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Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER TWELVE: Sunday in the Park By Quentin Collins ail)

� BJB Conglomerated Media


This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don”t exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This story is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

Another thing that makes me cry is the thought that Nifty might go away if we don”t support it. Think of the hours of fun you”ve had on this site. Isn”t it worth the price of a movie ticket every month or even every quarter to keep it going? Donate here.


I floated in a beautiful grotto pool fed by a clear waterfall. Cody stroked my back as I relaxed on the water”s surface. Chan and Victor were sitting on a flat rock at the edge of the pool. They watched us with their arms wrapped around each other, casually stroking each other.

I must have been drifting closer to the fall because the sound of the cascading water was getting louder and louder. Soon a rhythmic beeping sound was added to the waterfall. Where was that coming from?

I came to the realization that I was in bed with Cody stroking my back, his waterfall alarm tones getting progressively louder and adding beeps to rouse us. Actually, the alarm was rousing me: everyone else was awake and watching me as I came back from dreamland.

Chan and Victor were sitting on the bed smiling at me with their arms wrapped around each other, casually stroking each other. I smiled at my son and our two beautiful new lovers. I was completely rested, completely sated, completely comfortable, and completely erect. My erection felt especially heavy on my stomach.

Suddenly I felt three mouths covering my face with morning greetings. As Cody leaned over to kiss me, I felt that he was also firmly erect. I looked at the mantle clock lit by the glow of one of the bedside lamps. It was 4:45.

I had slept for less than three hours but felt like I slept a full eight.

“I thought you were setting the alarm for 5:00, my love,” I said to my cuddle partner Cody.

“I decided I wanted to give us some time for morning glory if we desired it,” he replied.

“Shall we take a vote,” I joked. I looked at my bed partners and saw three other erections. “It looks like we are unanimous. How shall we couple?”

Victor said, “Chan had the pleasure of you making love to him last night. Perhaps he would like to return the favor.”

Chan and I smiled at each other with love and lust.

I asked Chan, “Is that what you want, Bunny?”

“If you will have me.”

“Always and forever, my sweet baby,” I answered. “But what of our new loves? Will they join us in the realm when they make love with each other”

Chan kissed Victor. “Yes, dad, I am certain of it. They no longer need us to guide them.”

“Well, then, let”s love each other. Cody, would you be so kind as to prep me while Chan preps Victor? Or should Chan prep you to be entered by Victor?”

Cody crawled between my legs. Before he dove in to start rimming me, he looked at his husband. Victor nodded to Cody, who said, “Chan, would you prep Victor please? Thank you, my love.”

Victor and I lay on our backs with our legs pulled up so we could be rimmed by Chan and Cody, respectively. We leaned in to kiss each other. His tongue entered my mouth and began taking its morning walk. He tasted fresh and clean. I hoped I tasted as good to him. His enthusiastic lingual visitation indicated he found nothing unpleasant. We groaned into each other”s mouths as we enjoyed the mouths at our asses.

I love being rimmed, but Cody was exponentially better than anyone who”s ever eaten my ass before. I recalled from last night that he was also an exceptionally talented cock sucker. He apparently loves both activities.

Victor seemed to be having an identical experience: the foreskin on his thick nine-inch penis was almost completely retracted to reveal his wet glans. His self-lubrication starting once more.

Wait. Victor doesn”t have a foreskin. He didn”t last night. Did he? No. Cody was the only one of the four of us who was intact last night.

I looked down at my penis. It looked identical to Victor”s. Since when do I have a nine-inch penis? Since when do I have a foreskin? I looked over at my son as he ate Victor”s ass. His eyes darted between Victor and my genitals. He wiggled his eyebrows as he briefly lifted off Victor”s anus and said, “Yup. All of us are identical.”

No wonder my penis felt unusually heavy on my stomach this morning. Why wasn”t Chan freaked out? I asked Cody and Chan to please stop and kneel upright on the bed so we could observe each other.

Suddenly Victor and Cody realized what happened. Not only were our cocks identical, so too were our balls. We all also seemed to be prodigious leakers, just like Victor.

Chan was the only calm one among us. I asked if he could explain.

“I don”t know, dad,” he answered. “I somehow knew this was going to happen as we came out of our four-way marathon orgasm last night, but I can”t explain how it happened. It was a gift granted by one of our guides. I love my new intact penis. Do you like yours, dad?”

