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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Monica Miller smiled as she walked into Tommy’s Po-Boys. She wore her Clark’s Drive-In uniform of tight, short white tee shirt with ‘Clark’s Drive-In’ emblazoned across her modest thirty two B breasts, and short red shorts that left a good amount of her rear end hanging out, and also left a bit of her flat tummy exposed.

Tommy MacElroy looked up and waved in greeting to his former fellow employee, but then had to get back to preparing a customer’s order.

“Hi, welcome to Tommy’s and what can I get for you today?” a smiling young man asked, eyes not managing to make it up to Monica’s wide, innocent blue eyes.

“Large shrimp, no tomato, no pickle, small diet coke,” Monica said.

“Yes ma’am,” the boy said, told her the price and showed her where to swipe her debit card.

From her seat, Monica could look into the smaller video game room that Tommy had set up. She saw two young men wearing the football jerseys of Kimble Academy and almost gave a loud ‘boo.’ Then she smiled at her own silliness. She had not been a cheerleader for the DeGarde BullDogs in three years, not that they had much to cheer about. The Kimble Mustangs had been rivals and had usually trounced the DeGarde BullDogs soundly.

She could also see a young girl with long flaming red hair, wearing a too short, too tight tee shirt and a pair of too tight, and too short bright yellow shorts. The girl’s cheeks had some freckling, as did her muscular thighs.

The two boys were not paying the girl any attention as they were too busy playing on one of the machines. Monica had to give the red head credit though. She did not stop trying to get the attention of the two boys. Exclaiming loudly, slapping the video monitor, thrusting her tight looking rear end out.

“Miller, shrimp!” the boy at the counter called out and Monica smiled as she grabbed the tray.

She splattered a good amount of hot sauce onto the bread, and then sank her teeth in.

“Damn, like a little shrimp with your hot sauce, huh?” Tommy teased.

“Only way I can choke your food down,” Monica accused. “See your cooking hasn’t improved any since you left Clark’s.”

“Aw, your ass,” Tommy laughed. “How you been?”

“Eh, you know,” she shrugged, non-committal.

She flung her long blonde hair back and continued eating with relish, finishing the entire sixteen inch sandwich.

Monica dug around in her purse, found a stash of quarters, and approached the video game where the girl was playing.

Despite the girl’s antics, she had actually racked up a pretty good score. Monica placed four quarters on the console.

“Play you,” she challenged.

Up close, Monica could see that, despite having a pretty nice body, the girl’s face was dwarfed for by a large, freckled nose. She had warm brown eyes, high cheekbones, full pink lips and a square jaw. Her breasts, which had not been visible from behind, were most likely a thirty two to thirty four D; her bra was visible through the tight tee shirt.

“Haven’t lost yet,” the girl boasted.

“Oh?” Monica smiled and fed the machine her quarters. “Haven’t either.”

Before hitting the ‘Play’ button, she turned to the girl again.

“Monica,” she said.

“Cherry, well, it’s really Cheryl, but my friends call me Cherry,” the girl said.

“Oh, after I beat your butt, I won’t be your friend any more,” Monica laughed.

“What. Ever,” Cherry sneered playfully.

It was a close contest, but Monica did manage to win.

Another one?” she asked, already digging out the quarters.

“Wow, I cannot believe,” Cherry admitted.

Again, Monica edged the girl out, and then turned to smile at the crestfallen girl.

“What about a cone?” Monica asked.

“I uh, that was all of my money,” Cherry admitted.

“Come on,” Monica said and grabbed Cherry’s hand, dragging her back up to the front of the shop.

“Chocolate cone,” she told the young boy, who had his eyes firmly on Cherry’s chest.

“Chocolate too, please,” Cherry said.

Again Monica swiped her card and they waited for the boy to get the cones.

“So you go to Kimble?” she asked as they sat down to eat.

“Uh, yeah, how’d you know that?” Cherry asked, a little guarded.

“Those two guys you were hanging out with had on Kimble football jerseys,” Monica said.

“Brad and… Well, I wasn’t hanging out with them,” Cherry blushed hotly. “I mean, not really. They uh, they just happened to…”

“So what grade are you in?” Monica asked.

“Senior,” the girl said, licking daintily at her cone. “You? And where you go?”

“Underclassman at U.L.D. Sophomore year; should be junior year, but I decided to take a year off, get my finances in order,” Monica admitted, nibbling on her soft serve ice cream.

Monica and Cherry stepped out of Tommy’s into the blistering late August heat.

“So, where you going now?” Monica asked Cherry, approaching her 1998 Toyota Camry.

“Home, bahis siteleri I guess,” Cherry shrugged. “You?”

