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Sarah hated her life in the small village of Hedgesville.

She was the only child of the town’s butcher, Fred Elliot, and since leaving school had worked in his shop serving the local townsfolk her father’s prime cuts.

Sarah was in love with Jacob Smothers, a local nar-do-well who had finished school when Sarah did but was planning on traveling to the big city to seek his fortune.

Sarah was nineteen and her father was anxious to get her married to Joseph Gillante. Gillante was a wealthy widower who owned the town’s newspaper. He represented old money, the problem was he was old too, seventy-nine to be exact.

Gillante coveted the nubile young butcher’s daughter and would quickly marry her to have his lecherous way with her curvy young body.

The thought of having Gillante’s decrepit old body climbing on top of hers disgusted Sarah but she knew she would have to obey her father’s wishes or face being shunned by her family and friends.

She had snuck away to meet Jacob her true love to tell him of her dilemma.

They met on the banks of the Speed River just outside of town. It was after supper and in an hour the sun would be setting ending another day of torment.

Sarah explained her predicament to Jacob confessing he was her true love but how her father would never permit her to marry him.

Jacob told Sarah how he was going to the city to make his fortune. He said when he was successful he would return for her and take her away with him.

They kissed, their tongues intertwined in passion. Jacob’s hand slipped her cotton dress off her left shoulder allowing the bodice to drop. Sarah wore no bra and her ample pale white breast with its aroused pink nipple was uncovered. Jacobs’s hand grasped her bared tit.

Sarah swooned as Jacob’s hand gently squeezed her soft mound. He pushed her gently back onto the grassy riverbank.

Sarah closed her eyes and felt Jacob’s hand on her bare leg. Slowly the hand slipped up her leg to her panties. His fingers shoved the cotton covering aside and explored her bush for the entrance to her most intimate place.

Sarah gasped as he found his way into her. Two of Jacob’s finger slid into Sarah’s wetness.

Sarah gave Jacob her virginity that evening. The virile young man flooded her womb with his sperm as the river water rushed by.

It was the town event of June. The comely young butcher daughter was to be wed to Hedgesville most prominent citizen, the distinguished Joseph Gillante.

Fred had spared no expense giving his daughter to her elderly husband-to-be. He had the St. Ann’s Women’s Auxiliary lay on a feast for the selected three hundred of Hedgesville’s more affluent inhabitants.

Smoked duck’s breast and salmon fillet accompanied by the finest Chardonnay lead up to the piece-de-resistance. Elliot’s finest two-inch thick Porterhouse steak.

Sarah Anadolu Yakası Escort looked elegant in her snow-white bridal gown, passed down from her mother. A proud Fred escorted his daughter down the aisle to give her to the lecherous Gillante who was savoring the thought of ravishing her tempting young body that evening.

The day had been tiring and finally they were alone in Gillante’s spacious house about to consummate their marriage.

Sarah sat before the mirror at the dressing table brushing her long flaxen hair. She had bathed in the rose scented water in Gillante’s huge tub and changed into her cotton honeymoon nighty.

The nighty barely covered he bare buttocks and she was completely nude under the skimpy frock ready to offer her husband what was his.

A sprits of perfume between her generous breasts and she slipped into Gillante’s huge four-poster bed and waited for her new husband to come to claim her.

Sarah trembled as she waited her master to join her in the matrimonial bed. Would he be able to tell she was not a virgin?

Not likely, Jacob and her had only made love that one time and Gillante would be so overwhelmed fucking such a young girl he would not likely notice she ha already been penetrated.

She knew she must please her new husband for her father’s sake even though her heart belonged to her first true love.

The door swung slowly open and a drunken Joseph Gillante stumbled into the boudoir.

“Ready for a good fucking lassie?” Gillante growled as he started removing his clothes. “Let’s see if we can’t put a baby in your belly.”

Gillante was only wearing his trousers and undershirt, which he hastily removed. Pulling down his shorts Sarah got her first look at the cock that was going to go inside of her.

The old guy’s cock was hard, projecting out from a nest of gray pubic hair.

Gillante walked over the bed, cock in hand.

“First I want you to suck Me.” he demanded.

Sarah had never considered putting a cock in her mouth. She had heard that some girls did it but they were considered ‘sluts’.

Still her husband was her master, she must obey him and do as he wished. She opened her mouth wide.

Gillante’s cock entered her open mouth and he soft lips closed around his shaft. She could feel the weight of his cock as it settled on her tongue.

I was disgusting as she detected traces of urine on his meat that rested on her warm, wet tongue. Instinctively she begins to gag at the presence of the foreign object filling her mouth.

“Suck it bitch!” Gillante growled as he grabbed his hand full of her hair and pulled her onto his cock.

Tears came to Sarah’s eyes as she choked at her husband’s repulsive actions.

Sarah was resolved to perform her wifely duties and satisfy Gillante’s perverse wishes. Her lips sealed around his cock Pendik Escort and she inhaled.

Her cheeks sunk in as she formed a vacuum around Gillante’s cock. Slowly her tongue began to caress the throbbing cock in her mouth.

