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Chapter 12: Hannah’s Bold Escape Attempt

Hannah did not come close to making her $3000 quota. By the time she got back out to the bar, it was past midnight and more than half of the patrons she’d seen when Wayne and Carl had bought her were long gone. Moreover, after the horrendous nightmare the two men had put her through, she had little strength or willpower to continue her duties as a whore.
The Asian was almost like a zombie as she transported various johns back and forth from her room. The only times she showed any kind of emotion was when she squealed in pain as the men raped or beat her. Hannah made sure not to promise any of them the kind of unlimited freedom that she’d given to her first two clients. Most of them were content with simply fucking her, but there were some who’d demanded multiple rounds and other things like rimming and piss swallowing. Even though she knew her goal was beyond reach, Hannah worked into the early morning hours until there were no more customers in the bar. In the end, she made a little more than $800 for her efforts.
When Tank was finished counted her earnings, Hannah had frantically begged him for mercy and tried to explain how Wayne and Carl had kept her for half the night. Her pleas fell on deaf ears, as Tank took the terrified girl back to the Outlaws’ lounge and hoisted her back onto the hook. He’d been so infuriated with the Asian, considering she’d collected even less money than the previous night. He and six other bikers then spent the next three hours beating Hannah all over her body with their belts. They’d wanted to use canes, but Hannah’s flesh was already so raw and damaged that Tank did not want to leave any more bloody gashes on it.
Hannah literally thought she was going to die as the bikers ruthlessly thrashed her, concentrating most of their shots on her already ravaged ass and tits. By the time they were finally done, the Asian was a blubbering mess and again yearned for death. Instead of killing her, however, the men dragged Hannah into the restroom where they’d spent all night pissing and shitting into the toilet. They bent her over the latrine and took turns fucking her ass and pussy while they dunked her face into the pond of excrement over and over and over again. Some of the bikers submerged her head for almost two minutes at times, causing the girl’s lungs to nearly explode. The men spent over an hour torturing Hannah this way, until all seven of them had shot their loads inside her ass or vagina. They then forced her to wash herself in the shower, supervising her to make sure she didn’t try to commit suicide. Afterwards, they’d tied Hannah back to the bed in her office, finally bringing an end to another miserable night for the Asian whore.
The next three days were all essentially replicas of the previous two. The Outlaws woke Hannah around noon each time and made her eat and use the restroom. They then spent the bulk of the day keeping her on a bed and running a train through her. She was fucked almost nonstop for about 5-6 hours, serving over 40 Outlaws each day. The bikers then made her shower and fed her another plate of scraps and left her alone to recuperate for about an hour or two. Then they sent Hannah out to the bar for the remainder of the night, ordering her to fetch them $3,000.
Hannah never hit the quota on any of the three nights. In fact, despite her best efforts, she never even got close. Her best haul came on the first night, as the memory of the three hour thrashing and toilet torture from the previous day was still fresh in her memory. The Asian had collected an impressive $1850, still far below her requirement. Hannah could not believe it when she’d finished up on her final john and counted her earnings. She’d literally done everything in her power toward making as much money as she could, and was mortified to discover how short she still was. She’d fucked over 50 men throughout the night, pleasuring them in the most awful of ways. In exchange for $40-$50, she’d allowed them to all to fuck any of her holes, spit and piss into her mouth, and had cleaned many of their assholes with her tongue. She’d worked for almost eight hours straight, taking no breaks at all and shuttling client after client into her room.
Tank and the other bikers knew there was no possible way the Asian could make $3000 in one night. Yet they refused to lower the quota, simply because it was so much fun watching Hannah frantically trying to hit it each night. They all loved watching the sexy little whore constantly having to transport all kinds of filthy customers back and forth between the bar and her room. The expression of absolute misery on Hannah’s face was priceless, especially after emerging from her office after having just satisfied a client. After she’d failed to make her requirement on the first night, the Outlaws mercilessly beat her again with their belts and canes. They’d spent roughly two hours doing so, but at least had spared her another night of toilet-fucking.
