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Chapter 1
Rachel was having the time of her life. Right now, she was getting fucked in her mouth by a ten inch cock that belonged to her boyfriend, Rick. Rick had laid Rachel on the bed, while her face was in the air, and Rick’s cock was pounding her mouth mercilessly. However, Rick had made it such that Rachel could still breathe, so she was in no discomfort at all, but could still swallow all the cum that Rick was launching each second into her mouth.
“Mmmmmm….” Rachel moaned as Rick started to fuck her mouth at an inhuman pace, and Rachel’s mouth overflowed with semen. Her taste buds went into overdrive as the semen filled her mouth.
Rachel pulled away and managed to say, ” Fuck me now! “
Without hesitation, Rick pulled away his cock and moved down Rachel’s body, and pushed his dick into Rachel’s pussy for the thousandth time that week. For the past week, Rachel and Rick had been fucking like bunnies, almost having twelve hours of sex every day. Neither of them were tired in the least by it.
Rick started to fuck Rachel’s pussy violently, and suddenly his cock parted into two, and Rachel’s pussy enlarged painfully to accommodate the double fucking it was now receiving.
“Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhhh…..”
Rachel was in heaven.
And then, Rachel even felt her anal being stretched by a third dick. Her anal opened without hesitation, as it had started to since the past few days. Rachel was now getting triple fucked, with two dicks in her pussy and one in her asshole. Rachel shrieked as all three of them started cumming infinitely into her. She was not able to hold herself and exploded in orgasms that were also stretched infinitely.
“Aahhhhh! Fuck me! Oh god,yes!! Yes! Yeeeaaaahhhhhh….”
After a few hours, Rick pulled his dick(s) out of Rachel and fell on the bed. Rachel climbed on top of him and started riding him again, now only one dick in her pussy. Rick twisted and kissed and sucked at Rachel’s nipples.
Rachel was orgasming so hard that a normal female would have had a heart attack by then. But Rachel was not a normal female. Not only was she fond of sex, her capacity to have sex was also enhanced by Rick’s magic. Rachel could fuck for days without even sweating, but at the moment each second felt like infinity to her.
Rick had turned Rachel on as much as she could be turned on, twisting and rubbing her nipples in all kinds of painful directions. Rachel seemed to like this, because she moaned louder each time he displayed authoritarianism.
Rick had started to take notice of this habit of Rachel. So, he had something special planned for after dinner tonight.
Finally, Rick came for the umpteenth time into Rachel’s pussy, and Rachel collapsed into his arms, where they held each other for some time, kissing and touching each other sensually. Finally, Rick decided to tell Rachel.
“I have something planned for tonight, which you might enjoy more.”
“More than this? It ought to be really good, then.”
“It is. You’ll like it.”
After dinner, Rick told Rachel to close her eyes. She did so, feeling very excited. Rick took her to the bedroom, but it seemed to be lit differently. It seemed to be darker, with just a red light coming from somewhere.
“Open your eyes.”
Rachel opened her eyes, then gasped.
The room was barely their bedroom now. The bed had chains, and the room’s furniture was replaced by all kinds of torturous and painful-looking devices. Rachel felt turned on already.
“Wow, Rick. If you are going to use all of that on me today, this is going to be fun. Much, much fun.”
Chapter 2
Rick took Rachel by the hair, and started to undress her, often using more force than was necessary to remind Rachel that he was in charge. Rachel was turned on even more by this.
Then, Rick started to tie her to the bed. The chains were of metal, covered by a rubbery covering to prevent injury. They firmly held Rachel in her position, arms and legs spread wide apart. It left her at the complete mercy of Rick. She wasn’t scared by this in the least. In fact, she liked it that way.
“Are you going to… Rape me?” She asked in an innocent voice.
“Yeah, bitch, and you better cooperate or I’ll gag you, too, and then rape you!” He said in a harsh sort of way.
Finally, Rick took a painful looking whip from the rack.
He wound it around his fingers like a ring master.
“Now do as I say if you want to live through the night. First of all, you’ll call me master.”
He whipped her canlı bahis across the stomach. The area immediately went red.