Chan reached over and felt my penis and played with my new foreskin. I hummed in appreciation. “You”ve always had a pretty penis, dad, but this is beautiful, don”t you think so?” I wasn”t sure how to answer. I was getting fantastic sensations in my newly-enhanced genitals, but their size and heft felt foreign.

Chan, as usual, had the perfect answer. “Let”s take these things for a test drive. Cody, my love, may I make love to my daddy please?”

Cody and Chan swapped places. I looked at my handsome son, his forty percent larger penis dripping precum onto my anus, and I prepared for the incursion. I had no fear, somehow knowing that none of these identical cocks would ever cause any of us pain.

I heard Chan profess his love for me as he pushed into my rectum. We were suddenly carried to our parallel existence. I sensed we were being welcomed back. I felt a breeze move through the bedroom. Within moments Cody and Victor joined us, and we joined together in another four-way moment of bliss.

Once again all our sensations were shared: I was fucking myself and Victor, I was being fucked by both Chan and Cody. It was indescribable. We were aware of other lights all around us, but we stayed wrapped in our own experience, knowing it would be relatively izmit escort bayan brief.

I remembered that this was the first time that my son penetrated me. I can”t explain why, but the moment was all the more sacred because we shared it with Cody and Victor. I wished my mom and dad could be there to share in my son”s making love to me.

I felt the two cocks pulsing in our asses as I felt all four penises exploding in synch. The sensation of Victor”s anal contractions was as real as my own. We left ourselves immersed in ecstasy for a few minutes and then moved back into our own bodies.

I felt my ejaculation subside and cum run off my face and torso. I felt it clinging to my hair. Chan leaned down, still planted deep inside me, licked up my cum and fed it to me in a loving kiss. I felt us shimmering as we kissed.

I saw Victor and Cody shimmering next to us. Is this our new normal?

Victor and I turned to each other to lick cum off our faces and share kisses, while Cody and Chan did the same as they both slowly withdrew their penises from us. I already longed for our next mystical union.

We took only a few minutes to bask in our afterglow. Chan lay on top of me and thanked me for loving him so completely. I wept at my good fortune to have such a son as I felt our penises burping out a last dollop of cum as they danced with each other.

We moved to the master bath, which had a wet room large enough for all four of us, plus a few friends. An LED wall clock informed us it was 5:02. Our trip to Nirvana was brief but vastly satisfying.

They had a water wand similar to ours, but they had a traditional toilet and bidet set up. We took turns rinsing ourselves out and moving into the shower area. We washed ourselves, and whichever body was close at hand with practicality rather than sensuality and dried ourselves. Of course, we took a few moments to share kisses with whoever was close by. It”s the polite thing to do.

As we walked down the steps, all naked of course, I asked Cody what we needed to do first and what was the nature of the event we were hosting that day.

“You, gentlemen, are our guests, remember? You are to relax today and explore the property however you desire. We have about thirty men arriving today who belong to an informal nudist group that meets here twice per month. Some of them are bringing their horses for the day to add to our stable of six. There will be swimming, tennis, croquet, walking, running, quiet meditation. There is no set program. Most of them are gay. They are all gay-friendly.”

Chan insisted that we are partners, lovers, and cherished friends but not guests. Not after all we had experienced together. I emphatically agreed.

“There”s no way Chan and I could enjoy ourselves while watching you guys work. You”ve done so much for us already. We will be sure to take some time today to relax and see the property, but not until we make sure things are running smoothly. There”s nothing that will make us happier than to stand next to our new loves and make ourselves useful.”

Cody and Victor knew they would not be able to dissuade us. They explained that the first thing was to get breakfast together for the work crew of seven men that would be arriving around 6:00. There are two stablehands, a cabana boy, a kitchen assistant, a house cleaner, and two caretakers to set up and guide outdoor activities.

Since much of the public side of the house is closed, the house cleaner will probably be splitting his time between the kitchen and the pool area.

We decided that Chan would help Cody in the kitchen while I helped Victor open the house and then Victor and I would go to the kitchen garden to harvest the day”s bounty.

Victor and I walked through the first floor, opening shades and windows. Although it would get warm, the mountain terrain all but guaranteed constant air movement. We were soon joined by Ducky, the house cleaner.

