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“Elegant, classy, prim and proper.” Those were the words used most often to describe Nancy. Married fifteen years, Nancy and I had reached a little “staleness” in our marriage. The love was certainly there but the sexual excitement had waned. Recently though, at my initiation, the subject of sexual fantasies was discussed, though not in great detail. I took it slowly as Nancy was sexually conservative. At five foot nine inches, a hundred twenty-eight pounds, brown hair and brown eyes along with a flawless complexion, I was one, lucky husband. Sex for me was great but Nancy spent nearly all her high school years at a girls only, catholic school and had very limited sexual experience. It was simply never discussed. One Friday night, as we lay in bed, I brought up the subject, “sexual fantasies.”

“You never answered my question. What do I get you for your birthday?” I asked. She smiled, continued to read her book and answered, “I have everything I want.”

“Okay, then think outside the box. Think “fantasy” and tell me what you might want.” She turned away from her book, looked at me and gave an evil grin. “What are you getting at?” she asked.

“Just making fun, conversation,” I answered. “We guys were talking at work and Mike said he asked his wife what she wanted for their anniversary and she laughed and said, “a vacation to a nude beach.”

Nancy turned slightly, the smile still there. “And what did Mike say to that?”

“He thought it was a great suggestion but he didn’t know if she was serious. He said he’d love to do that so he could check out the hot babes who might be there and also, check out how the guys would react to Paula,” I lied. We never had the conversation but I knew I sounded convincing.

“That surprises me,” she answered. “I always thought Mike had a jealous streak in him. Paula is very attractive and it’s difficult to see him being so open-minded,” she answered.

“Yea, I gotta admit, it surprised me a little, as well. She tried to turn the tables on him and asked him what he wanted for their anniversary and he said, according to him,now, “a nineteen year-old college cheerleader and four hours alone.” Nancy chuckled.

“And she said?”

“According to Mike, she laughed and said, “in your dreams,” and he said, “how did you know what I dream about?” Nancy laughed.

“So, what did Paula say to that? About his dreams.”

“Well, Mike said she just laughed it off but, he said it was a fantasy he had and if it ever presented itself, he’s not sure he could say “no.” Nancy’s eyes widened.

“That, also surprises me. Is everything “okay” with those two?” she asked.

“Oh, sure, sure. Just some harmless teasing but Mike did say he was going to look into the nude beach thing, out of curiosity.” Nancy’s jaw went slack.

“Oh, my gosh, that’s unbelievable. I can’t see Paula walking around, nude, in front of strange men. Or, Mike being comfortable with it,” she responded, still a smile in place. She appeared captivated.

“Well, please don’t mention to her I shared this with you. I think it would make her feel, shall we say, “awkward.”

“Oh, Paula and I never socialize. She’s too busy with her dental practice and I have so many real estate showings.” Nancy sat momentarily, entranced.

“Hey, what’s on your mind?” I asked. “You seem to be mulling something over.” She looked at me and flashed another, evil grin.

“Oh, I was just thinking, how would you react if I said what Mike said? You know, like, a nineteen year old high school football player?” She looked at me as if challenging my position.

I flashed her a large grin and answered, “black or white?” She laughed and playfully hit me with her book.

“You’re terrible!” she laughed.

“Hey, we’re discussing “fantasies,” right?” I said. “We’re adults and it’s not like we’re discussing the possibility of one of us running off with someone. Just an adult conversation, here, in private, that’s all.”

“So, what’s your fantasy?” she asked. I gave her a long look.

“Seeing you experience yours and sharing it with you,” I answered. She appeared genuinely stunned.

“You don’t even know if I have any and if I do, what they are?” she said, with still a smile.

“Then, tell me,” I said. Now, she appeared intrigued. She rolled to her left and leaned forward.

“Okay, mister, you asked for it. You ready?”

“I’m feeling butterflies already,” I answered. She paused.

“How about a couple of very young, foul-mouthed black or Hispanic guys. Not physically abusive but certainly verbally abusive. Just your everyday, street thugs who see women for one thing and that’s sex. They are both well-hung, and before anything happens, I have the opportunity to tease them out of their minds with a short skirt, no bra and low-cut blouse while acting “prim and proper,” and then practically getting raped. And, just talking about it, is getting me wet!” It was also getting me hard.

“That really turns you on?” I asked.

“Wanna check?” she answered and kicked down the sheets, exposing Manavgat escort her thong panties. I slipped my hand inside, parted her vaginal lips and felt an incredible moistness.

