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Note from author: I really am a florist and part time instructor at our local college. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Don’t forget the feedback, please vote, and thanks for choosing to read this.


As she lugged the last of the cases of flowers from her car to the loading dock she took a last look up at the sky. It was a bright and clear spring evening, just about dusk. She enjoyed the smell of the hyacinths that were blooming nearby, and inhaled deeply. This was followed by first one sneeze, then another two in quick succession. “Hmmm,” she mused, “always three sneezes. Damned allergies.”

Her everyday dealings with certain allergy triggers were inevitable. Easter time was the worst, with the lilies and hyacinths, followed closely by the pine and spruce, and other Christmas greenery. Who would deliberately choose a vocation they were allergic to as their profession? Yes, it had been her, Chelsea Laslow. She was first a full time florist by trade, then an instructor part time at the local college. This kept her in close proximity to the culprits that wreaked havoc on her nasal sensitivities.

A screeching bird nearby brought her out of her stare at the neatly planted rows of flowering bulbs, beautiful in their pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows as the sun started to set over the distant hillside. She drug the boxes through the door, two at a time, then over to the elevator to get to her classroom on the third floor. She wished she hadn’t forgotten the dolly again. As she waited for the elevator, she grabbed a bottled water from the vending machine, then hauled everything into the classroom. It was usually a biology lab that she was assigned, since she would need access to a water supply to condition the fresh items they would be using throughout the ten week course. She sorted through the design elements, counting equal amounts for each of the students. After she had all the materials separated for them, she went back to park her car in her assigned space. Even though there would be no deliveries or the need for anyone else to use the dock, she still wouldn’t feel right just letting her car block it. She grabbed her books and locked the doors, taking one last look at the darkening sky.

As she entered the classroom for the second time, she saw a few of the students already getting their buckets of water and tools ready for the evening. They stopped to greet her, continuing to chat about what they did in the past week among each other. They usually included her in the conversations, but tonight they didn’t. It seemed odd, but she dismissed it quickly, instead placing her things on the elevated desk and workspace at the front of the class. She silenced her cell, and got out her colorful dry erase pens that she would be using to illustrate things on the board for which they might need a visual aid. Next, she got her notes out to write the assignment for next week in the left corner on the board like she always did for them.

Every Wednesday she had to erase the formulas and math equations from the boards that were left there by the calculus class that met immediately before hers, so she grabbed for the eraser. The calculations were always in black, but tonight when looked up to the board from the eraser’s ledge, she was surprised to be met by a sea of blue marker. As she looked at the image, something looked familiar, yet unfamiliar, or maybe just out of place. She took a step back to get a better overall view, then turned her head first to the left, then the right. A gasp emerged form her lips which everyone else heard. Her hand covered her mouth before she quickly pulled it away, reaching down to grab the eraser that had fallen to the floor. The class became silent. Her face grew a deep red blush, and she promptly erased the image.

She turned to the class, which were mostly middle aged or older women. With her face beet red, she said to them, “I am so sorry you had to see that. I apologize that I hadn’t seen it when I first entered with our things, or it would have been gone already.” They started to chuckle, after 12 weeks of classes with her, they knew she was easily embarrassed, and then continued on with their tasks.

She could not believe someone would have the nerve to recreate that particular piece of art work on her board. She tried to compose herself and write their assignment, but found she was having quite a bit of difficulty transposing the words from her notebook onto the board being this flustered. She vividly recalled seeing the image years before.


She and her husband were just dating then, and on their first date. They went out with friends the night before and were introduced through them. They got along really well, and made plans to go to the museum after a Sunday brunch. As he walked alongside her, she paused in front of a huge canvas all in blue. There were various shades of blue, but it was truly monochromatic with no other colors but the faintest hint of black or white present güvenilir bahis on it. She viewed the soft and flowing lines, standing up close to take in the motion of the brush strokes. It was easily fifteen feet by twenty in size. Blue wasn’t her favorite color, but for some reason she was drawn to it.

