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While I wanted to spank Liz’s smooth, soft bum until she cried or begged me to stop, I just wanted to hold her naked body against mine. A nice cuddle with some exploration of her body. I had so many questions I wanted to ask her too, doing this while holding her sexy body would be perfect.

Pulling the quilt over us I pulled her against me. My big tits rubbed against her tiny ones, both sets of nipples so hard and aroused aching to be played with, sucked and nibbled. Liz was back to kissing my neck, I moved my head to the side so she could carry on to her heart’s content. God, I could have this done to me for hours. I felt her bite down. Gently so as not to leave any marks. I would let her bite harder but not on my neck. Shoulders and tits were both fair game as far as I was concerned. I could remember the first time I had bite marks on my neck. My Mother had seen them and went mad. I wasn’t allowed out for two weeks after that. I made sure that after that the marks were on other parts of my body, parts my Mum never got to see. Good thing she never got to see them, she’d have been so ashamed of me.

Liz had started biting my ear. Her hot breath was sending me wild.

“Mmnnnnnnnn. You naughty girl. You’re making my pussy so wet.” I felt her hand start to explore further down. Much further down. “That’s not fair, teasing me like that.” I opened my legs a little more and gasped as her fingers slipped inside my pussy.

“Oh Miss, You’re so wet.” Liz had started to slowly push her fingers deeper. “It looks like I’m going to be busy again very soon.”

She wasn’t wrong. I needed her mouth between my legs again, tongue flicking my clit.

I almost screamed when her fingers started to tease my tight little hole, one finger was trying to work its way up inside.

“If this was the first time, how come you know just what to do to me?” I groaned as I was entered. I ended up with fingers in both holes. “God that’s good, so good. If you knew how many men had tried to do what you’re doing and never got the chance.”

I thought back to all the men who’d wanted to turn me over and fuck my ass but had never managed to do it. Jez had always been annoyed by my refusal, he really wanted to fuck my ass hard, trying to persuade me to let his cock use my tight little hole. He’d be so jealous if he knew that Liz was doing it to me.

“I like it Miss. I always put a finger inside when I play with myself, I play lots, legs open imaging being licked by another woman. Knowing it was your first time made it even better.”

I wanted her again. She could stick her fingers wherever she wanted as long as her tongue was on my clitty.

But first I wanted to spank her hard.

“You bad girl, I think kaçak iddaa you need to be punished for being such a little slut. I’m going to bend you over the bed and slap your bare bum, then I’m going to lay back and spread my legs as wide as I can so you can eat my cunt again.”

I heard Liz moan when she realized I was going to slap her hard.

“Bend over the end of the bed, Legs open so I can see how wet you get when I spank you.”

Liz jumped off me, throwing the quilt back as she did as she was told. Her head was almost on the mattress as she bent over the end of the bed. Her hands held the wooden footboard as she prepared herself to be punished.

“I’m so sorry Miss, I never meant to be such a slut. Please don’t punish me Miss.”

I loved hearing her beg, it wouldn’t save her though.

I drew my arm back and then slapped her bare skin. Liz whimpered as the first slap was delivered. I wasn’t quite sure how hard I should go. There was a nice red mark on her bum. I slapped her again, slightly harder. It was hard enough to leave my handprint and make Liz’s legs shake.

I grabbed her pussy, it was wet enough to push my fingers easily. Liz pushed herself down as she felt her lips being parted. Yes, she did like it.

I sucked her juices from my fingers and slapped her again on the other cheek, and again. Liz was suffering now. Her ass was bright red. I thought a few more on each cheek would have her crying.

“Please Miss, no more, I’ve learned my lesson.” I pushed her back down. “I’m begging you Miss no more.” I could hear the tears that were starting from her voice. I slapped her twice more. That would be enough for the time being. Besides, I wanted her mouth again. Slapping her bum had excited me more than I thought it would…or should.

I walked away from Liz. Leaving her bent over I Lay back down and opened my legs, pushing a pillow under my bum so I was slightly raised up.

I saw a few tears rolling down Liz’s cheeks as I pointed down at my waiting holes.

“You know what I want, make me cum my dirty, little slut.”

Liz stood up. She rubbed her just spanked bottom as she moved up towards my waiting pussy.

Biting her lip as she knelt between my legs. She looked up at me with a hint of a smile on her face before she lay between my open legs and began to eat me again.

It was like an electric shock as her pink tongue touched my erect clit, flicking it softly, circling it expertly. I did scream as she took it between her teeth, holding it as she started to flick it harder.

I squeezed my nipples, pulling on them so I stretched them. My God, she was good at this. I found it impossible to believe she’d never done this before.

