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Hey everyone! My name is Alexis, but everyone calls me Alex. This will be my first installation of my stories of my life. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but that never really panned out for me. My life has taken some turns and twists. I’ve certainly had a lot of adventures and I hope that my stories will be of some entertainment for you. Most of my stories are true. Yes, that means that they really did happen to me. I do also have stories that I will be sharing with you that did not happen, and I will indicate which ones those are so that there will be no confusion as to my real life versus the stuff that just pops into my head. Okie dokie?

First, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Currently I am 28. I work as a school liaison, part time substitute teacher when the time is needed and also coach the girls cheerleading squad after school. I am married to a wonderful man and we live happily together in our home.

I suppose it would be helpful to let you know what I look like, as some would say, ‘to paint a stage’. I am 5’2″, a very petite woman and weigh in right around 115lbs. I really like to take care of my body; I work out several times a week and jog with our dog almost every day. I have light brown shoulder length hair and very adorable blue eyes. I’ve been told I have a great smile and an even better rack! I’m a 32B if you were wondering. If I had to pick a favorite feature of myself, I would have to say that my legs are my best asset by far. This is probably why I’m the only woman on the planet that actually likes to wear pantyhose! I have girlfriends who ask me all the time why I wear them, I say, ‘why not? They make my legs look great!’ Also, if you are wondering, I wear a size 5 ½ shoe. I guess that sums up me now doesn’t it?

The day that I will never forget in my entire life I playfully call, “Pow! Right in the kisser!” Some of you might remember the old TV show the Honey Mooners, where Jackie Gleason would threaten violence on his doting wife every time she disagrees with him. Well, this isn’t one of those stories where violence happens, thank god. But, it certainly does fit this situation.

I was 18 years old and in high school at the time. I went to an all girls’ Catholic high school. It was fun to be with all my girl friends and talk about boys and stupid pithy things girls talk about. We were always giddy and silly, laughing at anything that remotely involved sex or hinted at it. The thing most people don’t know about an all girls’ high school is that the girls can be just as bad as the boys. Fights occurred, rumors swirled about who was a slut and who was a bitch. Thankfully, I never fit into either category so I was pretty much neutral in everyone’s eyes. One of the advantages to being neutral was that I got to hear all the juicy gossip from everyone about everything! Girl friends would confide in me about every little detail of their lives, when they got their period to what boys they wanted to kiss. Of course, every secret came with the obligatory giggle and “you can’t tell anyone, oh my god!”

One of the things that bothered many of the girls was the uniforms. Yes, it was the typical “school girl” outfit. The pleated skirts, the closed toed shoes, white button up blouse, the optional sweater vest and the mandatory option of wearing either knee length white socks, white or black tights or pantyhose in white or buff. Most of my friends opted for the sock option but quickly changed to the tights during the winter. I mostly chose the pantyhose option because it was easy to slip off a shoe in class if my feet got too warm and that I really liked the way they made my little legs look smoother and seemed to even out my skin tone.

We had an all boys’ school that was just down the hill from us. They too had their typical uniform, the blue slacks with the light blue button up shirt, belt and black shoes. On the right guy the uniform was downright sexy. My boyfriend went to the boys’ school and I got to wave to him during lunch period when we would sit outside. We weren’t allowed to go over and talk to them, the nuns made sure of that! The girls would sit at lunch and gossip about the boys, who was the cutest and who should be dating who, typical girl stuff.

This day would certainly be one to remember. I put on a cute half headband and put on my makeup. I wore my usual uniform to school, but because it was slightly chilly I wore black tights that day. The day went on as usual, went to class, got bored and waited for the day to end. Until that is, we got to lunch period. At lunch period the gossip was extra juicy!

I was at my table with my girlfriends Jenn and Brianna, we call her Bree.

Jenn leaned over as if to tell us a secret, Bostancı Escort “You guys swear to god that you will tell no one?”

Bree and I looked at each other with a smirk, knowing it was going to be good we both nodded.

