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Ass Hot


This story is part 5 of a continuing series about Ramya’s discovery of herself. It is highly recommended that you read the other parts before reading this story.


“Do you want to learn how to please women, Adarsh?” Kajal asked, knowing what the response would be.

“Yes, yes of course I do.”

“Okay then, consider this your first lesson.. Did you like it when I sucked on your dick?” she asked with a smile.

“Yes, it was great,” Adarsh said with a wide grin on his face. He couldn’t get over the fact that Kajal was still almost nude in front of him, and she seemed game for more!

“Okay, good. Women enjoy it too.. I am going to teach you how to please your girlfriends. Come here and kneel, ” she said pointing to the space in front of Ramya. Ramya eagerly watched as Adarsh came and knelt down in front of her and eagerly awaited instructions from Kajal.

Kajal sat down next to Ramya and started caressing her arms, shoulder and neck. “First thing to do is to show that you are interested in her arousal and not just yours. Gently caress her whole body – not just her boobs and ass. Be imaginative and tease her,” she said. Adarsh sprung into action with a nod. He used his fingertips to slowly graze Ramya’s body. He started on the outside with her fingers, then hands, then shoulders and then worked his way in. When he got to her neck, he slowed down and then leaned forward and started licking her neck.

Ramya gasped in surprise. Kajal just laughed and said, “Fantastic, you seem to be getting the message. Ramya, do you want to help him by taking off your clothes?”

Ramya couldn’t believe how excited she was. She had been the only one remaining with some clothes on, and she quickly remedied the situation. She stripped naked, her clothes flying all over the place.

“Use your tongue now and start licking and nibbling all over her body,” Kajal said, and she started caressing Ramya as well when Adarsh started licking her. He started at Ramya’s boobs and paid a lot of attention to her erect brown nipples. Ramya was soon moaning and gripping the back of his head as she felt his hot tongue on her boobs while Kajal was teasing other parts of her body. Soon, Ramya was literally leaning back on Kajal as Adarsh was biting, nibbling and licking her all over.

“Now its time for you to earn your reward – kneel down in between her legs and use your fingertips to gently tease her pussy lips,” Kajal said and then she took possession of Ramya’s boobs as Adarsh followed her instructions. “Do you feel her slit and pussy opening?” she asked him. Adarsh didn’t look up, instead, he just nodded.

“Okay – start licking – imagine that you are trying to spear that opening with your tongue, and then work your way up.. Use your finger tips as well,” Kajal said, as she continued to stimulate Ramya’s breasts. Ramya was moaning and sobbing with passion. Her pussy was so wet, she was sure it was flowing like a river. She was naked, and shamelessly leaning back on a semi-naked Kajal whom she had only met that morning, and her neighbour’s son was eating her out – her first real sex experience was a threesome!!

Adarsh went at it with a will. He was a quick study, and had understood exactly what Kajal had wanted him to do. Ramya’s pussy had a musky smell and flavour, but Adarsh didn’t mind it. His tongue was not getting very far into her pussy, and he was trying to use his fingers to get it some space and to try to tease Ramya some more. All of this horseplay had also excited him, and he was erect and ready to go again. He was wondering what Kajal would let him do next.

Adarsh’s energetic exertions and Kajal’s deft manipulations soon had Ramya right on the edge of orgasm. “Yes, yes, lick me, put that finger in.. Faster, faster,” she was moaning. Kajal could only smile in satisfaction at how much the girl had changed within a span of a day. She pulled Ramya tighter to herself and started licking her ear and mashing her breasts and nipples harder. Adarsh was also going at it with a while, and Ramya orgasmed with a loud moan, “yeaaaaaaahhhh!!!”

Kajal gently laid Ramya down on the sofa – she’d seen that Adarsh was ready for round two and she knew that Ramya would need some time to rest as well. “Come on, tiger. Time for your reward.”

When Adarsh stood up eagerly wondering if he was going to get another blowjob, Kajal took hold of him by his cock and led him to her bedroom. Her motor was running as well, and she had been waiting all day to pop his cherry. She quickly got a condom out of her nightstand, thanking her ex silently for keeping it stocked up and unrolled it around Adarsh’s erection. She knew that it would help him go at least a little bit longer than otherwise, and she didn’t want any complications from a pregnancy.