David stood at the other end of the exhibit hall, just observing her taking in the painting. She was clearly intrigued by what she thought was abstract art. In reality, and if she had stepped back to see the entire expanse at once, she would have seen the museum patrons along with the security guard looking at her amusedly. She was up close and personal with an electric blue replica of a vagina, in its full glory, complete with clitoris and droplets of dew. The close up image was so large that there was none of the legs or torso evident on the canvas. The only object on the entire thing was just the huge pussy, and she was staring straight at it, for an inappropriately long time.

“Chelsea.” It was a long while before he finally called her name. The people were all still watching her, looking to him to see what would happen next. “Chels,” he called to her again, “back up about 20 feet and look from that angle.” She turned her head slowly toward him. She had been an art student with over four years of high school courses and two years in college classes. She was so lost in the lines, movement, and balance of the abstract work that it took her a second to snap out of it and do as he suggested.

She looked behind herself to make sure there was no one in her path before turning to the painting again. She slowly backed up, seeing the picture shrink in front of her, gradually viewing the whole thing. As the subject matter came together in a cohesive form to her, she said in a voice a little too loudly, “Oh my God!”

Her face flushed bright red, and her eyes darted directly to him while her hands flew to her hot cheeks, her heart pounding in her chest. A look near horror had shown on her face as she barely heard the snickers and laughter of those who stood immediately around her. He could hardly contain himself as he walked over to her to put his arm around her. Was she really this naïve? It was things like these that he would remember and burst out laughing at inopportune moments later.

“When I suggested our date for this morning, I thought we would get to know each other a little better through the conversation. I had no idea the trip here would be so much more enlightening. I didn’t know you were so into the female anatomy, Chelsea,” he said to her, still chuckling. “Maybe you should explore that some other time in the future and hopefully in a little more private place.”

“You know I couldn’t possibly tell from that close what it was!” she snapped back at him. His eyes danced with laughter as he leaned in, wrapping both arms around her giving her a hug. She sighed now as her embarrassment started to fade slightly. “I didn’t think that’s what it was,” she said a little softer, her head lowering into a pout at her predicament.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed at it. I just thought it was comical because from the vantage point I and the others had, it looked like you were ready to crawl right in there and get up close and personal with it.”

“Real funny,” she replied swatting him on the arm. “I can’t believe you let me stand there like that with all of these people around. What must they think? And on a Sunday after they all have been to church!”

“Judging from their reaction, they thought it was quite humorous, just like I did.”

“I think we should move on to the dinosaurs now. I have seen enough of this exhibit for today.” He hugged her tightly, still smiling, and they turned and went on about their day.

Later in the gift shop as they were picking out a few souvenirs, he spied a postcard replica of the painting. While he was holding the ones she had already chosen to purchase, he slipped it in between as she fished some cash out of her purse. He erupted into a fit of laughter as she later flipped through post cards of “Starry, Starry Night,” “The Scream,” and other favorites back at his car, and then came to his selection.

“I can’t believe you got me to buy it. You know, you really are incorrigible, David.”

“Yes I am, and now you know something about me, too.” Maybe soon you’ll find out something as interesting as I now know about you.” Well, he had her there. She slapped his arm again, then started to laugh along with him.


She finished writing the assignment on the board and took a deep breath before turning to face the class. She gathered her thoughts as she shuffled the papers on the desk and got into the lesson of the evening. She soon forgot about the drawing as she the lecture period proceded. She finished the theory portion of the class and let the students know that they could take their fifteen minute break after which they would reconvene and start the hands-on segment of the class. güvenilir bahis siteleri The students got up to stretch or go to the restroom as she grabbed the cell phone out of her purse and walked toward the stairwell.

Reaching the door to the stairs, she turned it on, hit the speed dial for his cell, heard the ringing signal, and waited for him to answer. “Hello, is everything okay?” he asked. She had never called him in the middle of a class before. “Um, yeah, I think so. Where are you right now?”

