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I received an e-mail to special web site the one titled “Revenge dot com”. This is a service I offer to people who are looking for revenge if and when they can’t get it the legal way. I will consider anything but usually go along the “eye for an eye” options.
Hi can you help me. I need revenge on a co-worker who raped me”?
This is one of the unusual ones usually they just ask me to break someone’s legs or the such. I answered the email right away.
Yes send me details of the attacker and I will seek a suitable retribution.
Thirty minutes later I received an e-mail with the details I required. It turned out she was an eighteen year old girl who had been raped by her boss who is in his forties. Attached were his address and photographs of him with his wife and daughter, the wife was a good looking lady in her late thirties and the daughter was seventeen.
I replied that this would take a month or so to set up and execute and I would inform her and provide her with proof later.
The next few days I spent studying the layout of his home, already luck was on my side it was a secluded property on the edge of town set back from the road in a large garden to provide privacy. Further enquiries led me to discover he had a basic security system which provided just an alarm for break-ins but no roving patrols. I then spent the next three weeks studying his routine and that of his family. The father just seemed to work and go home with a meal out with his wife on Saturdays; the wife was much the same work and home, a nice steady life style. The daughter was a typical teenager going to pubs and clubs with her friends, I did notice that she spent more time with a certain girl and in the third week I found out why. It seemed that daddy’s little girl was a lesbian. This could be fun I thought.
It seemed Thursdays were the best option when all three would be home from seven o’clock. I acquired housing plans from the local town hall and discovered the layout of the house.
Thursday arrived and I set into motion the plan I had hatched. Driving a car I had stolen earlier I pulled up the driveway and knocked on the door, the target answered to find me there with a ski mask on and a large gun in my hand. Pushing the gun in his face I turned him round and using plasti-cuffs secured his wrists behind him. Telling him to be quiet I walked him into the lounge. The wife looked up and went to scream but before she could I slapped her hard. As she lay on the floor I secured the husband to a straight back chair. The wife I trussed up like a chicken and left on the floor with a gag in her mouth. I approached the husband and spoke for the first time.
“Who else is here”?
He looked at me in terror and replied. “Please take what you like just don’t harm us”.
Impatiently I smacked him along the side of his head. “Answer the question I asked before I lose my temper”.
Blood leaked out of his scalp and down his face. “My daughters in her room, but please don’t hurt her”.
I got directions from him and gagged him illegal bahis and went to find my last victim.
I stood in her doorway watching her as she lay on her bed oblivious to my presence listening to music through her ear phones. She was laying there facing away from me Dressed in skimpy shorts and a skimpy top. I padded to the bed and nudged her back she turned to me and the smile dropped off her face as she started to scream.
A good slap stopped her noise, again using plasti-cuffs I secured her wrists and grabbing her hair I dragged her down the stairs making her yelp loudly. Pushing her onto the ground next to her mother I put the gun away and pulled out my pocket knife; all three sets of eyes went wide.
I stepped to the mother first and slowly cut her clothes away leaving her naked on the floor; next I crossed to the daughter who began to sob and shake her head as if saying no; which she possibly was. Again I cut her clothing away leaving me to stare at two naked beauties. I pulled a small camera out of my pocket and began to take photographs of my victims.
I then pulled the mother to the centre of the room and pulled her legs wide as she struggled and tried to fight me off I moved across to her daughter and put the knife to her throat. As her mother saw this she lay back and dropped her knees open revealing her cunt to me. It was nicely shaven with just a little porn star strip. I looked at the husband and smiled as he began to struggle against his bindings; I moved over to him and punched him hard in the face.
“Don’t struggle just relax and watch the show”.
I then grabbed the daughters hair pulling the gag out of her mouth I cruelly dragged her across the floor. I pushed her face into her mother’s crutch. “Now let’s have some fun, lick mommy’s pussy slut and lick it good”.
She began to whimper as I removed her mother’s gag. “No please don’t make me”!
“Do it slut or I will carve your face up so badly it will make mommy vomit”.
Her mother looked at her with tears in her eyes and said. “Just do it baby it will be ok”.
Slowly she lowered her mouth to her mommy’s pussy and began to lick along her lips. “Don’t forget her clit bitch give that some attention too”.
The daughter moved up and began to suck her mother’s clit; her mom despite herself began to moan as her daughter lapped at her pussy.
“Use your fingers on her slut make mommy cum”.
Her whole body began to tremble as she moved her fingers to mommy’s cunt and slipped a finger inside. I began to take photos of this little incestuous act as the mother began to leak out.
“Looks like your enjoying this bitch, are you”? The mother looked at me and shook her head. “No I’m not; please don’t hurt my little girl”.
I moved behind the daughter and switched the camera to video mode and began to film her ass and cunt. “Well little slut tell me are you a virgin, have you ever had a big cock in one of your cute little holes”?
“Yes I’m virgin I’ve never had sex with any men”.
“Yeah ok but you’ve had sex with women haven’t you little illegal bahis siteleri lesbian slag”?
She nodded her head and mumbled. “Yes”.
“Well things are going to change tonight slut, oh yes things are going to change”.
