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It’s been a tough week for you, and although you achieved a lot for yourself you still can’t fight the growing sense of fatigue invading every part of your body as you prepare to leave your office late on a cold Friday night.

As you walk into your reception area you spy a small unopened parcel sitting on the counter. You wonder to yourself why your receptionist left it untouched but it is not something you dwell on as you pop it into your bag, without looking at it, and switch off your office lights for the last time that week.

You lock the outer office door and brace yourself against the cold night. The wind whips at your face during the brief walk to your car as you watch your breath appear in puffs of white before your ice cold lips.

On the brief drive home your fatigue casts its spell as you succumb to the sense of loneliness you have only just managed to keep at bay these past weeks. A sense of helplessness invades your being tonight as your eyes follow the icy road ahead. Not for the first time you find yourself wishing that it was not a cold dark house you were making your way to tonight. But before you can submit further to your somber mood you discover that the drive home will require more concentration from you. So for the remainder of your drive you focus completely on weaving your way home through the treacherous roads.

When you reach home you stand for a moment in the open doorway of your front door. The wind howls fiercely around you and although the temperature is dropping fast as the snow licks at your heels you find it somehow preferable to stand on your porch, than you do to go into your own house. But eventually you go in, and as you turn and close the door on the howling wind you wonder to yourself how you will make it through the weekend.

Walking past your answer machine you absentmindedly flick the play back button and walk on into the kitchen, leaving your bag on the bench. Dinner for one again it seems.

There are 10 messages on your voice mail. Two are boring, three are worse, one is from your friendly avon lady, two are from surveys carried out in your area that offer conclusive and irrefutable proof that men in your city outnumber women 10-1 and that the last available woman in the entire city just had a sex change and now calls herself Ralph, one is from some guy called Ralph complaining about some phantom pre -menstrual back pain, and the final message is from me ‘Hey Honey, you know, I thought of you today…..and then I smiled’. You turn away from your meal preparations and start to re-trace your steps back to your answer machine but halfway out of the kitchen your eyes stray instead to your bag and the parcel that has slipped from it and onto the bench. There is something vaguely reminiscent about the handwriting. The stamp of the kiwi bird transforms your hopes into reality and you reach for the parcel and examine it closely for the first time. A smile finds its way to your lips as you spy your name and address in large clear printing. Instantly you know why your receptionist left it unopened, for there in the top left hand corner in large red capitals is the word PRIVATE.

At once you are torn between ripping open the parcel now and savouring the moment for as long as you can. After some thought and much spinning and shaking of the parcel in your hands, you opt for the latter. Putting the parcel down on the bench you walk over to your answer machine and re-play my message. Then because suddenly you feel playful and lightheaded you re-play Ralph’s message and laugh to yourself at the suspiciously kaçak iddaa coincidental pranklike tones of that and the survey message. The humour does not escape you this time and you hold it in your heart and laugh your sweet laugh into your suddenly not so empty house.

After dinner, as also was the case during dinner, you find your eyes traveling frequently back to the parcel on the bench. As hard as it is to do, you leave it untouched on the bench as you make your way into the bathroom.

The shower spray on your face feels good. And as the water cascades down your body in soapy rivulets your hands trace the hard lines of your taut stomach. Your mind is alive with a kaleidoscope of colour and the sensual images racing in front of your closed eyes grows more intense as they draw you in more deeply into a world of passion and longing. Your hands move with the confidence of familiarity, tracing the hard plains of your chest, the curves of your shoulders, the firm flesh of your buttocks. Your thighs tense as the images before your eyes become more provocative in the very physical reactions they are drawing from your body. Your cock throbs and raises itself up to the sensual massage of the falling water. You hold its length in your hand and pump it slowly up and down as it grows for you. You caress your testicles, cupping them gently in your open palm as you indulge yourself for a moment in the building passion that suddenly takes over your body.

When your curiosity about the parcel returns yet again you stop the water running and leave the shower stall, grabbing a towel to wrap around your slim hips as you exit the bathroom.

The water beads on your still warmly fragrant flesh as you pick up the parcel and turn it over in your hands one last time before ripping open the wrapping. A video tape, no label, just a card with two words hand written in the same clear printing you saw on the wrapping. “Enjoy….Smiles!!”

You run your fingers through your hair feeling suddenly tense as your stomach knots up. The walk to your lounge and the video player under your TV though only seconds away seems suddenly very far. The throb in your still hard cock returns and you don’t stop your towel’s descent to the floor as it unravels from around your hips and pools at your feet. Naked and aroused you walk into the lounge.

Having pushed the cassette into the player you go back to the couch and flop down, reaching for the remote you press play and lean back to see what it is I have given you. When the video starts your mind is instantly captured. Your focus is immediately mine. Candles, candles everywhere, the shadows cast by their flickering flames rising in the steam. You hear the heavy fall of the water as it splashes into my bath and dances with the bubbles.

From the position of the camera you know I have it standing on a tripod at the foot of my bath, bearing witness to the play of the bubbles and the water. You fall under the spell of the scene before you and feel calmed somehow by the sound of the running water. The angle of the camera changes and you guess that I must have a remote control for it in my hand but you don’t see it as the camera pans out to include me in the scene before you.