“I’m at the carwash at the minute. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, I just felt like I needed to check in with you.”

“Well, everything’s good here. Are you done for the night already?”

“No, we’re just on our break. I am only half way through. We are due back in about ten minutes to start the project. I’ll have to clean up after that and then I’ll be home.”

“Regular time then?”

“Yeah. Done at 9:30 and home by 10:00,” she told him. “Well I better get going. See you soon.”

“K,” he said, “love you.”

“Love you more. Bye.” They hung up and she slid the phone into her pocket and returned to the classroom. She was still puzzled by the drawing, but didn’t feel like it was him. He would have been laughing and mentioned it if he had something to do with it. Maybe one of the art classes was doubly booked and they used hers, or something. She remembered the day that the bio lab was scheduled for the same time and place as her class, and since they had already started their slicing and dicing of some poor, dead creatures, she had gladly moved to an extra room in the library for the night. She quickly put it out of her mind.

The ladies started their fresh arrangement. It was a one sided asymmetrical triangle in shape, made with primary colors. They used dark blue delphiniums, red carnations, and yellow chrysanthemums. None of these were overly fragrant so she had no additional sneezing outbursts because of them. As they wrapped up for the night, she reminded them of the homework and that there would be no classes after this evening for a week because of spring break. They gathered up their things and said their goodbyes to her and each other, and wished each other a nice week off from class.

After they were all gone, she looked at the floor and sighed. She wasn’t sure if Henry was working tonight, and really couldn’t leave the mess they had made for the custodian to find next week. “I’ll just run to the restroom, and get a broom and dustpan out of the closet beside it,” she thought to herself. As she walked out the door and into the hall, she thought she heard someone behind her.

She whipped her head around to see, but no one was there. She waited a few seconds, but nothing. Things like that really gave her the creeps. It was at this time she realized that the other classrooms were already empty around her. She smelled a familiar fragrance in the hallway, but didn’t recall the scent immediately. Her nose was probably just playing tricks on her tonight. Still, she reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell, making sure she had available just in case she might need it. She had a major case of the willies now, and didn’t want to chance it.

She continued down the hall, and got the broom and dustpan out of the closet and leaned it just inside the door jamb of the restroom doorway. She went in to use the toilet, finished, then went to the sink. She scrubbed the green floral stains off her fingers with the crappy institutional soap, scrubbing her ever-present “green thumb” and then dried her hands. She walked toward the door and stopped in her tracks.

She knew she had put the broom in the doorway so she wouldn’t forget it on her way back to the room. It wasn’t there now. She was kind of freaked out, and her heart rate increased. She opened her cell and had her fingers ready. She cautiously peeked out looking up and down the hall. Of course she saw nothing. She looked into the closet and there they sat. The broom and dustpan were in there just looking at her. Well, maybe she was mistaken and just thought she gotten them out already. She grabbed them and headed to tidy up the room.

As she turned the bend, she noticed the floral boxes were set outside the room in the hallway. She scanned the corridor for the white haired custodian or his cart, but came up empty. “Henry, are you here?” she called out his name. The custodian didn’t answer. “Henry?” There was still no answer.

“Okay, it’s time to get the heck out of here,” she said to herself, trying not to sound too weirded out at the happenings. She gathered her purse, books, and the boxes of leftover flowers and headed to the elevator. “Shit,” she said aloud, stamping her foot, “all this and I forgot to sweep.”

She turned around and went back to the room leaving her stuff waiting at the elevator. She hurriedly swept up, then returned to broom and dust pan to the closet. When she got to the elevator, she panicked. Her things were iddaa siteleri not there. Now she was scared. She was sure someone was here. She ducked into the restroom and tried to calm herself. Should she call home and talk to David, or call the campus number and hope security would answer? She really didn’t want security coming to rescue her over nothing.

