans pleases me. Again I bring my hand to your ass with a resounding slap as your heels push downwards into the bed and with every slap, I sense and taste the heightened excitement within you; my fingers spread the lips of your pussy open to allow my tongue greater access and penetration. I rain more slaps upon your flesh as I fuck your pussy with my mouth. Your ass-cheeks redden.

I listen to your moans rise in pitch. After each successive blow of my palm I hesitate a moment, squeezing the flesh. I can tell by the grinding of your hips that you’re getting close. Instinctively, your legs begin to stiffen as you approach your first orgasm.

Slowing Escort Uşak my efforts only long enough to reposition myself kneeling between your open legs, I place my cock just at the entrance to your warm, wet pussy. I begin to thrust the stiff shaft into you, gently at first; just an inch; just the head, before withdrawing. Teasing. My cock stiffens; it throbs waiting, as your inviting pussy lies open before it.

My cock presses on your clitoris and I sense a quickening in your breathing as it probes and pushes gently against the most sensitive spot, now hard and exposed between the outer lips of your wet pussy. Our eyes lock together in the passion of the moment. Your wrists straining at the satin restraints, which continue to hold you; tied securely to the brass bed head.

Reaching across, I pull a soft feather pillow under your hips, which you raise obediently – I pull myself into you; at last plunging my hard cock into you deeply. Roughly now; thrusting back and forth; deeper, slowly then faster and yet deeper still. We watch each other, eyes transfixed. The sound of our heavy and laboured breathing fills the room.

And then a deeper sound begins to emerge from the depths of your throat – softly at first, as your breathing quickens then louder, sharper intakes of breath; your hips jerk as if in spasm and our bodies move together faster now as our orgasms approach. My hands reach down to caress you and pull you closer and deeper into me. My cock slides easily, lubricated by our juices, which mingle together.

Like me, your sense of helplessness lying there beneath me, heightens the sensations which course through your body; every muscle; every sinew; every nerve end; your heartbeat; the intensity which now reaches every part of your body. All combine at this single moment as an orgasm explodes and overwhelms us both – it lasts and lasts; seemingly as if time itself stands still.

And then, almost suddenly, it is over; slowly the physical passion and intimacy between us subsides, only to be replaced by a deep, deep emotion and feeling of intense love.

Withdrawing slowly from you, I stir and begin to slide myself up your body, reaching up to release you from the satin binding that has held you so tightly. Your arms, so long restrained but now free, encircle me pulling me tightly into you once more.

The silence of the night returns again to pulse around us. In the moonlight, we embrace; our naked bodies locked together as if one. I hold you tenderly; whispering soft words of love in your ear; my lips touch yours before together we descend into timeless sleep.

The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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