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Big Tits

The following day, James came to Mrs. Myers’ office a few minutes early, like she had instructed. He looked a little nervous, but there was no sign of the near-panic from the day before. The teacher gave him a warm smile, which he returned. She really was quite beautiful. “Hello James.” she said “I think I’ve got you covered.” wincing at the unintended pun.

Mrs. Myers produced a pair of the athletic shorts that all the boys wore, but these were several sizes larger than the ones James had the day before. She had taken in the waist so they would fit him, and hoped the extra length would conceal James’ “problem”. “Try these on!” she said brightly and tossed him the shorts.

James looked at the garment doubtfully, and Mrs. Myers turned around to give him some privacy, but when she heard him remove his pants, she risked a glance over her shoulder. She had to see it again, and she was stunned anew at how long and thickly it hung. She quickly turned away again and waited.

“Okay.” James said, and Mrs. Myers turned around. The shorts did appear to cover him without too awkward a fit.

“There you go. I think we’re all set!” The lovely teacher said cheerfully. Smiling, James began putting on his sneakers, but when he put his foot up on a bench to tie the laces Mrs. Meyers gasped as James’ heavy organ flopped out from the leg of his shorts into plain view.

“Oh…my.” the teacher said, consciously adding a tone of disappointment to her voice, trying to mask the thrill she felt again at seeing the boy’s unique gift. “I guess this won’t work after all.”

James looked down, then put his foot back on the floor and smoothed the shorts back down looking embarrassed. “what if I just don’t lift up my leg?”

“Well, let’s see” Mrs. Meyers responded “jog in place.”

James did as he was told, and almost immediately his penis began flailing around, popping out the leg of his shorts with every step. The teacher already saw that it wouldn’t work, but was enjoying the show.

“Okay, stop. Now do some jumping jacks.” she had to fight back a grin. James’ manhood swinging freely with Avcılar Escort each jump. Suddenly she had an idea.

“Nope, it’s not going to work James, but I have an idea!” Mrs. Myers opened a drawer in her desk and pulled out an ace bandage. “Pull down your shorts and stand still” she ordered.

After a brief hesitation James complied, but covered his crotch with his hands, which looked comical since half his length was visible below his fingertips.

Mrs. Meyers knelt in front of him, unrolling the bandage. “Please move your hands James.” she said softly “There’s no need to feel embarrassed.” Again, he complied, and the teacher was now staring at his over sized genitals, barely 18 inches away. “You really should have some support anyway, so I’m going to wrap this bandage around you to keep things in place.” Looking up, she smiled and said “Just think of it like a custom jockstrap!” James smiled back, a bit uncertain.

The teacher started by placing the end of the bandage under his balls, going around just below his hip, around one buttock, back between his legs, and repeating on the other side. Much of the time his big flaccid member draped over one of her forearms as she held the bandage in place under his balls.

When she had to reach behind her face came very close to the boys dick. She wondered whether he could feel her breath on it. She made sure to exhale when near it, hoping that he could.

Almost immediately James’ cock began to stiffen and its fat head eventually touched Mrs. Meyers under the chin. She felt a jolt of excitement at this, and had to resist a primal urge to wrap her lips around it.

James noticed the contact, and moved back, muttering an embarrassed apology. “It’s okay James.” Mrs. Meyers consoled “I know you can’t help it. Let’s just finish getting you wrapped up.” She leaned in and continued wrapping the bandage. Pushing his growing erection to the side with one hand, she stretched the bandage over to secure it against his body. When she reached to pass the bandage around James’ back, his now foot-long boner sprang out Avcılar Escort bayan of the wrap and slapped heavily against Mrs. Meyers cheek.

“Yikes!” the teacher exclaimed “This thing’s going to put my eye out if I’m not careful.” she added, laughing. This seemed to put James more at ease, and he joined in laughing at her joke. She grabbed his massive erection firmly, near the base and tried pushing it down again, but it was too hard now. It was like trying to bend a small tree. She could push it back up against his stomach, but it looked ridiculous, extending almost to his chest.

“What are we going to do with this?” Mrs. Meyers asked rhetorically, lightly slapping the head of James’ huge penis against her cheek with each syllable. “We can’t wait for it to go away, we’re already latefor starting class.” She frowned, thinking for a moment, absentmindedly tracing her fingertips up and down James’ tremendous hard-on, sending waves of pleasure through his body. Suddenly she gripped the thick shaft firmly and said “you need to ejaculate.”

James looked at her with a mixture of surprise and horror “Uh, you mean…?” he began to ask.

“Yes,” the teacher replied “You need to masturbate, right now.”


“Look, James, I’m not going to have you running around my class with this huge cock sticking out of your shorts!” She shook the meaty shaft at him for emphasis, like some kind of weapon, then released it and stood up. “You can use my restroom if you want some privacy. There’s some hand-lotion in there, but I’m afraid I don’t have any ‘reading material’ for you.” Mrs. Myers added with a wink.

Still a bit dumbfounded, James took the remaining roll of bandage, turned and walked into the small bathroom, which contained only a toilet and a sink, and closed the door.

After a moment, the teacher could hear the faint slopping sound of James’ efforts. She couldn’t help but imagine what the boy looked like, stroking that massive tool, and it was making her very hot. She had never been very concerned with size, and her husband’s equipment Escort avcılar had always satisfied her. However, something about James’ rare gift had her head swimming with lustful thoughts.

James seemed to be taking longer than she expected, so Mrs. Meyers opened the bathroom door without knocking and saw James with his eyes closed, leaning against the sink, stroking the full length of his incredible penis. “Is everything okay?” She asked.

James’ eyes popped open and he looked his attractive teacher up and down in a way that would have earned most men a slap. He continued to stroke, but said “It’s, um, just not working…”

Staring down at his raging erection, now shiny with lotion she replied “It certainly looks like it’s working! Maybe you just need a little extra stimulation…” she paused for a moment thinking about what she was going to do then went on “James, have you ever seen a woman’s breasts?” not waiting for an answer, she reached up and began to pull down the zipper of her jogging-suit top.

Mrs. Meyers was proud of her firm, full breasts, and rarely wore a bra, so when she pulled open the top, James was greeted with the view of her beautiful bare skin and reddish-brown nipples, erect with excitement. Almost immediately, James grunted, and began to discharge a load of thick semen, proportionate to his huge cock. It plashed against Mrs. Meyers’ bare chest as James convulsed in orgasm. She let all the warm load hit her, but put a hand to her stomach to keep all the cum from running down onto her pants.

“My goodness James!” Mrs. Myers exclaimed as James stopped ejaculating. “That was quite something! Look at this mess…would you pass me some paper towels?”

As though snapping out of a trance, James said breathlessly “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” still staring at her cum-covered chest. He pulled some towels out of the dispenser and thrust them at her.

“Well, that’s what I hoped would happen, but I wasn’t quite ready!” Mrs. Meyers replied, while mopping up semen from her torso. “Lets get you wrapped up and start class. We’re already late!”

After wiping the rest of James’ abundant seed off her body, she zipped up her top. Deftly, she finished wrapping him up with the bandage, securing his rapidly softening member against his pelvis.

“That should do it!” Mrs. Meyers said and patted the big lump under the bandage. “Let’s get to class.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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