Despite her failures, Hannah still tried her best to once again make the lofty $3,000 mark during the next two nights. She earned about $1300 the second night and a little less than $1000 the third. Hannah was an incredibly popular trick and many patrons, like Carl and Wayne, used her for three or four nights in a row. She was the only Asian in the town—or any other nearby towns—and the men all seemed to relish completely degrading and abusing her. After five straight days of whoring herself out to dozens of johns every single evening, Hannah had nothing left, physically or emotionally. She’d been fucked over 200 times by the many disgusting patrons, and the only thing she had to show for it was the countless welts, bruises, and lacerations from the Outlaws’ belts and canes.
Hannah was on her knees now, inside her office and wearing the familiar tiny leather skirt and halter, and 6” heels. She had the most disconsolate look on her face as she was forced to stare at an Outlaw across the room. The biker had a video recorder in his hand and was filming the weary, miserable Asian. The Outlaws had considered giving Hannah a much-needed break today, but decided against it when one of them suggested that they start filming her whoring sessions. Thus, it was decided that she would work for the sixth straight day.
“Let’s go whore, it’s recording,” the biker snapped.
“Hi mom and dad, hi Sunny,” Hannah said, waving at the camera with an absurdly fake smile. “Um, sorry I haven’t called for awhile, I’ve been busy. I’m a—,”
Hannah’s lower lip quivered as she fought to hold back her tears. She looked at the camera lens for several seconds but couldn’t manage to speak the words that she’d been instructed to by the Outlaws. She had some big doubts as to whether her family would ever see the recording, but the idea of them seeing her like this was just too much for her to handle. She knew how worried they were about her at the moment, and how badly they must be freaking out. After a few more seconds, the Asian exhaled deeply and continued with her dialogue.
“I’m a whore now,” Hannah declared to the camera, her eyes starting to moisten. “I’m a whore and…I really like it. It’s the best job I ever had. I um, I’m going to live here now, I’m not coming back. I’m not coming back but I’ll be okay, my owners…my owners treat me really good.”
Hannah looked up at the ceiling and sighed heavily, then closed her eyes and started crying in absolute misery. The biker recording her simply smiled and focused in on her tormented face, then moved the camera to her bruised and severely beaten breasts. He let Hannah sob for about a minute or so, and then barked at her to continue.
“Um,” Hannah stammered, wiping away her tears as she looked back at the video. “I’m here for good, I love it here. I love being a—a whore. You can see—you’ll see that I love it. Bye mom, bye dad. Bye Sunny.”
With that, the Asian rose to her feet and headed out to the tavern. She’d been raped by over two dozen bikers earlier in the day, and had difficulty just walking. The cameraman followed closely behind Hannah the entire time as she approached one of the very first men she saw. His name was Randy and he was a regular at the bar and had already fucked Hannah the past two nights. Like most of the Outlaws, Randy was very big and menacing, standing 6’5” and weighing about 260-270 lbs. He had a shaved head and a thick beard and mustache. Randy had lived in this town all his life, working construction for many canlı bahis years until he’d saved enough money to buy his own company. Nowadays, he spent just a couple of hours a day working, and frequented the handful of bars the Outlaws owned almost nightly. He was friends with many members of the gang, including Tank. As soon as she greeted him, the burly man’s face lit up and it was clear he was very interested in making it three nights in a row.
“Hi,” Hannah greeted the john.
“Shit bitch, I been waiting for you, about time you showed up,” Randy replied, quickly rising to his feet. “Let’s go whore, I need to drain my balls ASAP.”
Hannah frowned in disgust for a second, then turned around and headed right back to her room. She could hear the heavy thud of the man’s boots and felt the dread in her stomach. The Outlaw with the tape recorded followed closely behind Hannah and her john, filming them the entire time as they disappeared into the back room.
“What would you like?” Hannah asked the man, gesturing at a large cardboard sign that rested against the wall.
Hannah felt her cheeks starting to turn red as the lumbering giant began chuckling in appreciation and wonder. Earlier in the day, the Outlaws had made a big poster for her and instructed her to consult it for each of her clients. On the billboard were various available options for how to use Hannah, and the corresponding rates for each choice. It read:

10 MIN. RIMMING: $20

“I’ll take all the above for one hour,” Randy responded, as he hastily stripped naked. “Let’s see if we really can get through all that shit in an hour. Get them clothes off whore.”
“Yes sir,” the Asian replied, trembling as she removed her skimpy garments.
