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Female Ejaculation

It’s that time of year again – just as the winter starts to thaw I get the itch to see him again. Well, it actually hits me more often that that but this is the time of year I can actually do something about it. Every year – for the past 7 years – we have planned to meet up between April 14 and May 14. We are stuck on that “end date” because he has to be back in time for his wife’s birthday. We have made many memories together over the years, beginning with the first year when it felt like every day of that month was magical and full of possibilities with each other and in our own lives. Since then, we have been together every year except one. I was in a new relationship and didn’t want to shortchange myself with someone great – and available – for a guy who made the choice to stay year after year with a woman who is nice enough and a good mom but who does not embrace the Fun Factor in life the way he does. I am all about fun, especially when he is around, but even when he is not I prefer to boogie my way through the day and still manage to support myself pretty well. I pay the bills, buy the food, work really hard, and live my life – but when our time together rolls around I can forget about the mundane and completely escape.

“Where are you? I can’t see you yet, baby. This is making me nuts!” The phone feels slippery in my hand – I am always surprised by how shaky I get when I know he is near.

“Be patient – you will see me. I am the handsome cowboy watching you spin around. Like that skirt, by the way. Your legs are looking good for an old lady.”

“Oh my god, I am going to beat you down for this. Please tell me where you are. Please…I have a surprise for you. I promise you will like…no, love it. Guaranteed something you haven’t had in a year.”

“Woman, I love everything you do to me. It is worth the wait – if I can wait for it all year I can wait another 5 or 10 minutes. Keep smiling like that – I like to see the way the sun is shining down on you.”

“Ten to fifteen minutes?!? Oh, hell no! Ok, cowboy, you win – I will be the first to declare I cannot wait that long. Not one more minute. I know that’s the game we always play but I will tell you it’s been a helluva year and I want to hold you right now and if I ca…” He picks me up from behind and leaves the sentence hanging in the Urfa Escort air as he spins me until I am laughing so hard I can’t breathe. “Stop! Stop! Oh my god, I am not wearing underwear! Stop!”

He puts me down with a thud. My naked ass twirling outside the airport set off his giggles. The smile from my embarrassment melts into the biggest, truest smile I have had all year. “I thought you were laughing at the spin but you – always so sassy, aren’t you? Oh my god, let me just look at you.” I can’t help it – I start to tear up as he looks down at me. I see a few more wrinkles this year – probably a hard one for him, too, but I won’t know until we have time to talk all night which is our

priority for the weekend. His eyes are the same, and his arms wrapped around me are just as strong. “Shit, don’t cry – we are here now – stop, you will make me start, too. Come here.” He pulls me in tight and we squeeze – this is our “reset” button. All the illicit plans, the travel time, the waiting and needing and heartache – with this squeeze we will be back to “us” again.

“I can’t kiss you here – I won’t be able to stop – let’s go now.” He tries to readjust his raging hard-on but ultimately decides he doesn’t give a crap and struts with his hand in mine. He doesn’t know anyone, he is pushing 50, and he is about to have three days of the best fuck-fest he’s had in 360 days.

“Oh my god, where the hell is the rental car? I need to get you alone right now – if it isn’t big enough for me to straddle you right there I guess we will just have to make do but that IS what is about to happen.” I am so wet from running around without my panties, and the desire building while I waited for him – I may not be able to wait for him to even touch my pussy before I cum.

“Here it is.” He opens the door to a huge truck with a camper hitched to it. Hmmmm…usually we stay at a really nice hotel and embarrass the hell out of our neighbors. This is different and may be a very good kind of different but right now I need that man on my mouth. I immediately pop into the back and pull him in with me. His mouth is needy – warm and soft lips with a probing tongue. I can barely breathe. He is nibbling at my lips and I am already desperately clawing at his shirt. His hands – oh god, these hands – are running up my leg and Urfa Escort Bayan finds what he wants under my skirt. I don’t want him to stop but the sweet warmth is already growing in me and I don’t want to take the edge off quite yet. The anticipation of him feels so good.