I pulled my cock out and moved behind the daughter and ran my hands around her pussy making her cringe. With three fingers in her pussy I moved closer and pushed my cock deep into her pussy in one lunge making scream loudly as my cock entered virgin territory.
“Oh that’s nice and tight slut nice and tight”. Then I pushed her face back into her mommy’s cunt. “Lick mommy, make her cum slut”.
I began to fuck this young cunt as hard as I could ripping it up nicely, with every thrust I heard her moan loudly into her mother’s pussy. I couldn’t hold back any longer and fired a large load of seed into her violated pussy. As I did this she tensed up and screamed and began to cry louder.
I pushed her to one side and pulled the mother by the hair over to her husband. Dragging her to her knees I looked at the husband. “Your little slut’s cunt was good but now let’s see how good your wife is with her mouth”.
I began to rub my still hard cock around her face smearing her makeup with my cum and the blood from her daughters cunt; then with no thought for her comfort I forced my cock into the bitches mouth and deep into her throat and held it there as she began to gag. Pulling back I smiled at her. “Relax your throat or it will hurt you more slut”.
I then began to rape her face as her husband looked on helplessly. Her moans were bringing out my cruel streak so I began to slap her tits and face as hard as I could. She flew back with blood dripping out of her mouth. I grabbed her hair and dragged her back to her daughter who was still sobbing. Roughly I forced her face into her little girl’s cunt. “Now it’s your turn mommy suck your daughter’s cunt and get all that lovely cum into your mouth”.
Tentatively she began to lick at her pussy, as I knelt down behind her and without warning slammed straight into her. She howled loudly but kept licking her daughter. Her cunt wasn’t as tight as her young girl, but it still felt good. Still filming I fucked her hard and fast feeling her begin to juice up as I raped her.
Again as I heard both of them crying and moaning my cruel streak surfaced; I then pushed two fingers into her arse making her squirm as she tried to get away. I grabbed the plasti-cuffs and held her still as I forced my fingers into her ass. After a few minutes of loosening her ass I pushed my cock against her ring and forced my cock deep into her tightest of holes, and boy it was so fucking tight.
I pulled her head up and whispered into her ear. “Tell them what I’ve just done bitch”.
With tears streaming down her cheeks and sobbing loudly. “He’s put his cock in my bum, oh god he’s raping my ass”.
As I began to pump into her moans and scrams became louder. “I looked at the husband who was struggling against his bonds. “Have you ever fucked this tight little ass”?
He canlı bahis siteleri sat there and shook his head no. “Let me tell you it feels nice and tight I love sodomising a nice tight virgin ass”.
I gripped her hips and began to hammer into her faster and faster as hard as I could, feeling her rectal muscles rippling along my cock. I couldn’t last long it was so tight I fired another load deeper into her virgin ass. I pulled out and sat back on the couch. Looking down at the two abused women I said. “Well ladies you’re probably wondering why I’m doing this, you better ask him when I’m gone; he was a bad man about six weeks ago and you have to pay the price”.
I then grabbed the daughter by the hair and pulled her mouth to my cock. “Well little slut time to suck your first cock; you better get it hard and wet and you mommy you better start to lick her arse and get it nice and loose for my cock”.
The daughter blanched and began to cry loudly. “Oh please no, no, no please don’t”!
With a slap to her face I shoved my cock into her mouth making her gag as she cried onto my cock. Her mother crawled behind her and began to lick around her daughter’s little ring as I raped her face.
Watching her push her tongue into her daughter’s ass was horny as hell. My balls tightened as I gushed into her mouth. I held her mouth closed and pinched her nose forcing her to swallow it down. As she gagged I stood up and moved behind her. Grabbing her mom I said get me nice and slick bitch then guide me into her arse.
The mother began to suck and gag on my cock, when she pulled my cock out she spat on it. Then looked at me and said. “Please don’t rape my daughter again, please don’t do it”.
I laughed harshly and slowly pushed my cock into her daughter’s tight little hole. She howled and screamed as I sodomised her ass remorselessly. I began to fuck her fast and hard listening to her cry in pain. I then cut hers and her mother’s bonds.
“Pull your ass open bitch I want to go deeper. Tentatively she reached back and spread her cheeks open letting me go in another inch which made her moan louder. Her mother moved to her and hugged her and whispered. “It’s ok baby it will soon be over”.
To my surprise as I fucked her hard and fast I felt her begin to push back onto my cock as she became looser, then she began to moan and crying louder in humiliation and shame. “Oh fuck mom, oh mom, I like it. Oh god I like his cock my ass. It feels so good”.
Again I began to hammer ass as I laughed at her mother and father. “Oh yeah she likes my cock in her ass, listen to her she fucking loves it”.
The daughter began to scream louder and louder. “Fuck my ass make me come, c’mon make me cum”.
I hammered into her hard and shot a load deep into her as she collapsed into a heap as she orgasmed.
I pulled out and wiped my cock on the mother’s hair and pulled my trousers back up.
I then laughed and went to leave. The daughter looked at me with a sly smile on her lips. I again cuffed the mother. As I was cuffing the daughter she whispered her cell phone number to me and asked me to call her.
Two days later I received a e-mail from my client. Saying thanks for the pictures and video.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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