“Come here, get on your knees, we’ll start with some piss drinking, I gotta take a serious leak anyway,” the massive john commanded.
Hannah sighed in despair as she knelt down in front of the smelly giant. She’d already swallowed seven or eight loads of piss from the bikers earlier in the day, and could not bear the idea of drinking any more urine. The Outlaw inside the room shifted over so that he was standing beside the Asian and her client. Neither of them seemed to mind or even notice his presence. Randy grabbed Hannah’s hair and jerked on it so her head was tilted back and her mouth perched up at him.
“Open wide whore,” Randy ordered.
Hannah closed her eyes and spread her lips wide, then shuddered in absolute disgust as a thick stream of piss began emptying into her mouth. Within seconds it filled up completely, and the Asian groaned as she gulped down the terrible fluid. She kept her mouth closed afterwards, grimacing in horror as Randy’s piss splashed all over her face.
“Open your mouth bitch! Keep fucking swallowing, don’t stop!” The man bellowed.
Hannah gasped in fear and quickly spread her jaws again. She proceeded to respectfully drink the ogre’s piss, downing mouthful after mouthful until he was finished. She kept her eyes closed the entire time, and did her best not to think about the salty urine even as she was constantly swallowing it. When Randy was finally finished, the Asian had consumed more than a soda can’s worth of his terrible piss, and her face was dripping with it.
“Good girl,” Randy said, grabbing Hannah’s arm and marching her to the mattress. “It’s time for some ass-fucking now.”
“No, wait, please,” Hannah pleaded, as she tried unsuccessfully to get the man to wear a condom.
The little Asian whimpered in fear as Randy twisted her to her knees and bent her over the side of the bed. Hannah was shaking again in terror as she grabbed the rancid sheets and closed her eyes. Within seconds, she felt the enormous john hunker down behind her and wedge her ass-cheeks apart.
“I see this hole is real popular among the boys,” Randy commented, staring at Hannah’s badly swollen and torn anus. “Hold on tight bitch, this is gonna be another rough ride. I know you know I like it real rough.”
“Aaaaggghhh!! Wait! Please!!” Hannah cried, jerking in pain as the brute quickly shoved the head of his cock up her ass.
“Don’t mind me buddy,” the Outlaw stated, as he crouched down just a few feet from Randy and recorded the awful penetration.
“Oh, you’re good man,” Randy replied, holding the Asian’s hips firm while he drove several more inches of his dick into her.
“Aaaaaooooowwww!! Nooooooooo!!!” Hannah screamed, kicking her legs as the giant forced all 8.5” of his penis inside her sphincter.
“Damn whore, that’s a lot of cock inside that ass of yours,” the biker with the camera laughed, as he climbed onto the bed and focused the video on Hannah’s miserable face. “How’s it feel slut?”
“It hurts!” Hannah cried, turning her head away from the evil man.
“Not yet whore,” Randy declared, grabbing a fistful of the Asian’s hair and tugging hard on it. “But it will soon, I guarantee you that.”
“Aaaaaggggghhhhh!! Pleeeeaaaaaaaasssssee!!!” Hannah wailed, thrashing around in agony as the huge man started pummeling her asshole.
The massive john held Hannah’s skinny waist in his hands and pounded away at her anus for a good five minutes. The orifice was so badly torn and damaged by now that it bled easily anytime one of the bikers or anyone else fucked it. The fact that hardly any of the men ever used lube was a big reason why. The Outlaw with the video recorder made sure to capture Randy’s huge, blood-covered penis battering the Asian’s tiny asshole.
“Shit here it comes!! Get ready for it, whore!!” The enormous man roared, ripping his entire cock into the Asian one last time before ejaculating inside her rectum.
Once he was done depositing his load inside the girl, Randy pulled out of her gaping asshole and stared at it proudly. The biker also focused the camera on the freshly busted opening, as trails of white sperm and blood slowly began oozing out of it. It was crazy to think that less than two weeks ago Hannah’s asshole was so beautifully tight and tiny, but after taking hundreds of massive cocks was now severely torn and prolapsed.
“Okay bitch, get up, you’re wasting valuable seconds,” Randy instructed, grabbing the sobbing Asian’s hair after a couple of minutes.