My long brown hair is down and falling in thick curls around my shoulders and breasts. Sitting on the edge of the bath I lean into the water and stir it with my hand. I have a robe on, a white robe with big red poppies on it, made of chiffon and very very transparent. It is tied carelessly around my hips with a matching sash. Through the fabric you spy the outline kaçak bahis of my nipples. They are erect for you, the areola the lightest brown. Your hungry eyes travel the curve of my hips to the bare thigh revealed by my parted robe. The small dark patch of my pubic hair does not escape your scrutiny. As I lean further into the water my left breast escapes the restriction of my robe and see its soft curve for the very first time. But for all my sensuality you pick up on a very subtle shyness in me for still you have not seen my face. My hair falls in a thick curtain of curl over my eyes, hiding me from you. When the bubbles are almost halfway towards the bath edge I reach for the taps and stop the flow of water. As I do so my robe falls completely open. Every inch of my soft flesh is open to your gaze, but still my eyes stay hidden.

I stand then and as my robe finds its way to the floor I flick my hair off my face and look up at you for the first time. The camera holds my stare for a moment and you see me standing before you completely naked and sensual yet in some ways so vulnerable. This mix of emotion drives you crazy but suddenly the spell is broken by the shrill ring of the phone. Force of habit gets the better of you as you reach for it, immediately cursing under your breath that this moment was so instantly taken from you.

“Yes” you snap, freezing my image on the screen. “Honey” I say “I woke up just now and you weren’t beside me. Why?” Your intense frown instantly leaves your face the minute you hear my voice and you laugh aloud once again taken in by the little game we always play. “I miss you Sweetie”

“Me miss you too. Did you get my surprise?”

“Yes I did. I’m watching it now.”



“I guess you didn’t get it then huh?”

“Didn’t get what?”

“My surprise of course, silly.”

“Yeah sweetie I did, just watching it now.” you say feeling a little confused “Oooooohhh. I’ll have to see what’s holding it up.” I reply cryptically. Before you have time to question me further I tell you I am sleepy now and after a “kiss” goodnight I disconnect the call and suddenly my soft voice is replaced by the drone of the dial tone.

You hang up feeling more than a little frustrated but my image beckons you back and you unclick pause deciding to put my call down to a misunderstanding and immediately remove it from your mind as my image casts its spell over you once again.

As I turn towards the bath I raise my left leg over the edge and test the water with the tips of my toes. Your eyes immediately move down my body and pause at the very intimate area between my thighs. You are suddenly very aware just how aroused I am. You see my lips very swollen and full and protruding from between them you see my tiny clitoris peeping out at you. The small triangle of my pubic hair does not extend down to my lips so your view is an unobstructed one. Standing with both feet in the water I lean back over the edge of the bath and pick up a piece of paper from the floor. It is hidden from your view and you are immediately curious to know what it is.

I lay down in the water. My erect nipples floating just above the surface. My head leans on the back of the bath as the camera traces a path up and down my slick body. My right leg rises out of the water and my calf rests against the bath edge. My left knee is raised and bent, leaning against the bath wall. My legs are open for you, the camera is your witness.

My hair made wet in the water sticks to my nipples and cheeks, my right hand like my right leg hangs illegal bahis over the bath edge still holding the piece of paper you saw me picking up. The camera moves in on my face. You see the beads of moisture on my upper lip. You see my cheeks made red by the warm steam. My lips are full and slightly open, my eyes are closed, my head to the side.

A moan escapes me and slowly the camera pans out again and traces a very slow line down past my breasts and stomach and rests on the back of my left hand. My middle finger gently strokes my clit and you recognise the sudden tension in my body as you yourself experience, the moment your hand reaches for your cock and starts its own sensual massage. I raise my pelvis high above the water surface and you see the path the bubbles follow as they leave my swollen lips and return to the water. My hips start to rotate slowly as the tension builds.

The camera pans out further and my face is once again included in the sexually charged scene before you. No longer is the piece of paper hanging over the edge of the bath. I am looking at it now as my clever fingers dance faster and harder over my pulsating clitoris. You wonder, not for the first time what is on this piece of paper and the intensity with which I am staring at it does nothing to ease your own growing tension. My eyes appear at once dazed and yet very alive as my climax takes hold. My breasts move in the water as my movements become more wild and desperate. My pelvis is high above the water, rotating wildly in the air. Though for all my urgent movements still my eyes remain on the piece of paper in my hand. What is it that captures my mind so, as my climax rips through my body? Water splashes wildly around me lapping at the bath edge, licking at the floor.

You grip your cock at the base hard, halting your own climax as you see mine wreck its sweet havoc over my body. When all is calm in the scene before you. The camera traces one more journey over my body. From the tips of my toes up over my pulsing mound to my still rapidly rising and falling breasts to my neck and chin. It stops for a moment at my face just long enough for me to send you a very sleepy, satisfied smile then it follows the line from my right shoulder to my elbow and then finally my hand. As the piece of paper somersaults and spins its way to the floor you see for the first time the image that captured my mind so intensely as my climax rocked through my body. My image fades. The screen is black.

The smiling face that stared back at you from my bathroom floor, with its eyes so bright is at once familiar to you. When you spy that same image staring back at you from the mirror on your lounge wall you realise that it was you I held in my mind as my body writhed desperately in the water. At the same time reality hits, your cock explodes into a stream of white fire.

Seconds later gulping huge breaths of air into your oxygen deprived lungs your body is still tingling with the aftermath of your intense orgasm. Before you have time to recover fully there is a knock at the door. You consider ignoring it but it is very persistent, getting louder.

Resigning yourself to the fact that it will not go away, you rise up off the couch and retrieve your towel from the floor. You open the door and there is nobody there. In frustration you go to slam it closed again until something on the porch captures your eye. Laying on your doorstep is a robe, a white robe with big red poppies on it, made of chiffon, and very very transparent. You pick it up, stunned with recognition. Bringing it up to your nose you breathe in deeply, before closing your eyes and absorbing the sweet aroma. When you open them again I am standing before you, naked and smiling.

“See” I grin “I knew you didn’t get my surprise.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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