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Elements of noncon be advised.

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My relationship with Browning had come almost full circle in the events of the club’s opening. She had saved me when I didn’t even know I needed to be saved, and she spoke of a future that I had been working towards. We slept together in her luxurious bed. It was strange and comforting to me, but her arms were softer than any material made by my man. I awoke to her stroking between my breasts. I sighed at the contact and flexed under her affection. She knew how to grind my gears and speed me up better than anyone. I tensed as her hands glided over my breasts and to where Byran had flogged me. I gasped in pain and she rolled me on top of her.

“I’m sorry love,” she kissed my cheek now and I knew she had forgotten the terrible incident as quickly as I had in her presence.

“How did you know where I was?” I asked tentatively and stroked her neck.

“Did you really think the club doesn’t have tabs on everyone inside,” she chuckled at the statement. “I know where every client lives, works, their wants, their needs. We have to. Unfortunately even with all the safety measures in place, people like Bryan still weasel their way in occasionally.” Her face darkened now.

“It isn’t your fault,” I was slow to respond and she rolled over me now, putting me on my back.

“OF course it is, I practically pushed you into his arms,” her eyes were shimmering now.

“No, love,” I clasped both of her cheeks and rubbed my thumbs over her lips. “I did that, I chose to go with him, I knew it seemed dangerous but I ignored the signs. I was,” I sighed and looked away, “I wanted to hurt you like you hurt me.” I couldn’t see her gaze now. She leaned her core into mine and pinched my nipples.

“And that is because I was trying to deny this,” she leaned down and nibbled my ear as I moaned uncontrollably. I pushed at her gently.

“What am I going to do?” Tears were shimmering in my eyes now.

She rolled me on top of her now, her submitting position sped my heart and warmed my core, “We, love, not you, I’m going to take care of you, and I’m going to make sure you have the career you want.” I pushed away her from and leaned on the backboard, this conversation was too serious for her distracting presence.

“I can’t take that internship, and you can’t throw your career away for me,” I let

the tears fall now.

“Neither of those are going to happen,” she chuckled. “Do you think, as a

woman, that I have climbed this high without taking notes of everything, everyone?” I furrowed my brow in confusion.

“Shawna and I have been building information on, everyone. We know exactly what weakness each person has and we intend to take over P&L,” she was almost whispering as if disclosing a secret.

I clutched at her shoulders, “Are you fucking kiding me?” We both chuckled.

“No,” she wrapped my hair around her fingers, “we were both as,” she thought izmit escort for a second, “as optimistic as you are, once. I have enough on Dean to kick him out of senior partnership, there are just some other things we need to have definitive proof of.” She seemed hesitant, so out of character for her as I tilted my head in question.

“We need you to do one more thing for us, and then,” she reached down and flicked my clit which was getting harder by the second with our naked bodies pressed together. “We can take over the company and make real changes, changes that would,” she bit lightly on my nipple, “make cases like your mother’s the focus of the agency.” I moaned before pushing back at her trying to establish some distance.

“What is it?” I asked. She smiled sadly.

As I stood in just a robe behind the curtain of the main stage my heart was throbbing. Browning couldn’t share all the details but she told me to trust her. And I reluctantly did. She had something up her sleeve and I knew it was going to be the final blow of her decades-long plan. Tonight was the night of the auction. I was the final betting piece. There was supposed to be a show of my ‘skills’ before the betting would begin. She told me to trust her and I knew she wouldn’t let something happen to me like what Bryan had already done.

“Our final piece,” Dean’s voice boomed out on the microphone. “Is a delightful little thing, a little fire to all you, novice patrons out there.” I didn’t quite understand what he was saying but I knew Browning had told me to just follow the events and it would be worth it. The curtain opened and I strolled out, eyeing the Sybian at center stage. Several staff unrobed me, and tied me down to the machine. I let them, unable to help the wetness starting from down low. It was a smaller machine that I had anticipated. There was just enough room for me to sit on, like a bar stool. Dean continued on with selling points for me before bidding was opened and I was strapped down.

I leaned over the Sybian, my hands tied down low, the sideways view gave the crowd something to be excited about. My legs were clipped to a spreader bar leaving my clit and pussy to hang harshly on the angled wood. As I was starting to squirm at the pressure, another staff member came over and attached nipple clamps to each nipple as I gasped out. The same moment another staff member put a red ball gag in my mouth. They could leave me here and I would cum in minutes. However the auction was worse.

I couldn’t make out Dean’s words as the sybian vibrated to life and I screamed into my gag. There were several chuckles and applause from the crowd. The pain and vibration brought me to the edge until suddenly they stopped. I breathed in heavily, glad for the break, but wishing for more. I could hear Dean asking for numbers of money that didn’t make sense. The sybian pulsed harder this time. I shuddered trying not to let it feel good, tied down, and stimulated, but it really did.

As I came, in front of hundreds of strangers on a stage, tied down, with a gag in my mouth. I squirted all over the machine.