“Please leave me alone,” Hannah begged, as the man laid her on her back atop the mattress, with her head dangling at the edge.
“Since I did some work on your asshole, it’s time for you to repay the favor whore,” Randy grinned down at the Asian, before he turned around squatted down onto her face.
“Nooooooo,” Hannah groaned in sheer disgust, as the beast’s giant, hairy ass was soon pressed all over her face.
“Clean it you little whore! Get that tongue in there and lick that asshole!” Randy shouted, holding the Asian’s head still as she tried to twist it away.
Hannah wanted to puke as she stared up at the man’s wet, hairy butt-crack. She could smell traces of shit on his filthy asshole, and as soon as she put her tongue on it she nearly did vomit. It wasn’t the first disgusting anus she’d had to clean, but the Asian absolutely could not stand rimming anyone. It was so degrading and awful.
“Yeah just like that, clean it good whore,” Randy instructed, as the Asian started running her tongue all over his nasty asshole.
He made Hannah clean his asshole and sweaty crack for almost ten minutes, and the Outlaw with the video recorder captured every second of it. When he was satisfied with her work, Randy finally rose up from the Asian’s face. He looked over at the sign of options and saw a brown belt resting on a table nearby. Smiling, he walked over and grabbed it, folding it in half before approaching Hannah once more.
“No!! Please!!!” Hannah shrieked, her eyes widening in fear as soon as she saw the leather strap in Randy’s hand.
Randy quickly grabbed the Asian’s hair and dragged her off the bed before bending her over the edge of it. Hannah started crying again but did not move away from the mattress. The mountainous john stood off to the side of Hannah’s upturned ass and looked down at it for a moment, appreciating the many ugly welts and bruises on it. The biker with the camcorder crouched on the other side of the Asian girl, with the video lens focused squarely on her buttocks.
“I see the Outlaws been real busy with you,” Randy commented, bringing the leather strap behind his shoulder. “Don’t you bahis siteleri move slut. You can scream all you want, but you keep that pretty little ass right there for me.”
“Aaaaaooowwwwww!!” Hannah screamed, sinking her nails into the mattress as Randy cracked the belt down on her tender buttocks.
The massive redneck thrashed Hannah’s ass until his cock became hard again. It took almost 15 minutes or so until that happened, and he unleashed easily 200 shots on the Asian’s bottom. Hannah squealed and begged throughout the beating, and she turned around several times when the pain became too unbearable. Eventually, Randy put her on her back atop the mattress and got on top of the sobbing Asian. He pinned her hands against the bed and made her wrap her legs around his hips, then pounded her cunt for another 20 minutes before shooting his load inside her. The Outlaw videotaped everything the entire time.
“How was that whore? You have fun?” The biker asked, focusing the camcorder on Hannah’s face as she pulled her slutty outfit back on.
“No,” the Asian answered dejectedly, wiping the tears from her eyes.
“That was just your first client though, right?” The Outlaw laughed.
“Yes,” Hannah responded.
“How much more guys you gonna fuck tonight, you think?”
“I don’t know,” Hannah said, before adding: “A lot.”
“Tell mommy and daddy,” the biker chuckled.
“A lot,” Hannah repeated, glancing at the video lens before quickly turning away.
“Well, get out there then slut,” the Outlaw commanded.
Over three hours went by as Hannah brought one filthy john after another into her room, pleasuring them all with her hot little body. There was also the occasional pair—or small group—of friends which she had to service as well. During this time, she was forced to perform every single option on the poster, and some of them much more than others. The most frequently chosen one, of course, was the “anal fuck”, as just about every client was eager to drop a pair of $20 bills for the chance to ream the Asian’s tiny asshole. Another very popular option was the urine drinking one, and Hannah ended up guzzling at least 7-8 loads of piss during this time as well. The Outlaw with the video recorded every second of her ordeal, then decided to take a break once he’d run out of space on the camcorder. Hannah, however, was required to continue taking customers from the bar.
The young Asian was crying openly now as she went out to the tavern and sought her next john. It was almost 11:00 pm, and she’d fucked roughly 1/3rd of the patrons in the building. She’d earned a little over $600 so far. She saw an obese, balding man leering at her nearby and approached him. He was so ugly and smelly, and Hannah nearly turned around and walked away when she got a stench of his body odor.
