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Beach Sex

Raising the Question

Hooter’s Girl Karla Shaw snuggled up to the warm body next to her. Sex with Ron Lindstrom was always great and this evening was no exception. Despite being 20, Ron looked more like 15 or 16, short and skinny. Well, not so short and, she felt his arm, not so skinny either. His testosterone must have kicked in she thought. He was easily two inches taller than when she had first met him a couple of months ago. Then he hadn’t been as tall as she, but she was pretty sure he was taller than her now. She knew that he had been working out but that alone couldn’t have created the more muscular body next to her from that skinny kid. It had to be hormones.

And it wasn’t only his height that had grown. Even when he looked like a skinny kid his hard cock had been a magnificent 9 or 10 inches long. Now it had to be 11 or 12. She reached around his body to feel it, also hoping to get his attention.

Since he had asked her out this latest time, she had been nursing a thought, debating whether to mention it. Another great session of sex had made up her mind. Now she needed to ask him.

“That’s nice,” he referred to her gentle attention to his organ. He turned to face her and his hand went to her substantial breast.

She broached the subject she had in mind, “I have a favor to ask you.”

“Oh? What might that be?” He asked pleasantly, kissing a nipple.

“My sister, Kaylee, will be having her 18th birthday next week.”

Ron was pretty sure where this was heading. He had never met Karla’s sister but if she was even half as good looking as Karla …

“I see.” His hand moved to her crotch.

“I want to give her a nice present.”

Ron suggested what he believed to be the case, “Don’t you mean you want me to give her a nice present.” He pushed his penis more firmly into her grasp to emphasize the present he suspected.

Karla laughed in what was almost a giggle. “Well I guess so, but not just the cock. I want her to have the whole Ron experience.”

“The Ron experience is more than a big cock?”

“Of course, you don’t think I’m here just for your cock?”

“What else?” He flipped her onto her back and slid the body part under discussion between her legs.

Her legs were between his and she tightened her thighs around the organ as he slid it against her pussy. “All the stuff you do. Not just with your cock, but your fingers and tongue. You know just where to touch and when.”

He could feel her substantial clit hard against his penis. He smiled, “How would you know, you like anything, anytime.”

“Maybe that’s true, but you do it better than anyone else.” She pushed her hips up to meet his descending cock.

He smiled as the head of his cock slipped inside her. “So I’m not your only partner,” he joked.

“Like I’m your only,” she knew he had several sex partners and could have a different, willing and anxious woman every night of the week. Maybe two or three more during the day. And probably not have to repeat any for a month.

He smiled and asked, “A virgin?” That distracted her so he flipped her over and began driving hard into her wet pussy.

“OH!” she exclaimed in surprise. She loved his large cock penetrating her and paused to enjoy it before answering between his inward thrusts, “No … at least ,,, I don’t … think, … Oh my god! … keep that up! … Oh fuck! … thinks so. … She’s had .. a … GOD! YES!” She lost her train of thought and concentrated on swaying her hips side to side as Ron moved smoothly in and out.

Convincing Kaylee

At home Karla approached her younger sister, “I’ve got a special present for your eighteenth birthday.”

For some reason her sister had become somewhat surly over the past couple of years, “Oh sure, whatever,” she mumbled through her purplish lips. She barely glanced at Karla with her overly made up eyes, the half open lids showing the same purple color as her lips.

“I think you’ll really like it. Just keep the afternoon and evening free.”

“I was going to the mall with my friends. Why so much time?”

“I think you’ll like this much better.”

“Oh yeah? What would you know about what I’d like better?”

“Trust me, you’ll like this better.”

“Oh sure, trust you that I’ll like it better than hanging out with my friends anywhere?”

“Oh, Kaylee, we’d been so close, what’s got into you?”

“You’re off showing your boobs at Hooter’s I’ve got my friends. To each her own.”

“Kaylee, for me.” Then she added, defensively, “and Hooter’s isn’t a topless place, I don’t show off my boobs.”

“I’m supposed to do something ‘for YOU’ on MY birthday? You’re a hoot, Karla. And you’re still showing off your boobs! Even if they are mostly covered.” Part of the reason for her resentment was that Karla worked so much. Kaylee felt abandoned and, besides, guys at school frequently made rude remarks about her “slutty” sister. It wasn’t really frequently, more like twice, but it stuck in her mind as if it happened twice or more every week.

“It’s FOR YOU, not me. I mean, really, Kaylee, trust mecidiyeköy escort me that I’ve got a REALLY special thing for you.

