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A month or so after my encounter with Naomi I had the house to myself. My parents and brother were away visiting the university he wanted to attend. My mum made me promise to behave and not let anyone else come round to the house which I suspected was a promise I was likely to break. I was lazing in the garden on a sun lounger in a black string bikini, one which left little to the imagination. I was idly playing with myself when I heard a knock at the door.

I wasn’t expecting anyone so I was curious as to who was here. I got up from the sun lounger and wandered over to the front door. I thought about covering myself up but decided I could quickly get rid of someone if it was a stranger. I opened the door and was surprised when I was greeted by two of my brother’s friend Chris and Danny. Chris was about six foot tall with spiked black hair and was fairly cute. Danny was a little shorter than Chris was but was fairly broad across the chest. His medium length blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. Both were staring at me in my bikini. I was really enjoying their stares.

“You know my brother’s not here right?” I told them.

“We didn’t want you to get lonely while he was away,” Danny replied.

I giggled. “Do you want to come in?” I asked.

“Gladly,” Chris answered.

They both stepped into the house and I led them into the lounge. I glanced over my shoulder quickly to see that their gaze was fixated on my bum. While I had been with several of my brother’s friends at this point I hadn’t done anything with either Chris or Danny. I was already horny and hadn’t had sex all week. I wasn’t sure how far I was willing to go with them but I wanted to have a little fun.

The three of us stood in the lounge near the sofa. I was facing Chris and he was staring at my boobs encased in the bikini top.

“You look amazing Riley.” Chris complimented me.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“I told you Carl’s little sister was hot,” Danny commented

I laughed but could also feel myself getting a little wet.

“You boys are pretty cute as well,” I told them.

“Can I get either of you a drink?” I asked.

“Maybe later,” Danny answered.

I heard Danny step a little closer to me and felt the top of my bikini being untied. My breasts sprang loose as my bikini top fell to the floor.

“Those are some nice perky tits, Riley,” Chris told me.

He stepped closer and brought his head down to my chest and started to suck on my nipples. I purred as he sucked lightly on them. I felt Danny’s hands on my bum untying my bikini bottoms. He groped my bottom before slipping a finger between my legs. He traced the contours of my mound with his fingers.

“She’s already wet,” Danny commented.

Chris stopped sucking on my nipples and started to kiss me. He explored my mouth with his tongue sensually. I moaned softly into his mouth as Danny’s fingers found my clit. Chris broke off our kiss.

“You ever had two cocks before?” He asked me.

“No, but I’d like to.” I murmured.

Any hesitation I had felt before was gone instantly. I knew I was going to fuck both of them, I wanted to fuck both of them. My hands went to Chris’ belt and I quickly undid his jeans and pulled them down eager to see his cock. He was still soft so I started to jerk him. Danny rubbed my clit faster as I ran my hands up and down Chris’ hardening cock.

I sank to my knees desperate to feel Chris in my mouth. He was still semi-hard and took him deep into my mouth. I sucked him hard his cock still growing in my mouth. Danny stood beside me and unbuckled his jeans, he guided my hand to his cock while I sucked on Chris. I jerked his cock with my hand he was already fully hard. I dragged my lips up Chris cock feeling that he was fully hard now. bahis siteleri Both of them were a respectable size Danny felt a little thicker than Chris but they were both about seven inches.

I let Chris slip from the mouth and turned my attention to Danny. I took Chris in one hand so I could continue to jerk him as I blew Danny. I licked at the head of Danny’s cock, snaking my tongue down his length to his balls. Licked around them softly and sucked lightly on each one before running my tongue back up and taking him into my mouth. I sank my lips down on him slowly until he was fully in my mouth. I kept him deep in my mouth while sucking on him before switching back to Chris. I worked him in and out of my mouth. He started to fuck my face a little which I hadn’t had a guy do before. It made me wet as he forced his cock into my mouth. I gagged a little as his cock hit the back of my throat.

As Chris was fucking my face I felt Danny grab my legs and pull me up so I was bent over in front of him.I wiggled my hips invitingly hoping that he was going to fuck me. He rubbed his cock up and down my slit before pushing inside me. Danny groaned as he entered me my pussy tight around his cock.

“Her pussy’s fucking tight,” Danny commented.