“Hi,” Hannah said quietly, giving the man a thin smile.
“Hi,” he replied with a broad grin.
“Would you like to, um, use me sir?” The Asian asked.
“Oh yeah, I sure would,” the ugly pig responded, speaking in a slow and very intoxicated tone.
“Okay, come with me please,” Hannah declared, taking the man’s arm and leading him to her office.
“What would you like?” Hannah asked, motioning at the poster while she removed her skirt.
“Uhhhhhh,” the drunken moron replied, looking at the available choices for a long time. “Hmm, I’ll take the uh, the anal fuck. Yeah I’ll take that one.”
“$40 please,” Hannah requested.
Once she got the money, Hannah gave the fat man a condom and climbed onto the bed. She got on her hands and knees and waited as the john finished stripping his pants and slipped on the rubber. His cock was the first one under 7” Hannah had seen, although it was very thick. Hannah shivered as she felt the bed constrict once the man jumped onto it and disappeared behind her. In seconds she felt his fingers pull her ass-cheeks apart and then the head of his penis against her raw anus.
“Uuuuggggghhhh!!” The little Asian yelped, as the john immediately sank his entire cock inside her asshole.
“Oh fuuuucckk,” the slob groaned, shuddering in complete ecstasy as he began hammering away at Hannah’s sphincter.
Hannah’s eyes were closed and she was screaming in agony as the drunken ogre proceeded to absolutely demolish her bloody asshole. She knew he was intentionally trying to hurt her as much as possible, as he made each thrust as violently as he could. After another minute or two, the Asian opened her eyes for an instant and felt her heart freeze. Lying on the floor less than ten feet from her was the john’s tattered jeans and, more importantly, a leather holster with his colt revolver. Hannah knew many of her clients had guns, but all of them had always been very careful to leave them at the bar or keep them well away from her while they raped her. This one, however, was so drunk that he clearly wasn’t aware that he’d left his firearm so exposed and unprotected. Even as she was getting her anus viciously pounded, Hannah’s mind was racing about what she should do. This was the first—and probably last—opportunity she would ever have to escape from her hellish ordeal.
“Fuck!! Sweet Jesus here it comes bitch!!” The fat man roared, plunging his whole cock inside Hannah’s asshole before spewing his cum inside the Asian.
Hannah barely even realized her anus was getting flooded with sperm, as her eyes were still locked on the revolver in front of her. She’d already decided she was going to make a move for it, and was just waiting for the perfect time to. Even though it was close, she knew she would have to be fast and not allow the man to get his hands on her. She felt him pulling his cock out of her gaping asshole, and quickly glanced back at him. The instant he appeared to relax and lean backward, Hannah scrambled forward as fast as she could and dove for the firearm.
“What the fuck are you—hey bitch!! Get back here you little cunt!!!” Hannah heard the man shout behind her.
The Asian’s heart was about to explode as she yanked the revolver out of its holster and quickly spun around. The huge john stepped off the bed and was rushing straight at her, and Hannah did not hesitate as she squeezed the trigger two times in rapid succession. There was a deafening explosion that filled the room, and Hannah screamed as two grisly bullet wounds instantly appeared on the man’s chest and abdomen. His eyes flung open in shock as the force of the shots sent him staggering back onto the bed. Within seconds his body was completely still, and Hannah heard his ragged breathing as he started to lose consciousness.
“Oh my God,” Hannah whispered, shaking in disbelief as the fact that she’d just killed someone slowly began to dawn on her.
The look on the Asian’s face was one of astonishment as well as sorrow. She’d never in her life thought that she could murder someone, but the Outlaws had driven her to this point. After a few seconds, Hannah switched her focus on the dead john to her dicey situation. She knew that one or more of the bikers had heard the gunshots, and might be coming through the door at any second. Her mind raced as she thought about what she should do next. She could either go out into the hallway with the gun and demand her release, or stay inside the room and perhaps negotiate with the bikers. She was still thinking about her options when the door swung open and an Outlaw peered inside the room. Hannah instinctively aimed her gun toward the biker and pulled the trigger, barely missing him as he immediately slammed the door back shut.
“Whoa!!! Are you fucking nuts bitch?! Let’s take it easy!!!” Hannah heard the biker yell from the hallway.