“It’s gotta be my birthday? gotta be that evening? Why not bring it by anytime?”

“I guess it could be some other time, but I want you to have it on your birthday. And you have to go to it. It’s not something I can just bring by. God, Kaylee, I know you’ll like it. You’re always at the mall with your friends. What kind of special birthday activity is that?”

“Okay, I’ll think about it.”

The Present

On her birthday, Kaylee reluctantly and petulantly agreed to let her sister drive her to see her “special present”. Karla parked her car in a residential area, took her through a gate and knocked at a back door. A thirteen or fourteen year old kid (at least that’s what Kaylee saw) answered.

Karla introduced him, “Kaylee, this is Ron.”

Ron saw a very tall (maybe six foot or more if she would stand up instead of slouching) and extremely thin, almost spindly girl, She wore cut-off jeans, cut at the crotch to be mini-shorts. She had an orange tank top that effectively showed off her modest breasts and stopped a foot short of her shorts, exposing a flat belly and very thin waist. But her head drew attention away from the rest of her. Short purple hair, dark purple lips, purple eyelids, green lashes and magenta cheeks contrasted with the orange of her top.

Ron took them downstairs into an eclectically furnished basement. On the way Karla walked behind and told Kaylee that Ron had promised to show Kaylee “a good time.”

Kaylee collapsed onto the couch, “So what are you some kind of magician or wizard?” certain that some kind of magic would be needed to show her a good time in her current mood.

Karla answered, “Yes, I believe he is,” and with that left.

The two of them sat uncomfortably for a few minutes. Ron felt a bit intimidated by Kaylee’s height. She had towered over him and made him feel like he was only 8 or 9 years old. That fit with her feeling that he was only 8 or 9. He could sense her extreme nervousness and was a bit baffled by her interaction with her sister. “Did Karla say anything about why she brought you here?”

“No, only that she had a special birthday present for me and that I’d really enjoy it. Do you have it here? Where is it?”

“I don’t want to disappoint you but I’m afraid I’m the present. She just told me to make sure you have a good time.”

“Yeah, that’s what she just said.” She added, quite defiantly, “How are you going to do that?”

Ron didn’t feel like it would be productive to just come right out and tell her that Karla expected him to have sex with her. “That’s kind of up to you. I gather you’d rather be somewhere else.”

“Yeah, I was going to meet my friends at the mall. Karla convinced me this would be better, HA! You’re just not my idea of a good time. Sitting here like we’re 6 years old, ‘what do you want to do?’ ‘I dunno, what do you want to do?’. Jesus!”

“To the mall then. Give me a minute, I have to borrow my aunt’s car.” He came back, jingling the keys, “All set. Off we go.”

On the way he told her, “I wish Karla had told you more about what she had in mind.”

“She spent all her time persuading me. I could kick myself for letting her do that. Jesus! Do you know what she was thinking? Did she tell you?”

“She made it quite clear”

“Then tell me!” her tone was firm and defiant.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“Right, Karla didn’t and now you won’t. Jesus! You’d think we were supposed to FUCK or something.”

Ron’s silence told her all she needed to know. “JEEEESUS! She WAS thinking you could fuck me, some 13 year old? JESUS!”

“I’m 20”

“Right! And I’m the queen!”

The rest of the drive was spent in silence but as they got out Ron said, “I’ll wait for you so you have a ride back.”

“I think one of my friends can provide me a ride.”

“I’ll wait around a bit anyway.”

At the Mall

Ron followed Kaylee to the front of one of the stores that specialized in clothing and accessories for teens. She went up to a trio of girls dressed in a style similar to Kaylee. One with short cut off jeans like Kaylee’s and black pantyhose with random holes, the other two with tight distressed jeans exposing lots of leg. One had a short, tight knit top that showed her small tits to advantage, one had a low cut V-neck showing off ample breasts, the third wore a loose cut-off top that hung only inches down from her nipples. They had a variety of hair styles, none in their natural color: platinum with red streaks, bright, almost neon blue, and purple with orange roots and few platinum stripes. Green, red and white lips with matching, heavily applied, eye shadow completed the picture, except that the white lips, platinum and red hair with the cut-off top twinkled as the mall lighting reflected off glitter that she had on her cheeks and midriff.

The girls greeted Kaylee with hugs and Kaylee told merter escort them, “This is Ron.”

Pantyhose, V neck, neon blue hair and green lips looked at him, examining him closely and asked, “Ron?”

“Yes, Ron,” he answered politely.