Adarsh’s heart was racing – until she’d put the condom on him, he’d only thought that she was going to blow him again. He now realized that he may be getting Şerifali Escort more – sex with a hot woman! Kajal was even more attractive than Ramya to him – she was stacked! He decided to try to repeat whatever he had just learnt, and started sucking on Kajal’s breasts and nipples. Kajal hadn’t been expecting Adarsh to take the lead so quickly, but she was pleased that he was doing more than just looking to get his load off. She laid back on the bed and pulled Adarsh on top of her. Adarsh took his time in playing with her breasts, sucking on her nipples and then worked his way down to her pussy. Kajal lifted her butt up so that he could pull off her panties and get to her pussy.

Kajal’s pussy was nearly hairless, she had shaved off most of it except for a small strip right above her hole. “Almost like an arrow pointing to the treasure,” Adarsh thought to himself with a smile and then eagerly attacked it with his tongue. Kajal was writhing in pleasure as Adarsh was giving her unexpected pleasure. She stopped him after a couple of minutes as she was really wet and just needed his dick in her cunt. “Enough, Adarsh. I want you in me,” she said softly, pulling him up by his shoulders. Adarsh eagerly positioned himself in between her legs and tried to dive into her pussy, but his hard dick kept bouncing off.

Kajal couldn’t help laughing at his eagerness. “Here, let me help,” she said and took his hard dick, gave it a couple of quick pumps, and then helped him insert it into her pussy. Adarsh was in seventh heaven! His dick felt like it was covered by a tight, hot glove that was squeezing him rhythmically. amazing boobs were right in front of his face, and he latched on again, sucking and nibbling on her nipples, while pumping in and out of her pussy – that action felt very natural. “Looks like I don’t have to teach him anything else,” Kajal thought to herself with a smile, and then just gave herself up to enjoying the fucking that she was getting at the hands of the young college kid. She was soon moaning in pleasure as Adarsh’s hard cock was thrusting in and out, and hitting her g-spot. His attention to her nipples was also driving her nuts and within a matter of minutes, Kajal had a big, satisfying orgasm.

Hearing this hot sexy woman moaning in pleasure sent Adarsh over the edge as well, and he was busting his nut, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into the condom. Both of them just lay there for a few minutes to recover their breath and come of their erotic haze. “Thanks, Kajal,” Adarsh said softly, “for this as well as for teaching me. I want to learn more from you.”

“My pleasure, Adarsh,” she said with a smile, “you are a quick learner, you will graduate soon with honours! Now it’s time you left, I will call you next weekend, go home now. OK?”

Adarsh was too wiped out to even think to protest. He just quickly dressed, and with a last look at the hot, naked woman, he left to go home. Kajal went to check on Ramya and saw that she was half-asleep on the sofa. She gently tapped on her shoulder and told her to come to the bedroom. Both of them had a long, untroubled sleep that night, naked and curled up together.


For a few moments, Ramya couldn’t remember how she had woken up in a strange bed, that too completely naked! It was with a pleasant jolt that she remembered everything that had happened the previous dates, and was blushing to herself and trying to cover herself with the sheet when Kajal walked in with a cup of coffee. Kajal was almost naked herself – she just had a towel wrapped around her waist, and her heavy breasts were bobbing with each steps. Ramya could barely take her eyes off of them, leave alone meet Kajal’s gaze.

“Good morning, sunshine. How did you sleep?” Kajal asked with a smile as she gave Ramya the coffee.

“Good,” Ramya managed to say, all the while blushing so much that Kajal had difficulty controlling her laughter.

“Come on, relax. You had fun last night. So what? Nobody here is judging you. Just give yourself some freedom to enjoy your youth,” Kajal said gently. “Don’t feel guilty or ashamed. Your body’s needs are completely natural. Just let go of all those inhibitions, and you’ll find more joy than you’d ever have imagined. Now drink up your coffee – I’m going to take a shower. You should also take a shower and get dressed. I have a full day planned for us! Lets make full use of this Sunday.”