Ducky, properly known and Duc Pham, stands about 5″6″ and couldn”t weigh more than 130 pounds. His compact frame struggles to contain a hidden and incessant source of energy. His smile is wide, enthusiastic, and inviting. His hair is a complete wreck of black stick-straight shocks shooting about four inches out of his scalp in random directions. His intact penis is about three inches and lies under a sparse black cloud of pubic hair and on top of balls that seem disproportionately large for Ducky”s frame. He is, all-in-all, adorable.

Although his ancestry is pure Vietnamese on both sides, Ducky is a third-generation Amercian, and, except for food and family names, Vietnamese is as foreign a language to him as it is to me.

I helped Victor and Ducky do some top dusting in the reception room. We went through the entry hall and the bare check-in room to an impressively stocked and exquisitely decorated library which we also opened and dusted. Beyond the library was a smaller sitting room, equal in splendor to the library.

As we went along Ducky told me that he is an aspiring artist trying to find his inspiration. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design last year thinking he was going to be a digital illustrator, but he can”t seem to put down the oils and brushes. Victor and Cody invited him to live here for a year to explore his interests. In exchange for room, board, and studio space in a barn loft, Ducky works three days a week.

Ducky told me his parents send him checks every month to help support him. His father is a theoretical mathematician at MIT and understands the drive for pure knowledge and inspiration without immediate practical benefit. That is why they named him Duc: it means “passion.”

Duc Pham just might be the most pleasant and affable man I have ever met. I know Chan will fall in love with him for sure. I hope we all get to make love very soon.

As we came back to the check-in room, I noticed Chan and my wallets, phones, and keys on the reception desk, where we had abandoned them last night. I checked my phone and saw a message from my mom: Your dad one was moderately hilly but was composed of natural grass and feather-soft mulch suitable for barefoot running; the third was very hilly and would involve some scrambling over boulders and tree trunks. He warned against trying to do that without good cross country shoes.

We decided to do a barefoot, bared-assed run. Victor pointed us to the proper path and warned us to look out for signs indicating where the horse trails intersected unless we didn”t care about stepping in horse shit. He then pointed out the barn that they had converted into the fitness center where we could izmit eve gelen escort shower, rest, rehydrate, or continue exercising, as we wished.

We hugged and kissed our hosts and Bailey, and then started our run. There was a digital clock cleverly embedded in a stone and iron gate arch at the start/stop line, and another every quarter mile, so we”d be able to track our time. We decided the first half mile would be a warm-up, and that we would do five laps/miles.

It was interesting running barefoot. Most running shoes force you to land on your heel and then rock forward to roll off the ball of your foot. When running barefoot, your heel only occasionally touches the ground: your weight lands on the ball of the foot, with the ankle acting as an extra shock absorber to reduce the impact on the shins and knees. It took several minutes to adjust our strides, but it made running cross country much more comfortable. I was sure I was using muscles in my feet and ankles that rarely get exercised.

It took us much longer to get used to our “new” genitals. Chan and I exchanged glances several times as we noticed our cocks slapping around as we ran. It wasn”t painful, just peculiar. My larger penis made more of a thud on my lower abs than a slap.

Primrose Farm really did seem like 145 acres of heaven, as the sign at the entrance had proclaimed. The path went through a wooded area, meadows, along the edges of the vegetable gardens, passed the stables, and around a formal garden along the southern side of the house. The views were gorgeous in every direction, and the air seemed primordially fresh and pure.

By the time we started our fifth lap, my son and I both were drenched in sweat, which was a great lubricant in our crotches and underarms. Our large scrotums easily slid along our slicked thighs.

We sprinted the last thousand feet or so to the start/stop arch. Chan beat me, as I suspected he would, but I was only about two seconds behind him, at about 26:14. I knew we would have both come in under twenty-five minutes if we had warmed up before we started. That was one of my fastest times ever. Chan said it was his personal best.

We jogged a bit to cool down and then walked with our arms around each other to the fitness center. It felt nice to be so sweaty and rubbing against each other.

I noticed a pickup truck pulling a horse trailer toward the stables as we approached the fitness barn. I guess some of the men”s group were arriving with their trusty steeds.

We both drank a good amount of water and then embraced. I told Chan how much I enjoyed holding his slippery, sweaty body. He said he liked it too and suggested we go out in the sun and make love while we were still slick. I couldn”t think of anything I”d rather do.

We walked to the pool court, both of us growing our identical anticipatory erections as we walked. We found a chaise lounge in the sun and decided to use that instead of the oversized cabana bed nearby. I noticed that Derrick, the twinky pool boy was on patrol with his diamond stud earrings refracting amd reflecting the morning sun. There were about a dozen naked men in and around the pool.

