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I’m sitting at my desk waiting for my 2pm appointment to arrive. Man, do I hate these sales calls. Especially when I’m swamped with all kinds of work. Maybe this little break will help me through the rest of the day. Phone calls, faxes, emails, the paperwork is all piling up. The receptionist buzzes me and tells me my appointment is here. I thank her and tell her I will be right out. As I get up from my desk and walk in the lobby I start to think about what kind of salesman I’ll have to deal with.

I turned the corner and almost tripped over my own feet. Standing in front of me was one of the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. Long flowing red hair, wonderful emerald green eyes, and WOW! What a killer body!!! The dark blue pinstriped business suit that she wore really showed it off too. MAN! Look at those legs. They seemed to go on forever…….

Trying to somewhat cool about the whole situation, I smiled, extended my hand, and introduced myself.

“Hello. My name is Jack.”

“Hi. My name is Kirsten. Mr. Jameson could not make it today. He sent me in his place. He made it sound like this could be a very important sale.”

“Yes it very well could be. Why don’t we head back to my office see what we can hammer out.”

As we walked back to my office we engaged in the usual small talk. Weather, news, the usual stuff. Both trying to get a feel for each other I guess. And boy did she have something that I would love to get a hold of. We entered my somewhat small and cramped office. I offered her a chair and something to drink. She said no thank you that she was somewhat nervous as this was her first important sales call. We shared some background history of each other’s careers. The whole time she was talking I could not help but stare at those beautiful legs of hers. So long and slightly muscular. A jogger perhaps? I will have to say this, my day definitely did pick up from here on out!! After telling each other our life stories we decided it was time we got down to business. I didn’t need to hear any of this. My mind was already made up. This babe was getting the sale no matter what. But she didn’t know that. So I let her go on with her pitch. Explaining everything more than it needed to be. After an hour and a half of proposals and counters, a deal was struck. I hated to see her leave. But she had some more sales calls to make. I hope my disappoint didn’t show. At least not too much. I walked her to the door and thanked her for everything. I retired back to my office to try and get some stuff done before the end of the day.

It was about 15 minutes before the end of the day when I received a phone call. Great. Just what I need. Another pushy salesman. I sat there contemplating whether or not to take the call. Maybe I could just tell them to take a message for me. I decided to take it and am I glad that I did.

I picked up the receiver and said, “Hello”

“Hi Jack this Kirsten. I had the craziest idea just now. I am going to be in town overnight and I thought we could celebrate demetevler escort our deal over dinner. What do you think?”

What did I think? I felt like I just won the lottery.

“I can do that. It’s a date. What time would you like to meet?”

“Well, I don’t know this area all that well. I was wondering if you could pick me up at my hotel. I’m staying at The Windsor Inn.”

Sure I can do that. What room are you in?”

“456” she said.

“Great. Pick you up at 8?”

“Works for me. See you then!! Bye.”

I hung up the phone and I must have had the biggest smile anyone has ever seen on my face. How often do I get a chance to share a meal with a beautiful woman in public? No many is the answer. I rushed home to clean up. After making sure everything was about as good as it was going to get, I headed to my car. I made to 30-minute drive to the hotel in about 15. Needless to say I was a little excited. I entered the hotel and took the elevator to the 4th floor. After wandering around aimlessly I finally found room 456. I knocked on the door and waiting anxiously for the gorgeous redhead to open the door. I couldn’t wait to see what she looked like now.

Kirsten opened the door and I think my jaw hit the floor. She was wearing next to nothing!! I must have died and gone to heaven.

“Why don’t you come in.”

I stood there for what seemed like an eternity. “Come on. I don’t bite hard. At least not right away I don’t.”

What the hell was going on? As she closed the door behind me a million thoughts were racing through my mind. And she answered them all with her next statement.

“I thought since this was such a huge deal for both of our companies that we should celebrate the right way. When we were in your office today I saw you looking at my body. You were probably wondering what I looked like under my business suit. Well here you go!!”

She danced around a little so I could see every inch and every curve of hers. she reached behind herself and undid the clasp of her bra. Slowly she let it slide down her arms revealing her very luscious breasts. Slowly she ran her fingers across her nipples to make them erect. she then lifted one of them to her mouth and sucked on it gently. I was getting so excited I thought the zipper on my pants was going to burst. she slowly made her way towards me. when she was right in front of me she leaned over so that her breasts were right on my face. It took all I had not to reach out and touch them, fondle them, suck them. They were so beautiful. Suddenly she spoke. “I thought since I did something for you this afternoon for your company that you could return the favor and do something for me. I want you to suck my wet pussy. It’s been so long since I’ve been with someone. I need to have my pussy licked right now. Will you do that for me?”