Ramya felt a little better after hearing what Kajal said. Subconsciously, she’d just needed somebody else to tell her that what she had done, and what her body desperately wanted her to do was okay, and Kajal had either knowingly or unknowingly done just that. She sipped at her coffee while replaying the events of the previous night in her mind. The experiences of the previous day had been far beyond her imagination; she had watched Kajal give an extremely hot blowjob to Adarsh, and then she had been shamelessly naked in front of both of them while Adarsh Göztepe Escort had sucked at her pussy until she’d orgasmed – just a few days ago, she’d have felt guilty after masturbating in the privacy of her own bedroom! She was starting to feel aroused as she remembered the highlights when Kajal came out of the bathroom – she looked hot even though the towel wrapped around her body covered her boobs and pussy, her wet hair and deep cleavage along with her long legs presented a very sexy sight.

Ramya quickly retreated into the bathroom herself before things got out of hand. She wanted to try to get some relief by masturbating in the shower, but she was also afraid that Kajal might come in at any point and then she wouldn’t be able to control herself. She quickly finished her shower and came out wrapped in a towel to search for her clothes. She dressed in the same clothes she’d worn the previous day and asked Kajal if they could go to her place so that she could get some fresh clothes. Kajal just told her not to worry about it and said that she had a surprise planned. Ramya decided to go with the flow, she’d started trusting Kajal implicitly, and was also enjoying all the adventures they were having together. It was around 10 in the morning by the time they both left the apartment and got into Kajal’s car.

Kajal drove to another big shopping mall that was close to the outskirts of the city, and suggested that they have breakfast first. “I don’t know about you, but all that exercise from last night has me starving,” she said.

After a good, heavy breakfast, Kajal steered Ramya towards a big brand clothing store. “Pick something really grand and dressy, Ramya. I am going to introduce you to somebody really special today,” she said. “And don’t worry about the price. It’s on me.”

“No that’s not right. You spent so much yesterday as well,” Ramya protested even though she was internally conflicted and intrigued by what Kajal was implying. She was wondering who the mystery person was, and why Kajal wanted her to dress up.

“Look, just trust me on this. Don’t feel bad about the money, I will find a way for you to compensate later,” she said with a wink, “Okay?”

Ramya made a show of reluctantly agreeing, and they both started searching with a lot of enthusiasm. Kajal finally picked out a designer saree in pink. Ramya was initially hesitant about the translucent material, but Kajal pooh-poohed her objections. Then Ramya realized that the blouse was a sleeveless halter-neck ensemble with almost no material in the back and held together just by straps. It took 15 minutes for Kajal to convince Ramya that this was actually a good thing because they would have had to struggle to get a blouse stitched in time otherwise. Kajal subtly alluded to the demure, yet sexy look that the outfit would give and finally, Ramya was sold. Kajal then asked Ramya to wait at the nearby coffee shop for a few minutes; despite a lot of questioning by Ramya, Kajal didn’t tell her why she needed a few minutes alone. Ramya finally agreed to that as well. After about 20 minutes, Kajal joined Ramya carrying a small overnight bag that she didn’t have earlier and again avoided all questions about what was in the bag.

When they got in the car and left the mall, Ramya realized that Kajal was taking them out of the city and towards the East Coast Road highway. “Where are we going, Kajal?” she asked, “You know I have classes tomorrow, right?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be back in time. I have office as well,” Kajal said with a smile, “We are going to one of the best 5-star resorts in Mahabalipuram by Taj. It’s only 45 minutes away. I have a surprise planned for you.”

“Wow! I have heard a lot about it, but I’ve never been there,” Ramya said, awestruck.

“Yes it is beautiful, and very exclusive. You’ll find very few locals there,” Kajal responded. “We have another half hour drive left. I know you went through a lot yesterday and it reminded me of my first time. Did you want to hear about it?”

Ramya was surprised at the sudden change in topic, but she was pretty eager to hear about Kajal’s first time. Ramya still remembered the incident Kajal had talked about the previous day and how hot it had been! “Yes, Kajal,” she responded, “if you don’t mind talking about it.”

“No, I don’t mind. We are friends after all, and it may help you understand what to expect,” Kajal said, and then started her narrative.


I was just about to graduate at my MBA program and had been going steady with Anil, my then boyfriend, for about a year. Both of us were pretty sexually inexperienced, I mean, we fooled around quite a bit, but hadn’t actually had sex until then. I was a bit slimmer then than I am now, but I don’t think my measurements have changed that much, so obviously Anil was completely enamoured with my breasts and whenever we fooled around, he was always trying to get his hands on them under my dress, or to get them out in Ümraniye Escort the open. I was somewhat shy then, and wouldn’t allow him too many liberties.