I pull away – “Pull down those jeans…now”. They are at his ankles before I can even lift my skirt around my waist. I pull my t-shirt over my head so he can see – briefly, that is, my lace bra that I know makes my tits look amazing. I may be getting up there but I work to keep up my endurance and it helps my body stay smooth and firm at the same time. I hover for just a second. My eyes ask the question he utters at this same time each year: “Ready for me yet?” We both answer by thrusting into each other. The moan I let out is animal – I don’t know how he still does this to me. The feeling is just as powerful as the first time he gave me the look and then pushed his way into my ready cunt, changing our lives forever.

We keep going – me riding him hard then slowing down to give him a long passionate kiss, then speeding back up as I start my third orgasm. “Dear God, I can’t cum again yet – please slow me down. I need to feel you in my mouth first.” I torture him by lifting off as slowly as possible – I know he expects me to fuck his own cum out right now. He wants me to slam him back into me, pumping hard but easing forward just enough to start my screaming march which almost always gets him off, too. Not yet – I am going to lick our sweet scent off his cock while he watches. This is the fun part of knowing someone so well – I know he will start by leaning back – “Oh fuck that feels good” but then he won’t be able to resist watching. He likes to see my tongue swirl around his hard dick, licking off our dripping juices. I give him what he wants – he only gets this once a year, after all, and I know what I am doing. It helps that I totally love giving him head. He runs his fingers through my hair, and utters sweet nothings that would make a sailor blush. It gets me going even more to see this side of him come out – and probably for him, too. I am a nasty little slut with him, and it is a blast. There is nothing I will not do with him – and we have tried an awful lot of it. He is constantly trying to bring a toy that will Escort Urfa shock me – and I look him straight in the eye with the words, “Bring it on.”

One year, we met a big-tittied, whorey friend for the evening – that was a wild night – gave me good memories for years afterwards. She was definitely into me as much as she was into him – that turned him on even more. He woke from a quick nap to see her sucking at my tits while I tried really hard not to push her in between my thighs. I knew I would be too loud and wake him up and he needed his strength. Once I saw he was watching us, I whispered to her, “Please, love, will you go down on me? I need your tongue in my cunt so bad.” She was more than willing to lick down my belly to my waiting pussy. Her mouth was amazing – it did things I have never felt before. She was fucking me with her tongue but using her long nails to lightly pinch my clit – seeing where I was headed, he propped me up in his lap and tugged at my nipples. I was groaning and making noises I have never heard uttered from my mouth before. “Suck me off, bitch. I need to cum on your mouth right now, baby. Oh fuck – do it. Do it now.” And with that she unleashed all her talent on my pussy and I was lost in my explosion so long I couldn’t catch my breath. Just as I was coming down – still lightheaded – he leaned down to kiss me. He spun around to be on top of me so I could finish off with his dick inside me. She immediately hopped underneath and was sucking on his balls and licking my juices while he stroked me with long deep slow thrusts. We looked each other in the eyes and said “Wow” at the same time, then started laughing. God, I have fun with this man.

His ram-hard dick in my mouth was getting close to exploding. His breath was ragged and he was starting to utter so many obscenities I almost started to laugh. Sex is fun and funny at the same time – but not too many people appreciate that in the heat of the moment – so I look up at him. He prides himself on lasting a long time, but for fuck’s sake he had me sucking him so long and with such enthusiasm that how could he resist his once-a-year-pleasure of letting go? How good it feels to keep going – don’t stop – take a risk – be alive – and explode your jiz all over your mistress’ mouth because she fucking likes it when you do that to her. He lets me taste his cum on the back of my throat – I slurp it up, not letting a single bit go to waste. Oh wow – we haven’t made it out of the car yet. If the first 30 minutes were this good, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the weekend will be like.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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