The late morning, late July sun was plenty warm enough to keep us sweaty. I told Chan that I would like him to make love to me first, then I would do him. I asked if he would be bothered making love with the other men around.

“I”m not really the shy type, if you hadn”t noticed.”

We embraced tightly and kissed passionately while standing next to the chaise. I could feel us been drawn to the portal of cosmic bliss just through our kissing. A kiss from Chan is better than sex with almost anyone else.

I sensed that people were watching us, and more men were arriving. We were both sporting our nine-inch erections, our foreskins pulled back from our liberally leaking glans.

I lay down on the chaise and invited my son to enter me He didn”t need to be asked twice. He placed his penis at my anus, which I opened up and drew him in, aware that my rectum was massaging him almost unintentionally. I felt a soft, warm breeze carry us to the other realm as Chan penetrated me to the hilt and lay on me to continue kissing.

I felt a weird � almost ironic � power to submit myself to my son. When I bottom, I feel that I”m proving my capability as a lover. Anyone can stick their dick in a hole. Only a real man can make his hole a welcoming place that treats a penis with the respect it deserves.

Once again we were both experiencing each other”s sensations, so it turned out that it really didn”t matter who was penetrating whom. My ass worked wonders on his cock, and his cock worked wonders in my ass. We mutually decided this would be a leisurely, but not a protracted visit to the realm. We were invited to stay as long as we pleased.

We sensed our bodies entering into shuddering orgasms, but they paled in relation to the spiritual ecstasy we were sharing. Our ecstasy multiplied when we sensed Elias and Magda Katema nearby. Or perhaps they were a billion lightyears away? It made no difference here. They celebrated our union and permitted us to join in theirs.

The four of us made love to each other, and it was beyond description. I knew it would be paradise to have my Ethiopian friend, counselor, and former high school gym teacher make love to me. I didn”t realize how much better it would be to have Magda with us. I love her now so much more than I did just yesterday.

We thanked our spirit guides for their hospitality and bid our dear friends farewell. We returned to the land of bone and blood. I felt my son”s penis firing the last of a score of volleys into my gut. I had coated both our torsos with iridescent cum.

We had to stop kissing to catch our breath. Channing still had his monster cock balls-deep inside me, and I was still throbbing and drooling cum on my six-pack. We looked around to see about two dozen men all captivated by our public lovemaking. We were happy to provide a demonstration of the “proper” technique.

Chan smiled at me and then said to the crowd, “But wait! There”s more.”

He withdrew from my spasming anus, and I dropped my legs. He straddled me and pointed my spent, but still eager penis at his anus as he lowered himself on it and immediately began fucking himself on me, crying out, “I love you, daddy!”.

I watched his massive penis still burbling with cum from our just-ended orgasm as he prepared to bring us both to another stunning orgasm. We were both transfixed and were we transported on another soft wind.

Will I ever get used to this? I izmit otele gelen escort was beginning to realize that, the more time we spent in the cosmos, the more we were able to integrate the simultaneous experiences. I could sense our physical union as well as our spiritual one with equal clarity.

I had my hands on Chan”s hips, assisting his fucking motion as I watched his matted curly hair drip sweat on me. In the spiritual realm, I felt Chan ask me to play with his tits, a request I was happy to oblige.

We shared our joy with a couple of Greek boys. They were eleven and twelve years old. We celebrated that they had found their true love in each other so early in life. How satisfying it will be for them to grow up together, never having to wonder if they will find love.

Twelve-year-old Isandro was the top during his first anal copulation with his love Cletus. We tried to calm them and help them understand what they were experiencing in this plane of existence. It was enchanting to feel Isandro”s sensitive penis tingle as the contractions of Cletus”s rectum encased him, and they orgasmed together.

Young Cletus felt me stimulating Chan”s nipples and asked his lover to do the same to him. It was a pleasure mentoring them and encouraging their love.

We seemed to reinforce and multiply each other”s love and vitality. The preteens rejuvenated me, and I felt younger than my son, into whose ass I was firing my tenth volley of cum. I felt Chan spraying cum into the air, landing on my face, chest, and abdomen, mixing with his cum and our comingled sweat. I couldn”t wait to taste the mixture.

We bade goodbye to our young lovers, as well as our ancient guides, and returned to our own bodies.