“Fuck you!!!” The Asian screamed back, as all the pain and misery the gang had put her through finally boiled over.
“Calm down sweetie, okay?” The Outlaw said, lowering his voice a little bit. “Let’s just calm the hell down and relax. Don’t do anything stupid in there.”
Hannah’s eyes started to water as she struggled to keep from breaking down. She thought about all the horrendous abuse and torture that she’d endured over the past two weeks. She thought about the hundreds of times she’d been raped and beaten and the countless amounts of sperm and piss she’d been forced to drink. She thought about the permanent mark that was branded into her back, and the rings attached to her nipples. Finally, she thought about how hopeless her nightmare had become, and how she’d resigned herself to the idea that she was going to die here all alone in this godforsaken town. And yet now, for the first time bahis şirketleri ever, she was able to see the faintest glimmer of hope. Even though she was still holed up inside the biker gang’s tavern, she was finally no longer entirely at their mercy with nothing to defend herself with.
“Please!!!” Hannah screamed, as she started crying. “I just wanna go home!! Please just let me go home!! I don’t—I don’t want to hurt anyone!!!”
“Alright that’s fine, that’s no problem,” the Outlaw replied calmly. “We got no problem with that. We’ll let you go, just like you ask. But to do that you gotta first come outta that room, now don’t you?”
“No!!!” Hannah shot back. “I’m not—I’m not coming out!! You’ll kill me!!”
“Kill you???” The biker asked incredulously. “Why would we wanna kill you? If we wanted to kill you, you’d have been dead a long time ago. We just want you out of that room girl, we want you outta that room and outta this bar. We don’t want any trouble with you, we don’t wanna hurt you and we don’t you to hurt none of us, understand?”
“I don’t want to hurt anyone! I don’t want to shoot anyone! I told you I just wanna go home!!” Hannah exclaimed.
“Okay that’s fine! That’s what we all want too!” The biker shouted back. “So listen, I’m gonna open this door and then I’m gonna step back, real far away from it. And I promise you that nobody, not me or anyone else is gonna touch you. We’re gonna stand real far back, and we’re gonna let you walk outta here, just like that. I promise you that.”
“I want—I want a phone! I want to call my friends, my family!” Hannah demanded.
“Okay, you can do that too,” the Outlaw lied. “We got a pay phone out front, you can use that. Okay? We got a deal?”
“Open the door!” Hannah replied, after thinking about it for a few seconds.
The Asian did not trust a word the man was saying, but at this point she had few options. She couldn’t stay in this room forever, and she knew that eventually the Outlaws would find a way to safely get inside and disarm her. She watched as the door was slowly pushed open by the biker out in the hallway. Hannah was shaking as she stood up off the floor. She was naked except for the heels on her feet, but she was so nervous that she didn’t bother dressing herself. She slowly crept toward the door and, after peeking around it, cautiously stepped out into the hallway. Standing about ten feet away was the Outlaw she’d been negotiating with, and Hannah immediately pointed her pistol at him.
“Hey, hey, hey,” the huge biker said, raising his hands in a nonthreatening manner. “Relax, I told you we’re letting you go. The bar is that way, behind you. You can go ahead and go out there, there’s two Outlaws holding the door open for you already.”
Hannah turned around for a second and saw that indeed the double-doors were pulled to the side. She could also see several patrons out in the bar staring curiously over at her. Surprisingly, there was nobody else in the hallway except for the one biker. The Asian wanted to know where Tank was, simply because she felt like he was just hiding somewhere and ready to tackle her. After a moment, Hannah slowly began heading out to the bar.
“Stay—stay there, don’t move,” she commanded the biker, keeping the gun pointed at him while she backpedaled toward the tavern.
Once she was almost at the doorway, the Asian figured she was far enough from the Outlaw to turn around and focus on what was behind her. Hannah was so concerned with keeping the bikers that were holding the doors at bay that she failed to notice the clear line of fishing wire that had been stretched across the entryway by her feet. As soon as she stepped into the string, the Asian stumbled in her high-heels and fell forward awkwardly to the floor.
“NO!!!” Hannah shrieked, as she crashed to the hard pavement and the gun went spilling from her hands.