“Wow, honey, you weren’t lying! That’s incredible,” I exclaimed. Her evil grin returned.

“Everyone has something that turns them on, sweetheart. That’s mine,” she said.

She laughed. “Well, you asked.” We chatted a few more minutes then turned out the lights. My heart was pounding as I lay there, wondering how I’d pull this off.

Four months later, the weather finally broke and warmed up. We have a cabin up north right on the shoreline and when I suggested a week-end getaway, Nancy lit up.

“This cold weather has been a real nuisance,” she said. “We could go up there, do a little sprucing up and enjoy some get-away time.”

“Yea, I think that would be great. In case there are any repairs, I can get those taken care of.” She responded enthusiastically to the idea and we made our plans. We left on a Friday, right after work and began the two and a half-hour drive. The warm weather helped bring out her jeans skirt, one of my favorite. Although not a mini-skirt, it still rode up a little when she sat down and gave a very enjoyable leg view. I always felt Nancy never knew how sexy and beautiful she looked. On the way, I remembered an errand I hadn’t completed.

“Listen, when we stop for gas, I’m gonna slip over to the oil-change place. Forgot to get it done and it’ll take about ten minutes.”

“Okay, you think it needs it?” she asked.

“Yea, I’m about a thousand miles past due. Just take a few minutes.” She smiled and gazed out the window. We arrived at the oil change garage and I noticed immediately, the two young men eyeballed Nancy. We pulled in and stopped over the pit as one of the technicians approached me at the driver’s window. He all but stared at Nancy.

“Oil change today, sir?” he asked.

“Yea, that’s all,” I answered. I popped the hood and one technician began his work while the other brought over an oil can to lubricate the door catches.

“That poor kid is ogling you, honey. Can’t take his eyes off you,” I stated. “Looks like you have a fan.” Nancy glanced toward the young tech and smiled. He smiled back. He then began to wash the windshield, his eyes glued to Nancy, who smiled back.

“Why don’t you make his day? Give him a peek under your skirt,” I chuckled. I had never suggested anything like that before and even Nancy was stunned.

“Are you serious?” she laughed.

“Sure. Have a little fun, see how he reacts,” I said. “I’ll pretend to be looking at my cell phone.”

Nancy stared at me, still with a smile but said nothing. Finally, she asked, “are you sure? Letting another man see me intentionally open my legs?” My cock tingled.

Without looking up, I answered, much to her surprise, “yea, if you’re okay with it but only if it doesn’t bother you. Thought it might be fun for you.” She gave an evil giggle.”I’ll give him a peek but I want you to watch, too,” she said.

“Sure thing. Love to,” I answered. She giggled then pretended she reached for her purse on the floor and spread her knees apart such that even I almost saw her panties. Her jeans skirt rode up a few inches and as I sat next to her, I could see the upper part of her thigh. The kid next to the windshield was oblivious to me and was solidly focused on the view.

“Is he looking?” Nancy asked, as she fumbled with her purse.

“Oh, yea, he’s looking. More like staring,” I answered. Finally, she sat up and closed her knees. The young man quickly walked away and entered the men’s room nearby. I laughed.

“Poor kid’s got to have a hard-on,” I laughed.

“That’s terrible,” she laughed. The oil change completed, we resumed our trip. We were on the road a good twenty minutes before she finally spoke.

“Ask you something?” she said.

“Sure, honey, what is it?”

“Did you enjoy that little show I gave that kid?” she asked. Her smile never faded.

“Loved it! Exciting as hell. How about you? I know you’ve never heard me say that before so what did you feel?” I asked. My heart was pounding but I maintained my cool.

“I guess I enjoyed it, as well. I didn’t feel “trashy” or “unladylike,” and it was exciting. I felt like I was being naughty and it was alright.”

“It was. You have a beautiful body, you’re gorgeous and it was a side of you I felt was exhilerating. It was fun.” She looked at me.

“No jealousy?” she asked.

“None at all. It’s not like I worry you might run off with someone. It’s just what I call, “adult behavior,” or fun. Like I said, it was exciting.” She sat quietly until we arrived at the cabin. We took our suitcases, went inside, unpacked and shared a bottle of wine we kept there. Nothing else was mentioned about the oil change and I felt some disappointment.

The next day, we surveyed the cabin. Everything was pretty much in order and except for a little cleaning, not much to do. We had lunch and planned a walk on Manavgat escort bayan the beach when I heard Nancy exclaim, “oh, my goodness.” I asked what was wrong.

“I think the sink is clogged. It isn’t draining the way it should.” I took a look and quickly decided we needed help.