“Ladies izmit anal yapan escort and gentlemen, round two?” I wasn’t excited at his implication as I shook off the first orgasm. He walked behind me and I didn’t even hear his pants come undone. He literally dropped the mic, the sound hurt my ears and distracted me until I felt his flesh push against my asshole. I screamed and pulled at every bind that was on me until it dug into my flesh. It felt so good but I didn’t want it to. I had never liked sex with men, but apparently Dean was fine with abusing that idea for the second time since I met him.

Soon the pain gave way to pleasure as the pulsing sybian broke through my thoughts of reality. I held my breath for half a minute before I couldn’t fight the sensations anymore. I cam the hardest I had ever cum in my entire life in front of this crowd, I felt Dean cum all over my back and I didn’t care. I teared up at the thoughts of Browning and was overwhelmed with emotions now. He stepped back in front of me, his pants around his ankles.

“For an honorary second place, you will get to do that and the first place will get the whole weekend with her,” he seemed pleased at his display as I tried to shake my head but I was overwhelmed with exhaustion.

Browning strode on stage now with a second microphone as Dean’s lost power. “Ladies and gentleman,” Browning exuded pleasure. “This has been an unfortunate demonstration, all bids are concluded as Dean has violated the core principles of this establishment in his behavior tonight.” The room went silent now as I contemplated her words, but I was too disoriented for them to make sense.

“We all know that the role of a dominant participant are highly stressed here,” Dean seemed to scramble pulling his pants up with a blush. “This man,” she gestured to Dean with a sneer, “has violated the common rules of engagement with a submission. I am disheartened to admit that,” she glanced at Dean now, “he will now be banned from this club and all formal practices of law.”

“YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” Dean shouted since his microphone was shut off. Suddenly a projector shined in my eyes as it displayed something behind me.

“This is the intake form for the subject,” I knew then what she was planning. When I filed all my paperwork with the club I had listed hard limits, soft limits, and my safe word. “None of the criteria that a safe environment for sexual activity has been followed this evening.” The room was silent.

“We take safety seriously here,” she motioned to the same guard who had ushered Bryan out of the club to address Dean. “Dean,” she clasped his face as the guard held him place before her, “Are hereby banned from this club and further banned from formerly known as P&L, now known as B&R.” She glared at his face now that the reality was settling in. She had just taken his whole law firm away from him and his partner, making it Browning and Rilet. He reacted violently then and trashed against the guard as several others made their way to assist in subduing him.

“You won’t get away with this you izmit yabancı escort bitch!” He was angry now as I knew the guards were going to have their hands full. Shawna walked on stage and straight to Dean. She clasped his balls and squeezed. “Fuck, YOU!” she screamed at him as he recoiled in pain. He was ushered off stage and the curtains started to close amongst Browning’s final words, “Drinks on the house ladies and gentleman, let this be a reminder of the protocols of this establishment.” The crowd cheered now welcoming the free alcohol. Browning slipped between the curtains as they closed making her way to me.

“Baby, I’m so sorry, this was the only way,” she started untying me and I was stunned. I knew the emotions would hit me later, but right now I couldn’t focus. She pulled me into her before haf carrying me off the stage to a back room. We passed a few guards, all of which gave her a nod of reassurance and she took me upstairs to a room that I had never seen the inside of. She pulled me toward a claw shaped tub that was pulsing with jacuzzi jets and evaporating water from the heat. She ushered me in and I sat down, letting the warmth permeate my skin and laid my head back against the border.

She climbed in but didn’t touch me yet. She kneeled in the center and stroked my thighs. “I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you what was happening.” I threw myself into her arms as she clutched me back without hesitation. She led me back to a seat and I held tighter to her. She then sat beside me as the jets pulsed near my private areas. I was more turned on from the stage display than I wanted to be as I straddled her and she gasped.

“You’ve been taking care of me, let me take care of you,” she nodded slowly. I took in a breath and dove for her pussy. I licked her under the water, hoping that I was pleasing her. I took as much time as my breath holding would allow before surfacing and replacing my mouth with my fingers. I shoved three fingers into her tight pussy as she groaned out and clasped at the walls of the jacuzzi. I liked that I could get her to submit to me if I wanted her to. I stroked fast, then took another breath and shoved my fingers in as far as I could as I licked her clit underwater. I could feel her tremor in response and it only fueled me to lick her longer. I surfaced for air but assaulted her nipples with my mouth instead.

She groaned, flexed, and held still without breathing for a dozen seconds before I felt her pussy clench down around my fingers. I continued to rub her clit through the assault of her climax before smiling with my forehead against her. She clasped at my back and threw her head back. “That was,” she chuckled through heavy breaths now. “Amazing.” She surprised me when she attacked my mouth with hers and we wangled tongues for several minutes before we each settled. Me straddling her hips.

“This means everything is different, you can start tomorrow if you want,” she stroked my hair and tucked some of it behind my ear.

I nodded, “I hope it does change everything.” We stared at each other now.

“How does it feel to be the youngest lawyer at B&R?” I loved how her smile met her eyes.

“I don’t know, I might need some convincing,” I was teasing her now, and she enjoyed it as much as I did. She thrust against me and dove two fingers into my pussy as I arched into her touch. This was going to be the best job ever!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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