“Oh yes!” Gillante groaned as he pulled his young wife’s head further on to his cock.

Gillante’s cock began to move in Sarah’s mouth like a serpent coming to life from her body heat. Gillante began inching it in and out in rapidly increasing strokes. The old bastard was skull fucking his innocent young wife.

Sarah, convinced it was her wifely duty, allowed Gillante to use her mouth to arouse his cock.

Being the first attention his cock had received from a woman in a long while Gillante climaxed quickly, spewing his thick sticky slime into the teenager’s mouth.

Sarah had to withdraw her mouth from his cock as she choked on the salty brine, which had found its way into her gullet. As the snot slid down her throat Gillante shot his final spurts of cum right on Sarah’s face.

“I’m sorry.” Sarah apologized as Gillante’s cum run down her face.

“Open you legs for me.” Gillante ordered.

Sarah lay back on the bed and opened her legs, as her husband had demanded expecting he was going to mount her.

Instead Gillante’s wizen old face buried itself between her open thighs and she felt his tongue begin to explore her open slit.

“Oh God, what’s he doing?” Sarah thought as Gillante’s tongue found her clitoris.

Sarah closed her eyes and visions of Jacob filled her mind. She imagined it was Jacob’s tongue caressing her womanhood and she began getting the warm feeling she had when she made love by the river.

Sarah rested her hands on the back of Gillante’s head as he gnawed on her wetness.

“Oh yes!” she moaned as her orgasm began to grow.

It was Sarah’s first orgasm created by having a tongue ravishing her pristine pussy. Her body began to involuntarily buck as Gillante’s tongue continued to excite her.

Her legs clamped closed on her husband’s head as she reached her apex, Gillante greedily sucked her juices into his mouth.

Sarah’s world begins to spin out of control. She had climaxed with Jacob’s cock in her but this was different, this was all about her.

Her hips bucked upwards pushing her open cunt into her husband’s slurping tongue.

Her body was no longer hers to control as unwillingly the spasms forced her to fuck Gillante’s plunging tongue. Her gyrations caused her husband’s tongue to enter her fuck hole where it contacted her secret spot. It was the detonator causing her orgasm to explode between her open legs.

Sarah’s hands grasped her husband’s head, forcing it tighter into her trembling pelvis.

“Oh my God!” she whimpered as Gillante drank her flowing nectar.

Sarah’s orgasm left her totally exhausted. Closing her Kurtköy Escort eyes she surrendered herself sleep.

Sarah did not know how long she was out. When she opened her eyes Gillante was fucking her.

Her pussy was very wet and her husband’s cock was sliding in and out of her effortlessly.

Oddly Sarah enjoyed her husband’s deep thrusts into her womanhood. Her legs were splayed wide open and Gillante was penetrating her the maximum distance his cock could achieve.

She closed her eyes again and thought of Jacob as her hips began to gyrate.

Sarah felt the beginnings of another orgasm forming as she responded to her husband’s cock thrashing inside her wet cunt.

“Harder, harder!” she found herself moaning.

Obligingly Gillante hammered his nubile young bride savagely with his stiff cock.

Sarah splayed her legs open exposing her garden to receive her husband’s seed.

“Now!” she moaned as her orgasm blossomed.

Gillante fulfilled her desire ejaculating his first load of thick creamy sperm into his wife’s womb.

Sarah writhed in the throes of her ecstasy as Gillante’s sperm saturated her ovaries.

Gillante spent the better part of their honeymoon night consummating his marriage to the beautiful young butcher’s daughter. Load after sticky load he pumped his sperm into Sarah’s cunt until his balls had been completely drained into her.

Sarah slept the sleep of an exhausted but contented wife as the sun began to rise. The fucking marathon had completely worn her out.

Sarah adapted to married life quickly.

Gillante fucked her a lot, several times every day. Sarah began to enjoy her ancient husband’s cock in her and looked forward to their lovemaking. Sarah was achieving orgasms regularly with Gillante even though he hadn’t been her choice for a husband. She had almost forgotten he first love, Jacob.

Sarah had been married to Gillante for three weeks and her period was late. She had never been late before and she suspected she might be pregnant.

A visit to Doc Fawcett confirmed her suspicions when he advised her she was carrying a baby!

Her new husband was overjoyed of the news he had impregnated his young wife so quickly.

It never occurred to Sarah she had not had a period since Jacob fucked her.

Sarah was five months into her confinement when Jacob surprisingly returned to town. Upon seeing his true love obviously pregnant he assumed the baby within her was his.

Sarah confessed to his she had married the elderly Gillante on her father’s wishes and given herself to him in the marriage bed.

Jacob was heartbroken, he had returned to claim his love and found her to be with child, another man’s child.

Dismayed he wished Sarah the best and returned to the city a brokenhearted man.

The weeks past and the time came for Sarah to deliver.

Sarah was taken to the hospital in nearby Guelph where she delivered her son.

She was lying in bed when the nurse brought her her new son to see for the first time since birth.

Sarah’s heart skipped a beat, the little boy was the image of his father, Jacob!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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