“I’m going into town, look for something to pour in there, get it loosened up. Be right back,” I said.

I drove to the small village and located a hardware store. I asked for anything to unplug a drain and the gentleman behind the counter offered a “snake,” a thick wire to run into the pipe and dislodge whatever was there. I purchased it and headed for the door when I noticed a bulletin board with business cards pinned. One caught my eye. “Clark Johnson – Handyman Services.” I returned to the gentleman at the cash register.

“What can you tell me about that handyman, Clark Johnson? I may have more than a sink to work on.”

“Oh, Clark, he’s a kid who does handyman work while he’s going to school. Goes to the junior college.”

“What do you know about his work?” I asked.

“Oh, he’s pretty good. Mechanically inclined, and works hard.”

“Alright, sounds good to me,” I answered. The clerk leaned forward.

“Don’t know if it makes any difference but he has a kind of a partner. Black kid. Clark’s white and together, they seem to make a pretty good team. Just thought I’d mention his partner.”

“Thanks, appreciate it,” I answered. I returned to Nancy and the cabin, explained that I wanted to give Clark Johnson a call. She asked if the sink was something that we needed a handyman for and I lied and answered, “probably so.” I placed the call and he said he’d be over in fifteen minutes to give an estimate as he already had other jobs waiting. He arrived about twenty minutes later with a “snake” that had a lighted end with lens. He stood about as tall as Nancy, looked to be in his early twenties was a little overweight with blonde hair and hazel eyes. He could easily be described as a “geek,” although he did have a pleasant personality. As he explained the procedure, he continued to glance at Nancy, a fact she later noted. He examined the blockage through the lens and announced there was a probable grease blockage. He said the pipe underneath the sink had to be taken apart and cleaned. Without consulting Nancy, I surprised her by answering, “okay.” He said he and his partner would be there tomorrow around two in the afternoon.

“You have something up your sleeve, don’t you?” she smiled. I nodded.

“I think you can have some more fun tomorrow, if you want. If not, I can call and cancel them. He’s going to be here with his partner and I just thought you might like to flirt around, maybe “play” a little, if you wanted. It’s up to you,” I said.

“And where are you going to be?” she asked. I pointed to the wall that ran perpendicular to the sink.

“On the other side of that wall, if you remember, is a guest room. We hardly ever use it. I’m going to take a knife and cut along the seams to give me a few peepholes because if you decide to give a show and flirt around, be naughty, I want to see it, too. And, I can be a kind of security for you, make sure you’re safe. So, what do you think?”

She was genuinely taken back by my “adventurous attitude.”

“So, just what is it you want me to do?” she asked. I stepped forward and put my arms around her.

“Absolutely nothing, if you choose to do nothing. I have no idea what to expect, I’m just giving you an opportunity to experiment, to see if it would be fun and if you decide against it, no problem whatsoever. That’s all.” She flashed a big smile.

“So, what if his partner is a good-looking, muscular type and I decide to be a total slut, how would that be, with you?” I smiled.

“Try to get him to use a condom,” I laughed. She playfully slapped me and laughed loudly.

“And what do I tell them when they ask where you are?”

“You just tell them your husband was called back home for a few hours by my boss and I’ll be back here later tonight.” She giggled.

“Well, let’s see how it goes,” she said. “Right now, old Clark boy ain’t getting me excited too much but I might enjoy flashing him my panties, maybe even letting him cop a feel. What do you think?”

“Take a look,” I answered and Nancy glanced at my crotch and the large erection. She gave a light scream and laughed.

“We need to go to the bedroom,” she said. We did and she seemed more enthusiastic than I’d ever seen.

It took about thirty minutes to drill the peepholes. Nancy wore a wrap-around skirt with her hem a couple of inches above her knees. She also wore an over-sized tank-top and no bra, a selection that surprised even me. The tank-top would cover everything unless she bent forward. At approximately one fifty pm, we saw the dirty, white van approach. I went into the guest room and took a position behind the peepholes. Her skirt’s wrap over rested over her left knee and if she should squat down, it would certainly part and open. She watched Escort manavgat as the van entered the drive. Clark Johnson drove and a dark figure sat next to him. Clark got out and moved to the van’s rear while the passenger got out and came around to the driver’s side. Nancy’s heart nearly jumped from her chest. He was black, rugged-looking type and an obvious body-builder. He stood about six foot three inches, maybe a hundred eighty pounds and all muscle. Now, Nancy’s heart was pounding. She walked over to the peephole and whispered, “I love you!” I smiled.