A load of Chan”s cum landed in my open gob as we finished our orgasm, and I savored it on my tongue. Chan stopped moving, remaining affixed to my penis as he sat on my hips.

Our cum and sweat tickled as it started to run off me. I announced to the crowd, “Don”t let this go to waste. Come and get it.”

I realized after I said it that our audience had grown to more than thirty men, including Cody and Victor as well as a couple of the staff. There were thirty hard, dripping penises of every shape, color, and size surrounding us. It was spectacular to behold. I felt humbled to be the source of pleasure for our congregation.

Five or six men at a time came to taste us. There were mouths on my face, chest, belly, and on Chan”s cock and balls. I felt a tongue snake up on the underside of my cock which was still in Chan”s ass. The only thing that felt odd to me was someone sucking my toes, even though that was probably the least odd thing I had experienced since last night.

I felt Chan lift off my dick, and a succession of men made sure his ass was clean. I shuddered as I drank in his love as he smiled down at me with a man snaking his tongue into Chan”s ear while someone else licked cum and sweat from his neck. Several more men licked his torso, penis, balls, and ass. They played nicely together and shared their toys. We were both happy to offer a smidgen of our joy to these grateful men.

After a few minutes, I made room for Chan to lie down to my right. It was a tight fit, but neither of us minded. Chan looked at the honor guard of erections around us and asked, “Who wants to cum on us? Don”t be shy. Then you can lick us clean again.”

My beautiful, brazen son!

We spent the next fifteen minutes or so getting drenched in cum. Some guys fired off a single volley, some barely shot at all and instead wiped their drooling cocks on our bodies, lips, and faces. Other guys offered powerful rapid-fire shots. We were grateful for all their kind offerings.

I once again felt empowered to feel so submissive. I realized that I had the power to bring joy to other people with my body that I worked so hard to maintain.

My submission wasn”t passive acquiescence; it was an active invitation to the men to share in the fruits of our labor. The same way Cody felt like he was making love to people by offering them his culinary skills, Chan and I were making love to them by offering our bodies for their use.

Both Chan and I were hard and oozing. I wasn”t sure whether it was cum or precum, but our identical cocks were bobbing with our synchronized pulses as they too were covered in other men”s cum shots.

Chan announced it was time to clean us up. I kissed him as we allowed a crowd of strangers access to our bodies. I tasted many varieties of cum on Chan”s face. We both had anonymous men jockeying for position on our cocks and balls. We did nothing to regulate the traffic. We just enjoyed the overwhelming stimulation. The stimulation soon caused us both to have our third orgasm. We were once again in perfect synchronization as we fired off a half dozen offerings to whoever was lucky enough to have his mouth on or near our cock heads at the time.

The crowds began to disburse, and Chan and I relaxed into each other. A few men occasionally touched us here or there, including fondling and comparing our penises and balls. I put my left foot on the ground to give unfettered access to my crotch. Chan mirrored me with his right foot. We both encouraged the men to explore as they wished while we took a cat nap in the sun.

I dozed off feeling men kiss my face, nibble my ear, lick my nipples, stroke my abdomen and sides. One of my balls was in someone”s mouth while the other was being examined by bony fingers.

All the men were respectful, even reverent as they fondled me. My penis was constantly in someone”s mouth or hand, but I didn”t get fully erect. I didn”t really care who was attending me. I just relaxed into the feeling and slept. Chan appeared to be having a similar experience.

We slept briefly and woke to Victor kissing each of us lovingly on the lips, asking if we would like to shower the remnants of dozens of cum shots, sweat, and saliva off of us before we joined the picnic lunch.

“No, thanks,” Chan answered. I looked at him with a surprised expression.

“I like this feeling and being reminded of how we helped all these men experience pleasure. I want to hang on to it as long as I can.”

I decided that I would do the same. I looked at all the dried cum in Chan”s hair and laughed.

“I think your hair is glued in place.”

He told me I wasn”t far behind. We got up, our bodies varnished in other men”s fluids and walked to the picnic pavilion.

I apologized to Victor for our wild public display and our probable infractions of the Code of Conduct. He laughed and said that, from what he could see, our conduct was the best thing about the day so far for the attendees.

Victor asked Chan for his thoughts.

“I”m hungry,” Chan said. “What”s for lunch?”

He is a fifteen-year-old after all. We got in line to refuel for even more fun to be had in the afternoon.


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