Jenn continued, as though she would have told us if we agreed to or not, “Stacy told me that Steph confided in Shelly that Steph totally gave Steve head last night after the bonfire!”

Bree recoiled in horror, “Eww, OH… MY … GOD JENN! That is so nasty!”

“I know — I knew she was a slut. Didn’t I tell you last week?” Jenn retorted.

As both of them gasped in horror, I tried to play along. But, in all honestly, I didn’t know what ‘head’ was. I knew it was sexual, and I knew it was gross, but I really didn’t have a clue! I rolled my eyes in disgust with my friends and acted like I knew what was going on. But, it drove me crazy, what the hell did it mean?

I went on with the rest of my day in school, contemplating what the hell ‘head’ was. I tried my hardest to figure it out. But, to no avail I couldn’t think of anything plausible. The school day finally ended to my glee and I headed off with my friends to meet up with the boys from the school down the hill. I met my boyfriend and we hugged and said ‘hi’ to one another. Jenn and Bree met their boyfriends and they did the same. Jenn and Bree were going to the mall with their boyfriends, but my boyfriend Ryan said that he didn’t feel like it and invited me and everyone to his house to watch a movie or something.

Jenn, Bree and the boys all said no, so Ryan and I left in his car to go back to his house. We chatted about school and stuff like that, no big deal. He put his hand on my nylon covered knee and I put mine on his as we drove.

“Oh my god, did you hear that Jenn told me that Steph told Shelly that she gave her boyfriend ‘head’ last night?” – I blurted out. I was trying to get a response from Ryan that would clue me into what the hell everyone was talking about.

“Oh yea, for sure babe, Steve has gotten head a bunch of times!” Ryan coyly responded.

I was beginning to lose my patience with this whole damned thing, “well what is it? I don’t want to look like a retard in front of my friends!”

Ryan began to chuckle as we drove. He explained to me, “It’s when a girl gives a guy a blowjob.”

I sat back in my seat and murmured, “Oh, I see”.

Ryan drove the remaining 10 minutes back to his house as I stared out the window. I had heard the term ‘blowjob’ before but couldn’t really wrap my mind around how it would work or how that could even feel good to a guy. My daze was interrupted by Ryan pulling into his driveway. We got out and went down to his basement to watch a movie. His parents weren’t home yet, so this was finally some good alone time with him. I flipped off my shoes and curled up on the couch next to Ryan, my head on his shoulder.

I can’t remember the movie we watched, but it was pretty cute and I was still preoccupied by that damned word! What the hell does it mean?

“Blowjob… Do I actually blow air into or onto something? Blowjob… I mean, it has the word ‘job’ in it; do I have to work for something? Blowjob… So, I mean I must have to work hard at creating a lot of air pressure, right?” I thought to myself, becoming ever confused by the second.

Right then and there I made a decision. “Ryan, hun” I looked up at him, “do you know how a blowjob works?”

“Mm hmm” he nodded.

“umm, I mean, I don’t want to look stupid and dumb, can you show me?” I said, in a slight begging fashion.

“Sure thing babe!” as he stood, he almost looked eager to show me, once again I became confused.

“Stand up with me babe and stand right here”, he pointed to a spot about a foot in front of him. I obliged him and stood up, feeling the carpet under my hosed feet as a walked over. “Now, you have to get down on your knees”. I nodded in acknowledgment as I kneeled down in front of him, my face level with his belt.

My heart began to race and my breathing got faster as I pointed my toes and sat back on my heels. I put my hands on my knees to brace myself as I awaited his instruction. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants as he let them fall to his ankles. I stared straight ahead blankly as he hooked his thumbs under his waistband and let his boxers fall to meet his pants.

There I was, about a foot from the first penis I had ever seen. My heart raced faster and I began to get even more nervous as to what might happen, I mean, I had never seen one before! We were always told in school by the nuns that boy’s penises are dirty and filthy. His didn’t look dirty; it definitely had a lot of hair Anadolu Yakası Escort around it, but didn’t look dirty. I breathed heavier. It looked absolutely huge! I always pictured something small and wrinkly, like the size of my tampon or something. There was no way I could get this thing in my vagina! I mean, that thing would split me in two pieces!