There was a knock and she opened the door. Clark Johnson said, “hi, there. This is my partner, Ty.”

Nancy smiled and said, “nice to meet you, please come in.” Ty offered a “yea,” and fixed on Nancy’s rear-end as she led them into the kitchen. My view was perfect. Johnson set the tool kit down and opened the two, wooden doors under the sink. Ty squatted down as if to examine the piping but locked onto Nancy. As I expected, Nancy took a squat position as if to inspect and the wraparound parted. Both Ty and I could see her upper right thigh, almost to her crotch. It was breathtaking.

Nancy changed position several times and shifted her legs. Each time, the wraparound parted and gave a tittilating view. She would adjust and close the part but took her time. Finally, she lowered her left knee while she kept her right knee stationary and the view was spectacular. Her crotch and the white silky panties she wore, were clearly visible for several seconds and she appeared oblivious. Ty was practically drooling and Johnson could barely hide his erection. I had to fight the urge to take out my cock and jack off. Nancy stood, then bent at the waist when Johnson said, “this is really clogged.” Her breasts nearly fell out and her nipples were clearly seen. Ty grabbed his cock and made a position adjustment. Some twenty-minutes later, Johnson announced he was done.

“Well, it’s clear,” he said. He picked up his tools and stood. His erection was noticeable and he made no effort at hiding it. “I’ll write out a bill for you.”

“You take a check?” Nancy asked. “It’s local.” Johnson nodded. It was Ty who asked the question.

“Where yo husband? He not here?” Nancy rummaged her purse and casually answered.

“He got called back into work. He’ll be back tonight. Why?” she asked.

“You ain’t gotta pay no bill,” Ty responded. Johnson glanced at him.

“Beg your pardon?” Nancy answered, confused at Ty’s response.

“Nah,” Ty said and walked slowly toward her. “Nah, you ain’t gotta pay no bill.”

“Why wouldn’t you want to get paid?” she asked.

“Oh, we wants to get paid, but not with your money. Yo pussy would be better.” Ty reached and grabbed Nancy’s left breast. She was caught completely off-guard. Clark Johnson smiled.

“You’re touching my breast!” she exclaimed. Ty then reached and grabbed her right breast as Clark’s smile broadened.. “Let go. I’m a married woman.” She still held her purse with both hands as Ty gave a big smile and massaged both breasts. Nancy made no attempt to break away or glance in my direction. Clark Johnson moved closer to her, his erection probed her rear end.

“What are you two doing?” she asked, her false concern, obvious. “You shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Yea, I know, bitch, but you got some nice titties here,” Ty responded. Johnson reached and grabbed Nancy’s ass, rubbed it and glanced at Ty.

“Jesus, Ty, I wanna fuck her!” Johnson stammered. Ty continued the breast massage. Nancy and I had a “stop” word, which meant, “come rescue me.” That word was “red.” She stood there, glanced back and forth between Johnson and Ty and said nothing. Ty released Nancy’s breasts and stepped back.

“Open yo skirt,” he demanded. Nancy’s jaw dropped, her eyes widened.

“What?” she whispered.

“I said, open yo damn skirt, ho,” he replied.

She glanced at Johnson, then Ty and slowly, took one side of the wraparound and moved it apart. The opening revealed her upper thighs and a small glimpse of her white, silky panties.

“Open it up. I wants to see,” Ty demanded. Nancy hesitated, then opened the part further. Ty could see the faint shadow of her pubic hair.

“Clark, see if her pussy wet,” Ty instructed. Johnson grinned a “yea,” reached around and ran his hand inside her panties. Startled, Nancy took a small step back, then stopped. Johnson parted her pussy lips and stroked her clit. Nancy’s eyes closed and her facial expression was one of enjoyment.

“Oh, shit, Ty, she’s soaking wet,” he declared. Still no word from Nancy, her eyes closed. She almost appeared to savor the moment.

“Bitch, take out my cock,” Ty demanded. “You hear me?” Ty said. She hesitated then answered.

“Yes,” she whispered. She worked the belt and top jeans button open, then lowered Ty’s zipper. She worked his pants downward, reached inside and struggled briefly to free his enormous cock. To say Ty was “well hung,” was an understatement. I estimated his cock at about eleven inches in length and three to four inches around. The man was enormous. Even Clark Johnson’s eyes widened. Ty then took the tied bow that held her wraparound together and pulled it. The skirt fell to the floor and she stood there in nearly see-through, white, silky panties. “Oh, my God,” she whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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