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Big Tits

That morning I could not keep my hands off you, and my desire made you very hot, but I had to get off to work. So we made a date for the evening, and you have got yourself ready. You have had a bath and made yourself smell nice. You have put on the white seamless satin bra and matching briefs which I find so sleazily sexy, and then your full length black negligee, held closed by a single tie.

But I am late. No word. Time presses on.

You eventually decide I am not coming home and get off to bed. Disappointment turns to anger, then turns to frustration. You are aware that you are wet between your thighs, and you need relief. You undo your negligee and your hand goes down inside your briefs, between your legs, your fingers gently parting your labia, searching for your clitoris. Your other hand goes inside your bra cup, pinching and pulling on your very hard nipple. You frig yourself vigorously, but you sense that tonight you are going to need more. You had hoped, needed to be fucked hard and often, and fingers will not be enough to satisfy you.

You pull back the bed clothes, then reach inside the bedside table drawer to get out your favourite vibrator. You stretch out on the bed, part your legs, and pull aside the fabric of your knickers. The vibrator gets to work, and soon it is inside you, and giving you very warm feelings. It is a good friend, always available when you want it, never moody or tired, always ready to please.

But you still need more. Something different, something exceptional. You lift up your knees, take your vibrator out from your wet vagina, and push the head against your anus. Anal sex is not something you allow me, because it is too painful. But tonight the mixture of pain and pleasure might be just what you need to ease your frustrations, give you satisfaction. You push the vibrator into your anus, and it is stingingly painful as it passes your sphincter, but it is well lubricated with your juices and you gradually ease it deeper into yourself. Soon the pain starts to give way to waves of pleasure that start to sweep over you, and your free hand goes, without your thinking about it, to your vagina, your fingers searching out your G spot, your thumb working on your clitoris. You sense your orgasm approaching…..

I finally make it home. It has been a long and busy day, and I am tired and irritable. I assume by this time you will be asleep in bed, so I creep quietly upstairs, trying not to disturb you. As I approach the bedroom I hear strange noises, sighing, breathing coming in short gasps, and I wonder if you are ill or something.

So the sight that greets me is a shock. You lying on the bed, head thrashing from side to side, knees up, hands at your crotch, and the biggest shock of all, the vibrator stuffed up your arse.

“Karen, what are you doing!” I demand.

You jump like a scalded cat. Your momentum is broken and you feel intense annoyance and frustration at being denied your orgasm. You pull out the vibrator and hurl it at me. Thankfully it misses.

“Where the hell have you been! You could at least have told me you were going to be late! What’s the matter, don’t they have telephones at your works yet?”

Your anger increases. “Or was it that you couldn’t ‘phone because you had your cock stuck up some whore’s cunt!”

“You bitch, how could you suggest such a thing! I’ve been working my balls off all day trying to make us a decent living, and what do I find when I get in — you with a vibrator up your arse!”

“It’s you who’s the whore. Come here whore, if it’s a cock up the arse you want, then that is what you will get!”

And I make a grab for you, but you are fired up and angry. You lash out at me, then jump off the bed and make a dash for the bathroom. You lock yourself in.

I am distraught. I hear you sobbing in the bathroom. I feel awful because I was looking forward to seeing you, holding you, Trabzon Escort taking comfort with you, and instead because of my own stupidity we have had the most god-awful row.

After a time, I decide to try and make amends. I creep up to the bathroom door.

“Karen, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said those things.”

“Too right, you bastard, how dare you speak like that to me!”

“It was a bit of a shock seeing you like that.”

“Well sometimes a woman needs satisfaction, and you were not there to give it. I didn’t know where you were, or what time you would deign to appear!”

“I’m sorry, I was at work on a rush job. I didn’t notice the time, and when I did, I thought it was late and you might be asleep. I didn’t want to disturb you.”

The bathroom door opens.

“We had a hot date tonight. Or so I thought. I’m a woman of my word, you know that.”

“Yes, I’m sorry,” and I shift about uncomfortably, looking at the floor.

“Shall I get you a cup of tea or something?” Trying to be helpful and kind again, and totally useless.

Your frustration rises again.

“Oh, John! How can you be so stupid! I need you to hold me!” and you stretch out your arms to me.

I take you in my arms and you hold me fiercely, tightly. It is as if our bodies fuse together. You kiss me, gently at first, then harder, and I feel your passion rising.

“I’m sorry, too John, I didn’t mean all those things, but I was so angry, so frustrated! I still am. I was just going to have an orgasm when you interrupted me. So now it’s up to you! Take me to bed! Fuck me, use me, abuse me, just make me cum!”