“Home, get out of this uniform, that’s about it,” Monica admitted. “Need a ride?”

“I uh, no, I mean, it’s just…” Cherry pointed up Highway 19.

“Want to come on over?” Monica asked. “My brother just sent me this link, supposed to be even better than Grand Theft Auto.”

“Sure!” Cherry enthused.

“Need to call someone let them know where you’re going to be?” Monica asked as she pulled up to her apartment building.

Cherry made a disgusted sound and Monica let the matter drop.

“Oh, this is so cool!” Cherry said as she entered Monica’s one room apartment.

“Uh huh, and thanks to St. Elizabeth’s Trauma Center opening up, rent went from three twenty five a month to almost five hundred,” Monica said.

The room was ten by twelve, with a small kitchenette on one wall. To the left of the tiny kitchen was one door that opened to a tiny closet. The other side had a door that opened to the small bathroom which was little more than a commode, sink and shower stall.

Monica had a futon and a floor lamp against one wall, facing the opposite wall, which was floor to ceiling bookcases. Most of the shelves held books, but the top book case directly in the center housed a large screen television, video game controller, and surround sound system.

“Have a seat; like I said, I’m just going to get out of this uniform and…” Monica said, already pulling both tee shirt and bra off.

Instead, Cherry got on her hands and knees to look at some of the video games Monica had on the second to last bookshelf.

“Oh, don’t do that,” Monica whined.

“Do what?” Cherry asked.

“Stick that cute little hiney out like that,” Monica said.

Cherry looked over her shoulder at her rear, then smiled mischievously at Monica and wiggled her butt.

“You’re begging for it,” Monica warned.

“Ooh, I’m so scared, what are you going to do, spank me?” Cherry sneered.

“You’d like it too much,” Monica sneered back.

In answer, Cherry wiggled her rear end again as Monica dropped her red shorts to the floor.

Monica wore very skimpy panties underneath her red shorts and she wiggled out of them. Cherry could see that the blonde girl shaved her pubic mound completely. She could also see that Monica’s heavy pussy lips were peeking out, and appeared to be slick with excitement.

Cherry wiggled her butt some more as she looked at the games that Monica had on the shelf and then Monica was sitting on the floor next to her.

She had pulled a large tee shirt on; Cherry couldn’t see if she had anything else on underneath.

“And…” Monica said, hitting a power button.

Cherry looked over; Monica had put her other hand squarely on Cherry’s very exposed rear end.

When they were playing at the po-boy shop, Monica had touched her a few times, her hand, her arm, her side.

When driving to the apartment, Monica had touched Cherry’s thigh, hand, and arm.

On the stairs, climbing to the third floor, Monica’s hand had grazed Cherry’s butt a few times, as well as her waist, her hand, her arm.

But this was a deliberate touch, a cupping of her buttock with Monica’s hand.

“And here’s that link,” Monica said, using her controller and clicking on a hyperlink that showed up on the large screen television.

“Come on,” Monica said, nodding toward another controller.

With a final squeeze of Cherry’s upturned bottom, Monica sat back on the couch, quickly inputting the data for two to play against one another

With a squeal of tires, the contest was on.

“Have you played this before?” Cherry asked over the roar of the engines and the barrage of gun fire.

“No, never had anyone to play with,” Monica said, putting her hand on Chery’s thigh, very close to Cherry’s crotch.

“Say hello to my little friend,” Monica laughed and killed Cherry’s character.

“Bitch!” Cherry said, trying to shoot back, even though her character was dead.

“Want something to drink, oh hey, wait, how old are you anyway?” Monica asked, putting her hand on Cherry’s thigh, almost onto Cherry’s crotch and pushing herself up off the futon.

“Eighteen, I’m be nineteen next month. What you got?” Cherry asked.

“I’m a gin kind of girl, but I also got vodka, oh, my brother brought over a half gallon of this cheap ass whiskey; I use it for my bong, Monica admitted.

“Um, whiskey and coke,” Cherry said and again got onto her hands and knees to look at the bottom shelf of Monica’s bookcase.

“Ew-kay,” Monica said and quickly made two fairly strong drinks.

“Oh, Cherry, I told you don’t do that,” Monica said, turning and seeing Cherry’s cute upturned butt.

“Uh huh and I said what are you going to do about it?” Cherry teased, wiggling her butt again.

Monica put the two glasses down on the counter, crossed the room and sat down behind Cherry.

“This,” Monica said and Cherry squealed as Monica hands gripped canlı bahis siteleri the back of her thighs, then traveled up to squeeze Cherry’s buttocks.