“Okay what?”
“Okay, master.” Rachel corrected herself. The pain across her stomach caused her to flinch, then close her eyes.
“Good. Now, every time you make a mistake, I’ll whip you with this baby. Just to establish total control, I’ll first whip you ten times, so that you can know the cost of making any mistake. You’ll count each whip.”
“Okay, master.
Rick whipped her across the stomach again, just above the previous one. Now two marks were present on her stomach.
He hit her again, across the breasts.
Again across the breasts. Two new lines made themselves seen, one above and one below her nipples.
Rick continued to hit her seven more times, as promised. By the time he was done, Rachel was red from neck to belly button. The pain was immediate and effective; Rachel shrieked with each hit, but she could already feel her pussy grow warm.
“After everything I do to you, you must say thank you.”
“Okay, master. Thank you, master.”
“Good. The pace at which you learn, you’ll probably make it through painfully, but alive.
“Now, get ready for some real pain.”
Rachel waited. Rick disappeared in the dark for a second, then returned with two vicious looking devices in his hands. They were breast-clamps, Rachel realised.
Rachel’s nipples were already hard, so Rick didn’t have to work on them. He simply held her nipples, rubbing them before saying goodbye, then twisting them painfully. A shock went through Rachel at the sensation.
Then, Rick opened the clamps and placed them on Rachel’s nipples. Rachel moaned in pleasurable pain.
Rick pressed Rachel’s tits, increasing Rachel’s pain temporarily. Then, he switched to her pussy. He took two dildos from the bedside table, and shoved both of them deep up Rachel’s pussy. Then, he pressed a button on their bottoms, and both started vibrating violently, shaking up Rachel’s pussy. Rachel came almost instantly, but she was somehow held back. She felt very near to orgasm, but it didn’t come. She guessed it was part of Rick’s torture. It was annoying, but she decided she had no choice but to accept it.
Then, Rick took yet another dildo and shoved it down Rachel’s throat, and held it in place with some kind of anchor, that held the dildo in place by using Rachel’s ears as clips.. Rachel was now speechless, quite literally.
Now, Rick pressed a button on the bed, and Rachel felt herself turning over. The chains crossed over her head, and turned her over.
“Rachel, do you want me to put two dicks in your filthy little ass?”
Rachel knew the right answer, but decided to go for the wrong one, since that would mean more punishment.
So, she shook her head no.
“Wrong answer.” Rick expected that. Rachel would like some more whipping.
“Get that big ass of your ready for reddening.”
Rachel kept shaking her head.
“Shake your head one more time, and I’ll whip you twenty times instead.”
Rachel shook her head.
“That’s it.”
Rick took a leather belt from nearby. He ran his finger along it, enjoying the moment. Then, he slapped it across Rachel’s ass.
Rachel tried to scream, but was gagged by the dildo.
Rick whipped her thrice more, and waited for the pain to sink in. Rachel struggled against her bonds, though she enjoyed it thoroughly. Once again, he whipped Rachel four times in a row at once, then paused. Rachel waited, wanting more pain.
Then, Rick slapped the remaining twelve times at an inhuman pace, and Rachel’s skin almost got cut with the exploitation.
Rick ran his hand along her fine ass, now ripped apart, and realised it was too tough to continue.
“Rachel, seriously, are you sure about this?”he asked in a soft, out-of-character voice.
Rachel waited for a moment, then nodded. She had waited her whole life to be treated like this by someone.
“Okay, then. Get ready bitch.”
Rick took another dildo, and shoved it whole at once up Rachel’s ass. Rachel tried to make a sound, but couldn’t. Then, Rick took the dildo in his hand and pumped it in Rachel’s ass, and Rachel tried to bounce along, but was held firmly in place. Then, he took it out, and climbed on Rachel himself. He willed his dick to grow to an inhuman size, almost 15 inches in length now. He pushed with all his strength into her ass, and Rachel’s asshole almost got torn. Rachel made a guttural sound.
Rick forced his dick further, bahis siteleri and felt Rachel’s end. He started to draw out, then pushed in again. He started to fuck Rachel with his dick, making sure not to shove it in too much, lest Rachel’s ass might get hurt. Though he could repair it in a moment.