She looked at him some more and asked, “Not Ron Lindstrom by any chance?”

“That’s me, Ron Lindstrom.”

“OH MY GOD!” she exclaimed and grabbed Kaylee by the arm and led her to a corner between two stores. The other two followed. Ron had the distinct impression that he wasn’t invited, and that he was likely the topic of discussion. He sat on a nearby bench and watched as Blue Hair, Green Lips, talked and gestured at him while Kaylee made occasional comments and the others listened with frequent glances in his direction.

In the corner, the green lipped girl asked in a voice only slightly above a whisper, “Oh my God, Kaylee. Do you know who that is?”

“I told you, he’s Ron. My sister took me to him as a birthday present. Some birthday present. A guy? I think she just wants him to fuck me. No thanks!”

“Oh my god, Kaylee, Oh my God! You think she took you to him for a fuck? Oh my God. Do You know who that is?”

“If he’s not Ron, you need to tell me who you think he is.”

“Remember I told you about that guy my sister met.”

“Jennifer has lots of guys and she tells you about most of them and you tell us.” The other girls nodded in agreement.

“Well, yeah, but remember the one with, with the big penis?” She whispered “penis” like she was afraid someone might overhear her.

The twinkly, platinum girl answered, “Oh yeah. Isn’t he the one she said was the best fuck she’d ever had?”

Blue hair wordlessly nodded and rapidly pointed a finger at Ron.

“Ohhh!” The three others said in unison and looked at Ron. Purple and orange hair giggled.

“Isn’t he supposed to live in a basement?” Purple and Orange hair asked.

“Yeah, something about his aunt.” Kaylee said.

“Ron Lindstrom lives in the basement of his aunt and uncles house!” Blue Hair continued, pointing frantically at him. “THE … BEST … FUCK … EVER!” with emphasis but still under her breath. “She says all the girls who know him want to fuck him. ALL … THE … GIRLS. God, Kaylee, that’s not just some random guy. Your sister is giving you, THE … BEST … FUCK … EVER. God, Kaylee I wish Jennifer would do that for my 18th birthday. Maybe if I hint. Five whole months but then, THE BEST FUCK EVER.” Blue Hair stood imagining her fantasy while the other two girls gently pushed Kaylee in Ron’s direction, Purple Hair continued to giggle.

Ron watched as Kaylee separated herself from the others and moved hesitantly toward him. She looked back and the other girls were gesturing, their fingers encouraging her to continue over to him. “They all think I should go back with you like Karla wanted,” she admitted to him shyly.

“What do you think?” Ron asked.

What she thought was that she would probably regret it if she didn’t go but she was extremely nervous about the prospect. What if she couldn’t measure up? She responded weakly, “I guess I want to go back to your place.”

“Well okay,” Ron said and offered her his arm. All three of the other girls were giggling as Kaylee looked back at them.

On the way to the car she asked, “Are you going to fuck me?”

“That’s up to you. I just want you to have a pleasant birthday.”

“Pleasant?” she felt a bit disappointed. “The best fuck ever” should be more than “pleasant”.

“I want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible. I’ll do what I can to get you the most pleasure as I can. Would you like to fuck?”

“I think so. Do you know Jennifer Young?”

“Yes I do.”

“Alyssa says Jennifer called you the best fuck ever.”


“Alyssa, the girl with the blue hair. She’s Jennifer’s sister. “

Ron laughed, “she said that, did she?”

“Yes, she said that’s why I should go with you, for ‘the best fuck ever’.”

“Flattering, but I just try to give the women I’m with as much pleasure as I can. I’ll do the same with you. As much pleasure as I can.”

His manner was putting her at ease and she smiled in anticipation as he opened the car door for her.

On the drive he asked, with a smile, “So you came back just because you want ‘the best fuck ever’ and you think I can give it to you?”

She was taken aback by the bluntness but realized she had said almost exactly that, “Well, because Alyssa said I should.”

“She said you should go back with me or you should let me fuck you, ” Ron had a laugh in his voice.

“Both I guess.”

“You’ve have had sex before?”

“Sure,” she hoped he wouldn’t ask how many times. She felt embarrassed by her lack of experience. Her friends talked like they did it several times a week and she always made up a few stories in order to fit in.

“Enjoyed it?”

“Of course,” though she hadn’t. She didn’t mention that.

“What activities do you like?”

“Do you mean like going to mutlukent escort the mall, or movies, stuff like that?”

“No, I mean sexual, like do you like sucking a guys cock, having him lick you, finger you, where do like to be touched, what positions?”