The sheer power of your physicality drives me on.

I put my left arm round your shoulders, my right behind your knees and I sweep you up and carry you to bed.

“I know you when you are like this!” I say, “I’ll make you cum, but I’m not going to make it easy!”

“You’ve got those sleazy knickers on. You know how those knickers make me feel. I’m going to start by giving you a good spanking!”

“Oh yes, please, John, get my arse nice and warm. I need to feel your power, your strength!”

I put you down by the bed and stand behind you. I drop your negligee off your shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor, but I keep hold of the belt.

“Hands” I say, knowing now what you want. You put your hand together behind you, and I tie your wrists together. Then I put may arms round you and pull you close. I feel your hands grasping for my penis. It is not difficult to find!

I grasp your breasts. “Whose tits are these?” I demand.

“Yours, John, play with the nipples, John, pinch them, pull them til it hurts!”

You lean your head back on my shoulder while I work on your breasts and we exchange hard and passionate kisses.

I run my hand down to your crotch, and enjoy the feel of your satin knickers, a feel that has a fascination for me. I place my hand over your crotch. It is soaking wet.

“And whose cunt is this?”

“It’s your cunt John. Please fuck it hard tonight. Take me hard and long!”

I move my hand round to your buttocks.

“And whose arse is this?”

“It’s your arse John. Show me who it belongs to! Spank me, spank my arse, I need that hard touch, make my arse sting!”

“Then I want you to fuck my arse, abuse me John, anything you want, I’ll be your fuck slave, just make me cum! Please!” and your frustration is palpable.

I don’t waste time, but sit down on the bed, turn you round, then pull you across my lap. I start to spank your buttocks, alternating with stroking your smooth skin, then pushing a finger under you knickers into your cunt, then moving along to your anus, probing you none too gently. The vibrator has done its work and my finger enters you easily.

“God yes, John, use my arse! Pull my knickers down and spank my bare bottom like the naughty girl that I am!”

I Trabzon Escort Bayan push your knickers down round your thighs, and I spank your buttocks good and hard, the tops of your thighs, then push my fingers roughly into your cunt, your arse, then I spank you some more.

“Oh yes, John, that really stings. Harder, harder!”

Your arse is getting nice and red, and you are grunting and groaning with the pain and the pleasure, your breath coming in short gasps. I notice the change, the signs, and push my fingers roughly into your cunt, my thumb on your anus, and I frig you vigorously.

“Oh John, I think I’m going to cum! God, I’m cumming, finger fuck me John, I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmming!” and you are almost screaming as you writhe and struggle, your orgasm ripping through you.

“There’s more, John, work my clit, make me cum again!” and I transfer my attentions to your clitoris, circling it and pulling gently on it, knowing that it will be almost unbearably sensitive now.

“Oh god, yes, that’s it! That’s it! Again, I’m cumming agaaaaaain!”

It takes you a while to return to earth. You wriggle off my knee and kneel between my legs. Your eyes are still on fire.

“John, get that cock out. I want the taste of your spunk in my mouth!”

You really are turned on tonight, your need driving mine to match yours, taking us both to new levels. The sight of you kneeling before me, that sleazy bra, your knickers round your thighs, your hands tied behind you, I am all too ready to fulfil your desires.

I quickly undo my trousers and push down my shorts, exposing a very large erection. I didn’t know I could get this big! Your eyes light up and you open your mouth, going after my penis. “Fuck my mouth hard, John, fuck my throat. Make me feel your manhood!”

I take your head in my hands and force you down on my cock until you are gagging, then I release you. “Again, John, again!”

I edge myself forward on the bed. I hold your head again, but this time I start to fuck your mouth using my hips, forcing my cock down your throat. You look up at me, eyes wide, egging me on. This is driving me wild and I feel my orgasm coming.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth Karen! Take my cum! Swallow it down!”

And I start to pump my semen into your mouth, there seems to be torrent after torrent.

“Oh god Karen, that’s fantastic! I’m cumming, I’mmmmmmmmm…” and my shouting dies down into a strangulated cry as I strain to empty myself into your mouth.

I hold you more gently now as you slowly suck on my cock as it softens and relaxes, sending lovely waves of pleasure through me.

“You needn’t think you are getting off that lightly, John, you haven’t finished yet!”

You shuffle on your knees to get yourself by the bed, then you lean forward onto the bed, thrusting your arse at me suggestively.