He grabbed his penis with one hand and stood it pointing at my face. He told me that I should kiss the head part of his penis. I leaned forward, puckered my lips and closed my eyes. I felt the head touch my lips as I gave it a little smack and backed away. His penis smelled musty and acrid, not a bad smell but certainly something I will never forget. The salty sweat taste touched my lips as I rewet them.

Time seemed to stand still as he took my left hand and guided it onto his penis. He had me grab it overhand like I was singing into a microphone. He told me, “hold my dick like that and work it back and forth”. He instructed me to stroke it slowly at a medium pace. I marveled at his ‘dick’ as I watched it slide back and forth in my hand. It felt smooth, but hard at the same time. It was rigid as I pumped it in my hand, feeling the veins glide through my fingers. I have always been a good student and always wanted to be the best at everything I did. This was no exception. I wanted to be proficient and impress Ryan with what he had been showing me.

He told me to kiss the head again. My mouth began to water as I leaned in again and furrowed my lips once more. I closed my eyes as I held his dick steady. I felt his left hand reach around the back of my head and put his fingers through my hair just at the top of my neck. I began to touch the head of his dick to my lips when Ryan instructed me to open my mouth. I did as I was told and I felt his hand pull my head onto his dick with a swift motion. The action startled me as I opened my eyes to see his pubic hair staring right at me and my lips touching my thumb and index finger. His dick filled my mouth as I felt his warmth radiate to my inner mouth.

“No teeth!” was his only instruction. I quickly backed my teeth off of his shaft and circled his dick with my lips. He grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled my head back, but not completely off his dick, I still had the head inside my mouth. He jerked my head forward again and moaned loudly as my lips once again pressed against my hand.

He repeated the motion several times, each time moaning loudly as I sank back on him. I looked up to his face and saw him with his mouth agape and his eyes closed breathing heavily. He took his hand off the back of my head and rested it on the top of my headband. He looked down on me and said that it was my turn. I assumed that meant I should be pumping his dick in and out of my mouth, so I did just that.

At an intermediate pace I moved his dick in and out of my mouth. I began to try and improvise. I figured I should be “blowing” because this was a blowjob, right? He smiled at me as he noticed what I was doing. He mentioned that what I was doing wasn’t necessary and if I really wanted to make it good I should suck rather than blow. I turned my blowing motion into a sucking one and he let out a moan of pleasure.

After what seemed like an eternity, he looked down at me and I looked up at him. He took my hand off his dick and he placed both of my hands on his upper thighs to brace myself. He once again put his hand behind my head and interlaced his fingers in my hair. He looked down again at me and said, “Can you take more?” I nodded what best I could with his dick in my mouth, trying to show him that I can do a good job. He pulled my head away from his dick, with the head still between my lips; he began guiding my lips down the shaft of his dick. I felt the line on his dick move past my lips where they had been and onto where my hand had been, it was dry and not covered with my spit. I felt my mouth fill more and more as I felt his dick hit the back of my throat.

I began to gag a little and back away but his hand held me there. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. He pushed again and I felt my nose press up against his pubic hair. I opened my eyes and took a deep breath in of his musty salty hair. His dick was passed the back of my mouth now and I felt like I couldn’t take another centimeter of his dick. He mercifully took pressure off my head as I backed away and took a gasp of air. He took my head with both hands this time and repeated the same action, pressing my nose to his curly sweaty hair. I braced myself with my hands on his thighs as he pumped my face like a jack hammer on a slow pace.

I felt myself becoming more and more comfortable with the Ataşehir Escort motion and started bobbing my head. Ryan noticed that I was doing this on my own accord and relaxed his grip on my hair and head. He groaned lowly and softly as I made pass after pass down the shaft of his dick. Each time I would stop about three quarters the way down his shaft and pull back to the head and then plunge down again.