She had no idea about any of it. “Why are you asking all this?”

“The more I know, the more pleasure I can give you.” But Ron was also thinking that this kind of talk would get her in the mood. The more she thought about past pleasurable experiences, the hornier she would be.

“I guess I like it all,” she lied.

“Well. of course, but there must be some things you like most. Do you prefer to be eaten out or fingered?”

“Eaten out?”

“When the guy sucks at your cunt and licks it.”

“No guy has done that.” she admitted.

“Well I guess I will have to then. Just to see how you like it. Do you like to touch a guy’s penis or suck it?”

She had never understood why the girls in the porn videos always seemed to go right to sucking dick as soon as they got it out. The few guys she had been with always wanted her to suck theirs, so, “Touching it, I guess.”


She had only experienced two, doggy, and, “Missionary, I guess.” She added a reason, “I like to see the guy’s face.”

“I like to see the girl’s face too. I love to see that she’s enjoying herself.” then he asked, “Have you had orgasms?”

That was an especially embarrassing question. She never had, except when she masturbated so it wasn’t totally untruthful to say, “Of course.”

Ron sensed her hesitation in the answer and guessed the reason. “Any orgasms when you were having sex with a guy, not from masturbating?”

She wondered how he knew, “How’d you know that?”

Ron laughed, “Talked to quite a few women. They can all get themselves off but guys aren’t always so good at it.”

“Oh?” she had always thought it was some problem with her or her sex organs.

“I tell you what, If I can’t give you. Let’s see … If I can’t give you 4 orgasms, your sister can have her money back.” He laughed softly.

“Karla paid you?”

“She paid me exactly zero so it won’t be much of a problem paying her back. Couldn’t think of an appropriate penalty but it doesn’t matter, you’ll get your orgasms.”

She silently contemplated what he had said on the rest of the drive. Four orgasms? He seemed really confident about it. Maybe he would be “the best fuck ever”.

In the Basement

As they went thru the backyard and Ron opened the basement door, Kaylee asked, “You live in your parents’ home?”

He told her what her nervousness had caused her to forget, “No, this is my aunt and uncle’s place.”

“Oh! Right! What if they see us?”

“No problems, there’s a lock on the door and they know what I do here.”

“Oh? Oh, really?”


Downstairs Ron told her, “You’re a beautiful young woman. with your height and figure and face I bet you could be a model.”

Kaylee blushed at the flattery, “That’s a line.”

“It might sound like it but it’s honest. A lot of girls say they’re going to be models but. Well I’m no expert but from what I understand most of them are too short or heavy or cute. They might be voluptuous with a perfect body but I think models need to be thin and tall. You’ve got that with what seems to be a perfect body besides. And I bet behind the make-up your face is classic.”

Kaylee wasn’t used to the flattery, She pressed her arms together and swayed to the side. She asked, “Do we get undressed?”

“Let’s take our time. it adds to the excitement.”

“Oh, … Well, … Can I see it?”


“Your big cock. Alyssa said Jennifer told her you have a really big cock. Can I see it?”

“Jennifer did, did she? All in good time.” He approached her closely and put his hands at her hips. “Tell me to stop if I do anything you don’t want. Anything. I mean it.”

His hands slowly moved to her waist and then to her back, pulling her closer to him. “Okay,” she said, her breathing already getting shallow.

“You want me to stop?”

“No, absolutely not. Okay, meaning I like it.” For the first time he saw her smile.

He moved his hands up her back to her shoulders and caressed her neck. Then they dropped to her breasts. She felt them rub over her nipples and he gently kissed her neck. Goose bumps spread over her body and her breasts tingled as he dropped his hands below her blouse and pulled it up. Without thinking she raised her arms and he pulled it over her head. As her arm dropped he told her, “You can feel it any time you want.”

“Feel it?”

“My cock.” He took her hand and moved it to his crotch.

She accepted the invitation and felt around. As he nibbled at her ear and unhooked her bra she found the hard cylinder encased in his shorts and felt its thickness and length. He pulled her hand away to slip off her bra straps and let her hand return as he licked and sucked at her breasts and nipples. He removed his shirt and she felt his chest pressing against her as he hugged her tight.

Then he unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped the fly. They fell to the floor. As she felt his gentle touch at her crotch she let out an involuntary, “Oh.” She thrust her head back and her hips forward as he kissed her nipples and fondled her genitals. Then he knelt down and encouraged her to step out of the shorts, slipping her shoes off at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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