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Letting her legs drop weakly to the floor she took a deep breath and pushed him hard in the chest, making him stagger back slightly in surprise.

Surely she wasn’t going to change her mind now?!

With a predatory gleam in her eyes Sandy took a step towards him, then another. Something about her expression made him feel more victim than seducer and he began to back up cautiously, holding his hands up in the universal gesture of surrender.

His heels brushed against something and he glanced over his shoulder, realising he was trapped. A dark leather sofa behind him and the girl in front of him. The booth she had steered him into was dark and private, at the rear of the club and he could see fear in his eyes as he looked at his reflection in the mirrored columns surrounding them.

Nervously his eyes flicked round, looking for an escape route, uncomfortable at the sudden shift in power.

He dragged his gaze back to hers, watching her mouth twist into a smirk as she lifted a hand to his shoulder and pushed.

In slow motion it seemed, he fell backwards, finding himself engulfed by the soft cushions before she placed a hand on each of his knees and bent forward from the waist.

The movement pushed her firm breasts up and together and they dangled enticingly just in front of his face as she gently swayed to the music.

Bending her knees slightly she moved her hips from side to side as she leant forward, brushing the tops of her soft breasts over his lips before taking a step back and standing, running her hands teasingly down her body as she undulated in front of him.

He reached out a hand to touch her but she slapped it away, letting her hands roam back to her breasts, then down to gradually lift the hem of her skirt as she danced, until üsküdar escort he thought he could almost see her underwear peeping out from underneath.

Swinging her hips she turned and bent slowly, presenting him with her lush ass and dripping pussy, barely concealed by the sodden panties she wore. Still dancing she wiggled herself nearer to his face, her legs parting as she moved closer until she was almost straddling him, her eyes in the mirror catching his and locking onto them as she grinned and licked her lips.

The smell of her this close to his face made his mouth water and he reached out his tongue to press against her, flicking the tip of it against her satin covering and watching as she jerked in surprise before moving away slightly, trying to regain control.

Grabbing her hips tight with his hands he pulled her back so that her sopping cunt was pressed against his face, and he began to move in earnest, using a combination of teeth, nose and tongue to push the fabric to one side so he could lick her properly without the barrier.

Sandy could feel her knees trembling as she struggled to stay upright with his tongue stroking across her swollen clit. She could feel the tension gathering and pooling between her thighs as he alternated between nibbling her outer lips, flicking his tongue over her heated flesh and sucking deep into his mouth, his nose pressed up against her dripping hole and his fingers digging in to her waist as he held firm against her panicked little struggles. Catching a glance of her flushed face in one of the mirrored columns she was shocked and more than a little turned on to see herself looking so abandoned. He caught her gaze in the mirror and winked before her eyes yenibosna escort drifted shut and thoughts of anything other than the way her was touching her vanished.

Her universe had shrunk to just his tongue and what it was doing to her. A hundred people could have been watching her and she wouldn’t have noticed and the thought both scared and aroused her.

Her breathing was coming hard and fast and her balance on her heels was becoming precarious as with one more gentle suck and the soft stroke of his mouth against her sensitive skin she came, her soft cry drowned by the music, pushing herself back into him as she shuddered against his face.

Releasing his tight grip on her hips he gently lowered her to sit on his lap as she struggled to get her breathing back to normal. Wriggling slightly to get comfortable she heard him gasp sharply. Grinning she did it again, his hardness against her backside turning her on again. Looking around she wondered if she would be able to return the favour, but the booth, as private as it was, wasn’t really somewhere she could drag his trousers down and take her time about things. And after that little display she was determined to make him suffer, no quick wham, bam, thank you ma’am for this guy, she wanted to enjoy him for a good few hours yet.

Leaning her head back against his chest she tipped up her head to kiss him, tasting herself on his lips, sweet but tangy. Sucking his lower lip between her teeth she bit down on it, running her tongue over the sensitive flesh whilst he moaned, alternating sucking with licking and feeling him grow even harder against her thigh. Releasing his lip she kissed him hard and wriggled again, enjoying his soft groan as she zeytinburnu escort rubbed against him, the way his eyes closed and his mouth opened as she toyed with his waistband, slipping her fingers underneath and tracing just the tips around, teasing, careful not to touch him where he wanted to be touched.

Deftly she flicked open the button, using one finger to slide down the zip before she wriggled again, positioning his hard cock so that it pressed against her pussy through his boxers, her dampness soaking through the thin cotton as he leaned back in his seat.

Turning, she straddled him and rocked her hips back and forth, the tip of his dick poking out of the waistband of his boxers and bumping her still sensitive clit with every move. The feel of his overheated cock pressing up against her was too much and with one swift movement she pulled her panties to one side, sliding her wet slit up his cock whilst sliding his boxers down and impaling herself on his shaft.

She heard his shocked gasp, followed by his groan in her ear

“Fuck baby, that feels too good.” She could feel her internal muscles squeezing around him at the strained sound of his voice as she struggled not to move. Could feel him twitching inside her as he did the same.

He clenched his fists at his sides, in awe at the feel of her tight, wet pussy gripping his cock, pulsing rhythmically in a way that threatened to send him over the edge. He screwed his eyes up tight, trying hard to think calming thoughts, this was not going to end after two seconds on the sofa of a bar, he had plans for this girl that would take the greater part of the evening. Reaching up he gripped her waist, thrusting up into her hard, relishing the feel of her, before regretfully lifting her off him and straightening his clothes.

“How about we get out of here and find somewhere a little more private?” he growled in her ear, his trousers tightening once again at the thought of getting her alone and naked as soon as possible.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she drawled with a grin, before giving him a quick peck on the mouth and taking his hand. “After you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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