I could feel my mouth watering profusely as I bobbed up and down on his dick. My mouth would make a sloshing sound on every intake of his dick. I swallowed the best I could and resumed my pumping of my mouth. I could feel my pussy wetting between my legs as this is the closest to actual sex I’d ever come. I squeezed my thighs together and felt my tights rub up against my legs and around my hips.

After several more dips on his dick I felt Ryan’s hips thrust forward, forcing his dick to the back of my throat once more. I opened my eyes in shock and confusion. What the hell was going on? I felt his dick pulsate in my mouth as he let out a very loud groan. I felt the shot of something very warm, slightly gooey and very salty hit the back of my throat with a strong push, a lot like a squirt gun.

I recoiled from the shock of what had just happened and stared straight ahead to try and make sense of what had just occurred. Before I had a chance to collect my thoughts another shot came barreling out of his dick and splattered all over my nose and slightly agape mouth. Just as quickly as the shot came and hit me in the face, Ryan grabbed my face and pulled me on his dick immediately as another shot filled my mouth. My reflex was to swallow what was just forced into my mouth, I tried but another shot filled my mouth with more. I couldn’t hold it all in my mouth, his dick and everything that was spewing out. A good majority of it came pouring out around the side of my mouth. His dick pulsed over and over again inside my mouth, my toes curled inside my tights as I felt the smooth material around them.

I felt the warm goo fall down my chin and land squarely between my breasts. I shrunk back a little as the next shot escaped my mouth and fell onto my skirt and tights. I could feel the sticky goo seep into my tights and touch my legs. I held on to Ryan’s legs as he squirts one final blast in my mouth. He pulls his hips back and loosens his grip on my hair. His dick falls out of my mouth with a bit of a slurp and falls down out of attention. I lick my lips and taste how salty the goo is, it reminded me of a combination of raw egg whites and salt water.

At that moment, I could not have been friskier in all my life. I felt the crotch of my tights soaking with my juices and Ryan’s goo all over my body. I had learned 2 words that day, blowjob and cum. I stood up in front of Ryan as he began to pull his pants back up he asked me, “what did you think of that?”

I giggled, still feeling his cum on my nose and chin, “it definitely was a shock!”

He smiled as I ran off to the bathroom to clean myself up. I looked in the mirror and saw the big white clumps of his cum on my face. I looked down and saw that my blouse had been dotted with cum stains. I continued down to see stains on my skirt and a large blob of wet cum on my black tights, it was pretty hard to miss, his snow white cum and my black tights. I did the best I could to wipe the cum off my breasts, but I could still feel the stickiness.

After I cleaned up what I could I returned to Ryan who had lain down on the couch. I cuddled up next to him as he fell asleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about what had just happened. My tights held his cum, trapped in the silky material, sticking to my legs. I loved the experience of his dick in my mouth and watching him shoot his cum and the feeling of his cum hitting the back of my throat. I couldn’t wait to try it again.

After an hour or so, Ryan decided to drive me home. His cum had finally dried on my clothes, making several huge white ringed circles. My tights looked more polka dotted than anything and it looked like I spilled mayonnaise all over my skirt. I crossed my legs feeling the dried cum crinkle under the weight of my leg. I curled my toes in my shoes, knowing I had just given ‘head’ and finally knew what a blowjob was.

We arrived at my house and I turned to Ryan to give him a kiss. I bounded up my driveway and up to my room so that my parents wouldn’t see the stains and get suspicious.

After dinner I anxiously called Ryan to talk to him. After some idle chit chat I blurted, “So today was sexy, huh?”

“Oh for sure babe!” I felt a smirk over the phone as he replied.

“So, like, how did you know how to do all that?” I queried, nervous about the response.

“Oh, yea that… Jenn used to do it to me all the time!”

Well guys, that’s my story! Hope you liked it. More will come when I get time and the response is positive!

(c) Skirtnpantyhose 2008 – No copies of this are allowed without written permission

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