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Jill had never been rock climbing before. She was scared of heights, in fact, which I hadn’t the opportunity to forget; she reminded me frequently while I set up the equipment for the climb. I had climbed for years, though, longer even than she and I had known each other, so she trusted me and my setup.

The climbing site was well-known to me. It consisted of a single cliff face on the east, overlooking a small stream, just big enough for kayakers to visit after heavy rains. The cliff face was great for climbing, and there was easy access to the top by hiking a short distance up the west side. From the east side we chose an easy route, then hiked around the back of the cliff to the top to set up anchors for the rope. After two and a half years I had never grown tired of the site of her beautiful ass; it was full, plump, but at the same time firm, even tight. It made me want to grab, and squeeze, and … All this came to mind as I followed her to the top of the cliff.

“Is this it? I think this is the little tree we could see from below.”

She arrived at the top before I did, as I’d been distracted, watching her hike up the hill. “That’s the one. The route we picked out is just to the left of that tree.”

Arriving at the top behind Jill I ran a sling around a big tree several feet back, and another sling around a closer, smaller tree.

“Oh, let me tie one.”

“Sure, take that one.” I gestured at the shorter sling, as I’d already begun to tie up the longer one. She squated to grab the two ends of the sling, and began to tie a water knot, as I’d showed her before. I lost track of what I was doing, watching her. She was wearing short blue shorts, the light papery material that swishes when you walk. Her legs were somewhat open, the way she sat, and I was mesmerized, looking at her thighs, picturing what lay between.

“Does this look right?” My eyes stopped briefly to admire her sweet round breasts before making their way to meet her eyes. I smiled.

“Just a second.” I finished the knot I had begun to tie before the distraction, and checked hers. “Perfect.”

Slings tied to the anchors, all that was left was to clip on a pair of carabiners and küçükçekmece escort throw the rope. I clipped on the ‘biners and slid one end of the rope through, and fed it down to the ground, showing her what I did as I went along.

“Rope!” I yelled, and then tossed the heavy coil to the ground. Everything up top ready, we walked back down the hill. That ass again, and those legs.

When we got to the bottom of the cliff face again, I put on my harness, and she began to put on hers. After she had it on, I kneeled to check the buckles. I could just fine from where I was standing that they weren’t buckled correctly, but she didn’t know that. I fixed the buckles, and rubbed the outsides of her thighs.

“Hey, we’re here to climb, I’m anxious!” Alright, I can wait. I reminded Jill how to tie in to the rope, and set up the other end to belay her.

“Step up just a foot or two, stand on that rock there. Now, I’ll tighten the rope, and you drop off.” She half screamed as she let herself fall backward, putting her weight on the rope.

“That’s not so bad, huh?” The first time hanging on a rope, one gains great faith in it. “If you’re ready, you can go ahead and climb now.”

“Alright, here I go, I guess.” I’d never before been envious of a harness. Its loops wrapped around her waist, around her smooth thighs, between her legs. It was everywhere I wished I could be at that moment. I busied myself belaying her, making sure she wouldn’t fall too far if she slipped, and the minor errection I’d developed faded.

She climbed about 30 feet up, two thirds of the climb, before she got to a point she couldn’t pass. She reached for a hold that was a bit too far away, and fell. She gasped/screamed, and I felt her weight on the rope and locked the end I was holding.

“I love you!”

“I love you too, honey!” I did. I wanted her, too. Badly.

I lowered her down the cliff face slowly, so I wouldn’t scare her. When she was just off the ground, when her feet could almost touch the ground, I tied off the belay. She still hung there, but I was free to move around, no longer attached to the rope.

“What’re küçükyalı escort you doing, honey?” I stepped up to where she sat in her harness, dangling by the rope. She was still facing the rock, her feet against it, holding her away from the rock face. Behind her, I wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her neck, softly. “Ohhh,” she answered herself.

I ran my hands up and down her sides, and then to her breasts, to squeeze just a bit, and rub. She didn’t seem to mind, that was enough climbing for the day. I ran my hands down her stomach, so soft and smooth, and down between her legs which were apart somewhat to stabilize her against the rock. I rubbed her inner thighs, and pulled her ass against me. She moaned softly as I rubbed against her ass, my hands on the insides of her thighs, pulling them apart.

I slid around in front of her, between her and the rock, and slipped her shirt up over her breasts. She moved her bra out of the way, giving me access to her large, soft breasts. I lowered my head to kiss her nipples, with one hand on her other breast and one on her ass. After some play with her breasts, I dropped to my knees, and pulled at the fabric of her shorts. There was no way to move them, with the harness in the way. The material was very light though, and I tore it with my teeth enough to get it started. I ripped it more with my hands to expose her lucious pussy. She wasn’t wearing panties, as usual. I brought my tongue between her legs immediately. Her pussy was shaved, except for a small patch on top, out of the way. I always loved to lick all around her pussy, the sides, and especially just above her slit, where the flesh is so soft. I licked her there, and rubbed that spot with my lips. I began to lick up and down her slit, sliding my tongue inside her for a moment. As she moaned more, I started to focus on her clitoris. By then my hands were on her ass, pressing her against my face. She took her feet off the rock, and wrapped her legs around my head, her calves resting on my back. My tongue went wild, back and forth across her clitoris, up and down, quickly. Then, sometimes, it maltepe escort would slow down for a moment, and lick hard, press hard, rubbing up and down, and then faster again, up and down, back and forth. I sucked her clitoris between my lips, and batted my tongue across it. The way her body moved, I knew she was about to cum. I licked faster, and pressed harder, and squeezed her ass with my hands, pulling her tighter against my face, and she came. Her legs tightened around my head, her arms flailed, and she made a great noise.

After some panting, she gestured me up to my feet.

“Fuck me.” I didn’t hesitate. There wasn’t the usual choice of positions, with her still hanging there on the rope, but it didn’t matter. I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down, with my boxers, far enough to be out of the way. One hand on her hip, with the other I pressed the tip of my penis into her. The tip slid into her, I put both hands firmly on her hips and pulled her against me. She was very wet after the orgasm, and I slid inside her hard and fast. She grunted as my hips hit the insides of her thighs. I pulled out, my hands still on her hips, and slammed into her again. Her legs wrapped around my back now, and I continued to fuck her. She made the sexiest noises as I fucked her, grunting, and moaning, and the wet sounds we made as my hips slapped against her. Jill grabbed the rope and leaned back, and I pulled her legs up to rest on my shoulders. Her legs out of the way, I fucked her harder than I could before. I slowed down, to make each thrust as hard as possible. Then I began to fuck her faster, moving my hands to the tops of her thighs, to pull her against me after bouncing apart. I began to feel the end drawing near. I didn’t want to stop, but the feeling would be incredible.

“I’m gonna cum, honey!” I fucked her faster and harder than before.

“Cum inside me! Fuck me hard, and cum inside me!” I slammed into her again, and again, and then thrust into her and held her against my hips, shooting cum deep inside her. My hips continued to bob rhythmically against her as I came. We both panted. I took her legs down, and she no longer needed to hold the rope to stay upright. I embraced her, and we kissed deeply, then a small kiss on the cheek, and we held each other.

I returned to the belay and lowered Jill to the ground. With her shorts ripped, more climbing was out of the question, so I packed up the gear quickly, and we walked back to the car. As we pulled out of the gravel parking area, we waved to a Jeep full of climbers driving up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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