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RoseAnn does what she said she’d never do

I moved about the living room, picking up dishes and whiskey glasses while RoseAnn sprawled on the sofa. “I like your friends,” I said. “They’re loyal to you.”

“It’s a matter of survival.” Her voice slurred. “We women have to hang together, or else we’ll all hang separately… Who said that, anyway?” She pursed her lips and rolled her eyes up to the ceiling, as if an answer was written there.

“Ben Franklin, I think, after they signed the Declaration of Independence. I guess he was a witty guy.” I put the remaining Chinese food in the refrigerator.

“He was a horny bastard, too, just like you,” she said. “You know, I think I’m a little drunk.”

“Ya think? I guess you deserve to cut loose a little. Your friends seem to think so.”

“And you, what do you think I deserve?” She stood up.

I was taken aback by the sudden question, but I hoped I knew where it was leading. “What do you deserve? I guess you deserve whatever pleases you. You know how I feel about you. I’ll do anything that makes you happy.”

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said. Her face was flushed and sweaty.

I nodded. “I’m thinking I want to go down on you.”

She laughed, too loudly. “Bullshit! You want to get off. We both know it’s been a week, and you probably think I promised you something.”

“It’s been a week,” I conceded.

“You think because in the last week I’ve had a dozen or so orgasms–“


“–fourteen orgasms, that you’ve somehow earned something?”

“I need some kind of relief. Please? This is desperation talking here.”

“Well, I’ve got good news for you. I’m feeling kind of loose tonight. I think I’m going to give you a chance to fuck me.” She flashed her broad smile. “Provided you earn it.”

“Earn it? How? Are you going to drive me crazy with another of those endurance tests of yours?”

“This is different. You can fuck me if you’ll fight me for it.”

“Fight you?”

“Yeah. Take me by force. Shove me down on the bed and rape me. Stick your big thing in me and blow your load.”

“RoseAnn, I’ve got my limits. I’m not going to force myself on you.”

She laughed, too loud again. The wine was still working its dubious magic. “You don’t get it. I’m not going to lie back and take it. I’ll fight back. If I win, you’re going to have to wait another week. I’m pretty strong, you know.”

“You’re strong, all right, but I can beat you. I just don’t want to.”

“It’s not a sure thing you’ll win. I might surprise you. I’m tough and in good shape and I can fight dirty. Besides, I’m Escort Şişli six inches taller than you and probably as heavy.”

She reached out and touched my hair. “If it makes you happier, don’t call it rape. That’s my fantasy; it doesn’t have to be yours. Just call it rough sex, and I’m giving my consent right now. If you win, you get to shove it in me and come. If you lose, you get to lug those sore balls around with you for another week. If you refuse to fight, same thing.”

“I don’t care. I won’t hit you.”

She stepped up close, so I could smell the alcohol on her breath, and I was staring up into her eyes. Neither of us would break the stare. Abruptly, the world flashed lights and dizziness. It took a second to realize she’d slapped my face.

“Get the idea?” She tried to slap me again, but this time I was ready and blocked it. She brought up a knee, and I partly blocked it. Still, she hit my balls hard enough to make me gasp.

“Stop it!” I said, and wrapped my arms around her torso in a bear hug, pinning her arms to her sides. She brought her arms up between us and easily broke the hold.

Dancing back like a clumsy boxer, she punched me in the shoulder, hard, knocking me back a step. “Fight me!” She punched my shoulder again. “Fight me!” So I grabbed her wrist and twisted, raising her arm and forcing her to bend at the waist and cry out.

“Had enough?” I gave the arm a little more twist.

“Ow! Yes! I give up,” she cried.

“Say ‘uncle’.”

“Ow! Uncle! Uncle!”

I let go, and she immediately spun around and hit me in the stomach. But she pulled her punch, so it only knocked the breath out of me, and I fell on my ass on the floor.

“Give up?” she jeered, dancing from side to side and jabbing at my shoulder with a nyloned foot. I waited until I was certain she’d fall safely on the sofa, grabbed her foot, and pushed. She landed with a squeal and rolled off onto the floor, cursing with the pain. I jumped up and grabbed both her ankles and dragged her toward the bedroom. Her hands flailed about, pulling over kitchen chairs and clutching at doorposts, but I soon had her on the carpet next to our bed.

She lay there breathing hard, with her skirt up around her waist, her eyes shining with what I knew to be lust. “What’s your next step, genius? You’ve got to get your clothes off, don’t you? When your pants are halfway down, I’m going to get up and beat the crap out of you.”