She instantly scurried forward to retrieve it, but it was too late, as a pair of giant Outlaws pounced on her like a couple of ravenous bears. Hannah screamed in absolute horror, and frantically tried to get to the revolver as the two men brutally jerked her to her feet. Her cheek exploded in pain as one of them slapped her so hard she instantly went dizzy. She shrieked in pain as he slapped her again, then three more times.
“You stupid fucking cunt!!!” The biker roared, viciously smacking Hannah yet again. “You’re in a lot of fucking trouble gook!! I’m talking A LOT of fucking trouble!!!”
“PLEASE!!” Hannah begged, her heart sinking to her stomach as she continued to stare at the gun on the floor.
“Play time’s over for you whore!” The huge, enraged Outlaw growled, cupping Hannah’s chin and forcing her to look him in the eye. “No more clients for you, we’re ending your night early! You’re gonna find out now what happens to bitches that don’t behave!”
“No please!! PLEEEAAASSE!!!” Hannah screamed, struggling desperately as the bikers grabbed her arms and hauled her toward their lounge.
“Get her on the hook,” the negotiating Outlaw instructed, as his friends walked past him with the terrified little Asian in tow.
“No please don’t!! I—I’m sorry!! I’m sorry!! Please no!!!” The Asian shrieked, as the giants holding her dragged her into the big lounge and toward the hook on the ceiling.
Hannah continued to resist like mad as the men lifted her into the air and fastened her wrists to the leather cuffs. She was screaming and crying in complete dejection. She knew full well that the one and only shot she’d ever have of escaping her nightmare had just slipped through her fingers. The Asian could not believe how careless she’d been, how she should have known that the bikers would have devised some sort of trap for her. And now, Hannah knew that she was in a world of trouble, and she truly wished that she’d just shot herself in the head earlier when she’d had the chance.
“Good work boys,” Tank declared, after entering the room with several other Outlaws.
“Thanks,” the biker who’d negotiated with Hannah replied. “Curt and Johnny were the ones who grabbed her.”
“Yup I saw it, good shit fellas,” Tank said to the two men, before pointing at the dangling, terrified Asian. “You, you’re in a fuck-load of trouble cunt. I see we’ve been way too nice to you lately, and that stops right now.”
“No please, I’m sorry!! I’m so sorry!! I didn’t—I didn’t mean to!! Please don’t hurt me!!!” Hannah sobbed, jerking at her restraints in sheer panic.
“Get the canes,” Tank said to the group of other bikers.
“NOOOOOOOOO!!! PLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE!!!” Hannah screamed, thrashing around feverishly as one of the men picked up two steel canes from a table.
“You’re definitely losing some skin tonight slut,” Tank warned, as he took one of the canes and viciously ripped it across the Asian’s small chest.
“AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOO!!” Hannah wailed in excruciating pain.
The Asian let out another blood-curdling scream as the Outlaw with the other cane got behind her and slammed it against her ass with all his strength. Hannah immediately began screaming and begging the two bikers for mercy as they proceeded to beat the absolute piss out of her. They thrashed her already bruised and lacerated body for 15 minutes, and then simply passed the canes on to their friends when their arms got tired. This process continued for over two hours, until Hannah’s breasts and ass were completely striped with bloody welts and cuts. The Asian passed out countless times from the savage beating, but was never out for longer than a few seconds.
When they were done her tits and ass, the bikers spent the next hour or so pummeling Hannah’s pussy with the canes. It was a constant three-man job, as two of them held the Asian’s legs out wide so the other could rip the steel rod against her vagina over and over again. Hannah’s voice had grown hoarse from the earlier punishment, but when the men began battering her cunt she screamed louder than she’d ever screamed in her life. The pain of getting her extremely sore and tender pussy ravaged by the cane was the worst torture she’d felt yet, and she truly thought she was going to die from the overwhelming agony.
Tank and the other bikers did not care one bit as the girl’s pussy slowly became a mangled, bloody mess. They were all intent on making the Asian regret she’d even thought about trying to escape from them. When they finally finished flaying her vagina, they left the sobbing, hysterical girl in the air like usual. Hannah was completely incoherent by this point, and so consumed with agony that she blacked out immediately.

**I hope you enjoy the story so far. Feel free to email me at I would love to hear comments or ideas about the story.**

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