She didn’t have to ask twice. I grabbed her gently and set her down on the bed. I removed my clothing and crawled between those beautiful things I thought about dikmen escort all afternoon. I slid my thumbs under her thong panties and slid them down her legs and off onto the floor. I sat there for a moment admired what was in front of me. Here was a beautiful woman with a killer body asking me to pleasure her. And I was more than wiling to accommodate her. I begin slowly kissing the inside of her thighs. Moving closer and closer to her hot wet pussy. I could feel the heat coming from it. And it was soaking wet. I have never seem anything like it. And I wanted to taste her sweet nectar. I wanted it all. I wanted to feel her sweet juices flowing down my throat. I moved closer and closer to her wet pussy. I slowly slid my tongue between her swollen lips, moving it up and down. Kirsten shuttered as my tongue hit her pussy. Oh how she longed for this again. As Jack moved his tongue up and down more rapidly, she could feel herself getting more excited and more hot and wet. Jack could sense this and decide to go for broke. He slid his tongue in a little farther. then a little more. and a little more. Until his face was buried right in her wet pussy. It felt so good to feel her wetness all around him. But he wanted more. He began to move his tongue in and out of her pussy. Slowly at first. in and out. moving it up and down at the same time. He wanted to taste all of her. He moved his tongue in circles so he could lick every inch of her hot pussy. She was getting more and more excited. Her moaning was getting louder and louder. God how she loved this. And Jack loved it as well. But he still wanted more of her. He decides to focus on her clit to put her over the edge. He moves his tongue to her hard clit. Moved his tongue around it slowly. Circling it. He began to flick his tongue at the tip of it. slowly at first. Then faster and faster. Kirsten was screaming now. She was about to cum. And Jack knew it. At the right time, Jack took her clit in his mouth and began to suck on it gently and nibbling on it softly. This sent Kirsten over the edge. She screamed and moaned like no tomorrow. She clamped her thighs around Jack’s head so he could not get away. Jack could feel her juices and her cum flowing from her like a river. He wanted it. He wanted all of it. He began to lick it all up. Off her outer lips, her thighs, from inside of her. He wanted it all and he wanted more.

After coming down form the most amazing and incredible orgasms that she has ever had, Kirsten wanted more as well. “Fuck me Jack. Fuck me hard. I want it and I want it now. Fuck me with that big cock of yours. Fuck me like you have never fucked anyone in your life. After that licking you gave me I am putty in your hands.”

Jack could do nothing but smile. He climbed up on the bed and between her thighs. He aimed his big cock and her wet, hot, swollen pussy. He wanted to be inside of her. He wanted to feel the wetness and warmth around his dick. Slowly he began to insert his cock inside of her. Slowly, so she could feel it ankara escort all. Feel it filling her up. God he is so big though Kirsten. It felt so good. She wanted more of him. She wanted all of him inside of her. And Jack wanted to give her it all. Slowly sliding his dick into her hot pussy until all of it was inside of her. He waited for her to adjust to him being inside of her. When he felt she was ready he began to slide his cock in and out of her hot wet pussy. In and out…..slowly. Steadily increasing the pace. Faster. Faster. Deeper. Harder. Jack was pounding her sweet pussy with all he had. Kirsten was loving it. She was moaning and screaming for more. “Fuck me harder Jack! Fuck me deeper! I want all of your huge dick inside of me!!” Jack could feel Kirsten’s pussy getting even more wet that it was before. It felt wonderful around his cock. Kirsten was close to her second, or was it her third, or her forth orgasm? She could remember anymore. Each one was more intense that the previous one. She screamed and moaned and shook like never before as the next one hit. Jack sat back to watch her enjoying the last few moments of her last orgasm. she looked so beautiful in her throws of passion. But Kirsten wasn’t done. She wanted more. She wanted Jack’s cum. She wanted to taste it. she loved cum. And she wanted Jack’s.

Kirsten got off the bed and walked to the foot of it so she was right on front of Jack. Without saying a word, Kirsten fell to her knees and took Jack’s huge cock in her mouth. She could taste her own juices and cum on it. she loved how she tasted. But she wanted to taste Jack’s cum even more. She wanted it. She needed it. She began moving her mouth all around the head of his cock. Circling it with her tongue. Moving her tongue up and down the shaft of his huge member. she sucked and licked on his balls. Taking each one in her mouth. Sucking gently on it as not to cause any pain. Then back up the shaft. Licking and kissing it as she moved closer to the head. She then took all of him in her mouth. All that she could but she wanted it all. She opened wider and could feel Jack’s cock hitting the back of her throat. Jack was in heaven. He was loving every minute of it. Kirsten began moving here mouth up and down over his cock. Slowly at first then increasing the pace. Faster and faster. He was fucking her mouth and she loved it. Jack knew he was very close to orgasm. He couldn’t take much more of her amazing cock sucking.

“Oh God! I’m cumming” yelled Jack.

Kirsten could feel the jets of Jack’s cum hit her throat. she wanted to savor it. She wanted more as spurt after spurt of Jack’s hot cum landed on her tongue. Finally when Jack was spent she swallowed all of his love juice. She sucked his cock for every last drop of it. Both of them were spent. It was the most amazing sex for both of them. As they both laid back the looked at each other and smiled. Jack took her in his arms and held her close. He didn’t want to ever let her go. Kirsten asks, “What time is it?”

Jack looks at his watch and says, “It’s about 9:30. Still want to get something to eat?”

Kirsten looks at him with a twinkle in her eye and says, “Why don’t we order room service. I saw this cute little blonde maid earlier today. Maybe we can get her to bring it to the room and have her for dessert?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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