After my encounter with Naomi I started taking birth control so I wasn’t worried about the bare cock inside me. I had started to prefer how guys felt when they fucked me without condoms and it made me feel naughty. Danny pushed all the way inside me. He grabbed my hips and Chris held my arms to support me. Having one guy in my mouth while another was in my pussy felt heavenly. I took Chris deep in my mouth as Danny started to fuck me. He slammed his cock in and out of me.I moaned on Chris’ cock as waves of pleasure crashed over my body. He increased his pace and I felt myself beginning to climax.

I let Chris slip from my mouth. “Fuck me harder,” I begged.

Danny started to ram his cock in and out of me with quick harsh strokes. I could feel his balls slapping against my clit. My body tensed and I came on him. My pussy clenched hard on his cock and I felt him starting to cum. I’d never had a guy cum inside me before. He kept his cock all the way inside me his cock spraying into my pussy. Chris pushed his cock deep into my mouth as I came. The feeling of having two cocks inside me just made my orgasm more intense. Danny pulled out of me after I had drained his cock.

“I couldn’t help myself,” Danny said with a tinge of regret.

I let Chris’ cock fall from my mouth. “I’ve never had a guy cum in me before,” I told them.

I stood up and reached down pushing a finger into myself. I coated my finger in Danny’s cum and brought it to my lips and licked it clean.

“Mmm, you taste good.” I moaned.

Danny looked relieved. I wasn’t entirely certain what would happen next if Chris would find it too weird fucking me with Danny’s sperm inside me. I turned to him.

“Your turn,” I told Chris.

Chris grabbed me and pulled me down on the sofa, laying me on my side. I dangled my lower leg over the edge of the sofa and Chris lay behind me hooking my other leg up in the air. He rubbed his cock against my clit making me shiver before sliding inside me. I’d never been fucked in this position before and felt really good as he could go deep in me. He settled into a rhythm quickly, pushing all his length into me before pulling halfway out and then going deeper again. I moaned loudly as his pace increasing, fucking me harder. Danny pressed his cock to my lips. Laid down I could only really take about half of his length into my mouth. I sucked him hard licking up my juices which still coated his cock.

Chris continued fucking me, going harder and faster and it wasn’t long before I was cumming again. My body spasmed canlı bahis siteleri on Chris’ cock and I could feel his own orgasm building. As much as I would have been willing to let him cum in me as well I really wanted to taste his cum. He grunted and I knew he was close.

“I want to taste it.” I moaned.

I got up off the sofa and knelt down on my knees. Chris stood up and stuffed his cock into my mouth. I sucked him a little before taking only the head into my mouth. I sucked him hard and felt the first burst of his cum hit the back of my throat. I kept sucking, milking his cock as several strands landed on my tongue. Finished I let his cock slip from my mouth and greedily swallowed his load.

“I got you a present Riley,” Danny commented.

“Other than these two lovely cocks?”

Danny reached into the pocket of his discarded jeans and took out a small tube. It took me a moment to realise what it was.

“Is that lube?” I asked

“I want to fuck that hot little arse of yours,” Danny answered.

Until now I hadn’t even entertained the idea of anal sex. Chloe said she had tried it with her boyfriend but it felt uncomfortable. I was reluctant but curious. I was very horny though and willing to try it at least once.

“Okay but we stop if I don’t like it,” I told them.

Danny bent mt over the sofa and then squeezed a generous amount of lube into his hands. He started to rub it into my arse and it felt really cold. He spent several minutes massaging it into my asshole. Despite the cold feeling it actually felt good having my arse played with in this way. When my arse felt really slick he pushed a finger into me. I winced but did nothing to stop him as he eased his finger in and out of my arse. After a moment it started to feel good and then he pushed a second finger in. I felt really full as his fingers stretched my asshole. I felt tight just with his fingers in there I wasn’t sure how well I could take his cock.

After fingering my arse for several minutes Danny pulled his fingers out. He pressed the head of his cock to my tight backdoor.

“Be gentle and go really slow,” I told him

He pressed the head of his cock down on my arse but I was still too tight despite his attempts to loosen me up. He squirted more lube onto my arse and rubbed it in. He pressed his cock against me again and despite the resistance the head his cock slipped into my arse. I tensed immediately despite my attempts to relax my body. His cock felt far bigger in my arse than it had in my pussy.

“Let me get used to having it inside me.” I cried.

