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I was lounging on the coach wearing prisoners garb. When you entered, I was running my hands along my body and you dropped your keys. You bend down to pick up your keys. I jump startled and as you bend over to pick up your keys I put you in strangle hold barring your arms from further movement.

“Well, now that you’ve got me, what are you going to do with me prisoner?” you say partly in shocked at the strength of the woman behind you.

“You must be Robert,” I whisper into your ear. “I could kill you right now, but I’m not going to do that.” I secure your hands with rope and run my hand down the front of your body. “It’s been far too long,” I say.

“Too long for what?” you say back to me.

“You are naive,” I whisper, “I like that in a man. I wasn’t allowed congenial visits if you get my meaning.” I grab your crotch, massaging it making my intention clear.

You squirm as I grip you there, “You’re a prisoner. They’re not supposed to get a lot of visitors.”

“With a crime like mine, I was in solitary. A good thing as women do tend to get friendly. I was the most feminine by far there.” I nip your neck savoring the smell and taste of your fresh skin.

You struggle some as I nip your neck. “Then, you got what you deserved.”

“Ooh, think so?” I let my hand slip down your pants. “Haven’t even asked what I did. Who are you to judge me?” My other hand deftly undoes your pants and slides them down.

“What DID you do?” you ask, squirming as I undo your pants.

“Thought you’d never ask,” my voice takes on odd tone, “I worked for CIA. I was too good at torturing people. So for my own safety the jailed me. Unfortunately, a guard found out how I tortured. He found out first hand how good I am and died happy.” I whisper tugging down your boxers.

“Are you going to torture me? What are you going to do when you leave me here?”

I let out throaty laugh. “I wonder if you could stand my type of torture. Sex is a powerful thing and most people will talk when they are close to orgasm especially if you prevent them from attaining it.” I shove you down on a chair and secure your arms and legs and gag you. “Now it’s your choice. I can either shower now and rob you blind, or you can have some pleasure with me now before I shower. Your choice,” you blink, as you are unable to speak because of the gag. Wondering güvenilir bahis what I’m going to do? “A simple nod will do,” I say slowly striping in front of you. “These clothes are terrible I’ll end up burning them anyhow.” Watching you nod, wondering which of my questions you’re agreeing to. I look at you and down at your body. “I think you’ll do nicely.” I sit down on your lap, one leg on each side, rocking my wet pussy over your cock. “Feels good?” I ask watching your face.

You moan softly through the gag. I continue nibbling your neck undoing your shirt you whisper, “Mmmmm,” as I nibble at your neck.

“Can I trust you to ungag you?”

You blink at me and then try to speak through your gag. “Ghmmmfsshst,” is what it ends up sounding like.

“A simple nod will do,” I whisper. You look at me for a moment and then hesitantly nod at me. I undo the gag and say, “You wanted to say something?”

“Yes, is this torture?”

A throaty laugh escapes my lips and I smile. “No, torture would have you blindfolded and not knowing who’s touching you. You would definitely not be in close of contact with me. Though sometimes I have a young female or male depending on my mood suck on a victim, since I like vocalizing. Anything else?”

“Um, no,” you look at me and wiggle under me.

“Ooo, you are not so resistant now.” I let your cock tip press against my clit sliding outside of me. “This is barely torture,” I add as you wiggle more. Feeling your tip rubbing against me even more. “Ummm, not so naive. You’ve got a nice piece of equipment there,” I say with a smile suddenly shoving you in pressing deep and holding you there letting my muscles grip you.

“Thanks,” you say feeling me wrap around your cock and massage it.

I rock my hips back and forth slowly. “You are tasty. I lucked out when I picked your place,” I whisper grabbing your head and ferociously kissing your lips.

“How, uh, did you pick my place?” Kissing me back in kind as I kissed you. Wiggling under me, feeling your cock move within me.