Her fingers kaçak bahis were busy too. Both of my holes being entered at the same time. I didn’t know if it was both hands at work or just one, but I knew I loved it. If only I’d known the pleasure I could have had if I’d allowed my tight hole to be used before tonight. Damn, I’d missed out on so much pleasure.

Liz knew I was enjoying it. Another finger probed then joined the other inside me. My groans were getting louder as I was being penetrated. I even began to push myself onto those fingers. Visions of Liz using a dildo or even better, a nice, strap-on up that hole. So many things I wanted to do with sexy Liz. I knew I’d do the same to her. She’d already said she did things to her own asshole while pleasuring herself so taking it a little further would be possible. I was already thinking of Liz being in my bed as a regular occurrence. I hope I wasn;t getting too far ahead of myself. I wanted her as often as possible, just where she was right this moment. Between my spread legs, eating me beautifully.

“Yes Liz…Yes, just like that.” My asshole was being fucked harder, her tongue was lashing my clitty. “Fuck. Fuck you’re making me cum again.” I was thrusting myself onto her fingers and mouth. The waves of pleasure building faster and faster as I started to climax. I felt my pussy opening, so wet for Liz.

“Oh Liz you dirty slut I’m fucking cumming again.”

I was in sexual heaven, No one had even come close to making me cum like this. Panting hard I couldn’t speak. I had to stop her touching my clit or I might just die and go to heaven.

I ended up using my feet to push her away. Liz was laughing as I squirmed my bum away from her tongue until I could jump from the bed. My legs shaking, my hand holding my pussy to put a stop to anymore from Liz for the moment.

“Jesus Fucking Christ! What the fuck did you do to me? I can still feel my pussy quivering.”

Liz was stretched across the bed looking like the cat that got the cream. The dirty bitch was licking her lips for more of my juices. “Don’t even think about touching me again for a while, I thought I was going to die!”

She was smiling as she teased her nipples, tongue still trying to lick every last drop of juice that had coated her mouth.

“Mmmmnnnn, you tasted delicious Miss, so wet, so sweet. I want more, lots more.”

I held my hands out to stop her as she moved closer. I couldn’t let her near me again yet.

“You’ll get more but not yet, I need to recover. I need a drink too.”

Liz found me sitting at the table with a large glass of wine in my hand. I was still shaking. My pussy was leaving a wet patch on the chair, I was so wet.

I watched Liz drinking illegal bahis from the last bottle of beer we’d bought. She was thirsty, half the bottle gone before she stopped and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“That’s better, I needed that. Not very ladylike, but, I don’t pretend to be a lady anyway.”

Liz sat herself down, slowly lowering her bum down on the cold wood. Sipping from her bottle instead of gulping it down.

“Wow Sarah, that was fantastic. My first time with a woman, and it was even better than I expected it to be. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did?”

I was smiling as she called me Sarah and not Miss. That was for bedtime, that was fine by me as long as it was a frequent occurrence.

“It was the best ever is what it was. Fantastic, mind-blowing, orgasmic doesn’t come close to how good it was. I never imagined that sex could be that good. I’m just sad that it’s taken this long to feel so satisfied.”

Liz was beaming as she heard those words. “I thought I’d had a good sex life up until today, how wrong could I be. No man has come close to making me feel like this Liz, not one. Thank you for being my first too, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have and we can carry on doing it as often as you like.”

Liz leaned over, took my head in her hands, and kissed me.

When she sat back she started to laugh.

“As often as possible, for as long as possible. I always had a crush on you but I didn’t know how to let you know. I wanted you so much Sarah, if only you knew how many times I played with my pussy laying in bed at night, thinking of you licking me, kissing me. Fucking me.” my mouth must have been hanging open. I’d never guessed Liz had made herself cum thinking about me using her. “You can fuck me like a slut, I’d like you doing me like that…Miss.” She was grinning. ” I think you like me calling you Miss, a naughty teacher that needs to take me in hand when I’m bad…I’ll be so bad that my poor little bottom would need to be spanked hard. Yes, I want to be so bad for you Miss.”

God. She was ready for more, I would have my work cut out with Liz, I could see. I certainly didn’t mind pleasuring her. My pussy was still wet, but it needed a little bit of rest before Liz would even be allowed to touch it again.

“Well, Liz. Miss wants to have you again.” I stood up and took her hand. “I want to have fun with your tight hole while I lick you, seeing as you said you liked it.”

Liz was grinning as she was being led back to bed.

“Oh yes please Miss, I love it.” She winked at me as she jumped on the bed, her legs wide, pillow under her bum. Liz was ready for more fun and so was I.

If you’re reading this then Thank You. I hope you’re still enjoying Sarah and Liz as much as I am. I have a few more chapters to write, I have some ideas about where this story might go, but any ideas are welcome. Comments good or bad help me so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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