Danny stayed like that for several minutes. Letting me get used to the feeling of having just the tip of his cock inside my arse. I won’t lie it felt uncomfortable and a little painful. I could feel my eyes beginning to tear up. I took several deep breaths as Danny tried to slide more of his length into me. My arse was wrapped tight around his cock and I wasn’t sure I could take any more of him in my arse. He took it slow and eased a little more of his cock into my tender arse.

“Go deeper I want to know how it feels to take all of your cock in my arse.” I moaned.

Danny slowly fed each inch of his cock into my arse until he was buried inside me. I could feel the pain beginning to subside as I loosened up and felt his cock pulsating inside my arse. I reached back and started to rub my clit. Danny stayed like that for a moment letting me get used the feeling of having his cock deep in my arse. It started to feel better.

“Just fuck me,” I demanded.

Danny slowly started to ease himself in and out of me. He pulled fully out and then slide back inside me, I started to relax more getting used to the feel of having his cock in my bottom. He took it slow but made me take canlı bahis him fully each time. His pace increased a little as he realised as I was more relaxed. I increased the tempo of my fingers on my clit, the feeling of having Danny fuck my arse and my own fingers made my climax rise quickly. I came loudly, my orgasm was so intense. My body shook violently as I came and I felt my arse clench around Danny’s cock. He grunted and pulled out of me.

He quickly grabbed me, spinning me round so I was pushed back against the edge of the sofa. He aimed his cock at my breasts and started to ejaculate on me. He coated my boobs in his spunk. I reach down gathering some up in my fingers before licking it up. Danny continued cumming and I eagerly let him drain his cock over my breasts. After he was done I gathered the rest up in my hands and licked them clean.

I looked over at Chris who had been content to watch the entire time. I didn’t say a word and straddled him on the sofa. I wanted more and wanted to know how Chris’ cock would feel in my arse. I faced away from him, putting my feet on his legs. I reached down and guided his cock to my asshole. I pressed down and the head of his cock sank into my bum. Danny had loosened me up but Chris’ thicker size was definitely stretching my arse more. I sank down on him until he was buried inside me.

I started to grind my hips on Chris, savouring the feeling of having his cock inside my arse. It still hurt a little but the feelings of pleasure were really intense. I reached one hand down and started to tease my clit. Pushing one finger inside myself I could feel his cock through my pussy as I fucked myself on him. Slowly I started to ease myself up and down on his length.

Chris grabbed my waist and started to lift me up and down on him so his cock almost slid out and then went back inside me. I rubbed my clit harder as he started to fuck me faster. Danny had gone slow but I was enjoying the feel of Chris fucking my arse harder. I could feel my climax building as Chris fucked me. I cried out sinking back onto Chris as my body spasmed while I came. Chris kept going but I felt his cock twitch.

I pulled myself off him and lay on my side next to him, taking his cock in my mouth. I was too lost in the moment to even think about the fact I was now sucking a cock which had just been in my arse. The first burst of his cum hit the roof of my mouth. I kept sucking him, swallowing his cum eagerly. His load was far smaller this time. As his cock softened a little I let him slip from my mouth.

Danny grabbed me and positioned me so I was laid on my back on the sofa. He spread my legs and slipped his cock back into my arse.I was really relaxed at this point and after my orgasm no longer really feeling any discomfort.

“I love watching you fuck my arse,” I told them.

Danny started to fuck me with hard fast strokes, making me take all of his lengths inside me. I could feel another climax building. Danny increased his pace, slamming his cock into me his balls slapping against me as he filled my arse with his cock. He grunted and pulled his cock out of me. He aimed his cock at my chest and started to cum over my boobs. I reached down and gathered some up in my fingers so I could lick them clean. Spent Danny collapsed on the sofa next to me.

I felt Chris rubbing the head of his cock against my asshole. He slid inside me, easing all of his cock into my arse. He fucked me slowly, making me feel each inch as he drove in and out of me. I started to cum, amazed that I was able to orgasm just through anal stimulation. My body quivered on him he kept going until it was too much for him. He gave me another load across my breasts before sitting on the other side of me.

I greedily fed myself their cum. We lay with other for awhile enjoying the post-sex feeling. Eventually, I was able to find the energy to get up and go take a bath. I gathered up my bikini and the guys dressed slowly. I ushered them out as I went to take a long relaxing bath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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