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The story of: Annie, Sarah, Lizzie & Rachel

Usual B.S. – If you’re not old enough to be reading this then Don’t, If you don’t like this kind of stuff then Don’t. This file will appeal to a certain audience only, and they are the only ones that this was written for!


I’d never really thought about how sexy my daughters were until I came home from work early, and found my sister and my oldest daughter in bed together. You see, I am a 38 year old divorced Mother of two teenage daughters. One, the one that I caught, Lizzie, 19 years old, and another, Rachel, 18 years old. My sister, Annie, 33 years old, had come to stay with us, after she lost her job at a major computer company in Silicon Valley. Sis & I had always been very close, so it wasn’t a problem for me at all.

Sis, was smart enough to put away a decent amount of money just incase something like this were to happen, so she didn’t have a problem helping to pay rent while she was with us. She also was not in a big hurry to find a job yet, I figured that she would get one when she needed the money. Besides, she told me that she would take care of the housework, and helping the girls in anyway that she could, while I was working.

Little did I know, that she was helping my oldest daughter with sex education.

It was a Friday, it was also a nice day outside, around 85 degrees, so around noon, I took the rest of the day off, saying that I wasn’t feeling well, and thought I’d go home and take a nap, try to sleep whatever it was off. What I was actually doing though, was going back home to try to catch some rays. I drove home as fast as I could, to take advantage of the early afternoon sun.

Upon arriving home, I called for my sister, to see if she wanted to join me out by the pool to work on our tans, but got no response. I decided to go out by myself, and headed for my bedroom to change out of my business suit. When I got to the top of the stairs, I heard what I thought were sickness moans at first, but as I got closer to the source, I could tell that the were moans of pleasure.

They were coming from my sisters room, so I figured she was in there masturbating or using a vibrator, or something. Well, as it turns out, it was the something. I sneaked up to her door, it was open, since she apparently was not expecting anyone to come home so early. I stood back a bit, so I would not get caught spying, which is funny, since it is my house.

I was shocked, and yet turned on, when I found out that she was in there with another woman. I had no idea at first, but then the other womans’ voice, said something like, “yes, right there Aunt Annie”.

I wanted to say something right then and there, but all I could do was stand back and watch, my own daughter, being eaten out by her Aunt. MY sister!

As I stood there, watching my sister, making oral love to her Neice, I thought back to the days when Annie and I were my daughters ages. We were probably doing that very thing with each other.

We lived out in the country, where ankara escort there weren’t a whole lot of kids, so all we really had was the other as a friend, other than at school. Our nearest child neighbor was about 10 miles away, so we spent alot of time being each others playmates. I tought my Sis how to kiss, as well as other ways to satisfy ones libido. Probably out of the need to fulfill myself sexually, as much as helping her out.

Anyway, As I stood there out of sight of either of the two, I heard Lizzie asking Annie where she had learned to make love to another woman. Now, I really wanted to walk in and stop the two, so I would not get found out. But I was still somewhat lost in my own fantasy world, remembering those good times. Annie, told Lizzie that I had taught her the act of lesbian love, when we were teenagers.

Lizzie’s response was that she had often wondered about her mother, the way that she sometimes looked at her. Especially the time that Lizzie was getting out of the shower, and I had to use the bathroom, I couldn’t wait so I just went in without saying anything to her. She kept telling Annie, how she knew that I was watching her play with herself through the shower curtain, but didn’t let me know that she knew that I was there.

Hell, I thought, If I would have known that, I would have stripped down and joined her right then and there. Yes, I had lusted after my daughters, before. But now it was different, she was actually being initiated into the world of lesbian sex. Sarah, really was starting to enjoy this now.

Instead of going in and busting up the “party”, I stripped out of my clothes right there in the hallway, and walked quietly into Annie’s room. I just stood there for a moment, not wanting the others to know that I was there. But it was too late, Annie, who had always had great hearing, without moving, said it was about time I joined in. She asked me what took me so long, but for some reason, I couldn ‘t answer.

Annie, had always had some kind of control over me, even though she was younger than me. Knowing that of course, she told me to get up on the bed, and lay next to my daughter. I did as told, then Annie told Lizzie, to reach over and rub my breasts, to make my nipples hard. She didn’t have to work too hard at that point, because they started getting hard as soon as I heard Annie say that.

Lizzie also did as she was instructed, and reached over to caress me, occasionally pinching my nipples between her thumb & forefinger. All I could do at the time, was just lay there and enjoy the attention that was being given to me. Annie then stopped eating Lizzie’s pussy, began to eat me, while my daughter played with & started to suck on my titties.

This time, when Lizzie sucked on my breasts was obviouly alot different than the last time, she was just a baby then, and did it for the breast milk. But this time, this time she was doing it for pleasure, although I’m not sure if it was for mine or hers. She looked me in the eyes, and asked me if I liked what she was doing to me, escort ankara and all I could do was smile back at her.