Monica’s thumbs disappeared underneath the very thin strip of material that hid Cherry’s anus and pussy from view and Cherry squealed again as Monica used her thumbs to pull Cherry’s buttocks apart. Then she traced both thumbs up and down Cherry’s lightly furred pussy, finding some moisture building up on the soft flesh, then again travelled up to Cherry’s buttocks and pried the buttocks apart.

“Uh!” Cherry shuddered, eyes wide open in shock as Monica’s slender thumb attempted entry into Cherry’s anus.

Monica had long; very light colored blonde hair, large blue eyes, small nose and light pink, pouting lips. She looked so young, so innocent, as if saying the word ‘Gosh!” was about as strong an expletive as she could utter. This intimate touching was a complete shock to Cherry.

“Oh!” Cherry gasped as her shorts were unzipped and Monica slowly pulled them down.

“I uh, I never done…” Cherry admitted then grunted as Monica’s thumbs played with her pussy lips some more.

“Oh!” she gasped out loud when she felt Monica’s hot breath on her anus.

Monica’s pink tongue licked around Cherry’s spicy, sweaty anus, and then Monica tried to force her tongue into Cherry’s anus.

Using her thumbs to pull Cherry’s buttocks apart, Monica was able to worm her tongue into Cherry’s rectum. She then used her thumbs to pull Cherry’s pussy lips apart and searched for Cherry’s clitoris.

“Oh!” Cherry gasped in a sudden orgasm as Monica pinched Cherry’s small clitoris between thumb and forefinger.

Monica used her own pussy to lubricate her middle and forefinger, and then slowly pushed the tips of both into Cherry’s now tightly clenched anus.

Monica alternated between licking and sucking at Cherry’s anus and trying to force her fingers into the tight little orifice.

“Oh!” Cherry cried out in another orgasm as Monica pinched her clitoris again.

“Come on,” Monica pulled Cherry to her feet, pushing the yellow shorts to the floor.

She sat Cherry on the edge of the futon, and urged the slightly dazed girl to take her tee shirt and bra off.

Then she knelt on the floor between Cherry’s legs, admired the carrot orange sprig that did not completely cover Cherry’s plump pubic mound, then again pulled Chery’s pussy lips open. She used her tongue to lap at Cherry’s fat inner lips, then put Cherry’s thighs on her shoulders and bent her head to find Cherry’s anus again.

Monica fingered herself to an orgasm while sucking and licking at Cherry’s rectum. Then she lubricated her index and middle fingers with her pussy.

“Uh!” Cherry shuddered as Monica’s fat tongue slobbered over her pubic mound while her index finger jammed in and out of her rectum.

“Ah!” Cherry shuddered in orgasm as Monica nipped at her clitoris, while Monica fucked two fingers in and out of Cherry’s rectum.

Monica’s free hand was twisting and pulling at Cherry’s large nipples rather roughly. Not as rough as most of the boys did, but still quite hard.

Monica suddenly stood and pulled off her tee shirt.

“Cherry I got to, can I fuck you?” Monica begged, now rubbing her own pussy feverishly.

“Yeah,” Cherry agreed, slightly dazed.

She wasn’t a virgin; she’d fucked almost every guy on the football team, all the white guys at least.

But Cherry had never fucked a girl before. She had never even considered it. Sure, there were jokes and taunts in the locker room at school; Cherry knew about lesbianism, but had just never considered it.

She sprawled on her back on the futon, putting her head at one arm of it and spread her legs wide while Monica reached up to a high shelf and pulled down a twelve inch double headed dong.

“No, no, Cherry, like this, Monica said, pulling the girl to the floor, kneeling in front of the futon.

“Wait, what, why, oh God, that’s going to hurt!” Cherry complained as Monica’s fingers again thrust in and out of her rectum, smearing a lubricant around.

Monica inserted one end of the double headed dong into her pussy, fucking it in and out a couple of times. This wasn’t her largest or thickest dong, but she did love the almost leathery texture of it, did love the fat veins that ran through it. It filled her pussy very nicely and she shuddered, then grasped the dong in the middle and greased up the opposite end.

“Uh!” Cherry gave a strangled scream as the head of Monica’s dong pressed against her anus.

Monica shuddered in orgasm; pressing against Cherry’s tightly clenched anus had stuffed the other end of her dong deep into her pussy. She pulled it back out so that only half of its thick twelve inches was inside of her, gripped it tightly and again pushed against Cherry’s puckered hole.

“Monica don’t, I don’t want…” Cherry groaned and grunted as Monica forced the head of her ‘cock’ into her rectum.

“Monica reached under and easily found Cherry’s now extended clitoris and canlı bahis inched it.