He started to fuck her hard, and Rachel’s sexual tension built up even more, though it was already high as she wasn’t able to reach orgasm. Then, he started to cum in his ass.
Rick felt the silence shouldn’t be there. With one single thought, he willed the mouth anchor to fall, and the dildo in Rachel’s mouth fell out.
Rick immediately started fucking her with renewed energy. He pushed Rachel’s limits, though Rachel hardly seemed to have any limits.
“Aaahh! Yes! Ouch! Fuck!”
Finally, Rick released the mental leash he had on Rachel. Rachel came so hard, it almost felt that she was in vibrate mode, shuddering so hard, the whole bed shook. Her cries almost broke the windows.
Rick pulled out his dick. Enough pleasure.
“Who said you could speak, bitch?”
He took the whip again, though he felt a bit reluctant.
But then, he raised the whip again and slapped it hard against Rachel’s back, then repeated the process so many times that he lost count. Rachel screamed louder with each shot.
Finally, when Rick stopped, she thanked him.
Then, Rick took two more dildos and inserted them into Rachel’s ass, and set them to vibrate too. He reestablished the mental leash, not allowing Rachel to cum. Rachel kept moaning, somewhat annoyed by the inability to orgasm.
“Lemme cum, master. Please, master.”
“You don’t tell me what to do, bitch!”
Still, he released the leash. But, he made it such that she would orgasm, and every time she does, it will feel like a slap on the face.
“Ow! What the hell?”
He made the whip work by its own will, slapping itself on Rachel’s ass ten times, while he jerked to watching Rachel orgasm painfully in front of him.
Chapter 3
After Rachel had orgasmed about twenty times, Rick stood up and started to undo Rachel’s chains.
“Master, is it over already?” She asked innocently.
“Certainly not, bitch. Don’t worry, we’re almost done though.”
Rick untied her chains completely, then tied Rachel’s arms behind her back and spread her legs wide, putting her wet pussy on display.
“You’ve been enjoying this, haven’t you?”
“Yes, master. Thank you for all of it master.”
“Yes, yes. Well get that hole of yours ready. You’ll be getting some more punishment yet.”
“As you say, master.”
Rick picked up a brutal looking dildo from the rack. It was almost ten inches long, thick as a coke bottle. Rachel gasped and stared at it.
Rick took out the two dildos from Rachel’s pussy and placed the larger dildo at her wet entrance.
Rachel bucked her hips, trying to reach the dildo with her pussy.
“Getting desperate, eh?”
“Yes, master. Please fuck me with that huge toy, master. Please.”
Rick teased Rachel, running the dildo along her thighs, then very, very near her labia. Rachel moaned as he neared her dripping vagina.
“Please master. Do it.”Rachel said with closed eyes, between heavy breaths.
Rick rubbed the dildo around her labia, then up and down at her swollen entrance. Rachel came already with the pleasure.
“Fuck my dirty cunt, master, please. I’m a dirty bitch, please punish me with that huge thing.”
Rick finally pushed the dildo into Rachel’s dripping cunt, drawing a gasp from Rachel. Then, he started to fuck her fast with the dildo, while Rachel came every second. Rick pressed the breast clamps harder on her nipples, and Rachel screamed in ecstasy.
“Yes, master. Fuck me master! Fuck that dirty cunt!”
Once again, the whip moved of its own will, and smacked Rachel ten times across the stomach and boobs, Rachel screaming in pain and pleasure.
Rick took a similar looking dildo from the rack, while the dildos in Rachel’s ass removed themselves. Then, he inserted the bigger dildo in her ass, while Rachel came hard with each thrust, her pussy squeezing the dildo.
Then all of a sudden, Rachel stopped orgasming, though Rick continued to fuck and whip her.
“No! Lemme cum, master! Please!”
Rick didn’t. Then, the whip stopped, and Rick also took out the two dildos, and removed the breast clamps.
Rick bahis şirketleri whistled. Rachel heard a dog bark. What was Rick doing?
“Bitch, meet Bony. He is a very, uh, friendly dog.”