“I’ve told you what I want, now get on with it. And do it properly, you bastard, or tonight you are sleeping in the spare room.”

“You wouldn’t do that to me, would you Karen?”

“Oh yes I would!” And I know you would, too.

Still, seeing that beautiful arse displayed for my pleasure gives me that familiar tingle, and I think perhaps I will be able to give you what you want, what you need, desire.

I stand and drop my trousers and pants., then take off my shirt. I kneel behind you, forcing your legs apart, and then lean forward to cuddle you, putting my arms round you, cupping your breasts, feeling your rock hard nipples. I start to kiss and nibble your neck, and you start to squirm with pleasure. I slowly work my way down your back, kissing, nibbling, licking, until I am at your buttocks.

I plant a big wet kiss on your cunt, enjoying your taste.

“Oh yes,” you murmur, “Work that cunt. Suck my clittie. Push that tongue into my vagina.”

I start to lap your cunt from top to bottom, licking up Escort Trabzon your juices, nibbling your clit, and soon you are getting worked up again.

“That’s it, fuck me with that tongue! Make me cum with that tongue!”

And it is not long before you are groaning again, as another orgasm takes you. I try a variation as your orgasm is approaching, pushing two fingers into your cunt to finger fuck you, and I transfer the attention of my mouth to your anus, licking round your bud, then pushing my tongue at your anal entrance. I am rewarded by you pushing your arse into my face as you squirm and groan, your orgasm taking you again.

All this has had the right effect on my penis, and I am now very stiff and erect.

Without delay I straighten up and place my cock head against your cunt lips. You push back sharply, impaling yourself on my cock.

“Fuck me good, you bastard, fuck that cunt!” you groan between gritted teeth. “Fuck my brains out!”

This urging has the desired effect on me. I take a firm hold of your still tied wrists, and start to thrust in and out of you as hard as I can, my balls slapping against your arse.

“Take that cock, you bitch, I’m not going to cum any time soon, so I hope you are ready for this. I am going to fuck the arse off you!” And I drive into you harder and harder, feeling now only my desire to take you, to fuck you senseless.

“Oh god, John, that’s it. Do it, fuck me.”

You are soon getting worked up, but again you decide it is time for something extra, something different.

“Fuck my arse, John, push your cock deep in my arse. Fuck me til it hurts! I want to feel your cum in my arse!”

I untie your wrists. “Hold your buttocks apart for me, karen, show me that cute little arse.” I pull out of your cunt and then hastily lean forward to lubricate your anus, liking you, pushing my tongue at the entrance.

“Get that cock in my arse, now!”

I straighten up again and push my cock head against your anus. I finger fuck your cunt and then use your juice to lubricate your anus, then start to push my cock head into your arse. I feel your muscles relax and I enter you without too much difficulty. You push your arse back at me, and I feel your exquisite tightness around my glans.

“God, Karen, that’s fantastic, your arse is so tight around my cock”

I start to push further into you. Tears come to your eyes.

“Does that hurt?”

“It stings, but don’t stop, tonight I want it all, the pain and the pleasure!”

I start to slowly fuck your arse, my cock almost coming out of your anus, then driving deep in again, so that soon my balls are slapping against your cunt.

“Oh, god, John, that’s good! Fuck my arse harder now!”

I start to speed up and the excitement is getting to us both. Soon I am ramming into you as hard as I can, struggling and groaning in the effort to cum again. You are thrusting your hips backwards and forwards to match my movements.

“I’m going to cum, now karen, I’m going to fill your arse with my spunk!”

Then I start to spurt deep into you, and I cum like I’ve never cum before, not knowing where I am, seeing stars, it is so intense.

You feel my cum spurting inside you and it pushes you too over the edge into another massive orgasm. There is no noise apart from hard breathing, we are both caught in the intensity of mutual orgasm, and I flop forward on top of you, holding you tight, as I pump the last few spurts of my cum into you. Your orgasm has been so intense that you are limp, out of it, almost unconscious.

We just lie there for some time, words are not needed, and not really possible, so overcome as we are with the emotion, the force of our mutual feelings.

After a while you mutter, “OK, you can sleep here tonight then…..” and we smile, laugh gently together. My cock returns to normal and I gently ease it from you. I help you up and we get into bed together, pulling up the covers.

“Hold me, John,” and I take you in my arms, lovingly, tenderly, holding you close. The rhythm of your breathing settles as you start to drift off, and I feel my eyes heavy, and we both, exhausted, soon lose ourselves in sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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