“Looked like bachelor pad, plus I sifted through your mail.” I barely say before I devour your lips. Bucking my hips wildly as you wonder dimly what I found so interesting about your mail. Kissing back as hungrily and pushing your hips back up against my hot, tight wetness, that surrounds your cock. “Yes, yes,” güvenilir bahis siteleri I moan letting our lips part, “as for your mail, no love letters. All were addressed to just you. Looked like young man who wasn’t in relationship,” I cry and I press against you climaxing quickly the waves overtaking me. You blush softly and groan loudly as you feel me climaxing on you. “A man who blushes,” I whisper letting my body slowly come back down riding your cock gently now. “I’m half tempted to bring you with me.” I run my hands over your chest.

You wiggle under me, still hard within me as you groan, “To where?”

“I can’t stick around here,” I softy whisper rocking again keeping a steady in and out but varying strength and speed of the strokes. “And if I tell you they will torture you to get it out, and not the way I would.”

You groan at me, “Who, uh, would?” wondering if the people after me would torture you for any information they could get out of him anyway?

“That’s if they find you. You’ll take a sex test and they’ll know we did this and that you know nothing,” I softly sigh feeling another climax approach I kiss you deeply. “You’ve got a great job sweetie and a fabulous cock don’t waste it on me.” I rock faster letting our bodies slap together feeling your body grind against my clit as we do.

You groan again louder, so close to cumming. “You’ve got a wonderful pussy. What kind of sex test?”

“Ummmm ohh,” I whisper moving fast feeling your hips strain to meet me and I let my body go again floating blissfully. “Just a simple sperm count to see if you’ve fucked or jacked off lately plus a blood thing. I’m not sure.” You groan loudly as you can’t hold back any more and start to erupt in cum into my tight, hot pussy. “I wish I could take you with me,” I hungrily say holding your body still enjoying the eruption inside. “Don’t worry I can’t get pregnant. I’ve been on pill for god knows how long. Only thing to ask is,” I look carefully at your face, “Surely this wasn’t your first time right?”

“Wha-what would you do with me if you took me along?” Still wiggling under me as I slowly drain the last of your cum from you. Your fabulous cock still hard inside me.

“Probably fuck your brains out.” I consider this, looking at you feeling your hardness inside me. You look at me, feeling more aroused when I iddaa siteleri said that, “You wouldn’t happen to speak French?” I pull away giving my pussy a break knowing better than to extend contact.

You look at me with your cock still hard and covered in my wetness, “Oui, un peu pourqoui?”

I give another throaty laugh as I let my finger travel over your cock testing the hardness. “Oh no reason but always wanted to zip through Paris again before I go into hiding really piss them off. Can I untie you?”

“Yes, you can untie me,” you say.

“Oh, really? You are sounding too cocky. Let me remind you how much your cock likes me.” I slide you back in gliding along at slow pace twisting my hips slightly almost swirling you in me. You moan softly as I do that with my hips. “Don’t forget it.” I let out a sigh, “Now, was I your first?” I ask again bucking slightly.

“No,” is your answer.

“So, how long has it been?” I say and getting no answer. “God, please tell my your not HIV positive or something.”

You vehemently say, “NO,” and I believe you. I ride your cock more comfortably. “You feel great,” I whisper in your ear.

“Thank you,” you manage to whisper. I simple embrace you as I orgasm again my reaction my reply, “Oh good,” you softly moan spurting again.

“I think you’re ready to be untied.” I pull my body away my pussy sopping wet and I move back around you and untie you. You stand up and grab me lifting my body. Your cock slipping against me and in as you pull me up. I wrap my legs around you and kiss you deeply as you hold my body and move in slow grinding pace.

Finally slamming me against a wall. Pushing my up so you grind against my clit whispering, “I wanted to fuck you since I saw you stretched out on my coach. That uniform undone so I could see a glimpse of these nice breasts.” Your lips travel down to gently suck on one. Your hand moving to cover the other slamming your cock slowly and powerfully. I feel you’re back up to extreme hardness your cock tip quivering as it brushes my g-spot. I cry out and nip your neck as my body explodes into orgasm and you cum inside of me. You carry me into your bedroom keeping our hips locked and you lay down pulling me atop you. I caress you and encourage you to sleep. You barely resist as I kiss your nipples and your cock finally falls slowly out.

I run a quick shower, borrow some of your clothes, and leave as quietly as I broke in a simple note saying;

You were an amazing fuck. I made a note of your e-mail address expect me to contact you.

No longer a prisoner

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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