Bony immediately went up to Rachel and started to lick her face, and then all of a sudden sniffed her pussy and started licking it with equal gusto.
Rachel first felt weird about it, but then felt turned on. Here she was, getting her pussy licked by a dog! Rick, meanwhile, started to mouthfuck Rachel, strangling her moans. Rachel sucked him hard, trying to make him cum.
“Oh yeah, you dirty bitch. Suck that shaft hard!”
Rachel tucked in her cheeks, sucking Rick’s cock. Rick grabbed her hair and held her head in place, and started to thrust his dick deep into her mouth. He almost ripped her hair out as he came hard into her mouth, shooting almost a whole litre of semen into her mouth at once. Meanwhile, Bony had started to fuck Rachel with his penis!
“What the hell?!”
“Shut up, bitch. You ought to be loving this, the dirty slut that you are!”
The fact was, Rachel was loving it. The fact that she was getting fucked by someone not human turned her on. At the same time, Rick started to massage her tits erotically, at the same time the whip slapped itself on Rachel. Rachel was getting pain and pleasure at the same time, and the feeling was overwhelming.
Rachel was in heaven.
Chapter 4
After getting fucked, massaged and whipped all at the same time for hours, Rachel passed out from the pleasure of it all. Rick, however, woke her up immediately by pouring chilled water over her. Rachel shivered.
Once again, Rick started to mouthfuck Rachel, while Bony continued to fuck Rachel’s pussy, and then Rachel felt her anal violated by another dildo. There was hardly any part of Rachel that wasn’t getting pleasure at the moment. Rachel was cold from the chilled water, and the pain of the whip was intensified ten times. Rachel hardly cared, for she could feel nothing but pleasure.
Rachel was multi-fucked like this until dawn, when she again passed out with the pain and pleasure of her annihilation.
Finally, when she passed out the second time, Rick stopped the whip, dildo, and stopped the dog, too. He kissed Rachel on the forehead and let her sleep in the puddle of all kinds of juices.
About 3 in the afternoon, Rachel came to. Rachel couldn’t stand up, or bend or even sit up. She just laid in bed, while Rick came back.
“Hey there.”
“Hi.” She said with a smile. Rick kissed her on her lips, then on her nipples, then on her pussy. Rachel couldn’t even feel her pussy. Or her ass. Or her stomach.
“I can’t feel anything.”
“Don’t worry. I’ve done it to help you deal with the pain.”
“Lemme feel it, Rick, I like it.”
“You won’t like this.”
He closed his eyes.
Rachel screamed. The pain was too much. In the one second she felt all the pain that was coursing through her, her brain almost exploding with the pain.
“Stop it! Stop it ! Stop it!” She screamed.
Rick knew this was coming. He immediately blocked out the pain.
Rachel relaxed a bit.
“Wow, Rick. That’s a lot of pain.”
“If you want I can heal it in a second.”
“Alright. I don’t want to lie useless like this for so long. Might as well heal it.”
Rick closed his eyes, and started to kiss Rachel’s wounds. With each kiss, a few wounds healed. Soon, Rachel’s stomach was spotless, and so were her breasts. Then, Rick turned her over and kissed her back and ass erotically, and the wounds healed. Finally, he kissed her pussy and asshole, and then straightened up.
He closed his eyes, and Rachel could still feel a dull pain, but it was hardly noticeable. Her throat, though, still ached.
“My throat.”
Rick kissed Rachel on the lips, and then dragged the kiss down to her breasts, through her neck. The pain faded.
“Now come here, handsome. I’ve still got to thank you.”
Rachel held up her arms. Rick fell on top of her, feeling her breasts with his hands and kissing her.
They cuddled with each other till dinner, and afterwards, Rick and Rachel went to the bed, ready for some anal action.
Authors note: Hey there! This is the end of the story, and I’m sorry for the lack of any plot. Maybe my next story will be better. Thank you for reading. I don’t have any real ideas for a new story yet, so it’s going to take some time, i guess. While I’ve finished this story, the first one is still being moderated, i think. You’ll probably find it up soon enough. Enjoy!

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