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It had been 3 months since Lana had seen Jack in person. Since she’d touched him. And since he’d touched her. The pandemic and the rules of the shutdown had made it unsafe to have physical contact, but things had finally calmed down. Now that the citywide quarantine and its brutal social restrictions had been lifted, they would finally be able to fuck each other senseless.

Lana agonized over what to wear but decided that it really didn’t matter. Her clothes wouldn’t stay on for long—they never did. And with that in mind, she skipped the lacey lingerie and decided to go without any underwear at all. Previous pre-pandemic escapades told her they would just be an impediment for Jack’s impatient hands anyway. She settled on a ridiculously short yellow sundress that could easily be hiked up and pulled off, no zippers or snaps to fiddle with. She was checking herself in the mirror once last time, dabbing on her favorite red lipstick—the one she had on when they first kissed—when the doorbell rang. Her heart fluttered in anticipation and she grew giddy. She took a deep breath before answering the door, knowing full well that she would soon be gasping for air in the best way possible.

“Finally,” Jack murmured as she swung open the door, already mid-stride through the entryway into her apartment. Ever the multi-tasker, he managed to shut and lock the door behind him with one hand, while using his other hand to firmly grip her waist and push her gently against the wall a few inches behind her. He dipped his head down towards her and inhaled her scent.

“I need your mouth,” he said, and then immediately kissed her. He kissed her hungrily, and she responded in kind to his urgency, moaning softly into his mouth. “Fuck,” she purred. She had almost forgotten how good it was to kiss him. She instinctively moved forward, leaning into him, running one hand through his hair and the other gripping his neck. He pushed her backward, pinning her with his hips, grinding into her as he gripped her waist. She could feel his rock hard cock throbbing through his jeans against her. His hands moved to her ass, groping her over her dress. She could taste his desire for her. The air was thick with it. kaçak iddaa Several minutes passed as they continued kissing and touching each other, rediscovering the other’s lips, tongues, and sounds. They jumped at the sound of the doorbell in the nearby apartment. The kiss broke and it became clear that they needed to move away from the doorway.

She looked up at him and sweetly asked, “Oh hey. How are you?”

His eyes glimmered as he snorted with laughter. “Much better now, thanks for asking.”

And with that, he scooped her up into his arms and swiftly carried her to the bedroom.


Jack tossed Lana onto the bed, settled between her legs and continued kissing her. His mouth moved to her neck and as he ground his hips into hers, he reached a hand under her dress and gripped an ass cheek. His hands moved around her hip and he groaned in pleasure when he discovered she wasn’t wearing panties. With that new piece of information, he made quick work of disrobing Lana and pulled her dress off over her head in one swift motion. He wore a tight black t-shirt, which she proceeded to pull off him, exposing his tanned, ripped torso. He looked down at her, gazing at her naked form in all its glory. His eyes drunk with desire, he moved his hand to her pussy, which was already slick from her anticipation. She propped herself up on her elbows, staring at him with a sly grin on her face as he discovered just how wet he had already made her.

“You’re beautiful. I need to taste your cunt,” Jack said.

She gasped and then moaned softly, as he slipped a finger inside her. Then a second finger. He watched her intently as he moved his fingers inside her, deeper and then slowly withdrew them, and licked them so he could have a taste of what he’d been missing for so long. Lana tasted like coconut.

“Mmmm. Like nectar for the gods. But I prefer it from the source,” he growled as he dipped his head down to lick her slippery slit. It was brief. He had barely run his tongue along her clit and inside her, before quickly withdrawing. Ever the tease. She gasped in pleasure and then, in protest.

By this point, she was literally aching for him. Her pussy was throbbing and she was quite certain that kaçak bahis she’d never been wetter. She reached for his head with both hands and tried coaxing him back down, gently at first and then with more force, arching her back and raising her hips closer to his waiting mouth.

“Please…” Lana begged, breathlessly.

Jack gripped her wrists and slammed them down beside her.

“You know how much I love hearing you beg. But I want to savor…you,” he said, and began to nibble, kiss, and bite her inner thighs. His beard tickled her skin and his breath was warm. It felt like an eternity before he finally tongued her pussy again, but when he did, she felt she could melt. His tongue darted in and out of her, lapping her sweet wetness, drinking in her essence. Her pussy was warm and he was absorbing her heat, gratefully. He pressed his face closer, burying it in her sweet center as he continued to lick, suck, and massage her with zeal. Lana’s legs twitched involuntarily, and she whimpered and moaned as he ramped up the intensity of his licking, sucking, and massaging. Every now and again, he would look up and watch her as she writhed and moaned, reaching up to knead her breasts and tease her nipples as he continued to drink her juices, moaning into her pussy himself, which just drove Lana even more out of her mind. She was slippery and sweet and Jack couldn’t get enough of her. She felt soft and hot in his mouth and the sight of her ecstasy made him insanely hard.

Lana began to lose herself in the pleasure, her hands alternating between clutching at the bedsheets, bracing against the headboard behind her, and reaching down to Jack’s head between her thighs, running her fingers through his hair as he ate her pussy with fervor. He ate and ate, like his life depended on it, and after so long apart, he felt it did. Her legs began bucking, shaking, and when her hips involuntarily began raising off the bed, Jack gripped them tightly and kept her propped up. He licked her for a while longer this way, before flipping her over on all fours, roughly pushing her head down on the mattress so her ass was in the air, and licking her pussy from behind. Jack loved burying his face into her this way because he got illegal bahis a front-row seat to her perfect, round ass, which he squeezed and every so often, slapped. Whenever he spanked her ass, Lana quivered in delight, sometimes giggling in pleasure. Occasionally he would gently bite her ass cheeks, which sent shivers through her. Soon his tongue wandered upward, to her pink puckered asshole. He had barely touched her there before her body flinched wildly. Lana groaned as Jack slipped his tongue lightly around, teasing her the way he knew drove her crazy.

Slowly, his light touches increased in pressure and his tongue hit its target as Lana moaned louder. She pushed her ass hard against Jack’s mouth, to his delight. Her sounds became slightly muffled as she buried her face into the bed and began rubbing her clit. Jack moaned at the sight of her touching herself, and gripped her ass checks more tightly, spreading them further apart so he could tongue her asshole with more intensity. She wriggled against him in pleasure and he spanked her hard, which only made Lana moan loader. He pressed his face deeper into Lana’s spread ass and began fingering her slippery cunt, all while Lana focused on stimulating her swollen, throbbing clit. First 1 finger, then 2. Soon, he slipped in a third and was pumping her with vigor. Lana was screaming now. Jack knew she was on the verge of a huge release, and with a final plunging of his fingers into her tight wet hole, Lana came, her pussy clenching around his fingers. The sounds of ecstasy escaping from her were a mix of screams, moans, and whimpers. Jack echoed Lana’s moans, drunk off the sight of her in pleasure and hard at the knowledge that he was the one bringing her to this frenzied climax. Her skin was buzzing and she lost track of time and space. Lana was only aware of how good she felt and that Jack was making her feel this way. With his tongue still in her asshole, he could feel her pulsating, squeezing rhythmically with her orgasm. In this way, he was able to keep time and knew when she was finished, and after what seemed like a deliciously long while, she stopped squeezing and relaxed. Lana’s body went limp from the release and she let out a long, blissful sigh as she collapsed in exhaustion.

“Rest for a bit, lovely. We have a lot of ground to cover and we’re nowhere near finished,” Jack murmured into her ear as he caressed her still-tingling skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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