“Uh!” Cherry grunted, unintentionally driving herself back

“Ow!” she screamed out as at least an inch of the vat dong forced its way into her rectum. “Monica! Stop, I don’t…”

“Shh, shh!” Monica ordered, using her hand to twist and wiggle that hard-gained inch inside the girl’s cute ass.

Monica then reached both hands and grabbed Cherry’s heavy breasts. She squeezed and mashed them, then again pinched and twisted Cherry’s nipples.

“Uh! God damn it, pull it out, pull it out, it fucking hurts, you God damned lezzie dyke!” Cherry screamed out as Monica forced another inch into her bowels.

Monica did pull out; Cherry’s hateful words killing the sexual thrill.

“Fucking bitch!” Cherry snarled as she dressed.

“You uh, you still want that drink?” Monica weakly offered.

“Fuck your drink, whore!” Cherry screamed, slipped her flip-flops on her feet and jerked the door of the apartment open.

“Give me a minute to get dressed and I’ll run you home,” Monica offered.

“Fuck you, I’d rather walk, fucking sick rug muncher!” Cherry screamed.

“Cherry, stop!” Monica ordered. “Look, I get it; you didn’t like it, but Kimble’s at least ten, fifteen miles away from here!”

Monica pulled on a pair of gym shorts and her oversized tee shirt, took a quick sip of her drink then followed.

Cherry was already waiting by Monica’s car by the time Monica got her door locked and walked to the stairs.

She unlocked the doors, drove to Highway 19 in silence, and then looked at Cherry.

“I’m sorry you didn’t like it,” she finally said.

“I fucking told you stop,” Cherry snarled.

“Yes you did and I should have stopped right then and there,” Monica agreed. “Where to?”

“Barrington Street; up a little bit more,” Cherry said, pointing to the left.

Four more miles down, Monica found Barrington Street and drove nearly a half a mile before Cherry pointed to a clam shell driveway for a trailer park.

“God damn and you were going to walk?” Monica asked. “Shit, Cherry! My trip meter says we’ve gone seventeen miles!”

“I’ve walked it before,” Cherry snapped.

“In this heat?” Monica asked and stopped when Cherry pointed to a double-wide trailer.

“Listen, I’m really sorry; you’re right, I should have stopped the second you said stop,” Monica said, then hit the ‘unlock’ button as Cherry was frantically jerking at the door.

“Uh huh, what. Ever,” Cherry spat got out and slammed the door hard.

“So uh, call me sometime, huh?” Monica muttered to herself and slowly, carefully backed out of the park.

Home again, Monica drank all of the gin and grapefruit juice drink she’d made, even though the ice was melted by now.

The whiskey and coke, she poured into a large bong, smirking.

The mouthpiece was shaped like a man’s penis. Her brother hated using her bong, preferring to roll a joint.

She pressed about a thumb sized amount of some decent home-grown into the bowl, wrapped her lips around the cockhead and lighted the bowl.

“Mmm, fuck yeah!” Monica said dreamily as the smoke chased away the bad feelings she had lingering from her encounter with Cherry.

After smoking the bowl, Monica drank the quite foul tasting whiskey and coke out of the bong, dug her pillows out from under the futon and lay down to watch television.

Her brother, Troy, was an electronics expert and had rigged her cable box to receive everything available in the greater DeGarde area. Monica briefly wondered if Troy could monitor her use of the altered cable box, then shrugged. Knowing her perverted brother, the minute she wasn’t watching him, he probably hid a web cam in her apartment and watched the occasional boy or girl Monica brought home to fuck.

Most of the time, though, all Troy would see was her masturbating, getting stoned, drunk, then either studying or sleeping.

Monica found a dismal Lifetime movie to watch and had to laugh at some of the cheesy and predictable dialogue the movie’s ‘bad boy’ was using.

Then she showered, laid the futon flat and slumbered.

Monica had never been a church goer; Sundays were for laundry, getting drunk and stoned and occasionally, studying for school.

Returning from the apartment’s laundry room, Monica almost dropped her basket as she saw cherry walking down the stairs.

“See? Told you I could walk that far,” the red head bragged.

“Yeah, but why didn’t you, wait, what are you doing here anyway?” Monica stammered.

Cherry didn’t answer, just turned and walked back up the stairs. Monica noticed the red head was still wearing the bright yellow shorts, but seemed to be displaying even more of her buttocks, as if the shorts were pulled up a little more snugly into her ass crack.

“I still got two loads, just put them in the dryer,” Monica said as she unlocked her apartment door.

“Really? I’m kind of surprised I found it again; my sense of direction just totally sucks,” Cherry admitted as she entered the dark interior.

“Well, like I said, I still got two loads and you leave anything alone long enough, it grows legs and walks out,” Monica said.

“Oh, want me to come with you?” Cherry asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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