One weekend he had invited me over to his friend’s house under the pretext of completing an assignment that we were doing for a final semester course. When I reached there, the house was completely empty and even Anil’s friend, David, told us that he had some chores to run and would be back only after a few hours. I started getting suspicious about Anil’s intentions when Anil bolted the door and didn’t even make an effort to get started on the assignment, but tried to start necking with me and kissing me.

Only then, I realized that he had planned this all along and he wanted to make out with me in complete privacy rather than stolen minutes in staircases and half-empty labs. Since we had been going steady for about a year, I also felt that I should let him have some liberties, although I didn’t want it to get out of control. I let Anil drag me down to the sofa and started returning his kisses. When he tried to unhook my bra clasp at my back, I resisted for a few minutes before allowing him to unhook it. “Don’t take it off completely, okay?” I murmured into his ear as we were kissing, “we should stop this in a few minutes and get back to our assignment.”

“Sure, sure, just for a few minutes,” he responded and tried to get his hands under the t-shirt I was wearing and started pawing at my breasts. Nobody had touched my breasts until then, and his feverish actions started getting me excited as well. I started kissing him more enthusiastically and even adjusted my upper body position so that his hands had better access. Anil took this as tacit permission and started tugging at my t-shirt to show that he wanted me to remove it.

“No, please, leave it on,” I protested. “You are already getting access, why do you want to take it off?”

However, Anil didn’t let up. He continued his deep kisses, and then started kissing and gently nibbling at my neck and ears while tweaking at my nipples. I was holding on to his head and returning his kisses with equal fervour. The next time he tugged at my t-shirt, I didn’t even protest and within seconds, Anil had stripped me of my t-shirt and bra. He then focused his attention on my breasts – alternately kissing them, sucking my nipples into his mouth and gently nibbling at them, and while doing all this, he started caressing my inner thighs through my jeans. “Oh Anil, stop it, let me get dressed,” I was literally moaning, while still holding on his head and making sure that he didn’t stop kissing my boobs. I was very confused – on one hand, I wanted to stop it before it got out of control, and on the other hand, Anil’s ministrations were driving me crazy with lust. I didn’t know how Anil had learnt all of this, but he was playing my hot young body like a fiddle.

While I was still moaning and whispering in his ears to stop, Anil had deftly unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped it. He gently slapped my butt to indicated to me that I should lift it up so that he could slip off my jeans. I was protesting that he shouldn’t do it and should stop, but somehow my body wasn’t obeying. I found myself shamelessly allowing Anil to completely strip me – my panties had come off along with my jeans, and I was sitting on the sofa completely naked and holding Anil’s head to my boobs!

Anil wasted no time. He started fingering my tight pussy – his inexperience showed in the amount of time it took him to part my pussy lips and get his finger inside, but I guess I wasn’t helping either. I was literally writhing in pleasure. I remember pulling at Anil’s t-shirt and his belt, and then almost magically, he was naked as well. That was the first time I saw his dick. I had felt it through his jeans a few times before when he had forced me to fool around with him, but never actually seen it. It seemed too big to fit in my tight young pussy. It was pointing straight up and had a bulbous tip that was already leaking a thick liquid. I can only blame my arousal for what I did next – I reached out to grab hold of his dick and started gently moving my hands up and down.

Anil almost jumped! He closed his hands around mine and said, “Harder. Tighter!”

I obeyed, and his dick seemed to grow even harder in my hand. Suddenly, he pulled my hand away. “Stop it or I will have an accident,” he said. I think that’s when I originally started getting an idea about how much we can control men – through their dicks, but that’s a story for another time. He pushed me back on the sofa, and even though I suspected what he was going to do, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to lose my virginity, my body and my needs again seemed to take control of me. It was as though I was watching what I was doing from outside myself. I lay back on the sofa, completely naked, with a pussy that was very wet, with nipples that were hard and sensitive to touch, and spread my legs shamelessly. Despite all my actions, I was telling him to not do anything more and to stop.

“Okay okay, I wont do much. Let me just put the tip in,” he coaxed, and without waiting for a response, he climbed in between my legs and clumsily tried to push his dick into my hot, wet pussy.

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