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Willow opened the glass door onto her patio and breathed in the scented air of the night. The crickets chirped and in the distance she thought she could hear a woman screaming in orgasmic delight as her man slammed his cock into her warm sex. This hotel was a veritable pressure cooker of sexual activity as men and women, some total strangers, others well known to each other, shed their clothes and inhibitions at the first opportunity. She didn’t know if it was something in the food or the water or simply that people were in holiday and wanted to have fun. The woman who was being fucked let out another gasping scream into the night as she came again.

Willow smiled at the joy the man and the woman were sharing with each other. He must be built like a stallion to give that much pleasure to a woman. Willow just wished that she would have a man who would make love to her soon. David was good for a summer fling who could make Willow cum with as much force as the woman climaxing in one of the rooms nearby and Sally was great as a female lover with nice breasts and a sweet pussy but Willow realised that she would miss them both when she went home.

There was a knock at the door which broke Willow’s reverie. She turned back to her room, closing the glass door behind her. She got to the door just as a small white envelope was pushed under it. Intrigued, she bent down and picked it up and opened it. The card was small with intricate lettering on it. She read it in seconds and smiled as she realised what it said:-

Willow, come to David’s room at 10.00PM to play cards. Dress only Escort Beylikdüzü in black panties and a silk night-gown.

She glanced at the clock. It was 9.00PM so there was plenty of time to get ready.

There was another moan of pleasure and Willow realised that it was nearer than she had at first realised. From next door came a rhythmic thumping as the bed was pushed against the wall. She sprawled out on the bed and closed her eyes as the thumps muffled kept coming through the wall. Willow felt the vibrations go through her. She was surprised at how horny this was making her and knew that she couldn’t wait until 10.00PM. In the mind’s eye of Willow, she imagined her self naked with David as she knelt on the bed, completely naked as he fucked her from behind, one hand pinching her tits as the other went to her pussy, stroking it until she came and is big, thick cock made it’s way up her ass. After that she would like to tease Sally and play a game with her.

The thumping from the other room became more and more intense as the man and woman climaxed, the woman gasping and screaming her pleasure into the night. Then there was silence. Willow opened her eyes, and realised how close she had been to peaking. Her hand were almost inside her panties and she could feel the wetness between her legs. Slowly she rose from the bed and walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on its maximum setting.

Slowly Willow took off her midriff baring halter top and short skirt. She had worn it earlier in the day when she had been by the pool Beyoğlu escort along with her skirt and g-string. The halter stretched just below her bust. She remembered the admiring glances of the men as she dived into the pool and the top had turned transparent, her tits clearly showing through the thin material. There had been a woman there who had watched Willow with a mixture of admiration and hatred, knowing that she longed to do something like that, to show off her body to all and sundry but knowing that she never would have the courage to do such a thing. The g-string showed enough of her body to create interest but kept her pussy covered. Willow remembered with a smile that she as she climbed out of the pool, the halter top showing off her breasts to all and sundry, and she noticed the bulge in many of the men’s shorts. There were several gasps from the men present when she had walked over to the sun lounger and pulled it over her head, letting her globes bounce freely and then laid down so that she would get tanned all over. She had been feeling horny ever since.

The bathroom was filling with steam as Willow took off her g-string and stepped into the shower, enjoying the hot torrent as it washed over her.

On the shelf was a bar of soap and Willow began to work it into a lather, letting herself enjoy the exotic smell of almonds that rose from the soap. When she had enough lather in her hands, she began to wash herself from top to bottom, beginning with both of her breasts. She loved the feeling of water and soap on her body as Willow began Bomonti escort bayan to remove the heat and sweat of the day. After she had soaped her breasts, Willow moved onto her smooth abdomen. Slowly she allowed her hands to drift to the clitoris and a new wave of pleasure washed over her. Her whole body ached to be released, to cum. Willow slumped against the side of the shower and began to rub gently tweak her clit. She unclipped the shower head from the wall and brought it down so that the hot water could squirt directly into her pussy. The water was so strong and powerful that the orgasm shot through her very being and she collapsed onto the floor, as her body climaxed as her mind went over the erotic events of the day such as the swimming clothed, sunbathing nude in front of all those appreciative men, the sounds of the man and woman next door fucking like animals and finally the knowledge that soon she would be playing another sexual game with Sally and David. When the last of her orgasms had subsided, she stood up, washed herself down, turned off the shower and got out of the shower.

Slowly she dried herself off and glanced at the clock. It was 9.50 PM. Willow knew she had to hurry and opened her underwear draw. Looking inside, she selected the sexiest pair of lace knickers she had which was diaphanous enough to see her pubic curls beneath them. Willow pulled on her silk night-gown and tied it at her waist with a silk cord. She looked at herself in the mirror. Good but not good enough, Willow decided. Slowly she opened the gown so that the slit down her front exposed her cleavage and breasts but the material would still cover her nipples.

Willow decided that she was now ready for the game. It was 9.55PM as Willow locked the door behind her and walked the short distance to David’s room.

At 10.00PM Willow knocked on the door. It opened and she stepped inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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