I held her head close to my breasts, hoping the moment would never go away, almost forgetting about what Annie was doing to me down below. It didn’t take long to reach my first orgasm of the day, even though I wasn’t paying as close attention as I should have. When we were teenagers, Annie was an expert at getting me off, especially when I wasn’t awake, or just wasn’t for whatever reason, paying close enough attention to to the situation.

Annie got me to pay more attantion to her, by telling Lizzie that she should stop what she was doing, and come down there to where Annie was. She then stopped eating me, and told Lizzie to continue where she had left off. Much to my suprise, Lizzie seemed to know just what to do. I asked her if she had ever done this before today, and she told me that she and Annie had been doing this every chance they had to be together, since Annie moved in.

I then asked Annie why she never let on that she and Lizzie had become lovers, and Annie told me that she was afraid that I would have a problem with it. I in turn, told her that the only problem that I had with it, was the fact that I had missed out on all of the fun, up ’til now. She then said that they would be more than happy to make up for it.

Lizzie then continued to eat me out, while Annie straddled my face. I’d forgotten just how good Annie tasted, although, I had not forgotten how much I liked to make love to her. This occasion was bringing back so many good memories of my later teenage years. I remembered from all those years back, what and how Annie liked it, and knew just how I liked things.

I was beginning to wonder why I ever got married, although I didn’t necessarily regret it, because of my two daughters, especially on this day. When I had come a few more times, Lizzie was told that she should rest for awhile. Annie made it sound like it was for Lizzie’s own good, but I knew right away that it was so Annie could have me all to herself once again.

She then lowered her body, so that we were in a “69”, knowing what each other liked already, we were bringing each other to multiple orgasms shortly. I looked over at Lizzie, who was sitting in a chair across the room, and masturbating. While we were looking into each others eyes, she took her two fingers from her pussy, and stuck them into her mouth, tasting her own juices. That was all I needed to bring myself to another orgasm.

Around three hours after I joined in on the fun, Annie got up, showered, and went downstairs to get dinner ready. Lizzie then joined me on the bed for another quick orgasm or two, before we left the room to get ready for dinner. We also wanted to be cleaned up before Rachel came home from her friends house.

We were all ready in plenty of time before dinner, and while we were awaiting Rachels arrival, we discussed our plans for the rest of the night. It was then that Annie told me that she had already been working with Rachel, ankara escort bayan and planned on involving her that night. I couldn’t wait after the hot time I had already had with Lizzie.

Rachel got home as we were sitting down to eat, before she sat down though, she came over to me and kissed me hello. I was somewhat suprised when I detected the faint smell of pussy on her face and/or breath. I asked her how her day was, and who she spent it with. She just told me that she was at her friend Joan’s house, and they just fooled around all day, not doing much of anything.

Well, she wasn’t exactly lying, she’d obviously been fooling around, but not doing much? I doubt that.

I wasn’t going to bring up the fact that I had smelled her friends pussy on her breath, but when she went to Annie and gave her a hello kiss, Annie wasn’t so discreet. She made a point of licking some of the fragrance off of Rachels cheek. I cleared my throat, letting Annie know, that I got the picture. Annie had obviously already taught Rachel the “ins & outs” of eating pussy.

The dinner while tasting good, for the most part was uneventful, with hardly any conversation taking place between either of the four of us. After clearing the table & washing the dishes, we all decided to go for a swim, so we all retreated to our bedrooms to change into our bathing suits. I was the last one to get out to the pool, so I had no idea at first, what my daughters suits looked like.

Annie was the first to come out of the pool, and I for one was not totally suprised when I saw what she was wearing. It had to be the worlds smallest bikini, I was however, although at that point I shouldn’t have been, suprised that my daughters were wearing the very same suits that my sister had on. The only difference was that they fit Annie & Lizzie just fine, but Rachel just didn’t have the upper body, therefore one of her tits was hanging out as she walked out of the pool.

She didn’t fix it right away, until I said something, but even then she wasn’t really worried about it since we were all females, and family at that.

Annie asked if anyone was up for a game of chicken, and of course the two girls were the first to speak up, meaning that I would be the deciding factor. Not wanting to let my precious girls down, after leading them on for a few moments, I agreed. I had to admit to myself, that I was getting a little bit horny thinking about what might be happening later that night.

I immediately chose Rachel as my partner, not only because she was lighter than Lizzie, but because I wanted to feel her smooth young legs, with my hand, and rubbing on my shoulders. Not to mention the fact that her pussy would be rubbing up against the back of my head. Besides, I already knew the feeling of having the legs of my Sister and my oldest Daughter wrapped around my head.

Well, the moment of truth finally arrived, and Rachel got up on my shoulders, only to have me get all weak kneed, just from her wrapping those luscious looking, and feeling legs around my neck. I’m not sure if she figured out why I slipped as she was getting on, or whether she even cared why.


That’s it, I hope it did something for you, and you take time to both vote and comment on this story.

Thanks, Lobito

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