“Not if I do this first.” I tugged at the waistband of her pantyhose and panties and pulled them down to her crotch. She wriggled and kicked, but Sultangazi escort I sat on her hips and pushed the pantyhose down to her knees. Now nearly helpless, she pounded on my back while I pulled my shirt over my head and loosened my belt and zipper. She tried again to turn over, but I pushed her pantyhose and panties down and off. I turned quickly and stretched out over her thrashing body. She whacked at my head with little effect while I pushed down my jeans and briefs and kicked them loose.

In one quick motion, I straddled her hips. She grabbed my nipples and twisted until I yelled. I forced her wrists above her head with one hand and looped the pantyhose around them with the other. After a few minutes’ struggle, I’d tied her wrists to a leg of the bed. Though she tried driving a knee into my back, I was able to unbutton her blouse and push her bra up over her breasts. I dove on the luscious flesh. Though at first she bucked hard against me, she soon breathed hard and moaned as I rolled the tough nipples with my lips and tongue, and sucked until the flesh swelled.

So far, so good. While she struggled impotently under me, I had an interesting thought, one I surely wouldn’t have had if she hadn’t got my blood boiling. I moved up until I sat on her shoulders, and leaned against the bed to bring my cock near her lips.

She’d said she hated this, and I wasn’t going to force it on her. I needed a sign. Her gaze flickered back and forth from my eyes to the swollen purple head. Her eyes were wet and her lips barely parted.

“I won, didn’t I?”

She said nothing, but her tongue-tip slid slowly across her lips, and her eyes followed my cock as it twitched with my heartbeat.

“I won,” I repeated, triumphant. “I claim your body for my pleasure. Whatever I want, I get.” Her response was to open her mouth slightly. The invitation was unmistakable. I thrust my hips forward.

Her lips were soft as feathers. She ran her tongue around the glans and I gasped with the sudden pleasure. Bit by bit, I pushed my aching member into her mouth. The heat grew as her tongue stroked the shaft and the supersensitive spot under the tip. Electric jolts flashed up my spine and burst in my brain like fireworks. Without conscious control, my hips began to thrust, until her lips, her tongue, her throat caressed me with unearthly skill.

In just seconds, I teetered at the brink of climax. I pulled out of her mouth, whispering, “I’m too close.” But she heaved against the bonds, straining after my cock until she recaptured it. That ended my hesitation. I thrust into Taksim escort bayan her mouth as the first shockwave of orgasm arched my body and I cried something incomprehensible. I stretched against the corner of the bed as another mighty wave hit. On the third contraction, I felt hot semen gush into her throat.

For an instant, I worried about her ex-husband’s abuse and how she hated taking his come into her mouth. I knew I should pull out, but she swallowed noisily and craned her neck from the carpet to force me deeper. I groaned into the bedspread as my hips continued to thrust. I lost all awareness of my surroundings and spun in a whirlwind of sensation. I was barely aware of RoseAnn, or the room, or the Universe itself.

I didn’t notice the passage of time, but seconds later, or hours later, I found myself looking into her soft, moist eyes. I withdrew slowly from her mouth. A thin string of semen stretched from her lip until she caught it with her tongue.

I tried to speak, but my voice refused to work. I tried again. “I thought…”

She swallowed again, and said, “You thought I’d never do that?” She cracked that wide smile once more. “I thought so, too, until a couple of minutes ago. But get me my glass of wine, quick.”

I loosened her wrists and stood up on wobbly legs. When I returned, she was sitting on the floor with her back against the bed. She sipped at the wine. “That was unexpected, especially the part where I got all excited doing it. Feeling you come in my mouth was a totally beautiful experience.” She sipped again. “On the other hand, the taste of semen hasn’t improved since I was twenty-three. The wine helps with that.”

I sat on the floor next to her, blotting myself with a tissue. “That was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. But I think I owe you something now,” I said.

She touched my thigh, and I took her hand in my own. She said, “I had a little one while you were coming, but I don’t think that will put the fire out for tonight. Just give me a few minutes to rest.”

I stroked her belly until she was ready. She removed her remaining clothing and arranged herself on the easy chair. I kneeled between her welcoming thighs. The physical preparation was oddly mechanical, as I imagined sex between married people might be. Even so, she showed all the lovely signs of arousal: flushed cheeks, wine-dark eyelids, moist eyes, erect nipples. Despite having been turned inside out by orgasmic convulsions just minutes before, I grew hard as flint as I bent and licked her. I was slow and gentle, drawing out her pleasure as long as possible. In time, she writhed and sighed aloud as her orgasm swept over her.

Afterward, she sat with a forearm across her eyes until I carried her to the bed and gently covered her. I slipped in beside her. Though my face was still sticky with her secretions, she tucked her head against my side and went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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