“I’ll just call David and talk to him while I’m walking out and everything will be okay.” With that, she dialed the number. She thought she heard footsteps in the hallway and ducked into the first stall. She was shaking now. The phone started to ring on her end. At the same time, she smelled that familiar scent again. “Oh, God, David, please answer,” she whispered. She heard another ring tone, coming from the hall. My God there was someone out there right now. Maybe it was security checking. Maybe it wasn’t. She was too afraid to investigate.

“Hello, honey,” David said on the phone. She could now hear voices outside the door.

“David, where are you right now?” she nearly croaked into the phone.

“Funny you should ask, I am wondering the same thing about you. Didn’t you say you would be done at your regular time?” he asked. “Why are you whispering so weirdly into the phone? What’s wrong??”

“I think there is someone in the hallway outside the restroom I’m in and I’m scared.” She then told him of the strange things that had happened tonight.

“Okay, Chels, don’t get mad. Just go out of the bathroom and look into the hall.”

“I don’t want to!” she said. “What if there really is someone out there?”

“Yeah, I think there is someone out there. Just go out and see.”

“Stay on the line with me,” she said uneasily. She opened the door of the stall and crept out into the restroom. She snuck to the doorway, as quietly as possible, and tried to get the nerve to look out.

“Chels?,” she heard from her phone, “are you still there?” He took the few steps toward her and closed his phone.

As a figure came into her peripheral vision, she exclaimed, “I can’t believe it was you!” A wave of relief washed over her. Then she was mad. “You ass, you scared the shit out of me!”

“I am so sorry, honey,” he said as he held her and rubbed her back trying to suppress a laugh. “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to surprise you tonight. You know how I am always teasing you that I am ‘doing the teacher,’ and I was going to try to get a quickie with you in the bathroom tonight. I figured with everyone being away on Spring Break, it would be pretty deserted, and you might be up for it. We must have missed each other in passing. I saw the broom and cleaned up for you and already took your stuff out to your car. I decided to help you get done a little faster.”

She was so relieved to hear that it was him the whole time that she leaned in and gave him the biggest hug she could. She smelled his cologne as she did and then recognized the scent from earlier. He wrapped his arms around her asking, “Am I forgiven?” He bent to kiss her forehead. “You know, I really was trying to do something nice for you,” he told her sheepishly. Damn, she couldn’t be mad anymore, he just looked too sweet smiling down at her with a twinkle in his eye.

“How did the picture get onto the board? Did you have something to do with that, too?” she asked.

“If you recall, this is the anniversary of our visit to the museum, so I paid one of the art students here to sketch a quick replica of it in your classroom for you tonight. I thought you might enjoy the memory of it. I love you, Chels.”

Her reply was to pull him into the restroom and kiss him deeply. She ran her hands down his back to his waist, then around to the front of his jeans. He returned her kiss, and heated it up a notch. She quickly undid his zipper and button, and then pushed them downward onto his thighs. Not wanting to break away from him, she brought her leg up, then got his pants to his ankles using her foot on the crotch of his pants. He groaned into her mouth, still kissing her. When her hand found his dick warm and already hard, she wrapped her fingers around it, enjoying the feel of him.

“Chelsea, we need to hurry before they lock us in here for the night.” He grabbed her skirt and yanked it up to her waist, pulling her panties down to her knees afterwards.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she whispered into his ear as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She took one leg out of her panties and hopped up into his arms, wrapping her legs around him to hold on, crushing her mouth against his. He carried her the few steps to the marble counter and sat her on it. She squealed as the cold marble touched her bare ass. It was the perfect height for this, he thought.

She glanced at his watch and tried to make out the time as he brought his hands up and under her shirt. She could see that it was not quite 9:40, and they needed to make it to the gate by 10:00 to avoid being locked in. He reached into her shirt, flipped her lacy wired bra cups upside-down, and freed both tits in the same motion. He cupped them and pinched her nipples roughly causing her to moan into his neck as she pulled him closer, her legs still wrapped around him.

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